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"Come on, let's go to the pool!" she implored. They'd spent the last couple of days of the holiday exploring the sights of the island, but today Mira wanted to go swimming. 

"I don't really want to..." Chris said quietly, "how about the castle on the clifftop, it looks like it might be fun..." 

"No! I want to go swimming. The hotel has a great pool. And you're coming swimming with me, because it'll make me happy. You want me to be happy, don't you?" 

She stepped closer to him, pushing out her small breasts and swaying her hips, touching him on the chin with a single finger and a sultry smile. 

Chris was used to her acting this way. He knew he'd go along with it in the hope their relationship might progress. Mira didn't put out easily, and after three weeks of going out they still hadn't got beyond kissing and cuddling - to Chris' growing frustration. That's why they were here - he'd thought they might get more serious if he took her on holiday, but not so far. Maybe this time? 

"Well... ok then" he said with a smile, and Mira did a happy little dance and pecked him on the cheek. He began thinking as they took a couple of towels and made their way down towards the hotel pool. Perhaps he could stay in the shallow end? Perhaps he could find a lilo or something to float on and hopefully she wouldn't push him off... because Chris had a secret - in the 22 years of his life, he'd never learned to swim. He couldn't even float. 

Mira was already wearing her bikini - a yellow two-piece - under her clothes, and Chris' neon green shorts were suitable for swimming in. They stripped of their t-shirts and sneakers and Mira took off her dress and put them on one of the vacant loungers by the pool. 

"Come on then!" Mira shouted and jumped right into the otherwise vacant pool with a splash, laughing. Chris looked at the sun-faded markers on the sides. This part was only 1.5m deep. It would come up to his armpits. That would be manageable maybe? 

Trying to feign confidence he didn't really feel, Chris slipped into the water. He briefly panicked as his feet went down... and down... but recovered when he felt the hard tile pool bottom rather than the warm water beneath his feet. He could feel the slope to his left, and see where the water dropped suddenly to 3m a few metres before the end so people using the diving board wouldn't hurt themselves. He did NOT want to go over there! 

Mira splashed him playfully and he splashed her back, standing stock still but trying to look like he was having fun. 

Mira disappeared under the water and swam towards him, her shimmering form approaching a couple of feet below the surface... he thought she was going to rise just in front of him, but instead she grabbed his legs and pulled them from under him. He just managed to take a breath as he was dragged under and immediately fought his legs free of her grip and frantically tried to reach the surface. After what felt like an eternity his feet found the tiles again and he pushed himself upwards. He broke the surface with a gasp and managed to stand, panting, as Mira watched him. 

"What was that all about, weirdo?" she asked with grin. 

Well... he couldn't bluff anymore. 

"I can't swim..." he said quietly, barely audible over the water still sloshing around him. 

"Speak up! Why did you spaz out?" she laughed, treading water a few feet away. 

"I can't swim" he repeated, loud enough for her to hear him. 

"Who can't swim at your age?!" she laughed, splashing him playfully again, "only some kind of baby-boy!" 

She saw the look on his face, and her laughter redoubled. 

"You really can't! Wow! How did you get away with that one through school?!" 

He shrugged, "It's not exactly an important day to day skill..." 

In truth he'd gone to school in an inland town without a pool. Whilst swimming lessons were mandatory in many schools in other towns, they couldn't do them at his. 

She laughed again, slowly getting over her mirth. 

"Well then, I want to swim, and I want you to swim with me, so I guess we'll have to get you some arm bands or a rubber ring like a kid!" 

She swam towards the side of the pool again and effortlessly hauled her skinny frame out, whilst Chris slowly made his way up towards the ladder at the shallow end, his cheeks burning with embarrassment as those sunbathing around the pool who had heard her watched him. 

Mira had gone towards the bar-come-shop beside the pool, and was speaking to the attendant there. She pointed back at Chris - he heard her laugh quietly after saying something - and the attendant popped into the room behind the wall of bottles and packets and emerged a few seconds later with a net sack full of orange, yellow, pink and white items. He dropped it over the bar for Mira to rummage in. The sack was full of pre-inflated water wings and swim rings - intended for children visiting the pool to borrow. As Chris approached the attendant gave him a mocking grin before going back to restocking one of the fridges. 

Mira had picked out a 50cm swim ring. It had a clear top printed with blue, pink and orange fish, and yellow bottom half. It was a bit wrinkled around the seams. She handed it to him. It felt a bit flaccid, the vinyl warm and yielding in the warmth of the day. 

"Blow that up properly" she said as she ducked down again to rummage for the waterwing with matched a shiny orange two-chambered on she'd found. 

Chris found the valve on the base of the ring, and trying to ignore the people all around watching him, he blew a few breaths into the ring. It firmed up, the wrinkles just becoming little ripples round the outside seam. 

Mira had meanwhile found the matching waterwing. They were tightly inflated already. 

He stood there holding the ring as she looked at him. 

"Well, then, put it on..." she waggled at his waist with her hand. 

Chris studied the 30cm hole in the middle of the ring, then glanced down at his hips and waist, "I don't think it'll fit me..." 

Mira let out an exasperated sigh and, placing the armbands on the bar, grabbed the ring from him with a squeak. "Of course it'll fit. It's made for it." 

She held it low at his shin height and beckoned him to step into it. She then pulled it up to the middle of his thighs, where it promptly got stuck as his hips widened. Undeterred, she gripped it firmly at each side and with creaks and squeaks of protest worked it left and right over his shorts until the tight ring slipped over the waistband and round his waist. The ring made it feel like we was wearing a corset as it squeezed all round him. 

She grabbed the armbands again then took his arm and tried to squeeze his adult arm into the tight hole. It clearly wouldn't fit. With her teeth she pulled the vales out and squeezed them with her fingertips. The wings softened with a hisssssss and she dragged it easily up to his armpit. Taking the valves one by one between her lips she inflated the wing hard again, then repeated the procedure with the other arm. 

The bar attendant looked at him for a second and huffed a small laugh at the adult in a kids swim ring and a pair of big orange floaties. Chris shot him an angry glance, which Mira saw and laughed. 

"You do look silly, no need to be moody. It's you who can't swim!" With that she led him by the hand back towards the pool. A few people around the water's edge saw him and laughed, perhaps thinking he was just being a fool, but his cheeks reddened anyway. 

She jumped into the water, and beckoned him to get in. He slid in, catching the ring on the tiled edge with a creak as he lowered himself. The buoyancy of the ring pushed it up over his belly and into his armpits, where it creaked and squeaked constantly against the underside of the armbands and felt like it was constricting his breathing. The combination did however keep him afloat as he splashed his way slowly towards the deeper water where Mira was heading. 

"God, you're not going to be much fun to race are you?" She grabbed a soft rubber ball from the side of the pool where it had been floating and chucked it at him, it bumped off his forehead and landed with a splut in the water just in front of him. 

"You're it!" she called, and turned to swim away. With that a one-sided game of ball-tag began. Chris struggling after the ball and grabbing it before taking a couple of attempts to hit the agile Mira whilst creaking and squealing in his inflatables, before she quickly grabbed the ball and whacked it accurately into his face or head as he couldn't easily evade it. 

It must have gone on for ten minutes before Mira began getting hit more as kids from various families began occupying the pool, hindering her agility. Some of the kids laughed openly at Chris. 

Not liking that she wasn't winning so easily, Mira decided enough was enough. 

"I'm getting tired, and you're embarrassing me in your inflatable toys." She quickly swam to the side and hauled herself out. "Put them back then you can buy me dinner to make up for it." 

With that she strode over to the lounger with the clothes, took her dress and towel and headed back into the hotel without a glance backwards. 

Chris made his way to the shallow end and pulled himself up the ladder. He tried to quietly remove the wings but they squeaked down both arms, and then made even more noise and drew a few amused glances as he struggled to get the now stretched and deformed swim ring off without pulling his soggy shorts down. He eventually managed it and quietly put the inflatables back in the net bag beside the bar. 

With one final grin the barman watched him collect his clothes and head back inside.

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