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Favourite inflatable vinyl/pvc

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I’ve always been a fan of the beach ball- especially the 80’s and 90’s era Intex Wet Set Jumbo ball which I’ve probably owned hundreds off them back in the day when they made them. It was getting ridiculous in the end though. I was literally going into my local Toys R Us on payday and buying them by the shelve load! I started buying them in twos, then fours, then by the tens and finally taking the lot off the shelve n heading straight to the tills!

Another favourite style of inflatable of mine is the inflatable dinghy too. They’re just so versatile- they have a few uses other than being used as an actual boat and my absolute favourite dinghies were the 1980’s era Campari Sports white, red and blue models and the ubiquitous yellow Sevylor Caravelles (I’ve owned a couple of these too over the past few years).


Other than that I love inflatable stuff you can actually wear. Not just swim vests or swimrings, but I love pvc coats and suits that are actually inflatable if you can find them- they’re rather illusively rare but you do see them from time to time online 🙂



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