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Dan sat on his bed waiting for his girlfriend Holly to come round. It was his birthday and she said that she had something special planned. He hoped it had something to do with balloons, she know about his fetish and they had inflated some 12 inch balloons together once. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Dan jumped off his bed and ran to open it. She was standing there, as beautiful as ever. 
"Happy birthday!" She said, giving him a long kiss. "I ordered something for you, I hope you're up for a bit of fun." 
"Can't wait." Replied Dan simply. 
Holly pulled a backpack off and walked into the living room. Dan closed the door and followed her. 
"Do you want a drink or anything?" He asked. 
"No, I want to get right to it. Go wait for me in the bedroom." 
Dan felt nervous excitement as he wondered what she had planned, he walked to his bed taking off his jumper. 

Holly opened her backpack, taking something out, Dan couldn't see what. 
"Go sit in the edge of the bed and take off your belt." 
Dan did as he was told. Holly walked in front of him, and crouched down. In her hand was a limp red balloon. 
"Is that...?" He began 
"Yep, it's a 16 inch. Want to know what I'm gonna do with it?" 
Dan opened his mouth to speak. 
"Ssh, just watch me." She began stretching the balloon, moving closer to Dan. She sat on his lap and gave him a long kiss. "You ready? She whispered. Before waiting for an answer she pulled open Dan's pants and placed the balloon inside so only the neck was showing. 
Dan couldn't believe was he was seeing. Was she going to inflate a balloon in his pants? 
Holly leaned in, took a breath, and blew into the balloon. It started swelling, without hesitating she blew another two, the balloon get bigger and pushing against his cock. She pinched the neck and looked at Dan. "Feel good?" She asked
"Don't stop!" He replied. Dan had a raging boner by now. 
She giggled and leaned in to blow it bigger. Dan moaned in pleasure as the balloons started getting tighter. This exited Holly and she kept blowing harder and harder, the balloon squeaking as it rubbed against Dan. Another deep breath from Holly and in goes another breath. The balloon was getting huge, it could barely fit. She forced one more breath in and the neck started inflating. 
Holly hesitated for a moment. 
"Keep going!" Dan encouraged her. 
She did forcing the air in, even though it was getting hard to blow. 
"Oh my god it's so tight" she exclaimed, pinching the neck closed. 
"It feels so good!" Cried Dan "make it bigger." 
Holly struggled to push a few more breaths in, the neck started pushing against her lips. 
"It's gonna pop!" Said Dan
"You or the balloon?" She asked
"I better hurry up and pop it then. I'm not done with you yet." She blew hard into the balloon, the neck pushing against her face. 
"One more!" Cried Dan. Usually he was too scared to pop balloons but now he was too turned on to care. 
Holly tried to force one more breath in, the balloon squeaked in protest but she kept going. 


The balloon exploded into tiny fragments in Dan's pants, making them both jump. 

"That was amazing." Panted Dan
Holly climbed on top of him and kissed him hard. 
After a while she got off him. "I'm not finished yet." She breathed. Holly walked back to her bag. 
"Whats she gonna do now?" Dan wondered. 
Holly came back with a sleeping bag and placed it on the bed. 
"Take your clothes off and get in. I would leave your underwear on though the friction might hurt." 
Dan didn't question her and did what she said. 
Holly went back to her bag and took out an electric pump and what looked to Dan to be a clear 24 inch balloon. She plugged the pump into the wall and attached a tube to the pump. 
Dan had an idea of what she was gonna do, he got hard just thinking about it. 
Holly put the balloon on the end of the tube and took her own clothes off. She gave the balloon to Dan. 
"Hold this." Then she switched the pump on and rushed to get in the sleeping bag with Dan. They lay side by side looking at each other as the balloon started inflating between them. 
"Happy birthday Dan" she said, then started kissing him. 
Soon the balloon had reached a large size, pushing them apart. 
"It's gonna get really tight, I hope your ready for this Dan" she put her arms around him and started grinding against the balloon as it pushed against them. Dan pulled himself closer to her, the balloon was bulging around them, getting tighter by the second. 
"You liking this?" Whispered Holly
"Yeah, it feels so good." He moaned
"See if you can cum before it pops. It can't be long it's getting so tight."
The balloon kept getting bigger and bigger, it's couldn't reach its full size because of the sleeping bag so it just got tighter. Soon the neck started inflating. 
"When's it gonna pop? I can't last much longer." Cried Dan 
"AARRGGG! I didn't think it'd get this tight! She exclaimed. 
Dan couldn't hold it back any longer and exploded all over the balloon. 
Holly grabbed the balloon, pulling it in closer to her. 
"Yes!" She screamed, grinding harder against it. 

BANG! The balloon finally popped with a deafening bang. They fell on to each other, both panting and wet. 

It had been the best birthday of Dan's life.

Written by WildHeart

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