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Lecture for Bad Boys

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One day a Clara and Sophie went swimming in the local lake. It was a very nice day and Sophie took her inflatable boat with her. Because Sophie had a plan that they can be sunbathing without the top of the bikini because nobody will look at them when they will in the middle of the lake. Clara didn´t mind that somebody will see her but Sophie was very shy.

So when they reach the lake they took the inflatable boat from the car and went to the beach. Sophie also took the water bag so their things will be in the safe. They strip down to the bikini and then they went to the water for a while to cool down her bodies. For a while of swimming, they reached the shore again and Sophie started inflating the boat. She didn't take the big pump so she used only a small foot pump. It wasn't so easy and it took much more time than she thought. Meanwhile, the Clara drop down her bikini top and she started to sunbath. Sophie envied Clara a little that she is not so shy as her. Her young sporty body attached the look of all men on the beach. Especially two young boys around eighteen years couldn't stop looking at her. 

Sophie was very glad that she has the boat fully inflated now and they can sail on the lake. But the boat was squeaking under them when they board it and sail to the water. "Oh, no. I think that I maybe inflated it too much. We need to let a little of air escape. Clara, can you please deflate the boat a little? The valve is behind you" said Sophie. "Ok," said Clara and unplugged the valve out a starts pressing it. The boat quickly loses the air and for a while was much softer. "That's enough!" Sophie said but Clara did she didn't hear her. "HEY stop it, Clara, I don't want to swim all the way back" and gently pushed the Clara while they both were laughing and fighting for the valve. Clara has the advantage that she was closer so she was pushing Sophie away while she was pinching the valve. "Ok, you got it, if you want!" Sophie said and starts tickling the Clara. Clara immediately let the valve and both of them were loudly laughing. "That's better," Sophie said and Clara plugged the valve back. "It wasn't fair, you cheated," said Clara and winked on Sophie.

For a while of sailing, they were in the middle of the lake and Sophie could finally also get off the top of the bikini and they start applicating sunbathing cream on them. It was a very nice look at the two girls on the boat as they are helping each other to cover their whole bodies with the sunbathing cream.

For some time they were sunbathing in the peace but then the Clara saw another boat which was heading into the middle of the lake. On the board were the two boys from the beach who had to see them as they are sunbathing half naked. Sophie wanted to start dressing up but the Clara said that it could be a coincidence. So they start sailing to the small isle on the far end of the lake. But when it was totally clear that the boys are following them, they covered their breasts and quickly sail to the island. Maybe the boys will not be following them.

After they reached the shore and lay on the sand Clara and Sophie continue with the sunbathing. But for a while, they heard as someone sails to the next beach. They heard boat squeaking and the whispering voices and they knew that it's the boy's boat.
"Hey! Go away and leave us alone," yelled Sophie. For a while, it was a quiet as the boys stop the moving. But then they again heard the noises.
Sophie yelled at them again, but Clara stopped her: "this will not help. They are very young and their penises took control of their minds and they want to see the naked girls on real. The only one thing what we can do is give them they want", Clara loudly said. "What? I will not do the favour to them" Sophie said. But Clara starts whispering to Sophie's ear: "Don't worry I handle that and you meanwhile will pop their boat. They will not follow us then. Just wait for me near the shore ready to fast leave."
Clara again started to talk loudly: " Ok guys, we will make a deal, come here." For a while was silence. "Oh you are such sweet boys, don't be afraid. We don't bite. Come here."
So the boys sail to our beach. "What deal?": said one of the boys. "Well, I know that you will be hunting us because you are horny. I will help you with it. I will strip myself and allow you to look at me. And also touch me a little. Do you agree?" asked the Clara. The boys whispered to each other. "We agree," said the second one.
They sail to the shore and stepped out of the boat.
"Ok, I will strip myself but not here, I don't want to embarrass my friend, come with me." So Clara disappeared with the boys in the trees and Sophie was alone here with the boats.

When she didn't hear any noise she quickly goes to the boy's boat. Sophie never tried to pop the inflatables. She thought that it's bad, but it must be done. She pushed her nails into the vinyl, but it was very hard. She tries hard but nothing happened. Her nails weren't so sharp. So she tried it with some rock but all which she found wasn't sharp enough too. The vinyl was protesting but still strong. Sophie was now under the pressure because time was running. She also tried the small stick but everything that she found break against the vinyl. She didn't want to do the boat unrepairable so she doesn't use the big branches, but maybe she will have to on the end. She also tried the bitting but without any effect.

As the last option, she realized that she has on the bottom part of the bikini small belt with metal buckle. "It's only chance", said Sophie for herself. She checked that nobody is around and she stripped from the bikini. Then she pushed the sharp part of the buckle into the boat and after some pressure, the vinyl gives it up and with the "POP" sound the Sophie heard nice "Sssssss" sound. She was very excited and she starts poking more and more holes in the boat. Unfortunately, the air wasn't escaping fast enough, so she spread the legs and sit on the side of the boat. She feels the nice shivering of excitement. With nice "Sssssss" the boat was softer but still not enough. She did a new hole and by the pressure, she widened the hole by the buckle. The hissing sound was now more intense so she did a few more holes and widened them as the one before. 

"Now only to deflate it", she said for herself and again she sat on the boat with the spread legs. She started jumping a little bit on the boat. Something was weird on it. She was very excited and her kitty was now wet. "It's bad". This should not be exciting for me. It's just a toy filled with the air and she now remembered how as a younger girl she was inflating the toys with joy and pleasure. She was blowing the toys while she was pressing them on her body. She loved it. The hissing sound was magnificent for her. How the toys were getting the shapes while she or parents were inflating them. Or how they were losing the shapes when she had to deflate them? How could she forget it? The excitement was so intense that she now realized that she is touching of herself and she liked it. The first impulse was the warm vinyl on her kitty. When she started to jump on it stimulated her clitoris a little bit. Now she was pleasuring her kitty by the hand. 

She knew what her kitty wants. Only a few good touches and it will be over. Her warm body lay on the deflating child toy, which she popped. It was very bad and she was a bad girl. She couldn't hold it for much longer and she stars moan. She was imaging how some guy is thrusting into her because she is a bad girl and she needs to be punished for destroying his boat. It was a very nice orgasm for her. 

The boat was half-deflated and she quickened it by the opening and pressing of the valve. But the boat still had a lot of air inside. But she heard the voice of the Clara. She quickly packed their things and went to the boat. Clara runs towards her and quickly board on the boat. Sophie started to paddle out of the shore and giggle at the Clara. "Why are you so happy?" Clara asked. "Well, you were there a long time together so what did you do?" said Sophie. "Well let's just say that I couldn't let there the bad young guys without the woman's help," and she winked on Sophie, and started to wash her hands in the lake. "And what did you do?" asked Clara and pointed on Sophie, because she was completely naked. "Well, let' s just say that I found a new hobby in the popping of the toys", and she smiled on Clara.

The boys came naked to the beach and when they found a half-deflated boat they quickly jumped in and started to paddle towards the girls. While the first one was paddling the second one was blowing the air into the boat. They started getting closer to the girl's boat and it almost looked that they will catch them but their weight was bigger than Sophie's and even if they switched the positions and the first one was now blowing the air into the boat they couldn't reach them. Their almost deflated boat hadn't the right friction as they were sinking under their weight. So finally they turned the boat back to the island to think about the new plan.

"I don't think that we can let them alone, we should be merciful. What do you think?" asked Clara. "I have a ducktape in the car, so we can repair their boat.......and maybe pop it again," said Sophie. 
"But they should be pleasuring us before it............or after. And if they will be angry? We can still calm them down by having the sex with them. I have some condoms for any cases," said Clara. "We are such bad girls," said Sophie.
When the girls took the ducktape from the car they headed back to the island.

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I like these popping stories, though I prefer if both parties get along.

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