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Sophie and Jenny drive through an empty car park of a leisure centre. 
"When you said your friend had a pool, I didn't think it would be in a place like this. I imagined a small pool in the garden." Says Jenny when Sophie parks the car. 
"She's the manager of this leisure centre. They're doing repairs and maintenance and she's away. They aren't starting for a few days. She's given me permission to use the pool for the day. It's all set up, I think someone's coming tomorrow to shut it all off but we've got all day and night to enjoy it." Sophie explains. 
"Are we going to be alone?" Jenny asks. 
"Holly's already inside but other then her we've got the place to ourselves. Once I've locked the front door, anything goes. Can do whatever we want so long as we don't break anything." 
"I can't wait, let's go!" Jenny gets out the car. Sophie grabs the bags of balloons and follows her. "I've told Holly to blow up some inflatables but not to do anything else. I bet she'll be really horny when we get in."
When they get through the front door, Jenny realised she hasn't got a swimsuit. "What I'm I gonna wear?" She asks. 
"Don't worry I've got you something. This way." Sophie takes her down some stairs and into the changing room. Jenny can already smell the chlorine. The smell brings back memories of her childhood when she used to go swimming a lot. 
"Here put this one." Sophie hands her a pink bathing suit from one of the lockers. "Come find me when you're ready." 

Jenny puts it on and goes to the toilet, knowing she's probably going to be in the pool awhile. When's she's done, she goes through a door that leads to a pool. The pool is laid out like a beach with fake stones and sand, the water lapping against the floor like waves. There's a slope that leads down to the deep end. On her left is the exit to some tubes and some stairs that disappear into the ceiling. Probably the entrance to the water shoots. Right at the back of the room is two hot tubs with the overflowing water falling into the pool like a water full. To the right the water follows a hidden passage under a bridge. 
Holly and Sophie are already in the water. Jenny goes to join them. The pool is full of different inflatables of various sizes. Holly is currently inflating a smallish beachball. It looks fairly tight but Holly doesn't seem to be stopping. She pauses when Jenny wades over. "Hi Jenny. Sophie made me blow all these up by myself. This is the last one." Says Holly before going back to the task at hand. 
"I'll show you around while Holly finishes that." Says Sophie. She takes Jenny to the stairs. "Come have a go at these. I'll race you down." Jenny follows her up the stairs. 
At the top there's three water slides. They all lead into a dark tunnel. 
Sophie stands next to the middle one. "Actually I've changed my mind, let's go together, it'll be more fun." She sits in the entrance and waits for Jenny. Jenny sits in front of her and Sophie grabs her waist and pushes off. Once they're round the first corner, all goes dark. 
"I want to do a blow to pop in here!" Shouts Sophie over the sound of rushing water. Before Jenny can reply, there's light at the end of the tunnel followed by a splash. Sophie gets out first and walks up a path. Jenny gets out and sees Holly, still blowing into the same beachball. She doesn't get a good look from here but it must be close to popping. When she catches up with Sophie, she says "do you think Holly's going to pop it?"
"I don't think so."says Sophie glancing over her shoulder. "She's not as bad as me and knows you're still nervous. Up there are the hot tubs. We'll go in later. Go wait with Holly, I'm going to turn the jets on."

Jenny goes back into the water and swims over to Holly. She puts a little breath in, either struggling with the pressure or simply taking her time. It's gotten incredibly tight and after a few moments, Jenny nervously says "it's going to pop if you're not carful." Aware that she hasn't got her ear plugs in. Holly puts another small breath in before answering. "It's fine, I'm sure it can take a little more. I like them tight." She pushes a bit more air in. Holly's definitely struggling. She's using her tongue and cheeks to push in the air, rather then her lungs. Jenny tries to think of a way to distract her when she sees Sophie coming back. The water jets are already on. Jenny must of been so focused on Holly that she didn't notice. Hopefully Sophie will stop her she thinks. 
Sophie jumps in and swims over. "I've got a few things to try. Jenny go grab some balloons from over there." She doesn't even seem to notice that Holly is still blowing. 
"What?" Asks Jenny not really listening. She glances at the beachball again. 
"The balloons. Go bring me some." Sophie repeats. 
"O-okay." Jenny replies nervously. And goes to take some balloons from the side of the pool. When she gets back Holly hasn't finished yet. Jenny gives Sophie the balloons and looks back to the beachball. Holly has one hand on the back of it, pushing it into her face. 
"Here Jenny, blow one of these up." Sophie hands her a balloon. Just as Jenny takes it, there's a loud boom. The sound echoing around the pool. Jenny visibly jumps but manages to keep back a squeal. Holly holds the broken beachball, it's ripped in two. "Whoops, must of got a bit carried away." She says. 
"Really?" Sophie asks. "You were blowing pretty hard, you must of known it was going to pop. I told Jenny you wasn't going to pop it."
"You know I like them hard and I always blow a little too much when I'm horny. I guess after you made me inflate all these pool toys, I got a bit bored. At least I didn't do it on purpose in Jenny's face like you would have done." Holly teases. 
"I wouldn't do that! Well maybe I would come to think of it. There's a reason I made you blow everything up. If I had done it there wouldn't have been much left." 
"Exactly. I can control myself... Most of the time. Give me a balloon." Holly asks. Jenny gives her a nervous look. 
"Don't worry I'll make sure I don't get carried away this time. I will make it as big as it can possibly go though."
Holly takes a 16 inch balloon from Sophie's hand. It's a light blue colour and damp from the pool. Holly doesn't even bother stretching it, and blows fast. Jenny starts getting nervous again when Holly doesn't slow down at all after rated size. It looks as if she is trying to blow to pop it as fast as possible. The neck comes out halfway but Holly doesn't seem to notice its overinflated. She's blowing as fast as when she started. Despite what she said about not popping it, Jenny puts her fingers in her ears. Her breaths short and rapid. The neck is full. It's definitely going to pop any second. Jenny doesn't know what to do. If she tries to swim off, it could pop while her ears are unprotected. She looks to Sophie for support. She's watching Holly intently but doesn't seem concerned about the imminent pop. Of course she wouldn't be. Sophie probably wants her to pop it. Finally Jenny can't take it anymore. "Stop!" She cries. Holly glances at her but keeps going. "Sophie make her stop, it's gonna pop!" Instead of stopping her, Sophie puts her hands on the balloon and whispers "keep going." In her ear. Holly puts another three breaths in before finally stopping. "Told you I would stop." She says. Holding shut the mouthpiece. "In fact I reckon it could get bigger than this. I want you to put another full breath into it. Then you'll know they don't pop easily." Jenny shakes her head, not wanting to risk it. 
"Do as she says." Sophie commands. "If you don't, I will. And I don't think I could just put one breath in..." Jenny knows if Sophie takes it, she definitely won't stop. Holly approaches her and pushes the balloon's neck against her mouth. Jenny puts in a small breath. There's a lot of resistance and Jenny thinks she can hear it creaking. 
"I said a full breath." Says Holly. "I'm not letting you stop until you've done it. If you keep putting in small breaths, it's definitely going to pop. Best to do one big one now and get it over with." Knowing there's no way out of it, Jenny takes a big breath but hesitates. If she can't do it, they will pop it somehow. At least if it bursts now she'll be in control. Jenny exhales hard. The neck pushes into her lips but she keeps going until there's no air left in her lungs. 
"Well done. Wasn't so hard was it." Holly takes the balloon off her and puts another breath in. "Wow it's getting tight. What should we do with it now?"
"Pop it!" Says Sophie. 
"How should I do it?" Holly asks. 
"Keep blowing until it pops in my face."
"Maybe I'll do that later, don't think Jenny will like that. I do want to see how big it'll go though." Holly puts another cheeky breath in, winking at Jenny before deflating it. Then she swims to the side of the pool and gets out. Holly walks to the water jet. It's a pipe that shoots water into the pool. Holly reaches up and places the balloon over the jet. It starts filling rapidly with water. Holly holds it as it starts getting heavy. She has it in her arms as the neck starts to fill. It suddenly explodes and water splashes everywhere. Holly jumps back into the pool and swims over to the packet of balloons on the side. She takes something and gets out. "Be back in a minute."
She says then half walks half runs to the stairs leading to the water shoots. Sophie nudges Jenny, she turns and sees Sophie has a deflated balloon in her swimsuit with the neck sticking out of the top. "Mind blowing it up for me?" Sophie asks. 
"Umm sure." Jenny replies. She wades closer to her and puts her mouth around the neck. Sophie looks turned on already, she's breathing heavily and is shaking a little and Jenny knows it's not fear. She takes a deep breath and gets to work. It looks like a 14 inch balloon and is completely transparent. Jenny wonders if she chose that one purposely so she would see Sophie's body through it. The bigger she makes it, the more she can see through it. At first it makes her a little uncomfortable but as the balloon starts getting tight, Jenny starts getting horny herself. Most of the balloon is underwater as the neck starts getting bigger. Jenny knows Sophie won't let her stop until it's completely full and maybe not even then. She keeps going and only stops when the neck is touching her lips. 
"I don't suppose you will blow it until it pops?" Asks Sophie. Jenny shakes her head. 
"Didn't think so. Go see what Holly's up to. I'm going to finish this off if you can't." Sophie says before taking the overinflated neck and putting a breath into it. Jenny quickly swims off and goes up the stairs, looking for Holly. 

When she gets to the top there's no sign of her. There's a large balloon waiting to be blown up next to one of the shoots. Jenny decides to go down it. She pushes off the sides and enters the tunnel. She slides down and around the first bend, then hits something. It's Holly with a huge balloon in front of her. It completely fills all the space in the tunnel with no way around it. Holly looks around. "We're not getting down before this pops. Fingers in your ears Jenny this is going to be a loud one." Holly starts blowing. By the look of it, it's a 24 inch. The neck is pushed up against Holly's face. The balloon squeaks every time Holly moves. She keeps forcing air in, it must be getting hard to blow because there's no room for it to expand. Jenny puts her fingers in her ears. There's not a lot she can do. Holly keeps going for what seems like hours but the balloon doesn't look like it's getting any bigger. It must be so hard right now and Jenny would reach out and touch it if it wasn't going to explode at any second. Suddenly Holly takes a really deep breath. Jenny braces herself. Holly blows the final breath and the balloon explodes in front of her. Jenny screams. With no more blockage, they both slide down until they exit the tunnel with a splash. 

"There you are." Says Sophie, walking over to them. "Wondered what you two were doing. Jenny you have to try a blow to pop in your swimsuit. It feels so good. I know you won't do it with air, but how about with water? Follow me." Sophie jumps into the pool and swims to the other side, disappearing around a bend. 
"Go see what she wants. I'm going to do another blow to pop in that tube." Holly takes out a large airship shaped balloon from inside her swimsuit and runs back up the stairs. Jenny jumps in the pool, swimming over to where Sophie disappeared. She doesn't want to be anywhere near Holly when that balloon pops. 
She finds Sophie around a bend. The water flows around like a bending river and under a bridge. There are underwater jets that push the water around. 
"Come here, this should feel amazing." Sophie lets the water take her around another bend and comes to a stop under some fake leaves. She waits for Jenny. Jenny slowly approaches, not knowing what to expect. Sophie holds a large red uninflated balloon. A 24 inch by the looks of it. She puts it under Jenny's swimsuit, right above her left leg. The neck is just showing. Sophie gently pushes her against the wall and holds the end of the balloon to a water jet. Jenny feels the balloon getting bigger against her hip. It starts to grow wider and upwards. Soon the lower half of her swim costume is filled. The balloon is soft but expanding rapidly. The top half is getting bigger. There's no room left and it gets tight. Jenny gasps, it's getting harder to breathe but the warm latex feels so good. The neck starts to come out of her leg hole. It's getting fatter by the second. The top of the balloon starts bulging out of her swimsuit and into Jenny's face. Suddenly Sophie pushes her roughly into the wall, her body pressed up against hers. The balloon gets pushed into Jenny and she sighs into the balloon. Sophie is now thrusting into her, making the balloon expand and contract. It gets tighter and tighter before exploding with a snap. Water gets launched at her. Jenny squeals. "That felt really good. Can we do it again?"
"Yeah maybe later, I want to do something else first. Would you try it with air next time? It's so much more satisfying."
"I'm not sure, it sounds like fun but..."
"You'll have ear plugs and we'll try smaller balloons first."
"Okay. What are we doing next?" She asks. Sophie is just about to reply when there's a loud echoing boom. Holly must be finished with her balloon in the water tube. 
"I want to do some stuff with Holly but it's going to involve lots of popping." Sophie begins. 
"I can watch from a distance if you want."
"Well things are going to get pretty intense. It'll be very hot if you're into watching two girls get intimate but I think you'd prefer having some fun on your own. I'll get you in the mood then you can finish off on your own while I entertain Holly."
"I'm in the mood now."
"Just wait till I'm finished. This'll cure your fear for good." 

Jenny swims after Sophie to the other side of the pool. Holly is lying on an air mattress in the shallow end of the pool. Sophie walks past her telling Holly she'll be back in a minute and goes through the door leading to the changing rooms. Jenny follows closely behind. Sophie rummages through a bag near the door and hands some ear plugs to Jenny. Then she leads her to the showers. "Put them in and take off your clothes." Sophie instructs. 
Jenny follows her orders without complaint, excited for whatever is coming next. 
Once her swimsuit is on the floor, Sophie gently pushes her into the corner of the room. "Sit down, spread your legs." Says Sophie, reaching into her swimming costume. She pulls out a piece of blue rubber. "Found a new brand of balloon online. These are supposed to be 16 inch but I can get them to 20 easily. They start off pretty thick. Really hard to pop them at rated size. But if you keep blowing they start to get thinner and thinner. By the time they're ready to pop, it's completely see-through and huge." Sophie lies down on her front with the balloon in between Jenny's legs. "Don't tell me to stop because I won't. I'm going to blow it up until it explodes and there's nothing you can do about it. After I'm done, I'll leave you with a couple more. You can do what you want with them but I'm hoping you'll at least overinflate them. Maybe take them all the way if you're horny enough, which you will be after this." Sophie starts blowing quickly without warning. She must do this a lot because Jenny has never seen someone fill up a balloon this quickly. Jenny closes her eyes and tries focusing on how good the latex feels between her legs and not how loud it'll pop. She might actually enjoy this. Sophie is pushing it into her pussy. She stops blowing for a moment, rubbing it against Jenny. 
"Keep blowing!" Shouts Jenny, wanting it to get tighter. Sophie starts putting air back into it. After a few minutes she slows right down. 
"Bigger!" Jenny cries. 
"It can't go much bigger than this. It's already bigger than I expected it to go."
Jenny suddenly opens her eyes. The balloon is absolutely huge! Almost all the colour has gone from it and the neck is pushed against Sophie's lips. 
She didn't realise it had got this big. Jenny starts panicking. If only she'd kept her eyes closed, then she wouldn't know when it would pop. Now she can't take her eyes off it. 
Sophie started blowing again after Jenny told her to. 
Jenny wants to move but is too scared her movement will pop it. Sophie is just taking another big breath when there's an ear shattering bang. The balloon seems to instantly detonate, tiny shards flying everywhere. Jenny doesn't scream this time. She just lies there in shock. 
"There we go." Says Sophie. "Have some fun with these, make as much noise as you want. Don't hold anything back. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to fuck Holly. Hard. She won't know what hit her." And with that, Sophie leaves the room. 

Sophie goes back to the pool, looking for Holly. She's lying on a large beachball in the middle of the pool, halfway through inflating a balloon. She swims over to her, wondering what to do first. 
Let's get her down in the hottest way possible. She thinks. Sophie unplugs the valve and quickly puts her mouth around it, trying to stop the air from rushing out. The inflatable is already tight so this shouldn't take long. She takes a deep breath and starts blowing hard. Holly keeps inflating her balloon. It's only a small one but it is very tight. She struggles with it, trying to force more air in. The neck pushing into her lips makes it hard. Holly barely notices Sophie. There's a muffled bang from the showers followed by a moan. A few seconds later Holly's balloon bursts. Only then does she realise how hard the beachball is getting under her. She had blown it up enough earlier. Way more than any normal person would, even if they got carried away. Holly starts grinding against the tight vinyl. Sighing as she gets rougher. 

"Don't you dare cum! I want to finish you myself." Says Sophie. Holly slows down a bit. Putting her arms around the ball. 
It's definitely bulging out on one side. The vinyl is slightly discoloured where it's been stretched. The pressure inside must be getting very high but Sophie doesn't have any trouble blowing. Holly pushes her face into it, inhaling it's scent. Suddenly there's a bang and the whole thing tears beneath her. Holly falls face first into the pool. Sophie grabs her and pulls her out of the water and into her arms. Holly has barely recovered when Sophie's lips are around her mouth. The kiss is sloppy but intense. She's usually a lot better than this but she must be too horny today. Just as Holly starts getting into it there's a high pitched moan from the showers followed by a loud squeak. 
Sophie grabs the back of her swimsuit, trying to rip it off. She's struggling but still has her lips firmly attached to Holly's. As she finally gets it off, there's a loud bang. Jenny must of popped her balloon, either on purpose or she got carried away. Sophie doesn't react to it, she's too busy trying to strip off. 
Once they're both naked, Sophie pushes her towards the nearest wall. Still kissing her fiercely. She bends Holly over backwards and forces her legs apart. Holly closes her eyes and waits to see what Sophie will do next. She suddenly stops kissing and looks up. Holly turns around wondering what got her attention. Jenny is standing a few metres away watching. 
"Did you want something? Sophie asks her. 
"I, umm... I just came to get some more balloons." She says looking embarrassed. 
"Don't worry we'll take it somewhere else if you're not comfortable watching. Come on Holly, let's do it in the hot tubs." Sophie takes a step back, letting Holly up and grabs her hand. She gets out the pool and takes her to the hot tubs above the deep end. 

Jenny watches them climb the slope to the hot tubs. She gets in the pool, not really knowing what to do next. She can hear Holly begin to gasp from the other side of the pool. Wanting something else to focus on, she grabs a nearby beach ball. It's about the size of a 16 inch balloon and pretty firm. It can take some more air though and Jenny decides to top it up a bit. She opens the valve and the air rushes out with a hiss. She quickly put it in her mouth and blows. She has to fight it to get the air in, Holly had blown it up hard. After few breaths she's about to stop when there's a loud moan. She quickly exhales again trying to cover up the sounds. Again and again she blows. Jenny doesn't realise it's about to pop, she's still trying to take her mind off the primal screams. What is Sophie doing to her? Suddenly the beachball pops with a deep boom. She quickly looks around for something else to inflate but by the sound of it, Holly just came. Everything goes quiet for a few minutes. Jenny relaxes for a while, still exhausted from riding that balloon to pop. It had taken more that she thought possible. And that blow to pop was so scary, she only managed it because she was about to orgasm. 

Sophie calls out to her. "Come join us, and bring that packet of balloons." 
Jenny gets out the pool and finds the balloons. Jenny wonders if Sophie is going to do whatever she just did to Holly to her. She's not sure if she's ready for that. 
When she gets to the hot tub, Sophie takes the packet off her. "Come help us, we're gonna fill the tub up with balloons. 
Jenny gets in the warm water and sits opposite Holly. Sophie hands them all 12 inch balloons. And starts blowing one herself. 
They all inflated them to different sizes. Jenny blew hers until a small neck formed. Holly kept going until it touched her fingers and Sophie took it up to the point of bursting, stopping right before the bang. They filled the hot tub up with multicoloured balloons. Some of Sophie's overinflated balloons popped on their own. Jenny squealing every time one went off. 

There's only a few balloons left in the packet. Sophie takes one and stretches it. "I've got a game. We each put one breath into this balloon, then pass it onto the next person. The winner is the one to put in the last breath before it pops."
"Sounds fun. What do you get if you win?" Holly asks. 
"One of the others makes you orgasm. I'll start." Sophie puts a big breath in and passes it to Holly. The balloon is still darkly coloured but has a slight green tint. After Holly's breath, it's Jenny's turn. She blows, not quite sure if she wants to win this game or not. Sophie puts her second breath in next. The colour getting lighter with each breath. Soon it's Jenny's turn again. Her breath takes it to rated size. Sophie starts to neck it, blowing slowly this time. Holly takes the neck to halfway full. Jenny hesitantly puts it in her mouth, the balloon is wet with saliva. She blows, making the neck come close to her lips. She carefully gives it to Sophie. This time Sophie blows really hard and fast, obviously hoping to pop it. It gets big but doesn't pop. Holly also puts in the biggest breath she can but has no success. When Jenny takes it again, there's barely anything to hold on to. It's so tight and she can feel a lot of resistance. Just as she's coming to the end of her breath, it suddenly bursts. Jenny manages to hold back a scream this time. 

"Well done. Now who's gonna make you cum? Think there could be another game out of this." Sophie takes out another balloon. "Just me and you this time Holly. Winner gets to play with Jenny." She wastes no time in putting in her first breath. 

Jenny nervously watches. Before long, Sophie is blowing into a fully necked balloon. Jenny isn't sure who she wants to win. Holly would probably be more gentle with her but she's more used to doing this sort of thing with Sophie. The balloon still stays strong and Sophie hands it to Holly. She puts in a breath but quickly hands it back to Sophie. Before Sophie takes it though, it unexpectedly pops. 

"You had the last breath. I can't wait to see this." Says Sophie. Holly looks nervous. She obviously isn't used to doing this with other girls. She gives Jenny a quick glance but doesn't move. 

"Come on, get on with it." Sophie says impatiently. 

Holly takes a deep breath and grabs the nearest balloon. It an overinflated red one. She moves over to Jenny and places it on her lap, gently sitting on it to stop it from moving. Holly starts to bounce. Hesitantly at first but it doesn't take long before she gets into it. It bursts, releasing air bubbles out the water. She quickly grabs another one and goes again. She goes through about ten balloons, some bursting straight away, some that lasted a while. It felt good but not enough to make her orgasm. 

"Try something else. Think about what I would do to you." Sophie advises. 
Holly puts another balloon in her lap but this time she wraps her legs around her tightly, pulling herself into Jenny. She half humps, half grinds. This definitely feels better. Still not quite enough to climax but good enough that she begins to sigh softly. Holly gets rough when it doesn't pop. Eventually it bursts and Holly quickly replaces it with another. She goes through five more balloons like this until she gives up. "Sophie go get me a beach ball and a 24 inch." Holly instructs. Sophie runs off to get the stuff while Holly grabs another balloon. 

When Sophie returns, Holly finishes the balloon with a quick thrust and replaces it with a tight beachball. It fits perfectly between Jenny's legs. 
"Start blowing that balloon. Make it big but not so big that it'll be easy to pop."
As Sophie starts to inflate the 24 inch, Holly humps the beachball hard against Jenny. 
She keeps it up until the balloon is almost full. "Sophie have you got a pump?"
"Think I got a bike pump somewhere. You want it?" She asks. 
"Yeah. Holly pants. Sophie ties off her balloon and goes to find the pump. 

By the time Sophie had returned, Holly looks exhausted. "We're almost done, I think. Sophie attach that to the beachball and start pumping." 
Sophie does what she says. The ball starts getting harder. Holly doesn't stop humping. 
"I could of done this by mouth you know." Says Sophie, still pumping. 
"I know but that would take too long." Holly pants. She slows down a bit as Jenny starts to moan. The beachball is getting harder beneath her, stretching more than usual because of the hot water. 
Jenny tenses up obviously about to orgasm. 
Oh no you don't. Thinks Holly and suddenly bounces hard, popping the ball with a loud bang. She then grabs the 24 inch balloon, placing it on top of Jenny. She starts bouncing and grinding again. The neck comes out a bit but not enough to pop it. 
"Give me a hand Sophie." Holly says. Sophie doesn't have to be asked twice. She climbs on top of Holly and together they force the balloon into Jenny. After a few minutes, it unexpectedly pops. Holly falls onto Jenny. She's too horny to be scared now. 

"Come on Holly, finish her off." Says Sophie. 

Running out of ideas, Holly grabs one of the last uninflated balloons and puts her fingers deep inside Jenny. She starts to blow hard into the balloon, directing it into Jenny's face. A few hot breaths later, Jenny is moaning loudly with a tightly inflated balloon in her face. It's so transparent that you could barely tell it used to be red. 

Holly isn't sure whether to keep going. She knows how scary Jenny finds blow to pops and she doesn't even have ear plugs. But she can't stop herself now. Holly pushes it even harder against Jenny. She knows it's cruel but when Sophie used to do this to her, it always made her cum. She forces one final breath in. There's a loud crack that echoes around the whole room. Jenny yells more out of pleasure than fear. 

After watching, Sophie made Holly do the same thing to her. They used the inflated balloons in the hottub. Untying them and adding more air until they popped. After her first orgasm, Sophie asked Jenny to do it. To her surprise, she did it without question. Blowing three balloons until they exploded in Sophie's face. 

They kept this up until they were all exhausted. They left the rest of the balloons for the cleaners the next day. 

"We'll have to do this again some time." Says Sophie. "Maybe find another unusual setting. Perhaps we could try it in public, the fear of getting caught would add to the pleasure." 
"I'd definitely be up for that." Says Holly. "I'll find a place and let you know." 

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