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Question: People who have yiffed found/recovered/stolen toys, what was it’s like?

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I do not promote any breaking of the laws, and if this is something that bothers you, go away and don’t start drama. Judge free, I’m just curious curious



So what happened, how did you get the toy and what did you do with it? Was it stolen, blown in by a storm or found in a friends house and you yiffed it while they were distracted. Tell the story.

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So i have several situations. I've stolen beachballs several times. Sometimes i would just go on a walk and go past people's gardens and see a beachball forgotten against the garden fence, then what I would do is deflate the ball through the fence to be able to get and then what i would do is either inflate and pop it (done 3 times) or just keep it (done twice) never got caught and I doubt the owners actually missed the balls seeing the state they were in or for how long they had been there. That's all for me. Would love to hear what happened to other people 

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