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Whats your ultimate inflatable fantasy?

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Mine would be being in a swimmingpool with someone blowing my waterwings and putting them on for me, or maybe an inflatable swim vest. Or both and just float around with nothing to worry about.


Sometimes I think about how nice it would be if there would be a day in a swimmingpool for people who like to wear inflatables. So you can just walk around with your floaties without any one thinking you're weird. Like a inflatable fan only day 

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Hi zwemvleugel! I like this topic so I'll share mine.

Since I'm going step by step with my partner, I've confessed a bit of this fetish so as not to overwhelm her, I mean, I told her that I use small inflatables (swimwings, beachballs) to pleasure myself and she's taken part sometimes, but what I really want to do with her and I do fantasize about is more or less the same as you. The difference is that I'm not really into swimvests, but I'd love to be in a private swimming pool with her and both of us wearing inflatables; waterwings and these animal swimring cuties you can see in many places. Some bigger inflates, like whales, gators, sharks or that sort could even be greater. We could start having fun playing with them, floating around until we get on doing more 'intimate stuff' if you know what I mean 😜 . Reaching climax, both wearing floaties and maybe on top of a larger one like a whale would be heaven to me!

I'd totally go for a day in a pool with people who like inflatables just like us. That would be great

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Hello Ravenloon,


Ooww thats so nice that you told your partner and she wants to take part. I can see where you're going with the intimate stuff 😂


I wish deared to tell my partner then my fantasy would probably look more like yours. But I'm a little afraid she just thinks I'm crazy if I tell 🙈 



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Well im dreaming about wearing a Secumar Scout 275, arms full with waterwings, legs full with waterwings and the fucking an intex orca with a SPH and i dont even wana cum i just wana enjoy the moment forever😅

Or the same while getting a blowjob from a girl thats wearing a Lifejacket, waterwings and goes full on my dick😉

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On 14/11/2020 at 11:59 AM, Ravenloon said:

Since I'm going step by step with my partner,

One of the best things I ever did was come out to my partner about Inflatables. Previously I dropped a lot of hints about it but it went way over her head.

She was super accepting of it and we both now enjoy the occasional use of inflatables during sex.

I have to find a new fantasy as my partner recently handcuffed me up to a large pool float. Inflated it until it was rock hard, then started to inflate some beach balls. Teasing me with them before popping some and finishing by riding me and popping then pool float as we both climaxed.


Honestly though, if your partner really does like/love you then they’ll accept it. 

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