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Dan got into the shower, washing himself. Holly said she would clear up the mess they had made after the pump to pop in the sleeping bag. He still couldn't believe what Holly did for his birthday. They had a few sessions with balloons before but nothing like this. Last time they had a blow to pop race with 12 inches, it was fun but Dan didn't know Holly would get into it, she must have been practicing. After a few minutes Holly enters the bathroom, completely naked holding a red balloon. It is deflated but looked like a 16 inch. 
"Ready for a bit more fun?" She says in a sexy voice. 
Dan feels his heart starting to race. Holly steps into the shower with him and takes the shower head off. 
"What are you doing?" Asks Dan. 
"You'll see" she places the neck over the balloon, it starts to fill with water. 
"Sit down, you're going to enjoy this." She says. Dan obeys, sitting against the shower wall. Holly places the expanding balloon against his growing dick and lays on top of it, pushing it against him. Dan moans in pleasure and slips onto his back. Holly climbs on top of him and starts grinding harder against the balloon, the water making it squeak. It is about the size of a small beach ball by now and getting bigger. Dan loves the warm feel to it, it isn't as tight as it would be if filled with air but more bouncy. 
"Harder! Don't stop!" Crys Dan. Holly pushes harder, her whole weight against the balloon, forcing it to bulge around Dan's cock. Her wet pussy squeaks loudly against the balloon, every time she rubs against it. The ballon is getting huge now and will pop any second. Holly keeps grinding harder and faster, putting her arms around Dan to pull herself closer. One more loud squeak then the balloon bursts, warm water exploding all over them. 
"That" panted Dan "was amazing." 
"Come with me, we're not quite finished yet." 
"How many more balloons do you have?" 
"I got a whole bag full, we could go on all night. Better save a few for tomorrow though."
Holly leads Dan back to the bedroom, not bothering to dry off. 
"Get back in into the sleeping bag, I'll fetch some balloons." She goes through her bag looking for the packet of 11 inch balloons. Once she finds them she throws them to Dan and pulls out another 24 inch. A light blue colour. 
"What you got planned now then?" Asks Dan. 
"We're gonna start off by inflating the 11 inches, then we're going to stuff them into the sleeping bag before we over inflate this 24 inch." She climbs in with Dan and zips the bag closed. She opens the packet of balloons, offering a green one to Dan then taking a blue one for herself. Holly takes a deep breath and inflates the balloon. Dan loves the sound of the air as it rushes into the balloon, he puts his balloon to his lips and blows. Holly keeps blowing until the balloon's neck starts inflating, then ties it off and puts it deep inside the sleeping bag before grabbing another. A white one this time. Dan keeps inflating his, the neck is starting to push against his lips but he keeps going. It is getting hard to put any more air in but Dan keeps trying when suddenly BANG! The ballon pops making Holly jump. 
Holly glares at him "that was right next to my ear!"
"Sorry, got a bit carried away."
She laughs and hands him another, a pink one. "Try not to pop it this time."
He takes it eagerly and starts blowing. 
Holly puts a few more breaths in hers and ties it. Dan's balloon is starting to get a neck, he puts in another breath. 
"Okay, okay." He goes to tie it but then puts another breath into it. Holly just laughs. "I thought you were scared of blowing balloons until they popped." 
"I used to be but I think you've cured that." He puts half a breath into it, then finally ties it. He stuffs it in between his legs and finds another. They continue inflating the balloons and stuffing them until the sleeping bag is almost full. Dan and Holly are both inflating when Holly pinches the neck closed. "You want to see who can get the biggest neck without popping it?" Asks Holly. 
"Sure." Dan's balloon is already over inflated so Holly blows faster to catch up. The neck on Dan's ballon is almost as long as the body but he keeps on blowing without hesitation. Holly's balloon has half the neck inflated, she carefully pulls the neck to stretch it as much as possible before putting three more breaths in. As she is slowly blowing one more in, there is a loud bang. Holly jumps, almost letting go of her balloon. She looks at Dan. The mouthpiece is still in his mouth. "You're not very good at this are you?" She laughs. 
"Did you see how big it got? The neck was so long, I just had to keep going." 
"Let's see how big I can get mine." Holly struggles to get a grip on the balloon because the neck is inflated so much. After two big breaths she decides to tie it. The balloon is almost completely transparent and looks like it's about to pop any second. She pushes it inside the sleeping bag. 
"I want to see you blow one till it pops." Says Dan
"Okay, it still scares me a little but I'll do it." She replies. 
"Really? you look like you're enjoying it."
"Oh I am. I love blowing them to the limit, just get a little nervous just before it pops." 
"You don't have to."
"It's fine, I want too." She takes a red balloon and starts stretching it. After a few deep breaths she puts it to her lips and slowly blows into it. Dan lies, watching her as the balloon gets bigger and bigger. She's so beautiful. He thinks. I still can't believe she'll pop balloons for me. It came out of nowhere. Dan puts his hands on the side of the balloon, it's getting tight but she continues blowing. After the neck is completely inflated she hesitates. 
"It's fine, keep going you're almost there." Holly inhales fully and forces the air inside the balloon. It still doesn't pop. She keeps going even though its almost impossible to blow anymore. Then finally it pops with a loud bang, making them both jump. 
"Wow, wasn't expecting it to get that big. Well done Holly. 
She try's to hug Dan, squeezing all the balloons against him. "Almost done. We'll inflate the 24 inch next." 
"You think it'll fit? There's barely enough room for us."
"Guess we'll find out." She's says, finding the balloon. "We'll take it in turns inflating until it gets too tight, then we'll tie it." 
"Can't we pop it?" Asks Dan with a grin. 
"Doubt there'll be enough room, but we'll see. I don't think I could do it it anyway, a 11 inch is scary enough."
"Okay, hurry up and inflate it. I'm so turned on!" 
She smiles and starts inflating the huge balloon in between them. 
It starts pushing the smaller balloons against them as it gets bigger. After Holly has inflated it halfway she gives it to Dan. "Your turn." She pants. 
He takes it from her and bites on the mouthpiece. It's wet from Holly's saliva. This turns him on even more, sighing with pleasure he starts inflating. He keeps blowing until the ballon is bulging against them. "Here you go, make it tight." Dan passes it to Holly. She starts blowing immediately. Dan can see how turned on she is. She doesn't slow down until it's pushing hard against them. "Can't get it much tighter." She goes to tie it but Dan stops her. "I'll see what I can do." The ballon is dripping with Holly's saliva. Dan takes it from her and blows. It's getting very hard to inflate and the pressure against his body is getting stronger, he doesn't stop until the neck is touching his lips. 
"Dan I think that's enough, I can barely move." 
"Just one more?" He asks. 
"Go on then." 
Dan forces one more breath in. BANG! At first he thinks the 24 inch popped, then he realised it was one of the smaller ones. 
"Must of been that one I inflated, I'm surprised it didn't pop sooner." Holly says. 
Dan ties the 24 inch. He can hardly move with all the balloons pushed against him. 

Holly starts grinding against the balloons. Every time she moves the balloons get pushed against him. He puts his arms around holly, moaning with the intense pleasure. She sighs in his ear. Dan is just about to cum when the 24 inch explodes. Holly moans loudly and Dan cums on the smaller balloons. There's another pop and Holly falls on top of him panting.

After lying together for a while they unzip the sleeping bag, the balloons falling out onto the bed and floor. 

It's getting late so they get into bed together, leaving the balloons on the bed. 
"So since when did you get so into balloons?" Asks Dan. 
"Well, I was going to buy you some balloons for your birthday, more of a joke present than anything. I ordered a few bags of good quality balloons online the other week. A few days ago I was shopping and saw there was camping equipment on sale. I thought we could go camping together sometime, so I bought us a tent and some sleeping bags. When I got home I saw the balloons siting on the table. I looked at the sleeping bag and had an idea. I wondered what it'd feel like in the sleeping bag with a huge balloon pressed against me. I wanted ideas to surprise you with on your birthday so I decided to try it out. I got in and grabbed a 24 inch and blew it up. After it started getting tight I got a little scared, so I attached it to the electric pump. My idea was that I'd force myself to pop it. Once the balloon got tight I couldn't move to turn the pump off. Eventually it popped, it felt amazing. That evening I decided to try out the bag of 12 inch balloons, I only meant to make sure they were a good quality but before I know it I was over inflating them, seeing how big they could get. Soon I was riding and popping them. I even managed to blow one until it popped. I realised I was getting turned on and soon had popped the whole packet." 

"I'm glad you enjoyed them. Never thought you'd get into it." Dan kisses her and soon they fall asleep. 

Dan wakes to the sound of air rushing into a balloon. He opens his eyes. Holly is sitting next to him inflating a 16 inch. It's huge the neck against her lips. She grabs an inflated balloon from the day before and starts riding it against him. After two more breaths it bursts. She giggles and starts riding harder, the neck shooting out every time she bounces. Suddenly it pops and she falls on top of him. 
"Wow, what a way to wake up." Dan says. 
"You fancy going camping this weekend?" Holly asks. 
"Yeah sounds fun. Will you be bringing balloons?"
"Of course."
"Can't wait."


Written by Wildheart

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