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Hi I'm WaterwingsRock,

I'm in the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S. I've been into inflatables since I was about 4-5. My earliest memories are of wearing orange water wings whenever I'd go swimming.  I learned to love the feeling of them being blown up on me as well as the floating sensation and the feeling of safety.  I prefer wearable inflates; as my handle suggests water wings are my favorites but I like adult swim vests (not many available) as well as aviation life vests. 

I have a collection of Bema water wings, as well as other brands, some of the Lifeguard and SWAT swim vests and a few different brands of the aviation life vests, all double cell models.  Additionally I do sometimes enjoy large tubes and rafts.  I used to do quite a bit of flat water rafting in years past. 

Come summertime I always try to make time to head out to a lake and float around. I especially like seeing other guys playing with inflates, although I'm pretty much the only guy with water wings.

Its cool to have found a new forum; as one other member said hopefully this site will grow and fill some gaps. I do miss the old Yahoo groups; there were some good ones and I had some neat conversations with other members.


Bema Waterwings 3 sizez (1).jpg

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