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Hi! I won't say my real name and I decided to call myself Ravenloon. I have just discovered this site, it's totally blown my mind! And I decided to directly sign up to connect with other fellows and talk out about our common thing 🙂

I'm currently 35, Spanish, and as far as I remember I've always felt this "thing" for blown up toys, but it was during my teens when I tried out more intimate, private things with them hehe. I really didn't have any of them in my childhood, I learnt to swim and float on my own at a very young age so it was not until when I was 13, 14 maybe?, when I took some abandoned vintage Mickey Mouse waterwings from my little sister (she didn't use them anymore because she was already a grown up), blew them up and... well, I love it of course! I am a non-popper, popping isn't my thing but I respect it (whatever floats your boat they said, right?). I enjoy using waterwings, but what really turns me on are ride-ons (gators, dolphins, whales, etc.). I'd like to get someday the big ones, customable or those with SPH that seem very appealing and I know they are around but I just simply cannot get some of them right now since I am living in a shared flat with other people so it could get a little bit awkward.

I am now in a long-term relationship with the best person I've ever met. She knows about my fetish, she isn't into it but she really doesn't mind at all and sometimes she gets involved with them if I ask her, it's so great...

So I hope this community will prosper and get to know other fellow enthusiasts

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Hey, sounds great. Glad you found someone to share your passion with, I guess it wasn't easy to tell her. I'm also not into popping and enjoy my waterwings, but I don't share your fascination for ride-ons, but as you've said: each as they like :)

Oh, and welcome to the forum! It's always great to get to know people with whom I can talk about this... special interest of ours :P

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Hey Lena_Ox! You're probably the second person I've ever talk about this topic in my lifetime, so it's really cool to me!

As far as I see, this forum is a little bit down these days, isn't it? What a pity... But since I expect nothing, even this little conversation means something to me, it's great!

Are you only into waterwings or is there something else 'inflatable related' you're into? Apart from forums or websites like these, have you ever shared this interest with someone else? I am well aware this is kinda personal question I'm asking here, If this question is far too personal you don't even have to reply to it of course, it's just out of curiosity :D

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