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They returned to the room after a nice lunch and a couple of hours spent in town. Chris was in a good mood after his release, and Mira hand't been mocking him so much. 

Upon opening the room door, they were both in for a surprise - sitting on the bed was a selection of inflated pool toys. A pink shiny swim ring, some orange armbands, a 24" beachball and a yellow and purple dragon style ride-on - the same style Mira had remarked upon in the shop yesterday. 

Lying on the bed was a note reading "I hope your boy enjoys these - Eliza". 

"That's the maid!" Mira exclaimed, "She said she had some things people had left after their holidays". 

Chris' cheeks reddened at the lingering embarrassment of earlier, but his penis also twitched in his shorts. 

Mira picked up the beachball - it was yellow, green and pink with clear alternate panels - and batted it to Chris, who caught it. With it came a waft of chlorine and warm vinyl. It was nearly tightly inflated, with some wrinkles remaining round the equator seams. Everything seemed to be inflated to the same level - firm, but still some seam wrinkles here and there. 

Mira picked up the dragon, squeezing it with her neat fingernails digging in. 

"He's cute" she said, "you should ride on him" she added, pushing the other toys off the foot end onto the floor and replacing the dragon facing towards the balcony windows. 

Chris wasn't sure. "It's not designed to be used on land, it might just burst..." he said, spinning the beachball in his fingers, "maybe you should ride it first to see" he tried. 

Mira held up the pink swim ring - "I think you should ride the dragon whilst I try these on." 

Chris thought that would be an appealing sight... "Hmmm, I hope it doesn't pop" Chris said, putting the ball down and walking over to the dragon. Mira had removed her t-shirt and shorts, exposing her bikini again. This was looking promising... 

Chris sat on the dragon, his legs dangling off the side of the bed. Its seams tightened up under the weight, but it held and didn't burst. Chris felt an erection growing inside his shorts and bounced on the dragon a bit, which rubbed his penis gently. 

Mira meanwhile had squeezed the pink swim ring over her hips with a series of loud creaks and cracks, and had pulled on the arm bands. She turned and looked at herself in the room mirror, wiggling her hips, making the ring jiggle. 

"Very sexy" Chris said, admiring the view as he slowly rocked on the dragon, his dick now fully hard in his shorts. 

Mira turned and frowned at him. "You have a dirty great erection again don't you?" she said disapprovingly, but with a wry smile afterwards. 

She stepped over and thrust her hand behind the dragon's neck and into his crotch, squeezing painfully. 

"Just as I thought. How can I be seen with you if you're always incapable of controlling your dirty cock. People will think you've got special needs." 

"We'll, I've definitely got needs, Mira" Chris said bitterly before he could stop himself. 

She looked at him with a frown, fists on her swim ring by her side - "I milked you a few hours ago!", but then her expression changed to one of contemplation, "but I suppose It had been a few days before that... I could help you one more time I suppose. Would you like that?" 

"Mmmm, yes" said Chris, still rocking on the dragon and watching Mira standing beside him in her inflatables like it was the most normal thing in the world. 

"Well then... get up and take your clothes off." 

Chris' heart beat with nervous excitement as he got off the dragon - which was slightly limp now due to stretching in the warm room with his weight on it - and began to strip. Mira grabbed it and moved it to the end of the bed, with the head facing the headboard. 

As Chris removed his shorts, Mira removed her bikini top exposing her small breasts. She pointed to the dragon - "kneel over it" she said. Chris climbed onto the bed and sat astride the dragon, with his knees on the bed and feet adjacent to his ass. The warm creaky vinyl felt fantastic on his naked skin and brushed his testicles as his penis stood proud in front of him. Mira moved to his side and began to tie her bikini top around his ankle. 

"What are you doing?" he asked. 

"Do you want helped or not?" she said, stopping. When he didn't answer, she carried on. She tied his ankle and wrist together, fixing both to the leg of the dragon, then picked another bikini top from the laundy bag and did the same at the other side. Chris was now hogtied in his kneeling spread-legged position, and because he was also tied to the dragon he couldn't twist free unless he ripped one of its legs off. 

He got a sudden pang of fear that Mira might just leave him tied there, but luckily she didn't. His erection still stood proud in front of him. 

"Have you peed since you had your bath?" she asked. 

Chris tried to remember... "Uh... yes. Once. After lunch." 

Mira stared at his dick, contemplating something as it twitched, the head just peeking out from his foreskin. 

She grabbed a glass from the stand and went into the bathroom. He heard her fill it, and when she returned she dipped her hand in it and grabbed his cock, roughly wiping the head with her hand as the startlingly cold water trickled round his balls, some pooling there to start warming up and some running down to dampen the bedsheets. 

"That will have to do I suppose" she said, giving him a teasing slow rub, making him twitch. 

She gently kicked the beachball over to the end of the bed and knelt on it, making the vinyl creak loudly under her knees. She hitched up her ring and leaned over the end of the bed - Chris' rock hard penis now just under her chin. 

"Well then..." she said with a wicked grin, snapped her teeth above his cock, and laughed. 

She opened her mouth, teeth bare, and took the head in her mouth, pressing with her teeth slightly. 

"Hey now..." Chris started, and Mira laughed again before taking his head in her mouth again, this time with no teeth on display. Her mouth was warm and wet and felt fantastic. She flicked her tongue round, tickling and stroking, sucking gently. 

Chris moaned with pleasure as she leaned in more, getting a creak from her swim ring and the dragon. She put her hands on the dragon's rear legs and took him deeper into her mouth, sucking harder as she went. He watched her head bob, her arm bands wiggle and listened to her swim ring creak as she worked him in and out, always tickling and stroking him with her tongue. 

He bounced and wiggled on the warm stretchy vinyl of the dragon, rubbing his balls on it and delighting in the sensations and squeaks of plastic. 

It wasn't long at all until he could feel the deep tingle of an orgasm building in his belly as Mira continued. He wondered whether to warn her or not, and with a smile decided not to - she hadn't asked, after all. 

She must have felt the rhythm of his bouncing change, or perhaps tasted precum, as she drew back, bringing her right hand round to rapidly but gently jerk his shaft as she continued to tickle his head with her tongue... 

The deep tingle grew to a pleasant ache as the sensation overpowered him. He groaned deeply and bucked and jerked on the back of the dragon rider with a series of tortured creaks - she suddenly pulled back, a thick shot of sperm firing at her chest, landing square between her breasts to be followed by another and another, trickling down her stomach to pool trapped between her swim ring and waist. The final dribbles ran down his shaft to pool on the inflatable by his balls. 

"Feel better?" she asked, standing up with the glistening trail down her body. 

Chris just moaned, enjoying the afterglow. 

Mira wiped her chest down and scooped most of the sperm from the ring, rinsing her fingers in the glass she'd used earlier. She went and poured the contents down the toilet, before walking out to the balcony - still with no bikini top on. 

Chris pulled at his restraints a bit, but still couldn't move. His legs were numb from being folded under him. 

"Uh... Mira?" 

She ignored him, noticing that the people on the next balcony along were outside enjoying the afternoon sun. Chris couldn't see them due to his position in the room, but she turned to talk to them, taking in her stride the fact she was still topless, wearing arm bands and a kids' swim ring, and had traces of his sperm still visible on her chest and belly. 

She flirtatiously spoke to one of them, and Chris heard a male voice reply. They laughed together and started to chat quietly out of earshot. He heard playful giggles from Mira as she leaned provocatively against the balcony rail, pushing her small breasts together with her vinyl-clad upper arms. He saw her give a little wiggle. 

He tried to wriggle free, creaks and squeals emanating from the dragon as he tried to pull the bikini tops off his wrists. 

Mira shot him an annoyed glance. She said something mocking to the other people, and he heard several male voices laugh raucously as she came back in and slid the balcony door closed again. 

"Want free, do you? Hmm. Do you deserve it after making a mess of me?" 

Chris pulled again but got no further. 

Mira walked over and dug her hand under the dragon's butt. She found what she was looking for, and a second later he heard a PSSSSSSSSHHHH and began to sink down into the bed. She stood, leaning over gripping the valve until the dragon had deflated enough for him to pull his bonds from the legs and free himself. 

Sitting on the slowly deflating dragon, he straightened his legs out and awaited the impending agony as the blood returned to them as Mira went into the bathroom and closed the door. 

They would be flying home tomorrow. Chris felt that the holiday had, despite his earlier frustrations, been a good one...

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