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Auntie Alice and the Lakeside Dragon

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It was a beautiful clear night. My family and friends were camping by the lake, split up amongst six tents and two caravans. My tent was at one side of our little encampment, not far from the gently lapping shoreline. Auntie Alice - not keen on roughing it in a tent - was in one of the caravans with the same relative she'd shared a house with in Spain a couple of years before.

We'd just had a barbecue, washing the food down with a few cold beers, and I was feeling good. We had just arrived the night before, so I hadn't had much time to speak to Alice beyond small talk. I was hoping tonight we might be able to see each other - which was why I'd put my tent purposefully to one side.

We could just hear some laughter and shouts from further up the shore, beyond a small promontory, and I slowly walked along the beach towards the noise to see what was going on as the sun began to set. As I climbed up the rocky outcrop, the cause of the noise came into view. A group in their late teens or early twenties had parked a couple of pickups on the beach and were having themselves a party. The mainly male group had a couple of cool boxes of beers and a barbecue of their own. I just caught the faint whiff of weed drifing over on a gentle breeze.

There were nine of them in total, six lads and three girls. They looked like meathead guys to me - big on exercise and preening themselves, small on intellect, and I decided not to bother going over - we were unlikely to have much in common... but something caught my eye - one of the girls - a fat, dough-faced one, was sitting side-on on something interesting.

It appeared to be a yellow-bodied inflatable dragon with little yellow wings, purple head and legs. Her weight was squashing it in the evening heat, the seams tight. She was smoking a roll-up in one hand and holding a beer in the other, giggling along with one of the guys who was lying beside her on the beach. When she tapped the ash from her cig, I could see the sparks drifting towards the toy's head.

I had an impulse to save it from her fat ass and burning, but I couldn't think of a good reason to go over and ask about it. Cursing quietly to myself I tried to think of some way of getting it.

I jumped when I heard a footstep right behind me.

"What are you looking at, stranger?" Alice asked. I quickly glanced around to make sure she was alone. I could see the embers of our babecue-come-fire, but nobody else.

"I saw something interesting" I said, pointing down.

Alice grimaced when she saw the girl - "Eugh, I'm surprised you're into a specimen like that..." she started.

"No, Alice, the thing she's sitting on..."

"I know, I know," she said, punching me gently on the arm, "those are quite rare. Been out of production for a while now! It would be a shame if it got popped by this bunch of reprobates... not when we could have so much fun with it first!"

I nodded and said that's what I had been thinking too.

One of the guys was now drunkenly shouting and simulating oral sex with the poor little dragon, yanking it by the horns so its muzzle bumped off his crotch, much to the raucous hilarity of the others. He slapped its head aside and kicked it a couple of times, making the fat girl bounce on it. She laughed and bounced more.

"I think we'll have to act fast!" Alice said - "keep an eye on this bunch, I'll be right back!"

She quickly scrambled back down the outcrop and stealthily back towards the camp. I watched as the dragon was battered, came close to having a hole burned in it twice, and was stood on by one of the smaller lads when he went to bump the fat girl on the head with his groin for some dumbass reason.

It felt like forever when I heard Alice coming back. She was carrying a pallet of 24 beer cans from the weekend supply.

"Phew!" she said, "I hope this works! Stay here with the beer, come when I signal you."

With that she set off calmly down the other side of the promontory towards the party. Aiming to walk round it, she feigned noticing the dragon for the first time and approached one of the boys.

I couldn't really hear what she was saying, but at the end she leaned in and gave the two guys she was talking to a peck on the cheek each. She then turned to face me and waved me down.

I carried the beer down the tricky rock surface as one of the guys went and tried to roll the giggling girl off the dragon. She playfully resisted until she drunkenly fell over backwards and one of the other guys grabbed the dragon by its two front legs and pulled. I honestly expected him to rip the legs off, but with a tortured creak it slid out from under her huge frame.

He carried it over - it was limp, from a tear or from the weight it had endured I could not yet tell.

"He doesn't look retarded, just looks like a dweeb" the guy said, pointing at me.

I didn't know what was going on, so I kept quiet.

Alice clarified it for me, and I realised with a flush of anger what she'd told them: "No, but he's got a feeble mind, and will just love to play on that kids inflatable dragon in the lake this weekend. Anyway, see, he's brought you the beers I said I'd trade you - your coolers are almost empty after all and the night is still young."

True enough, there were only a couple of bottles left in each. One of the pair grabbed the case of beer from me, and the other drop-kicked the dragon at me with a whoomp.

"Take your toy, baby-brain!" he laughed as he walked back towards the others. Most of them laughed, but one of the girls told him off for mocking me.

Alice comforted me as if I was a child - "poor baby, come with Auntie and your new toy..."

Playing along, I grabbed the dragon by a horn and pulled it behind me as Alice held my other hand and led me away further along the shore line and over the next promontory. The partygoers seemed to have already forgotten about it by the time we were a few metres away in the fading light and didn't spare us a second glance as they tore into the case of beer.

"You didn't need to tell them I was retarded" I said with a sad face on.
"Shhh, they needed to think they were doing us a favour and benefitting most - and they're drunk, so it needed to be simple. We lost what they want, and they lost something they don't care about to someone they got to mock. Perfect way to play a meathead."

We reached a deserted and silent area of beach - barely able to hear the laughter far behind us.

"Now, you wait here, whilst I prepare your little toy..." she took the dragon from me and located the valve under its butt, "and I'll make it up to you."

She went to the shore and quickly washed the valve in the lake water before unplugging it and starting to blow. Her ample breasts heaved in the moonlight as the dragon quickly firmed up. When there were a few wrinkles left in the body and snout she tested it by digging her fingers in and nodded. My dick was rock hard in my shorts at this point.

She carried the dragon over and placed it down just in front of me, head just under my crotch height.

"Now then my dear, you just drop your little pants and I'll take care of your special problem, like a good carer should."

I fumbled my belt undone and dropped my shorts and boxers onto the sand at my feet. "Good boy" she said, sitting down on the tight back of the dragon in front of me with a squeak. She placed her warm hands on my thighs and guided me forwards, encouraging me to crouch so my tight balls rested on the warm, firm head of the dragon, my penis between the horns and pulsing, almost painfully hard.

She leaned forward and gently eased back my foreskin the rest of the way with her hand. She opened her mouth and slowly took it in, the intense warmth and wetness of her mouth was incredible as she rested her chin between the dragon's horns and gently suckled me, her tongue tickling the underside of my head, the dragon ticking my balls and her warm hands round grabbing my ass in the moonlight.

She was rubbing herself, thrusting on the back of the dragon with her hips, emparting a rocking motion which moved me back and forth in her mouth.

I dared not look around in case anyone from the party - or worse, our camp - had decided to go for a walk on the beach. The nervous energy heightened the sensations as Alice casually sucked me. It was not long at all until I felt the feeling in the pit of my stomach begin to grow, a tingly wave passing through me with each movement of her tongue, brush of ball-on-dragon or tightening of her grip on my butt.

I moaned quietly, and she slowed her sucking and licking a little, letting the feeling grow more and more. This time I grunted, and she nearly stopped, tentatively flicking her tongue around... the waves built and built and my legs began to shake... she suddenly took me deeper and sucked more firmly again, flinging me over the edge with a mighty convulsion that fired my semen right into her throat, pulse after pulse of it - she continued suckling as the spurting stopped, and finally pulled back. A great dribble of spunk fell from her mouth onto the dragon's head before dripping slowly onto the sand.

"Good lord," she mumbled, swallowing with a big grin, "when did you last wank? That was a lot!"

"Oh, Auntie Alice... it's just been too long!" I said.

"Well, then, we'll just need to adjust your prescription then, won't we?" she said with a wink...

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