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Auntie Alice - Part 4

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It was not long after Alice's garden party that my parents decided to have our house renovated. For several days there would be no bathrooms or kitchen, so they had arranged to book into a nearby hotel. During a visit, Auntie Alice had suggested that I stay with her instead - she had a spare room, and her house was close to my high school allowing me to continue walking there. On top of that it would save on the hotel bill. Her argument was persuasive, and so my parents agreed I should stay at hers if I didn't mind - I managed to hide my excitement and agreed.

When the time came l knocked on Alice's door holding my hiking backpack of clothes - I'd made sure my swimming shorts were in there in the hope Alice still had her pool up. I had not packed any of my own inflatables - still only having two beach balls - as I knew Alice had a tendency to pop them with over-vigorous bouncing. I knew she had plenty of her own, and I sincerely hoped we'd get to use them.

Alice answered the door wearing a shapeless fluffy blue dressing gown and slippers, and a big smile. She gave me a brief hug and pointed me to the spare room. It was adjacent to her own bedroom, containing a single bed, wardrobe, bedside cabinet with a lamp and, to my delight, Alice's inflatable purple chair - made like two horse shoes with a cushion in the middle.

She must have seen my eyes light up at the sight of the chair - "I thought you might like it in your room, to relax on" she said, stressing the word 'relax', "with your final exams coming up, you must be pretty tense!"

I nodded in agreement "I could use some relief from the stress..."

She laughed and turned away - "You can relax tonight, I'm going out with some old friends. I'm just getting ready, which is why I'm only wearing this". She indicated the dressing gown.

I was disappointed I would be alone for the evening, but then again I would be alone for the evening with Alice's inflatable chair... so things weren't all bad!

It wasn't long until Alice was ready, she had done her shoulder length dark hair into gentle waves and applied some tasteful make-up, and was wearing a green 1950's style dress which accentuated her figure and gave a little peek of cleavage at the top. "What do you think?" she asked.

I thought she looked fantastic and told her so. Smiling, she slipped on her shiny dark green high heels and grabbed her coat and handbag.

"You flatterer young man" she said, gave me a peck on the cheek and left the house saying she'd be back at around eleven, leaving only the sweet smell of her perfume.

I went straight to my room, where the beautiful chair waited for me. I gave it an experimental squeeze and stroke. The vinyl was warm in the nice evening, it felt like it had been inflated harder than last time I'd used it. I noticed some little drops of moisture trapped in the crevices around the seat and backrest and looking closer at the chair, I realised it must have been freshly cleaned today - I was sure it had some dust and marks on it last time.

My mind wandered back to that last time and my penis immediately began to swell. I remembered her talking about going through so many beachballs with her bouncing - I wondered if she had one "in circulation" at the moment? What better time to check? I had at least four hours until her return.

I still felt nervous and couldn't help but sneak into her room, alert for any noise from outside. It was a bit untidy, with some laundry and her dressing gown lying on the floor. There was a dresser with an assortment of perfumes and makeup on top, her triple-doored built in wardrobe with the mirrored doors along one wall and her double bed with a blanket chest at the foot of it. "Where would she hide her inflatables?" I thought to myself, the mission impossible theme tune starting in my head.

I gently opened the blanket chest first. Disappointingly, it contained bedsheets. I looked under the top couple, but it looked like there was nothing unusual. I tried the wardrobe next, sliding the doors one by one, flinching at the rumbling sound they made. There was plenty of clothing - some dresses in particular I thought would look very sexy on her - and a wide variety of shoes, but nothing of interest in the first two doors.

Sliding the third door, not expecting much, I spotted a foot pump under a hanging selection of coats. It was a bellows type, with black top and bottom panels and a yellow plastic bladder, and a long corrugated tube ending in a string on which dangled three different sizes of nozzle. Rooting around a little more, I found a forgotten puncture repair kit patch - a small square on a yellowish-beige card, but nothing else.

Turning round, I quickly looked under the valance on the bed. It was a box divan, with solid cloth sides that went to the floor - couldn't hide anything under it.

The dresser on the other side of the room was the only thing left. I made my way over, freezing at the sound of a car door outside... then relaxing a little as nobody came to the house. The top drawer contained various makeups, hair brushes and knick-knacks, the middle drawer was more exciting with a wide variety of underwear - bras and pants of various sizes and designs. No hints of anything shiny or inflatable though. The bottom drawer was equally fruitless - a couple of attractive nighties but otherwise t-shirts and jumpers.

I was feeling a bit disheartened now. Had she been having me on, knowing I liked inflatables? Or perhaps she had popped all of her own, bouncing hard. I turned to leave the room, my eyes passing the bed... from this side I could see that part of the valance looked a bit unusual... like it had been pinched up.

Quickly darting over and lifting the bottom of the valance, my heart leapt at the final chance - the divan had two drawers in it on this side. The drawer closest the foot of the bed contained some books, magazines and clutter.

With a sigh of resignation, I moved to the other drawer. This one had the valance pinched in the top right corner, so I knew it had been recently used. Slowly opening it, the jackpot was revealed.

There in front of me was the inflatable motherlode. There was a stack of sealed packets containing new beachballs - a few sizes at a glance. A neatly folded square of grey and another of yellow which I thought must be riders or mattresses. The tell-tale fan shape of a couple of folded swim rings - one blue and orange and the other green and zebra-striped. Her neatly folded swimsuit, and under it, something else black and shiny. Front and centre was a partially inflated beach ball. It was either the same one she had ridden after her garden party, or it was the same design. 16", with neon pink, yellow and orange panels. I tentatively lifted it out making a mental note of how it had been sitting in the drawer.

Un-scrunching it a bit, I could see it had been worked hard. There were repair patches on both end caps where panels and cap seams met, and at least two on the panel seams further down the ball. I could see and feel the telltale signs of dried sweat on it, a sniff revealing a musk of vinyl and hot body. My erection was straining in my trousers at the thought of Alice riding this very ball purely for her own pleasure, not giving a damn about its survival.

I took another look around the drawer. Removing that ball had revealed another black shiny item, I realised it was a pair of PVC hot pants - my mind whirled at the thought of seeing Alice in them. I lifted her swimsuit out to see the other black item. I carefully began unfolding it - after a couple of folds I realised it was a catsuit. Alice in a shiny PVC catsuit... my heart - and erection - were pounding. I needed release.

I quickly put things back in the drawer, as close as I could think to how I had first seen it, with the exception of her used ball, which I kept out with me. I would return it shortly.

I swiftly made my way back to my room with the used ball. Dropping it on the chair, I quickly stripped my clothes off, my boner springing free. I examined the ball a bit, it was about half inflated. I popped the valve free and blew three breaths into it to plump it up a little. I moulded it into a bowl shape for my ass, valve down, and put it on the inflatable chair.

I slowly sat down, feeling the vinyl conform to my butt and touch my balls - getting an 'mmmm' from me. The ball on the chair made it extra bouncy and I couldn't resist wiggling on it before I grabbed my penis and started to jerk. I closed my eyes and leaned back a little, putting more weight on the ball. The stretching warm vinyl of the ball and backrest felt great, and as I jerked my balls bounced off the beach ball, which felt tingly. I imagined Alice in her catsuit sitting on the chair... I started to bounce and rock as I jerked, feeling an orgasm start to build... I became aware of a faint hissssss. Still gently masturbating I felt along the seams of the ball, finding one of the patches was loose and leaking. I pressed it back into place with my finger and continued to jerk and bounce a little, the orgasm building in the pit of my stomach.

Precum began to leak from my penis, lubricating my foreskin, I was so close... the hissing began again. Putting my finger back to the patch I pressed... and WHUMPH - with a blast of air I dropped to a bouncy landing on the chair. I wriggled on the flat ball and chair a little as I brought myself over the edge, the orgasm spamming my stomach as I spurted strongly onto my belly and hand.

Basking in the afterglow, it suddenly dawned on me what I'd done - Alice's ball was split wide open along one seam! I was going to hide it back in the drawer, as I found it, but she would surely notice it had become popped... but she would notice even quicker if it was gone. I got up and quickly cleaned myself up in the bathroom. I couldn't see a way out of it... I hid the ball back in her drawer, trying to position it as I'd found it. Perhaps she'd think she'd popped it before? It was a long shot, but it would have to do.

I put my pyjamas on and went to watch some TV, wondering what I might say if Alice challenged me...

It was midnight before Alice returned - tired and woozy through alcohol. She gave me a peck on the cheek and went straight to bed, with no hint of wanting company, so I went to bed as well. The next morning she did not emerge from her room whilst I washed and had breakfast before heading to school - I assumed she was suffering a hangover and enjoying the lie in, so I left without seeing her that morning.

During the various lessons at school I gradually forgot about what I'd done the night before, so it wasn't in mind when I arrived back at her house that evening. I walked in and headed through to the kitchen to get a drink from the fridge, to find Alice in her dressing gown sitting at the kitchen table looking at me disapprovingly over her glasses. On the table in front of her was a crumpled, deflated beachball. THE crumpled, deflated beachball.

"Ah..." I said, and she raised an eyebrow. There was no point in trying to wriggle out of it. "...yeah. I'm really sorry about that, I couldn't help myself. I was..."

She interrupted me by raising a finger.

"You could not help yourself? What would your mother say?" she said quietly. Panic seized me at the prospect of her telling my mom what I'd done. "People who cannot help themselves need to be controlled" she added, standing up.

"Go to your room young man and get those school clothes off!" she ordered, pointing out of the room. This was taking an interesting turn, I thought, so I simply nodded, acting ashamed, and obeyed.

As soon as I'd taken my clothes off, Alice strode into the room. My heart leapt - she was wearing the PVC catsuit! It was zipped all the way up at the front and it fitted her like a second skin, adding a glistening layer to her beautiful curvy figure. It stretched enticingly over her breasts - I could see her erect nipples straining against the inside - hugging her waist tightly before curving over her shapely hips, ass and thighs. She was wearing shining black stilettos on her feet, and had her hair pulled back into a severe ponytail. The look was spectacular to me.

She carried in one hand the footpump I'd found yesterday, and in the other a dangling handful of vinyl that I couldn't yet identify.

She looked at me over my glasses, and ordered me to stand up straight. I did so immediately, my penis beginning to grow and pulse in front of me as she eyed me up and down.

"So, you're unable to help yourself when it comes to MY inflatables. Well, I need to teach you a lesson in control, don't I, boy."

"Yes miss" I mumbled, unsure what she wanted from me, a combination of fear and arousal stirring in me.

She dropped the pump onto the floor and tossed some of the vinyl onto the bed. I realised they were beachballs. She began to unfold the yellow piece of vinyl she still held. I spotted a valve and some scrunched up parts, it looked like it might be... a pair of large inflatable pants! The leg and waist holes were elasticated and wrinkled up like a diaper would be, with the valve protruding from one side.

She held them up, examining them for a moment, before dangling them towards me held in a pinched forefinger and thumb. "You need to wear these to learn control" she said, sternly.

I gingerly took the pants from her. The material was very soft and rubbery, slightly different to a regular inflatable. I turned them so they would be what I reckoned was the right way round, and stepped into them. The material was cold, but warmed almost immediately with skin contact, rustling I pulled them up my legs. They felt great on my skin as I pulled them up over my erection and ass. Looking down I could see the tent bulge of my penis pulsing inside the baggy mass.

"We need to make sure you can't masturbate yourself on my inflatables, you dirty boy" Alice said. She turned side on and bent down to pick up the nozzle of the pump, her catsuit creaking as she bent down, giving me a wonderful view of her shiny-clad ass. Standing up again, she reached out and grabbed the waistband of my plastic pants, tugging me forcefully a pace forwards. She deftly flicked the cap off the pants' valve and firmly jammed the nozzle of the pump into it.

Our eyes met, hers still stern, as she slowly stepped on the pump bellows. Pfffffffffffffft. I felt the pants shift a little. pfffffffffffft. They shifted some more, a strange - but beautiful - sensation. pfffffffffft. I closed my eyes to savour the feel of the tightening vinyl. pffffffffft... pfffffffft... pffffffft... They were beginning to firm up now, conforming tightly to my body, engulfing my penis and trapping it in place. I opened my eyes again, the pants were only a little wrinkled now, Alice was looking down at them too, but she continued to pump. pffffffft... pffffft... pffffft...

I let out an involuntary grunt of pleasure. The pants were tightly inflated, an expanded yellow blob around my waist. Alice yanked the pump nozzle out and quickly stuck the stopper in - the brief whooosh betraying the lack of a safety valve. She stepped right up to me - I could smell her perfume and the catsuit PVC - as she reached to the pants and dug her fingers into them, squeezing and testing.

"Now you can't get your hands on your dirty cock to wank on my inflatables, or rub your smelly bum on them!" she said with pleasure.

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Nice! I wonder if aunt Alice will be bouncing on a few 16-20” beach balls to pop? 

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