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Auntie Alice - Family Holiday - Part 3

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The next evening Alice approached me after dinner and said we should try the fox in the pool. Everyone was going shopping the next day, and she suggested we both separately decide not to go. It was a bit of a risk - what if someone else didn't want to go?

As it turned out, we needn't have worried. My parents were fine when I said I didn't fancy shopping - They had already heard Alice had decided not to go, and my mother said Alice would be there to make sure I didn't get into trouble in a "so-there!" manner. I pointed out that I didn't need to be watched like a baby, concealing my elation well.

It turned out we had a clean sweep - everyone else was going, and they would be away all day! A couple of people commented that it was good they could fill the spare minibus seats with shopping.

Alice and I avoided each other whilst everyone got ready. I said goodbye and headed to the pool, Alice watched the bus leave from the courtyard.

I heard the bus crunching along the gravel driveway from one of the pool loungers, and not five minutes later Alice appeared. She was wearing her swimsuit and a pair of sandals - around her waist was a colourful 80cm anime swim ring with a pink base. It was tightly inflated with only a few wrinkles, with pictures of anime girls' faces and the word idomlm@aster around the top. Under her arm was her beachball, fully inflated again after its previous use in her bathroom.

"Are you ready for this young man?" she asked smokily, squeaking her fingers on the swim ring's taut vinyl.
"Oh, yes maam!" I replied.

She plopped the ball down and we went to get the fox - it was still sitting fully inflated in the outbuilding, Alice followed me in, squeaking through the gap wearing her ring. The fox clearly would not fit through the gap we used to get into the room, and I hoped we didn't have to deflate it as re-inflating would be a lot of work! We were in luck again however, as a quick look around revealed a dusty, spiderwebbed key hanging beside the other door on a rusty hook. The lock was incredibly stiff but with enough force the key finally turned with a crack. The door was difficult to open, the hinges half siezed, but we maganed with a loud series of creaks - this was definitely not something to try woth anyone around.

We both took an end of the fox - after being shut in the hot room the vinyl was incredibly pliable and beautifully warm. I felt my erection growing right away as Alice gave me a wink from the tail end. Tipping the fox partially over, we managed to get it out through the door only lightly scuffing it on the doorframe and stonework of the outbuilding.

We eagerly carried the fox round to the pool, dropping it into the water with a light smack. Alice slipped in beside it, the cooler water making her nipples stand proud as the swim ring pushed up squakily under her breasts, giving her an arificial boob-lift and enticing cleavage.

"I want to see you ride!" she called to me, grinning as she maneuvered the fox with the legs so it was at the side of the pool, as if it was a boat tied up at a pier.

Due to the size and position of the fox, I couldn't mount the toy with any grace - I held out one leg and half fell half leapt onto the foxes back. I hit with a mighty sqeak of vinyl and splashed Alice with a wave of water down her cleavage as I briefly fought not to fall off. The fox, warm vinyl pliable, bent beneath me so the back of the head was pressed against my bare chest and the tail was brushing my back. The seams along the front and rear were smooth and taut under the hot sun. It was quite stable with the legs designed as they were, and the body provided enough buoyancy that only the bottom of my ass and balls were submerged in the cool water, which felt delightful contrasted against the warm plastic.

Alice pulled the fox off from the side of the pool by the legs as I began rocking and kicking. The movement splashed water into my shorts, and the vinyl squeaked and rubbed against my hard boner as I went. I gave and "mmmm" of pleasure as it squeaked and rocked beneath me, bouncing up and down a little to enhance the rubbing sensation.

Alice kicked away from the fox, watching me ride as I slowly rubbed and rocked my way round the pool. Leaning back in her ring, I saw her right hand slip below the water into her high-top swimsuit bottoms as she squeezed and creaked the ring at one of the anime girls' faces with her left hand. Watching her play with herself in the water turned me on even more, enhancing the sensations from the rubbing fox. I ran my fingers over its head, squeezing and creaking the sun warmed vinyl as I went. I could feel the tingling warmth of an orgasm starting to build inside me.

Alice gave a happy "mmmmmm-mmmmh" beside me as she fiddled herself close...

I decided I really wanted to see her ride herself to orgasm on the fox - and I wanted to blow watching her do it.

"You should finish on the fox Auntie" I suggested, as I edged myself wriggling against the foxes back.
"Mmm, yessss, I'd like that" she moaned.

She swam to the edge and climbed out as I tipped into the water with a shocking cool splash. Standing up in the shallow end, I pushed the slightly limp & streteched out fox to the side, my twitching erection clearly showing as a great bulge in my shorts. Alice wiggled her ring down over her beautiful hips, kicking it to me as she adjustd her swimsuit bottoms and gracelessly mounted the fox as I had - with a mighty splash.

I grabbed the ring and thought for a moment what to do with it... I flexed it a little - it was tight but it would bend. I grinned at Alice as I forcefully folded the ring in half in front of me, one of the Anime girl's faces stretching out as I did so. Trapping it between my knees, I forced my boner down and pulled the ring up, so it cradled me under the ass and my wet shorts-clad hard-on slid with a squeak into the fold as the ring was trapped between my thighs. Kneeling down in the water pushed the tortured ring up, gripping my penis firmly.

Alice nodded in approval as she began to thrust her crotch into the vinyl of the fox's back, squeezing the head against her breasts as she rocked and ground. I held the foxes two right legs as I bounced and rocked on the folded ring, moving it with my thighs - it felt great under the water, the trapped material of my shorts giving extra sensation as the head of my penis slipped in and out of my foreskin in the firm grip. Alice was digging her fingers into the foxes head, dimpling the vinyl and gently shuddering every few thrusts as the fox creaked and squealed under her full ass. I watched intently, the sight of the taut red viny and the skin of her butt alternately wrinkling a little and stretching out helping bring me closer and closer with each bounce. She was bouncing harder and harder, the creaks and squeaks building and her movement in turn rocking me more and more on the ring.

Alice suddenly went over the edge - she gave a poweful "Gggggggghhhhhhaaaa!" as her thighs contracted and she shuddered all over. She leaned back a little and shoved her hand down her bottoms, rapidly rubbing herself with twitches of her wrist. After a few moments she stopped, breathing heavily and flushed. I continued rocking on my ring, not quite there...

"You should finish on the fox too young man" she sighed.

I stood up, letting the idolm@aster ring plop free. It was distorted, ballooned out a little and now wrinkling where I'd bent it and squeezed it with my weight. I expected Alice to dismount from the fox, but instead she maneuvered it to the side and wiggled herself rearwards until she was hard against the tail and nearly tipping backwards, the front end standing proud and swollen from the water. I climbed out of the pool, my now painful erection straining.

Mounting the fox with someone else already on it was even more difficult, but with great creaking and squaling of the vinyl I managed it. The fox was fighting the good fight, but could not keep the weight of two adults fully out of the water. The tail and head ballooned out and we both submerged to our hips, the very tip of my boner dipping in and out of the water as we rocked.

Alice wrapped her left arm round me from behind, squeezing her luscious breasts up against my back as she slipped her right hand into my shorts, the warm touch of her fingers as she grasped my wet shaft making me moan with pleasure. She started to gently wank me as she started rocking the fox, occasionally rubbing her thumb over the head of my penis as she worked it, the fox creaking and sqeaking beneath both our weights.

I hugged the head to me, smelling the beautiful sun warmed vinyl as Alice, sensing I was close, began to vigorously jerk me in my shorts, the movement making the water at my crotch splish-splish-splish with each stroke. I felt the tingling sensation start inside me, hugged the head tighter and leaned back as she defltly brought me closer and closer...

"Come on baby, let it go, blow your load on our beautiful inflatable fox..." she whispered in my ear... and I convulsed powerfully as the huge orgasm hit me, pumping a thick gooey load into my shorts and all over Alice's hand. She continued to jerk for a moment and slowed her stroke, milking and tugging every drop from me as I groaned deeply.

She slowly pulled her hand from my shorts, globs of semen clinging to it, and examined it.

"My my, what a mess you've made in your pants young man!" she said with a sexy chuckle.

"We shall have to do this again soon or you'll get blue balls!"

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