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Christopher’s inflated scare part 1

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One sunny morning I was walking towards my best friend's house. I had a small swim bag with me. But I wasn't going swimming. I had desires of using my inflatables for a more intimate purpose. I chapped the door as Jenny opens up. "Hey Christopher." "Come on in." "I've got a special surprise for you." I was intrigued by this as I said, "Lead the way baby girl." Jenny closes the door as we went upstairs. I came into the room with jenny to discover Cara, Bethany and Sarah in the room, naked with inflatables around them. We then all play with them for a while. Jenny then excused herself from the group. When she leaves, the plan was put into action, as the girls tie me up and start being naughty at first. They begin to torture me by popping inflatables with spiky heels as I squirm. They had beach balls, swim rings and seats and balloons. My cock is hard as a result but I can't pleasure myself as my hands are tied up. It is slow and sensual popping at first. Jenny then returns with her secret box of firecrackers. This frightens me as she gives a few to the girls. The girls all look at the explosive objects they were holding. Suddenly Bethany decided to see how much I was afraid of the firecrackers. She slips hers into an inflated armband and puts it on my cock. I looked down at the armband as Bethany takes the lighter and flicks it, before moving closer to me. This makes me even more frightened as the lighter drew closer and closer to the fuse. Bethany gives me a sympathetic smile that turns into an evil smirk as she puts the lighter against the fuse. Instantly she ignites it. I scream out in sheer terror as the fuse sparks and begins to disintegrate before my frightened eyes. Suddenly I began to have a terrifying panic attack as a direct result of the situation. Bethany then realized what was happening and quickly grabs a glass tumbler from the kitchen, fills it with water and quickly threw it over the remaining fuse, extinguishing it. The rest of the group work together to free me from my bonds. As soon as I was free, I ran towards the bathroom and slammed the door. The girls hear a loud clicking noise, indicating that the door was now locked. From the bathroom, all the girls could hear was a heart-breaking cry. Bethany was now upset, knowing that she was the one responsible for the incident. Cara says to Bethany, "Go and try apologising to him." Bethany shook her head and said, "It'll be no use Cara.” "I've really screwed up this time." Jenny says, “Screwed up or not, Christopher needs us and we must try and comfort him." Sarah then says, "I'll go." "No.", Bethany counters. "I made this mess and I'm the one who should put it right." With that Bethany walks to the bathroom and chaps the door. "Christopher?" "Are..." "Are you there?", Bethany asks quietly. I then say "Go away, Bethany." Bethany was surprised by those words as she tried desperately to apologise. It was no use though. I would not leave the bathroom under any circumstances as I continued to shake and sob uncontrollably. Saddened by this turn of events, Bethany slunk sadly back to the bedroom. When she returned to the group, an awkward silence came over them. Sarah was the first to speak up. "He doesn't want to accept your apology?" "No.", sobbed Bethany. Sarah then gets up and walks towards the bathroom door as the girls look on. As she approaches, she feels nervous. Gathering her thoughts, Sarah chaps on the door and says in a calm and soft voice. "Christopher..." "Christopher sweetheart." Can..." "Can you let me in?" “I just want to talk with you.” A few moments of silence fell before a clicking sound was heard and the door creaks open. Sarah then calmly walked into the bathroom and shuts the door before locking it again. As Sarah sits beside me, she could see I was still shaking. Putting her hands around me, Sarah says, "It's okay baby." "Everything's going to be alright." I look to Sarah and whispers, "I just..." "I don't want to go back through there if..." "If those firecrackers are still there. I then began sobbing uncontrollably once more, into Sarah's chest as she stroked my head and shaking body. "There." "There.", Sarah says soothingly. "I'll talk to the others and have the firecrackers removed from the house." "For a brief moment, I look up at Sarah and smile. Sarah and I walk, hand in hand out of the bathroom and back to the bedroom. When they arrive, Bethany comes over, only to have me look away from her. Bethany tries to apologise again. This time, I say "Bethany..." "I'm sorry for what I'm about to say." Bethany was confused until I say, "Until I can trust you again, I don't want to see or hear from you." Everyone was shocked by this revelation as I say, "And furthermore, for me to even attempt to trust any of you guys again, I need you to get rid of all these firecrackers and swear that you will never use them near me ever again." Bethany looks into my eyes as she nods her head. Then Bethany picks up the firecrackers and heads out of the room, leaving an eerie silence hanging over the room. Sarah looks at me with surprise as she asks, "Was that really necessary?” I look to Sarah and sighed, "I just don't think I'm ready to forgive Bethany or anyone else right now." "Maybe in time but for now, I need some time on my own." Turning to Jenny, I say, "I'm sorry babe." "I have to go and try to recover from today." "I'll message you when I’m ready." Jenny, through tears in her eyes whispers, "I understand sweetheart." "I'll see you whenever." And with that, I walked sadly away.

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