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With a gentle ping the lift doors opened with Chris still standing there in his yellow vest, pink & white swim ring and pink & blue arm bands. He breathed a sigh of relief as the lift had not stopped at any other floors on the way up and there was nobody waiting on their floor. 

Mira strode out and towards their room, producing the swipe key from her pool bag, and quickly slipping in... she allowed the door to swing behind her, and Chris had to rush with a squeak of rubbing vinyl to get there before it closed and the door automatically locked him in the corridor - he just made it, banging his palm painfully into the door to stop it a fraction of an inch before it locked. 

Both of them were still wet from the pool. Mira ran her hands through her hair. 

"I need to wash the chlorine off..." she turned to glance at Chris with a devious look, "why don't you help me, baby?" 

She turned and headed into the bathroom, reaching behind her to undo the knot on her bikini top as she went. 

Chris eagerly followed - this might be fun! He undid one of the buckles on his inflatable vest with a click as he entered the bathroom. 

"No, no, you need to keep your floats on" Mira said, waggling her finger just as she dropped her bikini top to the floor, "there will be water, after all, we don't want any accidents!". Her pert little breasts stood proudly, and Chris tried not to stare too obviously. He felt his penis twitch in his cool, wet shorts. He could live with the floats if this seemed to be going somewhere... and he had to admit that the warm wet vinyl did feel good against his skin. 

She turned away from him again and wiggled out of her bikini bottoms, which flopped wetly to the ground to expose her small firm ass cheeks. 

She reached into the shower, and try as he might to sneakily glance, he didn't see anything of her front as she turned the water on and hopped in over the side of the bath and was obscured by the shower curtain. 

"Come on then" she said over the sound of the spraying water. He pulled his shorts down and left them on the floor, his erection pulsing as it was exposed and bumped off the tight white vinyl bottom half of his Hello Kitty swim ring. Pushing the curtain aside at the back of the bath, he stepped in with a creak. She was facing the shower end, away from him, with hot water running down over her shoulders and down her back, little clouds of steam floating in the confined space. 

She looked over her shoulder with a sultry glance, her eyes just flicking down to his erection. She knelt down and picked up a bottle of shampoo, offering it to him over her shoulder before standing up again and wetting her hair thoroughly under the shower spray. 

Chris moved towards her and took the shampoo, his water wings swishing along the shower curtain and white tiled wall as he moved. He noticed that the bath plug was in, so the shower was starting to fill the bath up. He was close enough now that hot water sprayed over Mira's shoulders or deflecting from her splashed surprisingly loudly from his inflatable toys and the scent of warmed vinyl filled the enclosed space. 

She ran her fingers down through her long wet hair, so Chris squirted some of the fruity shampoo into his palm and began to wash it. He'd never washed someone else's hair before, so he just tried to be thorough. It wasn't exactly a turn on, but his ring kept swishing against Mira's back and just occasionally the tip of his penis brushed a buttock, which maintained his increasingly aching boner. 

He tried massaging her scalp a little, but after a few seconds she brushed his hands away and ducked her head under the shower again to wash the shampoo out. She knelt to get a bottle of body wash. He noticed that she always knelt directly downwards, never bending or sticking her ass towards him, which was a shame. With a small flush of anger the thought struck him that this probably wasn't going anywhere either, so why was he bothering with it? As she was facing away he massaged his almost painfully firm balls and boner. He felt like he was going to burst if he didn't get some relief after this! 

She had lathered up her front with the body wash, and passed the bottle to him, giving him a little wink. Perhaps it would go somewhere? Be began soaping her shoulders, then worked his way down her sides - but she gently brushed his hands away when he tried to slip them round to her breasts or crotch. He washed her buttocks and backs of her legs though, and when he stood the warm vinyl slid beautifully over her soapy skin as he managed to draw her closer, his erection just slipping between her soapy cheeks. 

"Ooh!" she squeaked, "someone's gotten too excited!" 

She turned to face him, but due to the close contact and his ring, he couldn't see downwards, but he did get to see her pert breasts and feel her skin slip against his erection and the inflatables as she swayed to rinse the soap off her back. He stepped back, hoping for a glimpse of more, but she turned away again for a final rinse of her front before swishing the curtain back and stepping out of the shower, quickly wrapping a large towel around her body. The flush of anger came again, stronger this time. She must have seen the annoyance in his expression as she turned the shower spray off, because she quickly turned the bath mixer tap on and smiled at him. 

"We need to wash you too remember. You should have a nice bath to rub yourself properly clean... I can help you and make sure you're thorough enough..." she smiled at him with a lingering glance at his straining erection. 

She pulled the shower curtain all the way back, and indicated that he should sit down in the hot water, which still had the foam of her shampoo and body wash floating in it. 

Chris began to sit, but the ring was too wide for the bath, and made his vest creak up painfully under his armpits. He reached up to unclip the vest buckles again, but she stopped him. 

"No, leave that on, we just need to deflate your ring." She reached out and swished the ring around his body until she found the valve on the underside, before trying to pull it out. Failing with her fingers, she leaned in and yanked it out with her teeth, which made Chris' penis brush her cheek. 

She pulled back, ignoring the contact, and stood up facing him. She paid no attention to his erection as she squeezed the valve with a hissssss, her fingers brushing his cock. He felt the ring soften and begin to droop, as Mira used her free hand to squeeze and grip the vinyl until the ring was just a limp shiny pink and white skirt around his hips, his erection a bump in the front. 

She stood back to admire her handiwork. 

"You should wear a pink PVC miniskirt more often! It suits you!" She said with a grin, "Very appropriate for a grown man who needs to wear a rubber ring to swim!" she added with a laugh. 

She motioned for him to sit in the hot bath, as she turned and stopped the tap running. She slipped into the water easily now, the currents and some leftover air making his vinyl miniskirt drift in the water. 

"Now then... let's get you cleaned up." 

She grabbed the shower head and sprayed him all over, shampooing his head, before moving on to washing his arms and slipping her warm soapy hand under the front of his vest to wash his chest - the soaped up vinyl sliding on him felt amazing, but it wasn't doing his raging sore erection any good. 

Finally, she slipped her hand into the opaque soapy water and between his legs, under the vinyl skirt. He opened his legs more and felt her slender fingers caress his tight testicles, giving them a little tickle before moving on to his solid shaft, squeezing it and rubbing it between her fingertips. 

"Now," she said softly, "You have been good to me this holiday, but you have been grumpy with me as well. I think I can forgive you, and I'll even give you a little reward to encourage you to be nice to me." with that she tickled the tip of Chris' penis. 

Leaning in towards him from her kneeling position on the bathroom floor, she put one hand round his side and the other further into the water under the ring. She eased his foreskin back and forth a little to make sure it was moving freely, then quite abruptly gripped him and started jerking quite rapidly with a splish-splash-splish of bath water. The sudden intense grip was initially painful and Chris flinched before settling into it, gripping the sides of the bath as Mira's arm waggled back and forth. 

The shaking made his vest rub and squeak against him, the water caressing his balls and the ring vinyl rubbing his head as Mira's fist pumped back and forth, bumping off his testicles. He grunted with pleasure as he embraced the sensations... finally he was going to get something! 

They heard an "Ooops, sorry!" from the open bathroom door behind them. 

He swore and quickly looked round - standing there was a room cleaning maid in her neat blue dress and flowery apron - after all, it was still mid-morning when most guests would be out and about so they were cleaning the rooms! She was in her 40s, had long dark hair, a full figure and a pretty face - showing more amusement than horror. 

Mira looked round but didn't stop, she just carried on pumping away. 

"He has needs I need to take care of," she explained over the splashing water, "or he becomes a grumpy baby and is mean to me!" 

Chris felt mortified, but he was getting so close to blowing his load... he looked desperately around for an escape that didn't exist... he shook and grunted as Mira varied her pace... fast fast fast sloooow sloooow fast fast... she knew exactly what she was doing... 

The maid laughed and gave Mira a little wink... and didn't look like she was going to leave! She crossed her arms and stood there with an amused smirk on her face! 

Chris closed his eyes - there was nothing he could do... he could feel his orgasm coming and he was going to do it wearing inflatable swim vest, arm bands and a limp pink swim ring in front of a hotel cleaner as Mira unceremoniously wanked him under the water! At least the water wasn't very clear so she couldn't really see anything... the moment was coming... 

After a holiday's worth of cock-teasing with no release, the orgasm hit him hard. Mira sensed it and swiftly pulled up to continue jerking him fast, folding the limp ring back with her wrist and making the tip of his cock poke out of the water as he gave a groan and shuddered uncontrollably, firing a thick gloopy screed of semen into the air... he felt the warm wetness hit him on his own face as another spurt got the tiles and a third splashed into the water. Mira slowed her jerking and the remaining semen dribbled to drift in the water beside his head. 

"Wow, that was a big one!" said the maid with a giggle. 

Mira laughed and made a show of wiping her hand in Chis' hair. 

"I'm sorry," she said, "I'm afraid he's gone and made a nasty mess of your tiles." 

They both laughed together. Chris just wished he could melt away into the water... 

After what seemed like an age, the cleaner went to do the bedroom area and Mira went with her, they were whispering and giggling together. Chris, pushed the door closed from where he was before stripping off his inflatables and showering himself clean, his heart still pounding. He didn't think he'd ever had an orgasm that powerful before. 

When he emerged again wrapped in a towel, the cleaner had gone. 

"That was soooo funny!" Mira laughed, now fully dressed again. 
"I didn't think so." said Chris, gloomily. 
"I'll make it up to you, I promise." she said, seeming earnest, "but first - let's go and get some lunch!"

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