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Jenny Takes Control

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Jenny’s heart started racing. She had volunteered to help set up an event for her friend, hoping she would get to blow up some balloons. She got what she wished. 

Her friend Myra had just asked who’d like to do it and Jenny immediately put herself forward. 
“Okay, great. Katie can help you.” She had said. 

Katie looks at the packet of balloons a little nervously. 
“Can someone else do it? I’m not very good at tying them.” She says. 

“You can just tie it off with string. Otherwise Jenny can help you. I’ve got to help set a stand up.” Myra leaves them to it. 

Jenny opens the packet and takes a red balloon out. Katie takes hers a little more hesitantly. 

Jenny quickly starts blowing it up. Katie stares at her and seems to forget she’s supposed to be helping. Jenny keeps blowing and soon it’s full. She exhales deeply and the neck starts expanding. Another breath fills it completely. 

“Stop, you’re going to pop it!” Says Katie, taking a step back. 

Jenny had almost forgotten she wasn’t supposed to be blowing it until it popped. She was so used to doing that now. She stops and quickly ties it. Jenny places it on the table and grabs another. 

“Are you going to help or do I have to blow them all up?” Jenny asks, putting a breath into hers. 

Katie slowly puts a small breath into her balloon. By the time it’s halfway full, Jenny had finished with hers. She stopped after the neck had begun to expand. 

Katie stops blowing hers long before it’s full and ties it off. Jenny’s balloons were more than twice the size of hers. 

Every so often, Jenny would blow one a little too big and Katie would tell her to stop. She started to enjoy making her nervous. 

Once she had asked Katie how big she thought the balloons could get. Katie’s eyes had widened in fear. 

“I could find out if you like.” Says Jenny after Katie didn’t reply. 

“No, please don’t. I hate it when they pop.” Katie says. 

They were coming to the end of the pack when a balloon Jenny was blowing suddenly burst. Katie had jumped so much that she’d let go of the balloon she was blowing. 

“Must of been defective. It wasn’t that tight.” Says Jenny. In truth, the neck had been pushing against Jenny’s lips. She didn’t intend to pop it but she was used to stronger balloons and thought it would take a bit more. 

She was blowing up another when Katie said. 
“Stop making them so big. You’re going to pop another one.”

Jenny paused mid-breath. The neck was only halfway full. “I like them this big. They look so much nicer.” She blew hard again. 

“That’s enough now.” Katie says nervously. 

“A bit more.” Jenny replies with a long breath. The balloon grows tight. 

“That’s too big!”

“Is it? I bet it’ll get even bigger.” Jenny continues blowing with little breaths to make the anticipation grow. 

“Stop it Jenny.” 

“Just a few more...” Jenny takes a deep breath, ready to finish it off when Myra returns. 
“You’ve blown that one a bit big, Jenny. Oh well. You might as well keep going now. You’ll never get it tied like that.” Says Myra. “Let’s see if you’re brave enough to pop it.”

“No!” Katie bursts out. 
Myra turns to look at her. “Why not?”

“I’m scared of them popping.” Katie admits, turning red. 

“You don’t have to watch if you don’t want to. It’s not that bad for you anyway, Jenny has it right in her face.” 

Jenny starts forcing more air into her balloon as fast as she can. Katie doesn’t have time to run away and puts her fingers in her ears. She cringes as Jenny struggles to get more air in. It was really tight and bulging now. 
Suddenly it explodes. It was loud. Really loud. Myra gives a little squeal. 
“Sorry, I didn’t realise it was going to be that loud. Let’s not pop any more.”

Katie is close to tears but Jenny seems to be the only one to notice. 

Myra is inspecting the balloons. “Half of these are too small. It’ll look odd like that. We’ll have to blow them a bit bigger. I’ll leave you two to that. Try not to pop anymore though.” She leaves them to it. 

Jenny puts a hand on Katie’s arm. “Sorry, I won’t pop anymore, I promise. I’ll finish the rest of these if you want.”
Jenny grabs one of Katie’s under-inflated balloons and undoes the knot. She glances at Katie briefly before blowing hard. 

Katie watches for a while but quickly starts backing away when Jenny doesn’t stop. She knows she shouldn’t, but Jenny can’t help herself. She keeps going until it explodes in her face. Katie jumps, then hurries away before Jenny can pop another. 

Jenny finishes topping up the other balloons without anymore “accidents”. It wasn’t as fun when no one was watching. She wished she had made Katie stay around. It was fun making her nervous. 

Jenny starts to form a plan. She wanted to do another blow to pop with Katie watching but wanted no distractions. Katie would need a lift home. She could offer to take her and pop one in the car. Or, even better, she could take Katie to her bedroom where she had much bigger balloons. That would be fun. But how to do it without making her suspicious?

Later that day she finds the perfect opportunity. Katie is talking about how she’s ruined her dress and she had a party the next day and needed a replacement. 

“I’ve got a few dresses you could borrow.” Says Jenny. 

“You sure you wouldn’t mind?” Katie asks. 

“Not at all. I can take you back to mine on the way home so you can choose one.”

“Thank you so much, you’re a life saver.”

Everything goes according to plan. Katie is looking at all Jenny’s dresses when Jenny pulls a balloon out of her pocket. 
“How did this get in there? Must’ve been from the party. Might as well blow it up.” Jenny says causally. She puts in a big breath. Katie glances warily at her. She tries her best to ignore her but when It’s clear Jenny isn’t going to stop, Katie forgets all about the dress. 

“I think that’s big enough now.” Katie says, looking nervous. 
“Do you? I think it will get a bit bigger.” Jenny replies. The balloon was only a bit over rated size but Katie didn’t know that. She probably thought it was about to pop. Jenny blows in a big breath, making the neck grow a little. 

“Please, you’re making me nervous.” Says Katie. 

“A few more breaths won’t hurt.” Jenny tells her. She had never been in control like this before. Usually she was the scared one. All the other times, people had blown up balloons while she begged them to stop. It felt good now the roles had swapped. 

Jenny blows harder, quickly filling the neck up. 
“It’s getting really tight.” She says. 

“Stop it, it’s gonna pop!” Katie backs away but can’t escape as Jenny is guarding the door. 

“You’re right, I think it is.” Jenny hadn’t intended to pop it when she started, but now she wasn’t sure. She was feeling a rush now. 
Now I understand why all the others girls did this to me. She thinks, forcing another breath in. 

“Jenny, you’re scaring me.” 

“I’m a little scared too.” Says Jenny. It was true. Blow to pops still scared her. She still did it though. 

“Then stop.” Katie pleads. 

Jenny was completely turned on now. There was no way she was stopping. 
“No. I’m going to keep blowing until it explodes.” 

“Please, don’t.” 

She was starting to make Jenny feel bad. She knows exactly what Katie’s going through. She had to end it quick. 
“Be quiet or I’ll do it right in your face.” She commands, blowing hard again. The neck was pushing against Jenny’s lips. The body had gone rock hard. It was going to be loud. 

“Just stop, I’ll do anything.” 

Jenny grabs Katie with one hand and pushes her onto the bed. Jenny sits on her chest and leans down so the balloon touches her face. She blows hard. 

Katie looks like she’s about to cry. Jenny puts another breath in, trying to pop it quickly. It creaks but doesn’t burst. 
She can’t go through with this. Sophie would of, perhaps even Holly. But she couldn’t do it. 

Jenny lets the air out and helps Katie up. 

“Thank you.” Katie says in barely a whisper. Jenny notices she’s shaking. 
“I thought you were going to pop it. Why’d you stop?”

The question completely surprises Jenny. 

“What do you mean? I thought you were going to cry. I couldn’t make myself do it.” Says Jenny. 

“I thought that’s why you did it. You realised I was scared of balloons, so you thought it would be fun to torture me with one. You wouldn’t be the first.” Katie says. 

“I did intend to. But I couldn’t go through with it. I used to be scared like you. Still am a little. I’ve had girls blow up balloons in my face till they popped. They never stopped like I did. That’s why I wanted to do it to you. It felt good.” 

“Well thanks for stopping. I don’t think I would’ve done if I was you. It must have felt so good to be in control for once.”

“You could try it with me if you like. Here take the balloon. Blow it in my face until it bursts.” Jenny still wanted to see the balloon pop. Sure, she could do it on her own, but that wasn’t as fun. 

“I can’t. I’m way too scared.” Katie replies. 

“I’ll give you some ear muffs. I won’t have anything. I’ve actually never done it without ear protection before, so I’ll be scared as well.” Says Jenny. 

“I don’t know... It’ll still be hard for me.” 

“It’s either that, or I’ll blow this one back up. I won’t stop this time. Your choice. I want to see it pop.” Says Jenny. 

“I can try but I don’t think I’ll be able to.”

“Well you know what’ll happen if you don’t. Oh yeah, if you cheat, I’m going to blow to pop a bigger balloon in your face. I have some huge ones.” Jenny imagines how scared Katie would get if she blew up a 24 inch or bigger. 

Jenny gives her a pair of ear muffs and the balloon she had just been blowing. 

“Come on, it’s not going to pop its self.” Says Jenny impatiently. 

Katie nervously puts it against her lips and blows in a small breath. 

“Do it fast. If you stop, I’ll pop another balloon.” Jenny reaches under the bed and grabs a balloon. She always keeps a few loose balloons there in case she finds herself in the mood. 

Katie blows a little faster when she sees Jenny has a balloon in her hands. Especially when Jenny begins to slowly stretch it. 

Katie stops just before it’s full and glances at her. 

“Don’t stop. It’s no where near full yet. Perhaps this’ll give you some encouragement.” Jenny starts filling her own balloon with her breath. 

“No, wait. I’ll do it. Stop blowing.” Katie puts in another breath. Jenny keeps her balloon at her lips but doesn’t blow. 

Katie’s breaths slow down as the neck begins to fill. Jenny starts blowing into hers again. 

“Stop, I’m trying, I promise.” Katie begs. 

Jenny doesn’t stop though. She ignores Katie’s pleads and keeps going until it’s about to pop. Then she stops. 

“Another breath and it’ll probably pop. You better get on with it before I grow impatient.” Says Jenny

Katie closes her eyes and tries to finish it. She does quite well, blowing hard and fast. But then she makes the mistake of opening her eyes. When she sees how big it’s got, Katie stops and stares at it. 

“I can’t... it’s so big.”

Jenny immediately blows a big breath into her balloon, expecting it to burst. It doesn’t. 

“You got lucky. I thought that would pop it.” Says Jenny. “You’ve got one more chance.” She takes a balloon clip from her bedside cabinet and seals off the balloon. 

“It’s so tight that it’s probably going to pop on it’s own. If you’re fast, you’ll pop yours before it goes. Then perhaps we’ll let the air out.” Jenny places the overinflated balloon on the bed in front of Katie. 

Katie stares at it, terrified. 

“Better get on with it. You don’t have long.” Jenny tells her. 

Katie manages another small breath but flinches when it creaks. Jenny places her nails on the tight balloon in front of her. 

“I will pop it if you don’t keep blowing.” Jenny loved watching Katie struggle. Making her blow one till it burst was even better than doing it herself. She’s not leaving till I’ve made her do it. I’m not giving up now. Jenny thinks. 

Katie has the balloon on her lips but won’t put anymore air in. Jenny digs her nails into her balloon. 

“No dont...” Katie starts but it’s too late. There’s a sharp crack as the balloon pops. Katie lets go of her balloon but Jenny manages to grab it. 

“You should of kept blowing.” Jenny starts putting her own breaths inside it. 

“I’ll do it this time. Please, stop.”

Jenny wasn’t giving in this time. Katie was cowering in the corner by the time it explodes in Jenny’s face. Katie visibly jumps but doesn’t make a sound. 

“Perhaps a blow to pop was too hard for you to start with. Let’s try a sit to pop first.” Jenny pulls out another balloon and hands it to Katie. “You choose how big to make it. Remember, the bigger you blow it, the easier it’ll be to pop.”

Jenny waits to see how big Katie decides to make it. She slowly blows it to rated size then stops. 

“I’d make it bigger than that. Unless you want a challenge of course.” Says Jenny. 

Katie puts two more breaths in, struggling with the last one. “It’s hard to blow.” She complains. 

“Oh yeah. Those ones get really tight. It can get bigger but will be really loud if it pops.”

Katie immediately stops when she hears that and ties it off. Jenny rummages through her drawer and finds what she’s looking for; a fourteen inch balloon. 

“I’m going to keep blowing this until your balloons pops. Remember, no cheating. No nails. If you can’t do it, this’ll go bang. They’re loud as well. I’ve never done it without hearing protection so you better try hard.” 

Jenny blows hard. Katie just stares fearfully at her, so Jenny keeps blowing. Katie soon realises she has to hurry up. She sits on the balloon, making the neck form. It looks tight but won’t pop yet. 

Jenny has her balloon halfway full before Katie starts to bounce on hers. She’s no where near rough enough though, and it has little effect on the balloon. It doesn’t help that she’s on a bed. Every time she tries to pop it, the bed absorbs most of the force. 

Jenny realises her balloon is getting tight. She blew it past rated size without noticing. She starts to get a little nervous. Katie wasn’t going to be able to pop it in time. She was going to have to blow hers until it burst. Jenny didn’t intend this to happen. She thought Katie would’ve popped hers by now. She couldn’t give up either, not when she’s told Katie what would happen if she couldn’t do it. 

Jenny’s shaking by the time the neck’s full. These balloons were difficult for her to pop with ear protection. Without, it would be the hardest thing she’s done in ages. 

Katie was nervous too. She was trying her hardest now. The neck was shooting out with every bounce but it wouldn’t pop. 

Jenny slowly forces another breath in. She knew how loud the bang was going to be. 
I can’t show fear. She thinks, moving closer to Katie and exhaling hard. 

Katie squeals. “No, stop it! I’m trying but it won’t pop.”

Jenny speeds up, wanting to get it over with. Katie had forgotten about her balloon now and was backing away. 
Jenny couldn’t look at her without feeling guilty, so she closes her eyes and pretends she’s not there. It bursts loudly making Jenny jump. It scares her so much that she doesn’t even notice Katie’s reaction. Jenny knew she couldn’t do that again. I’ll have to try something else. She thinks, shaking. 

She grabs the balloon that Katie failed to pop and puts it between Katie’s legs. 

“What’re you doing? No more, please.”

“Helping you pop this.” Jenny sits on it, trying to pop it quickly before Katie realises she’s shaking. It takes three hard bounces before it finally pops. 

Katie still doesn’t make a sound. She just flinches silently. Jenny would have preferred her to scream. It’s as if she’s too scared to make a noise. 

“Please, no more balloons. I’m begging you.” Says Katie in a pitiful voice. 

“Okay then.” Jenny replies, coming up with an idea. “You’re not scared of beachballs, right?” She opens her wardrobe to reveal a tightly inflated 24 inch beachball. 
“What if I blew it until it bursts?” Jenny grabs it and carries it to where Katie was cowering in the corner. 

“What? You can’t do that, surely!” 

“Oh, I can. Just look how hard I blew it last night.” Jenny presses it against Katie. “That’s how I blow them normally. Want to find out how much bigger it’ll get?”

“No, let me go.”

“Too bad. I want to feel it burst in my arms. I love it when they rip in two with a loud bang.” When Jenny opens the valve, there’s a rush of air. Jenny quickly plugs it with her tongue and forces a breath in. It resists her but Jenny is able to get it in anyway. It was rock hard. Jenny had almost popped it last night. It was brand new and Jenny didn’t want to destroy it too soon. But she had got horny and couldn’t stop herself. The only reason it survived was because she had managed to climax in time. Another minute and it would have popped. 

Jenny lets it rest against Katie as she keeps making it tighter and tighter. She puts her arms around it, feeling it expand a little with every blow. She loved the challenge of blowing to pop inflatables. Each breath of air she pushed in was satisfying. It was hard work but the reward was worth it. Soon all the air she had put in would explode out with a bang. 

It’s harder than Jenny remembers. She hasn’t done a beachball blow to pop in a while. Usually she does it slowly and takes her time. Maybe that’s why it seems harder now she’s rushing. She’s forced to slow down. Each breath is a battle. 

Katie doesn’t even try to stop her now. She’s given up by the looks of it. Jenny wants her to start begging her to stop again, so she pushes it harder into her face while she blows. Katie can’t move now, even if she wanted to. Jenny has her trapped. 

“You ready?” Jenny asks, between breaths. “I’m surprised it hasn’t popped yet, but it will. I’m not giving up. Any moment now, one of my breaths will make it go bang.”

Jenny is just thinking it must have a leak somewhere when it suddenly bursts with a bang. It makes her jump more than she usually does. The whole thing rips in two. The plastic completely stretched. The colours are all faded from how big she had blown it. 

Still not much reaction from Katie though. Jenny wanted her to scream. She decides there’s only one thing for it. 

Jenny pulls out a 24 inch balloon from under the bed. The deflated balloon was bigger than her hand. She puts it to her lips and says. “That was nothing. When this pops, the bang is deafening. It’ll be bigger than me when I’m done with it.” Jenny is just taking a deep breath, when Katie suddenly bursts into tears. 

Jenny drops the balloon. What have I done? She asks herself, feeling more guilty than she’s ever felt before. She didn’t mean to upset her like that. 
“Katie, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise you were that scared. I guess I’m used to girls acting like they’re scared when they aren’t. I’d forgotten how it used to make my feel. Well actually I didn’t, but I was being too selfish to care. I won’t pop anything else, I promise.”

Jenny pulls Katie to her feet and hugs her tightly. “I’m sorry.” She says again. “I’m not usually like that. I don’t know what got into me. You should’ve stopped me.”

“I tried.” Katie sobs. 

“I know. You should’ve hit me or something. I was being horrible.” Says Jenny. 

“I couldn’t do that.” 

“You’re too nice. I suppose I would’ve been the same. Once a girl did the same thing to me. I didn’t fight back either. But then she was a lot stronger than me.”

“Did she stop?” Katie asks. 

“No. Another friend saved me. We remained friends though. She apologised after and I actually wanted her to do it again the next day.”

“What, why?”

“Umm, it’s complicated. How about I make you some hot chocolate and we can have a chat?”

Jenny begins telling Katie about how her friend Winter had tortured her with balloons, over a hot chocolate. She tells her how it had somehow made her horny, even though she was terrified. 
“The next day, I intentionally left a balloon near her bed, hoping she would blow it up.”

“Did she?” Katie asks. 

“Yeah. Not until it popped though. She saw I was scared and stopped. I was half hoping that she would keep going. Later that day, they went out and I was left alone with the balloons. I started experimenting with them and found myself getting really horny. 
My friend walked in on me while I was in a, um, compromising position. I was forced to explain that the balloons turned me on.” 

“What happened then?” Katie asks curiously. 

“She umm. She got me off while blowing a balloon in my face until it burst.” Says Jenny, a little embarrassed. 

“Wow. Bet you weren’t expecting that. Were you scared?”

“Of course, but I wasn’t going to stop her was I? There’s more though. She started playing with my other friend. Just teasing really, but it got kinda hot. I accidentally orgasmed while watching.”

“Bet that was embarrassing. Can’t blame you though. After everything that happened. Carry on, what happened next?” 

“They didn’t notice and Winter wanted to get me off again. She made my other friend blow a balloon slowly in my face until it burst. She even kept me from putting my fingers in my ears. Just before it popped, Winter got nervous herself and told my friend to finish it. She went and hid upstairs.” Says Jenny. 

“Really? She couldn’t even do it herself.”

“She was nervous the whole time but wouldn’t admit it. She also hated not being in control. Me and my friend pretended to pop it and waited for Winter to return. We surprised her and I held her down while my friend started blowing balloons to burst in her face. We got her back for everything she did to me. She almost cried and I felt almost bad. That was the last time she popped a balloon near me. Actually she was really nice and made sure I wasn’t around if they did balloon popping races at parties and the like. 
I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed it, but was always too scared. Eventually I found another friend who was into popping balloons. She cured me of my fear.” Jenny finishes. 

“That’s such a good story. Now I understand why you did all that to me. You weren’t being mean. You just wanted to recreate that moment with your friend. Was you horny as well? I bet you were. If I wasn’t so scared, I’d let you do it again, but I don’t think I can. I wouldn’t blame you if you did it anyway though. At least now I know why you’re doing it.”

“Don’t worry. I couldn’t make you go through that again.” Says Jenny. 

“You want to though, don’t you?” Katie asks. 


“Are you horny now?” Katie asks with a knowing look. 

“Perhaps a little.” Telling her story had made Jenny a little wet. She wished she could go back to that day and tell Winter how she had really felt.”

“Do you still talk with that friend, Winter was it?” Katie asks. 

“I haven’t seen her in ages. We sort of lost touch.”

“Ring her and invite her around. Then give her a balloon and ask her to pop it for you. See how she reacts. If she doesn’t do it, you know what to do.” 

“I can’t... it’s been too long.”

“Just do it. You’ll both love it. I’m sure she hasn’t forgotten about you. Make sure you tell her everything you’ve told me.”

“I don’t know... she might not even come.”

“She will. From what you’ve said about her, I think she’ll be hear right away, no questions asked. I bet she pops that balloon without hesitation as well. Do it today while you’re in the mood. And let me know how it goes. I want to hear everything.” Katie gets up to leave. “Seriously, call her.” 

“Okay, I’ll try.” Says Jenny. 

“If you don’t, I’ll find her myself and tell her everything.” And with that, Katie leaves. Jenny grabs her phone and dials Winter. Katie was right about this. She should of done it earlier. Jenny waits, her heart in her mouth, while she waits for Winter to pick up. 
“Hello, is that Jenny?” Winter asks. 
“Yeah. Are you able to come round? There’s something I should have told you ages ago.”

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