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Auntie Alice - Part 5

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For two evenings after that, when I came home from school, Alice would make me strip naked, put the inflatable pants on me and firmly inflate them with the foot pump. From that point I would wear them all night - to prevent my "nasty masturbation habit". Each morning she would wake me in her dressing gown, take me to the bathroom and slip her hand into the sweaty pants to make sure I hadn't "soiled" them during the night. The rubbing of the pants felt fantastic and the embrace of vinyl was constantly turning me on, but I didn't want to masturbate in them without Alice's permission. After two nights with no release though, I was getting blue balls. After a restless night of sexy dreams about Alice in her PVC and with her inflatable toys, I had a constant dull ache in my stomach and my balls were hard and tight.

That morning when Alice slipped her right hand into my pants with a squeak, she deftly rubbed the tip of my penis as usual, which made me grunt with pleasure this time. She drew her fingers out and rubbed them with her thumb noticing a slight sticky slickness.

She raised her fingers toned nose and gave them a careful sniff.

"Have you shot your load in your special panties young man?"

"No Auntie Alice," I pleaded, "I think I was rubbing in my sleep... but I didn't cum!"

"I'm not sure I believe you." With that she fixed me with her gaze and thrust her hand back into the pants with a loud creak. She forced her hand lower than usual past me growing boner to my balls, the sensation making me groan. She cupped my balls as if weighing them - they were tight and sensitive, and her touch made a wave of pleasure wash through me.

"You are very full... And there is nowhere near enough soiling for a full load. I guess you were telling the truth."

"I was dreaming about you" I explained.

She ticked my balls a little - which felt exquisite - then squeaked her hand back out of the pants, smiling.

"That's very flattering" she said happily as she swiftly jerked the valve of my pants open. As the air whooshed out their grip quickly lessened, and as they began to sag I opened my legs a little. Crouching before me, Alice gripped the sides of them and tugged them down, making my painfully sensitive boner spring free, flicking a little bead of precum/sweat towards her.

She flinched away and it landed on the collar of her dressing gown. My penis stood hard and proud, pulsing gently as I stepped out from the crumpled pants and she picked them up loosely.

"Now young man, get cleaned up and ready for school. No masturbating!"

I groaned dejectedly as she picked up the pants and began to leave the bathroom.

"Don't whinge! And remember - good things come to those who wait..."

With that she left me alone to wash. The urge to jerk off was intense, but I knew Alice would be able to tell, and I wanted the "good thing" she mentioned, whatever it was, so I resisted and obeyed.

I could barely concentrate that day at school. I felt like telling Alice she needed to let me blow my load for the good of my grades! The evening couldn't come soon enough. It had been a warm day, and I was hot and uncomfortable in my school clothes as I made my way back to Auntie Alice's house. When I got there I made my way to the kitchen as usual to get a drink.

Alice was waiting for me, wearing her dressing gown again. She had my inflatable pants lying flat on the table as usual, freshly washed. After getting a can of coke and taking a few gulps, I picked up the pants and began to head for my room where Alice usually inflated them tightly.

"Hold on a second there, I have other plans for you this evening." Alice said.

With that my penis instinctively pulsed in my trousers. She got up and walked past me, taking my hand and leading me into her bedroom. Laid out on her bed was a variety of deflated toys - a small pile of orange rectangles (arm bands I thought), a green swim ring with what looked like a frog's head with another orange and blue one beneath it, and a flat red item that appeared to have buckles.

"Clothes off please" Alice said firmly.

I was shivering slightly with nerves as I dropped the pants and quickly stripped my school clothes off, leaving them in a pile. My erection had grown solid and painful again, my balls tight and extremely sensitive. I stood straight as Alice walked up to me, letting her dressing gown fall open. She was wearing her blue swimsuit - the slightly shiny one that reminded me of Lara Croft's latex top. She was wearing over the bottom of it her incredibly tight PVC hot pants - they left nothing to the imagination, with a clearly visible camel toe shining as she moved.

She walked right up to me and cupped my balls with her right hand, making me shudder with pleasure.

"Good boy, you haven't been filthy and wanked yourself off without my permission".

She let her dressing gown drop to the floor, revealing her beautiful curvy figure in all its glory, accentuated in all the right places by the hot pants and swimsuit. My penis strained harder at the sight.

She walked away from me up to the bed, swaying her PVC clad ass sexily, looking back at me over her glasses with a mischievous glint in her eye. She picked up the flat green swim ring and studied it, pursing her lips a little. She held it up for me to see.

"Will I get this over my big sexy butt?" She asked nobody in particular. It was a child's swim ring, the hole was only 8 or 9 inches in diameter, clearly not designed to fit over the ass and hips of a fully grown woman, but I sure wanted to see her try!

She stepped into the floppy vinyl circle and began to pull it up, grabbing and jerking, wiggling her hips and legs as she forced it to stretch over her thighs first, then it squeakily made it to her hips and ass, creaking loudly against her hot pants as she tugged on it hard. The hole was clearly stretched way bigger than intended. She crouched down a bit, stretching it out a bit more and with a final creak it passed her ass cheeks and smoothly swished up the swimsuit to her narrower waist, where it hung like a sexy shiny plastic miniskirt.

She did some sexy poses to show it off, "poor little ring" she said, "never designed for this!"

With that she tossed me the other ring. Picking it up, I saw it was a cute blue dinosaur-headed ring with an orange bottom half. Like Alice's chosen ring, it was a child's size. I stepped into the hole and, like Alice, began to force it up over my thighs and ass. I didn't have Alice's sexy thighs, but it still took some stretching, squeaking and creaking to get the ring up over my raging erection, then over my hips and finally it slid to my waist, digging in to me tightly.

Alice wiggled to the wardrobe and pulled out her foot pump. She swayed back to me, dropped the pump to the floor, handing me the nozzle, and turned around.

"Be a dear and pump me will you?" She asked in a smouldering voice, bending over and flipping the ring up with her hands, exposing her hotpants straining tightly over her beautiful round ass cheeks and the valve on the underside of the ring.

I fumbled the pump nozzle into the valve and gave it a long Pffffft with my foot. Alice moved backwards, so the warm, pliable PVC hotpants and her soft ass pressed my rock hard boner into my belly. It felt amazing. I continued to pump, the ring rapidly taking shape, and with each pump she rubbed up and down with her luscious ass on my penis. Pfffft pfffft pffffft... the ring was getting hard, and I wasn't sure I would be able to last long with her rubbing. Distractedly, I continued pumping - pffft pfffft pffft...

"Whoah there boy!" Alice suddenly called, pulling away from me. I could see a little moist mark of precum on her left buttock as she stood up, "that'll do or it'll go with a bang!"

True enough, there were no wrinkles in the ring's outer seam and barely any in the head as she turned around, reaching behind her to put the stopper in. She looked incredibly sexy, the ring wiggling with her hips as she moved around me and stuck the pump nozzle into the valve of my ring. She began to pump my ring up quickly - pffftpfffftpffftpfffft - and it rapidly took shape, the gripping on my waits hurting less as the ring pressurised, spreading the grip wider. Pfffftpfffftpffft... like hers my ring's outer seam had no wrinkles, and the cute dragon head was swelling up when she stopped and plugged the valve.

Next she slipped an armband onto her right arm and brought it up to me to inflate by mouth. The smell of the warm vinyl was intoxicating as I firmly blew up that, then her other arm band.

I picked up another and was about to put it on myself when she stopped me - "not yet, I need to make sure you are wearing all of your safety equipment!" With that she picked up the shiny red item - which I realised was a vinyl inflatable life jacket vest. I undid the buckles and shrugged the jacket on like a waistcoat. Alice did up the two buckles and tightened them firmly, before moving behind me and beginning to inflate the jacket with the foot pump. Like the pants it began to squeeze and grip me, the new sensation felt beautiful.

Alice then put the armbands on me and inflated the tightly. I looked at the completed outfit in the mirror, feeling both incredibly aroused and a little silly. I squeaked as I moved with the ring, wings and vest. Alice looked stunning, as my throbbing erection attested to.

"Just one more item" she said, and picked up the inflatable pants from where I'd dropped them.

She must have seen the disappointment and anger on my face - was she going to put me back in the pants and leave me all night in all of this? I would definitely need to get myself off, regardless of what she thought, no doubt about it

"Don't worry boy, these aren't for you this time..." she said, grinning. She undid the zip of her hotpants, wiggled them down her legs and kicked them towards me. She slowly bent down, giving me fantastic view down her cleavage, and stepped into my inflatable pants. Leaving them round her ankles, she raised her arms at the elbows and looked at me emploringly. I stepped forwards, grabbing the waist band of the pants and pulled them up, swishing them over her thighs and right up to her ring, getting an "oooh!" from her as the gusset was tugged into her crotch. I quickly popped the nozzle of the pump in them and began inflating them as she stood there without complaint. Pfffffft pffffft pffffft... she sighed with a long "mmmmmmh..." as they inflated and gripped her. I kept pumping until they were nice and firm, I reached out and pulled her to me, squeaking our rings together and thrusting my penis onto the shining pants, digging my fingers in to the butt of them to test them. She sighed and squirmed as she stood there. I drew away after a second and put the plug in.

I looked at Alice, ample breasts squeezed into her swimsuit, shining tight armbands and ring, and the tight beautiful inflatable pants vastly exaggerating her butt and lower tummy... the sexiest I'd ever seen her, without a doubt!

Alice moved to the built in wardrobe wiggling her hips in the pants, getting squaks and creaks from them and her ring. She slid the door open slowly whilst reaching inside, and pulled out a tightly inflated whale - I was surprised she'd managed to make it fit. It was the whale that had been in her pool at her party a few weeks ago. It was a shiny transparent blue with a happy face and white belly printed on it.

She tossed it onto her bed.

"Let's take a ride together" she said sexily, getting a loud creak from her pants as she climbed onto the bed.

My own inflatable outfit creaked and squealed as I climbed up after her. She stood, put a leg over the whale, and dropped onto it with a creak of protest from her pants and the ride on toy. She looked behind her and motioned for me to join her. Her inflated pants took up quite a lot of room, so I had to sit right at the back, partially on the whale's firmly inflated tail. Sitting down pressed my erection between her pants' butt and my own cute ring, both of which had only a little give.

I reached around her wast above her ring and grabbed its tight head. Alice took hold of the white plastic handles on the whale and began to rock and bouce, which rubbed my incredibly sensitive trapped penis and balls. I groaned in at the feeling, the nervous energy in the pit of my stomach growing as the pleasure moved through me. I kneaded and squeezed the head of her ring as she rode, pulling her towards me. I could smell her shampoo mingled with the vinyl, and feel the warm tightness of my sqeaky jacket beginning to get sweaty. My ring's head was squished between us and the soft material of her swimsuit which I could feel on my arms. She was moaning quietly as she rocked, leaning forwards and squasking her ring more into the whale's hard fin as she let go of the handles and moved her arms forward to the whale's head, digging her fingers in. The whale was straining under us as we bounced on the bed, creaking and cracking against our bodies and inflatables. I looked in the mirrored wardrobe door, at the straining, wrinkle-free whale with two grown adults thrusting and bouncing on top of it, dressed in tightly inflated outfits.

I knew it wouldn't be long before I blew. I began to bounce more firmly on the whale, Alice moaning louder and wiggling a little from side to side as the pants rubbed her. I leaned forwards, squashing our rings more firmly between the whale and my body as I thurst up and down on her pants, now slick with precum and sweat. My hands moved from the head of her ring to squeeze her warm, soft breasts - her stiff nippes pressing into my palms as they responded to my touch. She was moaning and sighing more now with every bounce. The pressure inside me was growing and growing, and after a few more humps I could take no more...

My body convulsed and twitched as I began to pump streams of hot semen up the back of her pants and the underside of my ring, I grunted with each spurt sending a wave of tingling through me. It was the most powerful orgasm I'd ever had.

I stopped my bouncing and alice continued to squirm a little before slowly stopping. Drawing away I could see the sheer quantity of sperm, it was splattered over my penis and ring, her pants, the whale and the back of her swimsuit in dripping blobs. My penis was still rock hard.

Alice reached down to her side and popped the valve of the pants open, continuing to wiggle as the air whooooshed out and she sank down on the whale. She stood, making me drop as the stretched out whale sagged beneath me without her weight, smearing my sperm up the front of my life vest drom the back of her delfated pants.

She stepped away and dropped them down to her ankles, kicking them off with a thwap onto the mirrored door of the wardrobe, leaving a solitary blob of semen on the glass as they fell to the floor.

She turned to face me, flushed and breathing heavily, making her breasts heave in the swimsuit.

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Please please please do a story where Alice gets you a new blow up doll and inflates it for you and then teases you with it.....I love these stories and a new story like this would be great 

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