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Jenna had one of the largest collections of pool toys any vinyl looner could ask for. And she would always run out of room. She had to keep other things in the house after all. And today she was getting a brand new shipment of toys. While this excited her, she was well out of room in her closet. "Oh what to do?" she wondered.... She didn't really wonder what to do, she simply knew. She took out a select few aged toys from her closet. She picked and chose carefully which ones to "go". A crayon, a whale, a dolphin, a dragon, an alien, a bat, a hammer, and finally two beachballs. That ought to clear some fresh space. But to just throw these fun little toys out would be such a waste of good fun. She decided their fun would end with a bang!

She broke out the tools; a compressor, a box of tacks, a pair of scissors, a knife, a pair of stiletto heels, and a lighter. She figured these would be enough for now. Laying out her tools she got to "work".  

First she plugged the compressor to the alien, and flipped the switch. The alien sprang to life, and reached regular size in just a second. But Jenna wanted to push the limits of her toy, leaving it on longer the alien's head grew bigger and bigger.... soon it was round and taught like a balloon. A moment later it exploded with a loud BANG! "Such a shame, really it is." she thought to herself as she ripped open the alien's deflated head. Tearing the busted inflatable clean in two, she moved on to her crayon. The bright vinyl shined against the lights, it would be perfect for this next one. Laying it flat on the ground, she took out her stilettos. Stomping just once with prowess, she pricked a large whole in the center, as she pulled the front up and cutting the toy in half. Next would be her hammer, which would get the scissor treatment. Stabbing the toy in the mallet, she skillfully snipped in just one long snip. Turning the inflatable into a sheet of plastic, she quickly moved on her bat. For many obvious reasons she did love her bat, but she was getting a new one soon. Grabbing the handle violently, she gave it a firm squeeze. She heard the squeaker wheeze as she listened in pleasure. Grabbing the end of the overinflated toy, she dug her nails deep and then a final kiss in the middle. A moment later she squeezed and bit down as hard as she could, popping and tearing off a section of rubbery plastic from the center she heard the squeaker wheeze quietly before dying out. Already wet with delight she moved in on her last few victims. Seeing her favorite dragon filled her with pleasure, and knowing this playtime would be the last was even more exciting!  Taking her lighter she held it close to his wings, and flipped the trigger. The fire danced around the vinyl as it began to burn and shrink, letting the air slowly seep out. Hearing that noise pleased her so.... she stopped only when most of the wings were burnt to "help" her toy die quicker by squeezing all the air out of him. When that was over with, she began to attack her whale. Taking the box of thumbtacks she carefully stuck them one by one all over her whale. When she was done she looked lustfully at the whale, and kissed his forehead. Then she removed a tack from his eyes, and began to stab him violently as she removed the other tacks. The toy stood no chance, as all the air little by little, slowly but surely, seeped out of the toy. Tearing big holes in the inflatable from the small holes when it deflated, she ensured she couldn't be tempted to inflate him again. Now for one of the beachballs, she was getting really tired of this. She simply stabbed it with her knife and ripped it in two. She made more of an effort on her second ball. She sat and began to ride it, and she rode it with a deep emotional passion. The ball wasn't giving, so she attached the compressor at the same time. Sooner or later that ball would explode from the pressure of either her butt, the compressor, or both. Finally, she hit the floor with a thunderous KABOOM!!

She looked at her dolphin, knowing that the garbagemen were now outside. She gathered the inflatables with her trash and hurried out to toss them, but her dolphin was still perfectly useable! "You can't win them all I guess." she thought to herself. Tossing it in with the rest of the garbage, she gave it a kiss goodbye on the nose. The compressor started up and began to crush the trash, it reached the dolphin as the whole upper body expanded dramatically. The truck put more and more pressure on until popped with a loud KERPOP!!!!

The truck drove off and then a new truck came, the delivery van....  



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