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Chris & Mira Part 2

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After taking Mira to a nice - but awfully expensive - local restaurant and having an overpriced bottle of wine with their meal, she was being very flirtatious. Mira embraced Chris with her arm round his waist as they walked back to the hotel - she'd seemingly forgotten about the swim earlier and had stopped teasing him half way through the meal. She kissed him deeply in the elevator to the room, and his penis was straining in his shorts by the time they reached the door. 

She headed to the bathroom first, emerging wearing a silky pink shift that only just reached her thighs. 

"Go and have clean" she said to Chris, with a wink. 

He quickly rushed to the bathroom - surely this was it at last? He washed his face, brushed his teeth and, as an afterthought, cleaned his dick and aching balls before putting his shorts back on and heading back into the room. 
His heart sank. 

The lights were off and Mira was curled up under the covers on her side, eyes closed, breathing softly. 

"Mira?" he said, softly. No response. 
"Mira!" a grunt and an opening of one eye... 
"What do you want?" she asked grumpily. 
"I thought we might... you know..." 
"It's late and I'm tired Chris. Maybe tomorrow. Good night." 

With that she stopped engaging him at all. He got into bed, seething inside. Was she worth it? He was beginning to doubt it. But she did say maybe tomorrow... that's pretty close to at least an acknowledgement... 

With that he lay in bed mulling over his combined annoyance and infatuation before drifting off to sleep. 


The next morning when Chris awoke Mira was already up, dressed and sitting on the balcony looking down at the town. 

"We should go shopping!" she exclaimed chirpily, "come on, get ready sleepyhead!" 
"But..." I tried to interject. 
"Come on, Chris, I don't want to wait, it'll get too busy." 

With that he got quickly showered and dressed and within 15 minutes they were leaving the hotel again, Mira all smiles and affection again as she held his hand and they made their way down the cobbled hill towards the main street in the morning sun. 

Mira looked at various shops and bought a sarong in one - paying for it herself at least. It was pale blue with white screen printed flowers on it. She was capering and wearing it like a cape as she skipped along the street when she saw a shop with a load of inflatable rings and mattresses out front. 

"Ooh, look! We should look in there!" 

Not wanting to relive the embarrassment of yesterday, Chris made to say he didn't want to, but she was already walking away from him and into the shop. 

The creepy middle-aged and leather-skinned shopkeeper sneered widely at her as she entered with Chris trailing behind her. Chris could smell the stale sweat and tobacco on him as soon as he entered. Mira gave him a flirtatious wink and perfect smile. 

"Helooo!" she chirped, looking at the racks on the walls. He grunted approvingly, not being subtle about staring at her ass as she all but posed in front of him, bending down provocatively to look at the lower shelves. Chris stood in front of the counter between them, getting an angry grunt and a stare from the shopkeeper, who moved away. 

"Look at all these!" Mira exclaimed "That dragon is cool isn't it!" she pointed at a dusty box at the bottom showing a ride-on yellow and purple dragon - "like in your dragons and elves or whatever game." 

"Yeah... cool" Chris mumbled, humouring her in the hope they could leave the stuffy shop quickly. 

"We should get this one!" She held up a pink packet - it showed a Hello Kitty swim ring on it, transparent pink on top and white underneath. "And these!" she had picked out some triangular Barbie armbands in a striking bright pink with baby blue inside panels. 

"Uh... for you, right?" Chris asked. Stupid question, he knew instantly. 

"No, dumbass! I can swim, can't I... why would I need these stupid things?" 

"But... why pink?" he implored. 

"It'll be cute, you'll look great! Anyway, it's still early, there'll be nobody at the pool yet" she said with a laugh. 

"Really, no, let's go..." he was starting to get angry now. 

"Don't speak to me like that!" she shouted, much louder and with more anger than necessary. 

The stinking shopkeeper leered at him and approached. 

Wanting to diffuse the situation ASAP he conceded, smiling meekly at the shopkeeper. 

"Come on then, buy them and let's go." 

"You're buying them - you're the one that needs them, baby." He was sure the 'baby' on the end was not affectionate, even if she did stroke his chin on the way past towards the counter. 

Behind the counter was another rack she hadn't seen, with a variety of inflatable vests on it. She pointed at one that looked large enough to fit Chris - yellow with two front buckles and a bulgy collar. 

"There's no need for that..." he said softly as the shopkeeper approached the till. 

"You need it, baby." She said it sweetly, but he was pretty sure that wasn't an honorific. 

The total was far more than the items should have cost, he was sure - the amount of change from the notes he'd handed over was awfully small and the shopkeeper's grin awfully threatening when he looked like he might question it, so he'd left, just glad to be away from the shop. 

"Come on!" Mira chirped, all smiles again, "let's go to the pool! It's going to be soooo fun!" 

He trailed a few feet behind her as she capered up the street, and it wasn't long before they were back at the depressingly busy pool in their swim gear - Chris' floats out of their packets but not inflated yet. 

The barman saw them approaching and Mira waved with a smile. He reached behind the bar and with a grin and lifted his net full of floaties over, waggling it slightly at Chris with a mocking wink. 

Mira shook her head and held up Chris' limp bright pink swim ring with a grin, the barman openly laughed before dumping his net sack behind the bar again and going back to washing glasses. 

Chris sat at the edge of the pool and began to inflate the ring as Mira jumped in with a splash and started swimming around, occasionally flicking cool water at him. The ring was shiny vinyl, soft and rich smelling in the warm morning sun. It was around 70cm across - larger than the one he'd had to get into the day before - so he would not need to squeeze himself into it. Likewise the waterwings were a little bigger. As he slowly inflated each item, he put them down beside himself rather than putting them on, until everything was blown up with just some seam wrinkles left. 

With everything ready he stalled. He didn't want everyone to laugh at him again. Mira swam up to the side of the pool and supported herself on her crossed arms. 

"Come on then, put them on and get in!" she implored. 

"It's very funny and everything, but I think I'd rather just relax here" he said with annoyance. 

"Shut up Chris, put your inflatables on and get in the pool with me. Don't be a loser." 

"I don't think that's really..." he started angrily, but that was as far as he got before she interrupted him - "I will go and get some from the bar and wear them too - that's fair." 

With that she swam across to the bar side of the pool and pulled herself out before padding over to the barman, wiggling her hips as she went. She spoke to him and he produced the sack of inflatables with a grin. 

She picked a traditional swim ring with five different coloured panels on the top and a pair of shiny orange floaties. Stepping into the ring, she got it half way up her thighs before it got stuck. With a word to the barman he came out and, grinning from ear to ear, held the swim ring and pulled it up as Mira wriggled back and forth against him, all but caressing him with her back, until with a squeal it slipped up to her thin waist. 

He then carefully helped her put the waterwings on as she batted her eyelids at him. 

With that, he sneered mockingly at Chris, sitting dejected by the pool, and returned behind the bar. 

Mira wandered over, her hips making the inflatable ring sway and glisten in the sun, and slipped into the pool with a squeak as the ring slid up under her small breasts. Chris noticed a few other guys round the pool were watching her with varying degrees of stealth as she splashed over. 

"Come on then, get your floats on Chris". 

Sensing he couldn't delay any longer, he stood and pulled the vest on. It was firm and embracing around him with the buckles pulling taut, the yellow slightly textured vinyl feeling quite nice against his bare skin. He slipped the pink waterwings on with a series of squeaks before finally stepping into and pulling up the pink ring. A number of people were watching him with amusement as he sat on the edge of the pool and slipped into the cool water with a series of creaks as the ring rubbed at the bottom of the vest, which tried to ride up over his head but was stopped by his arms. 

He bobbed like that in the water, which came to just below his armpits with the ring and vest combined. 

Mira began to caper and swim, and he tried to keep up with her as they splashed round the pool, starting to feel relaxed again as people got bored with the novelty of a grown man in inflatable toys. The vinyl of the toys rubbed against him and squeaked against her, glistening and wet in the sun. She looked sexy in her inflatable toys and bikini, and coupled with the rubbing of the vinyl on him, he started to get a raging erection. He was glad it was hidden beneath the surface... until Mira dwam over to bump against him and her ass firmly brushed his pulsing dick. With that she recoiled from him. 

"Eeew, why have you got a boner! In the pool that kids use! That's disgusting!" she exclaimed too loudly. A couple of the nearest english-speaking people laughed out loud. 

"Hey..." he tried to speak quietly yet still loud enough to be heard by her, "it's just we were having fun... and you look really good in the pool with your floaties on..." 

The compliment seemed to mollify her, and she began the game they'd played yesterday with the spongy rubber ball that was floating nearby. This time the game wasn't quite so one-sided, as she was hampered by the inflatables almost as much as he was, and he was generally managing to hit her whilst dodging her return shots. After a good fifteen minutes of splashing and laughing she began to tire of the game, she swam up, bumping her ring off his with a squeak, and pecked him on his wet cheek. 

"That was fun, but we should go before you get another boner and embarrass me" she said softly. She hauled herself from the pool, water spilling from her onto the dry tiles as she wiggled her ass at him with a wink. 

She padded over to the barman again, who came out to help her remove her ring. She pretended it was stuck after he pulled and twisted it, so he popped the valve open and deflated it with a psssssshhhhhh. It hung around her waist like a sexy vinyl mini-skirt before he easily pulled it down over her hips, nearly taking her bikini bottoms with it. She giggled as she grabbed at them. 

Chris, still in the pool, had gotten another erection watching her antics. He floated at the side, not wanting to get out in case it would be too obvious. Mira, having pulled her waterwings off and stuck them in the sack, wandered over to the poolside beside him. 

"Come on then, get out!" 

"I... uh... can't at the moment." 

"Why not... oh... eewwww, again?" 

"Wellll... you looked great..." 

The compliment didn't work so well this time. 

"Really? I bet I look good to him too but he didn't get a big stiffy when he was helping me, did he?" she pointed at the barman, "I think it's the inflatables. I think the squeaky plastic does it for you, weirdo. Get out of the pool." 

With that she got up and started to walk away. Her anger and all of the eyes now on him had done wonders for shrinking his erection, so with a creak and a squeal he pulled himself out before starting to unclip the buckles on the swim vest. 

"No!" she said, waggling her finger, "you will wear them to go to the room, floatie-boy!" 

With that she pointed towards the hotel entrance. Chris didn't want to anger her further, so he padded across the tiles and concrete to the hotel entrance, cheeks glowing with embarrassment as people looked at him walking through the lobby still wet with his inflatables tight about his body. Mira followed a few paces behind, ignoring him. He was glad of the solitary sanctuary of the elevator when the doors finally slid closed and rose towards their floor.

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