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Auntie Alice Goes to the Beach

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It was a beautiful, sunny day at a comfortable 25 degrees.

Since the weather was so nice and there was little wind, I'd taken a punt and texted Auntie Alice to see if she wanted to go to the beach. She immiediately responded with a "YES!!".

I went to collect her from her house in my old car - I'd recently passed my test and bought a cheap nondescript saloon for a few hundred pounds. We had decided to go to a beach near the city - it would take us an hour or so to get there, but it was unlikely we'd be spotted.

I smiled broadly when she came out of her house - she was wearing a short, light blue dress with a pleated skirt. I could tell she had a swimsuit on under it and no bra - it was her tight blue, almost shiny, one-piece. My favourite.

She was also carrying a holdall which seemed quite heavy. I wondered to myself what she might have brought, and my penis twitched in my shorts.

She put the bag in the back seat, before getting into the car and giving me a wicked grin, "this is going to be so fun!" she said with a wink.

My old car didn't have air conditioning, so the drive was hot and sweaty even with the windows open so Alice's loose long hair blew around, I could smell her sweet perfume in the whirling air.

When we got to the beach it was 10:30 am - there were still a few parking spaces left but the car parking area was mostly full. Getting out of the car, I could see that there were families and individuals every ten feet or so along the sand - hundreds of people sunbathing, playing games and splashing around.

Leaving our shoes in the car, Alice dragged the bag from the back seat and headed towards the sand, and I followed behind, taking a picnic blanket from the trunk.

We found a clear spot and I spread the blanket. Alice sat down and eagerly unzipped the bag, but tried to stop me seeing what she had. I only made out lots of shiny vinyl items.

She pulled out a large, neatly folded green square and tossed it to me - it was an 18 pocket air mat with transparent top and green base.

"Blow that up for me please young man" she said, smiling. She began to blow up a white, pink, yellow and blue 24" beach ball, her large breasts heaving as she did so. I sat down to hide the swelling in my pants from passers by and began to blow the air mat, watching her from the corner of my eye as she inflated her ball.

She beat me by a long shot - the ball had a much smaller volume than the mat. She playfully tossed the tightly inflated beach ball up and caught it in the still air, watching me finish the mat.

Getting up, she turned to face me and placed the ball on the picnic blanket. Pressing her left foot into it to keep it in place, she pulled her dress off up over her head. It confirmed that she was wearing a tight blue swim suit - but not the one I'd fancied looked like Lara Croft's all those years ago. This one was actually very shiny, with the name "Realise" across her breasts. Almost exactly like Lara Croft's. My eyes widened and she grinned.

"Do you like it?" she asked, twisting to pose, "Not too sexy for public I hope?"

The back was mostly open, with straps across her shoulers and lower back, with a thong that left almost all of her curvy ass exposed.

"I'm sure it'll be fine" I spluttered, awed by the stunning shiny sight. I could see around us that she'd just achieved the undivided attention of a good many dads, boyfriends and teenage kids from nearby groups. Along with some angry glares from wives and girlfriends!

Fully aware that she was being watched, and loving every second of it, Alice rolled the ball about under her foot, the vinyl creaking against the blanket, and then rolled it to a clearer area of sand just in front.

She placed it in front of her, then sloooowly sat down on it, making sure her beautiful round ass cheeks were pressing firmly into the sun-warmed vinyl. Putting her legs in front of her, slightly spread, she began to do various stretching exercises, bouncing gently as she did to as if to a silent workout video.

Even more men were trying to sneakily watch her now as the ball gave off soft creaks of protest. I could feel eyes on me too... jealousy at being so close and able to watch her openly without fear of reproach I thought.

By now the mattress was tight. Alice smiled and pulled her bag over to herself. She pulled out a shiny green item. I saw an orange wing and recognised it as the ride-on dragon we'd used when I was unwell. She also pulled out a pink triangle, which she tossed to me.

Unfolding it I saw it was a hello kitty swim ring, about 80cm in diameter. I began to blow it up by mouth as she began to inflate the dragon, still perched on her stretched out beach ball.

Plenty of people were stealing sneaky glances at her and she was playing it up for them - pursing her lips and heaving her breats, tantalisingly squeezing and testing the dragon's firmness with her fingers.

It wasn't long before we had both finished our respective inflatables. The dragon had a few wrinkles at the muzzle and butt, and the ring was just a little wrinkly round the outside.

"Now then", she said, "I think we should go for a swim. But we need to make sure you have the correct equipment on!"

She dipped her hand into the bag and pulled out two orange rectangles. I looked around nervously - this could get a bit embarrasing!

"Stand up and come here then" she said, beckoning me. I stood, pulling off my t-shirt, hoping my boner wouldn't show too much, not looking down, as if that would stop anyone else looking... I kneeled directly in front of her as she slid the water wing onto my right arm and leaned slowly forwards, gently puffing into the rear chamber first, then the front. I felt it tighten up nicely on my arm, and felt my erection twitch. Damn, definite tent doing on down there. I just knelt there as she blew up the other waterwing, trying to brazen it out.

Once she'd blown both wings tightly, she got up off her ball, which was stuck to her ass. It flopped onto the sand behind her limply and she put it under the side of the blanket to stop it blowing away as it slowly regained its shape.

She grabbed the pink swim ring and motioned me to stand up. "You can't wear your shorts to swim young man" she said, grinning.

I was wearing my speedos under my shorts, but I also had a major erection going on. Facing her, to try and avoid as much attention on my crotch as possible, I whipped my shorts off. Alice opened her eyes in mock suprise at my bulge as I quickly stepped into the ring and pulled it up to groin level.

She grabbed it at my sides and squeezed it, pretending to test its firmness - what she actually did was rub it up and down on my boner in front of a beach full of people.

I could feel myself going bright red. I looked around tentatively, expecting my entire extended family and all of my friends to have arrived on the beach at once to see me wearing orange armbands and a big pink rubber ring over a raging boner.

But nobody was paying much attention. A couple of guys were still transfixed by Alice's figure in her shiny swimsuit, but beyond a couple of glances nobody was looking at me.

She took me by the hand and grabbed the dragon my one of its neck handles, and let me towards the water, swaying her hips beautifully.

The water was beautifully cool as it splashed around my ankes when we walked in. When I was in up to my knees Alice stopped and placed the dragon in front of herself in the gentle waves. She spread her legs and shuffled it under her before sitting down with a creak of her swimsuit on the dragon's taut back.

She began wrigging and bouncing to ride the dragon into deeper water, and I followed behind, watching her round ass bob against the tight warm vinyl. Lots of guys were watching us, mainly looking at her riding playfully in the gently bobbing sea but some were looking at me. I felt my cheeks burn as a group of teenagers laughed and pointed from further up the beach.

I strode deeper behind Alice and dropped into the water, supported by the large swim ring which creaked against the undersides of my arm bands. Kicking my feet I followed her a little further out where she stopped and wiggled herself round on her sun-stretched tight dragon to face me. Her breasts were rubbing on the back of the dragon's head and I could see her stiff nipples through the tight shiny swimsuit.

"Those cruel boys laughing at you" she said, "you can't help that you need to wear your inflatables" she added with a smile. "Come round the other side and I'll make it up to you".

I swam around her sqeakily as she rotated her dragon parallel to the shore. The people on the beach could no longer clearly see me, since I was lower in the water than her on her rider. She indicated for me to lean back, and I floated with my weight on the ring, allowing my body to rise naturally. My boner popped above the surface like a periscope, trapped and straining in my speedos.

She reached over, drawing us closer together. The ring bumped and squeaked against the front leg of the dragon. She reached bown and began carefully massaging my penis through the speedos, then after a few moments of gentle rubbing she got a better grip and started jerking more forcefully, splishing and splashing the water. Apart from using her arm that was away from the shore, she didn't try to hide what she was doing, looking around with a neutral expression on her face. With my head just past the front of her toy, I could see the eyes widen on a couple of those still watching. I was sure I saw one of the teenage lads mouth "awww, man!", which made me smile. A couple of the guys with family found they needed to cross their legs suddenly...

The people sneakily trying to watch was a strange combination of incredibly embarassing and a turn-on... somehow heightened by Alice's expression, as if this were something that just needed to be done wherever necessary.

I watched her breasts jiggle with the motion of her right arm, feeling the sway of the low waves and warm embrace of the vinyl, the water level tickled my balls as she rubbed away.

Unfortunately, a group of kids came splashing into the water and started to swim out near us, so she stopped and I sank my lower body back down under the surface.

Wiggling herself round, she paddled back towards the shore, giving me a glorious view of her ass and the tight wrinkle-free butt seam of the dragon. I followed her back, with the ring over my boner, as she dragged the rideon up the beach behind her by the wing back to our picnic blanket. She sqeakily laid down on the airmat and put the dragon beside her, patting its back to tell me to sit.

Still wearing my ring and water wings, I sat down on the warm, wet and stretched dragon. There were a few creaks as the front of the ring pushed down the back of the dragon's neck. With the ring and my legs positioned the way they were, nobody could see my twitching erection.

As I was looking down the beach, I jumped slightly as I felt Alice's hand slip under the ring from beside me. She was lying back with sunglasses on as if asleep, but she began gently fiddling with me through my speedos. From most angles it would look like her hand was on my thigh under the ring, but in reality she was easing my foreskin back and forth and ticking my tight balls. I straightened the leg nearest her, giving her better access and getting a creak from the dragon.

This allowed her to slip my penis out over the waistband of my speedos as she gently wanked me, still hidden under the ring. I watched her breasts rise and fall in the tight glistening swimsuit, only the slightest motion of her forearm giving away what she was doing. I looked around and saw most people had gotten over the weird sight of a grown lad in a big pink swim ring and armbands. I could feel my blood pounding and began to get the tingling sensation that foreshadowed an imminent orgasm... In public, surrounded by people...

Sensing I was close, she began varying her technique and speed, edging me closer and closer, until I went over the edge... I only made a small grunt and twitched a little as my load blasted into the bottom of the ring, onto the neck of the dragon and some spurted sideways at least a foot to splat onto the sand.

She tickled a little more and withdrew her gooey fingers, wiping them gently on the blanket.

Sitting up with a creak from her airmat, she winked at me.

"Let's go somewhere a bit more private" she said, smiling.

I quickly got up, getting my shorts back on even over my sticky and wet speedos. She examined the gloopy mess on the back of the dragon.

"What a mess you made" she said as I discared the ring and wingas and pulled my t-shirt on.

She stuffed the rings into her bag and folded up the blanket before pulling her dress back on - she was nearly completely dry.

She picked up the beach ball and still sticky dragon as I collected the mat and ring.

"I know a good place" she said, grinning.

Nobody paid us much attention as we went back to the car. We stuffed the inflatables into the back and set off, Alice directing me along country roads away from the city until we got to a small layby. There was a small copse of trees beside it but nothing else but green and yellow fields for miles.

She pulled the dragon and ball from the back of the car - my semen was drying onto it now. I grabbed the mattress and blanket and followed her through a rusty gate, past the trees to an empty grassy field.

She put the blanket on the ground and the dragon on top of it, the ball behind the dragon. She whipped her dress off over her head and sat on the very back of the dragon, making it creak against the airmat. She leaned back onto the ball, and pulled the crotch of her swimsuit aside revealing her neatly trimmed patch of pubic haid and glistening pussy.

"Come on then!" she said, impatiently. I didn't need to be asked twice. Whipping my shorts and t-shirt off, I yanked my already stiff penis out of the waistband of my speedos and jumped onto the back of the dragon with a squeal of tight vinyl.

Lifting her legs around my waist she shuffled herself down onto me - I slipped inside with little resistance as she was so wet already.

I began to thrust and bounce on the dragon and airmat as she immediately began to moan with pleasure. I bounced hard and thrust into her firmly, letting my lust take over. I grabbed at her shiny plastic coated breasts, warm and squashy. I tweaked her nipples as I thrust harder over her.

She steadied herself with her hands, digging her fingernails into the mat, tightening and releasing her pussy on me. She was already orgasming, squeaking and panting in time with the creaks from the inflatables. I leaned back further to thrust harder and deeper, bouncing hard on the dragon to the wet slapping of our parts.


With a sudden blast of warm air up my back, the seam between the dragon's head and back burst open along its length, dropping us both down to the mat... at the same time a series of cracks heralded Alice digging her nails through the tight airmat vinyl, producing a series of hisses.

It pushed me over the edge, and I thrust myself forwards on top of her, slamming deep into her and pounding both our weight under the ball under her back, which immediately went with a POOOMPH!

I spurted in her again and again as we lay on the rapidly deflating mattress, sinking onto the blanket.

"Phew, that was quite something" she said, flushed, "I wonder what kind of day it'll be tomorrow..."

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Reading this while riding your own  medieval dragon made it so much better, but mine didn’t pop.

hope this one gets repaired lol

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