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Adventures of Dave & Linda

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It was a bright and sunny Autumn afternoon.  I always love the fall, it has a certain atmosphere all of it’s own.  I was off work for a couple of weeks leave and thought about going out for a nice walk.  Then I remembered a small store, just down the road from me, that sold cards and gifts, whose female proprietor was also a balloon decorator.  The more I thought about the place, the more I liked the idea of calling in there, to check out the latest balloons. It didn’t take me long to walk the half mile, or so, distance and was soon standing outside the place.  As I peered through the window, my heartbeat quickened as I became nervous at the prospect of actually walking in to the place. I could see lots of foil balloons floating from the in - store displays, but more importantly, I could see lots of lovely looking, helium - filled, rubber balloons.  By now my nerves were starting to get the better of me and I felt like turning round and going home. What would I say, if I went in? What would she think a 30 year old male would want balloons for ? All sorts of thoughts were passing through my mind. Then, in what seemed like a moment of sudden madness, I found myself opening the door and entering the shop.  A bell rang, at the side of the door and I found myself inside a tiny 12’ by 12’ room stocked to the brim with cards and fancy goods. A voice from the back of the shop called out ‘be with you in a minute’.

‘OK’ I said, faintly and nervously.  I worked my way around the shop and as I worked my way towards the back, I could make out an office area with the owner sitting talking on the telephone.  She looked up and smiled and I tried not to show any interest in the dozens of balloons that surrounded her. After what seemed like ages, she put the phone down and walked up to the counter.

‘Now what can I do for you ?’ she asked.

‘Ahem, I need some b..balloons’, I blurted.

I knew her name as Lyn, from the advertisements I’d seen in the local paper.  She was in her late 30’s, about 5’ 7" tall and slim build. She was wearing a pink jumper made from that really fluffy wool and slacks, the elasticised figure - hugging ones that I always find a real turn - on.

‘Well you have come to the right place’, she replied.  ‘What type ? ‘Foil, latex, big, small, long, wiggly.’

‘Err, latex’ I replied.  ‘Something out of the ordinary, maybe’.

‘What’s it for ?’ She enquired.

‘Oh, a birthday party’, I lied.

‘Well I’ve just got some new ones in this week’, she said picking up a bag of balloons. She took out a clear rubber balloon, with 3 distinct coloured stripes round it, and proceeded to put it on to an electric pump.  Pushing the button, the pump whirred in to life and the balloon inflated rapidly to a big 14 to 15 inches. I thought it was going to pop, but she stopped just in time. Holding on to it, she put another one on the pump, this time a clear one with coloured stars on it.  Again she inflated it and as she took it off the pump, it flew off. She chased after it, as it spun to the floor and she put her foot on the partly inflated balloon, swelling it at one end. ‘Please don’t pop it’, I was thinking to myself. As She bent down to pick it up and I could make out the outline of her knickers on her shapely little butt, through her slacks.  She let it down and proceeded to re - inflate it, passing them both to me for a look.

‘They are nice’.  I said, examining them.  ‘I wouldn’t mind a couple of dozen of those’.  She proceeded to sort some out for me, as I let the air hiss out of the two that I was holding.  They were all stretched and felt lovely to the touch, as I put them down on the counter. By now I was beginning to overcome my nervousness and Lyn was very chatty which helped my confidence, no end.  She started telling me about all the new stock lines that were appearing from manufacturers.

‘You do a bit of balloon decorating, don’t you ?’, I asked.

‘Yeah, when it’s quiet.  Usually in an afternoon or evening.  I have some jobs to go to, very shortly’.  Came the reply.

‘I do a bit myself.’ I replied.  ‘I’m not very good at it, I just do it for fun’.

‘Well, you can help me if you want some experience.’ She joked.

‘Yeah that would be good’.  I replied, without thinking.

‘This afternoon, then if you’re that keen’.  She retorted.

‘..Err, OK then.’ I said, stunned.

Well, what had I let myself in for ?, was the question running through my mind as she prepared to close the shop.


‘Right, grab these.’ She said abruptly, as she thrust 4 small boxes towards me.

They were quite heavy for their size and I was pondering their contents as we made our way round the back of the shop, to her small van.  We got inside, and I put the 4 boxes on the floor, in front of me. As we set off, I could see one of the labels with the words ‘Beritex’ and ‘sounding balloon’ printed on them.  I didn’t have long to wait to find out what we were going to be doing with them.

‘Our first job’, She said, ‘is a site in town that they are surveying and they want some large weather balloons’

‘Eh ?’, I asked, surprised.

‘No, I can’t work that one out either.’ said Lyn.  ‘Apparently they have to attach lines to them and use them as reference points.  But why they can’t do it, without needing balloons, is beyond me. Anyway, they are paying me 200 pounds for the job, so I ain’t complaining.’


We arrived in the city centre at a large expanse of land.  Demolition contractors were clearing the remnants of piles of rubble.  A group of men, carrying theodolites and poles greeted us. One, who appeared to be the boss spoke first.

‘Right, we’ll have one at each corner.  My men will supply you with some line.’ He said.

Lyn positioned the van at one corner of the site.  We got out and she opened the back, revealing several large helium cylinders.  I unpacked one of the balloons. I couldn’t believe how different it was to a normal balloon.  It was pale orange and had a wide 6 inch long rubber tube and the balloon itself, was the thinnest and softest latex I’d ever seen.  I spread it out, as even deflated it was several feet across. Lyn hooked up the helium and sent it wooshing in to the balloon. As it expanded my heart fluttered.  If only I had one of those at home! I felt a massive erection starting and tried unsuccessfully, to control it. The balloon must have been 8 to 10 feet across when she turned off the helium.  As she pulled it off the cylinder it wobbled like a giant jelly and made a reverberating ‘boinging’ sound. I held on to it and she attached a clip. She then walked with it, towards one of the surveyors.  Some of the demolition workers started wolf - whistling at her and shouting. ‘Bastards,’ I thought to myself. One of the surveyors then attached a line. He tied one end to a hook, set in to a concrete block and let the balloon soar to some 60 feet in to the air.  We did the remaining 3, in much the same way, then watched as the surveyors carried out their tasks.


When they had finished their boss came over to see us.

‘Right, job’s a good ‘un, you can let ‘em go now.’

‘We can’t do that’, said Lyn ‘we are too near the airport and will get in to trouble, if we do that.’

‘Fair, enough’, said the architect ‘do what ever you will’.

‘Let’s get them down’.  Said Lyn, turning to me.

My heart started beating faster, in anticipation.  May be I could get to keep one of these gorgeous balloons.  I pulled at the line and finally got the balloon back down to earth.  I felt another erection starting. Lyn started fumbling about and brought out her van keys.  She then, unexpectedly, lunged at the balloon I was holding with the point of the key.

BLAM ! The balloon exploded producing a cloud of white dust and covering me in strips of torn latex.

‘Bet that made you jump’, she laughed.

‘What did you burst it for ?’ I asked.

‘We haven’t got time to mess about and someone else has paid for them’.  She replied.

I dare not say anything else.  I didn’t want to give anything away.  I was devastated. We made our way over to the next balloon.  Same thing again.


She burst that one.

My sexual frustration was reaching boiling point.  Both through wanting the balloons and wanting her, for what she was doing with those beautiful balloons.  I could have screwed her on the spot, right there and then ! By the time we got to the third one, I was trying to think of a way to save it.  I had got it lowered to the ground and as her back was turned, I removed the clip sealing the nozzle. The helium started to hiss out. ‘Come on, quicker’, I was thinking to myself.  Lyn turned round and hadn’t noticed that I’d removed the clip. It needn’t have mattered, though.


She’d busted the third one.

I hoisted down the fourth one and by this time I was more determined than ever to salvage this one.  I removed the clip again and the helium hissed out. Lyn had gone in to the back of the van and the balloon was deflating nicely.  The balloon was about half deflated, by the time she came up to me. She lunged at the balloon. It survived. She lunged again. It survived a second time.  She made a more determined attempt, the third time pushing hard in to the rubber, the balloon almost swallowing her up. She withdrew and the balloon still hadn’t burst.  Suddenly, I became aware of helium hissing out elsewhere. I strained to look and saw that a small tear in the latex had developed where she had attacked it. The balloon deflated more rapidly and I had a feeling of elation.  I could tape up the tear and maybe half inflate the balloon. It had survived, just about. My elation was short lived, however. She grabbed hold of the latex, either side of the tear and pulled at it.


The balloon split open and fell limply to the ground.  I was heartbroken. She picked it up and started ripping it in pieces.  It was as if bursting it wasn’t enough and had to do more damage to it. She gathered all the bits and bundled them, unconcerned, in to a black bin liner.

‘Right, let’s go.’ She said, locking up the back of the van.

I made my way in to the passenger seat, still trying to conceal a large erection, though like the balloons, it was rapidly ceasing to exist.


The atmosphere was cold, as we set off to the next job.  I never said a word, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed.

‘Cat got your tongue ?’ she asked.

‘No, just tired.’ I said, wearily.

‘Don’t worry’, she said in a comforting voice, ‘You’ll enjoy the next job’.

‘Why, what is it ?’ I enquired.

‘We have to take down some balloon arches, in a village hall.  Lots of balloons to pop.’

My heart started to beat faster.  More frustration, how would I cope ?.


We arrived at the hall and were shown inside by the caretaker.  Across the hall were half a dozen 30 foot arches of 12 inch helium - filled balloons.  They were sagging somewhat, almost touching the floor as the helium had obviously escaped from the balloons.  We got the ladders out and cut them down. They fell to the floor and Lyn produced a large pointed spike and started popping them with ruthless efficiency.  She passed me a safety pin and I proceeded half - heartedly to pop some. Yes, I wanted to take those home, too.

She was even piercing the ones that were virtually deflated.  I could have untied them and re -used them. She looked at me and seemed to notice my reluctance to pop the ones I had.  I reacted and started popping with more of an urgency. When they had all been busted, we un - ceremoniously gathered them up and put them in the bag, with the day’s previous pops.  Then it was back to the van and off back to the shop.

It was dark by the time we reached the shop and Lyn parked the van to the rear of the premises.

‘I’ll lock up.  Dump that bag in the bins, will you.’ She said, as she opened the shop door.

I took out the bag and started to root through it, looking for the remains of the 4 large weather balloons.  I found some of the pieces and started stuffing them in my pockets. Just the feel of that soft rubber, turned me on.  The thought of it having been busted by Lyn was another turn on. I could almost feel it against my naked body.

‘Haven’t you got rid of that, yet ?’ Lyn’s voice startled me.

I was miles away, deep in my fantasising thoughts.  I bungled the bag in to the bins, still with the pieces of rubber hanging out of my pockets.  Lyn didn’t mention it.

‘Fancy a brew ?’, she asked ‘I’ll go and put the kettle on’.

She disappeared in to the shop and it was then I noticed the rubber, plainly visible half stuffed in to my pockets.  I forced it out of sight and made my way, nervously, inside.

Neither of us said a word as we sipped our tea.  It was Lyn who broke the silence.

‘You like balloons don’t you ?’

‘Yeah, they’re fun.’ I replied.

‘I mean, really like balloons.’ She said.

‘How do you mean ?’ I asked sheepishly.

‘Well you don’t make any secret of the fact.  You have a fetish, don’t you?’

‘I didn’t think it showed’ I replied.

‘It does to me.  Don’t feel bad about it.  I have a slight fetish myself, though I have to put it to the back of my mind, because of my job.  Yours is a lot stronger isn’t it ?’

‘Very strong.’ I admitted

‘Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.’ She said sliding her hand gently down the top of my leg.  I looked at her and as our eyes met we both smiled at one another, warmly. She moved closer to me and put her hand between my legs.

‘Mmm, you like me as well, don’t you ? I can tell.’

‘Yes, I guess so.’ Came my reply.

At that moment we embraced one another and pressed our lips tightly together.  I forced my tongue in to her mouth and she did likewise. After a couple of minutes, we separated.  Lyn got up and grabbed a bunch of helium filled balloons. She took out the safety pin, that I had used earlier and started popping them.

‘That frustrating you, is it ?’ she said.

‘Too right it is’.  I replied.

With that I leapt to my feet and grabbed her pulling her tightly against my massive erection.  I pushed both my hands down inside her slacks and rubbed them against her knickers and butt.

‘Oo, I like that’.  She exclaimed.

‘How about this, then?’ I said, as I moved my hands upwards, up her jumper, towards her beautifully formed breasts.  I was amazed to find out that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

‘Don’t like them, they strangle me’.  She said, anticipating my thoughts.

I fondled her breasts, as she gave moans of ecstasy.  She started to pull down my trousers and I reciprocated, with her slacks.  In next to no time we were both down on the floor, with me laid on top of her, penetrated deep inside her.  I could see that her nice little butt was on top of some of the bits of rubber, from the balloons she had just popped.  We continued in our passionate position as she groaned with pleasure. Her groans got more and more intense and as I thought about all the balloons she had popped that day, I started to lose control.  I grabbed one of the broken pieces of balloon and stretched it, then let it twang against her naked butt. She gave out one great groan and I lost all control. I started pumping cum up her, for what seemed like an eternity.  All the days frustrations that had bottled up, were let loose in that one instant.


Well, after we had laid there for quite some time, we eventually got up and cleaned ourselves up.  No one spoke for a while.

‘That was wonderful, David.’ She said.

‘It was, rather.’ I replied.

‘I’ve never known so much fiery passion - all because of a few silly balloons.’ She said, smiling.

‘Well, they are not silly to me.  They are objects of great desire’.

‘What, like me ?’ she joked.

‘Yeah, you’re not bad either.’ I said, laughing.

‘My Boyfriend’s not like you.  He doesn’t have any real fetishes, apart from kinky underwear, that is.  He’s a bore, really.’

‘I like kinky underwear, too, you know.  You’ll have to put a show on for me.’ I said.

‘Cheeky.  However, I may take you up on that, one day.’ Came the reply.

‘Well, I suppose we had better both get off home now.’ I said, yawning.

We made our way to the door and as we were about to leave I gave her one more passionate embrace.

‘Will you come again ?’ She asked.

‘Yeah, may do.’ I replied tauntingly.

‘I’ve got another village hall to tidy up, tomorrow night’, she said softly ‘If it’s like the last time I went there, I pick a key up from this Guy’s house and I get the hall to myself.  May be we can make love amongst lots of bursting balloons.’

‘Wowee, count me in, for that one’.  I replied.

‘Great, see you then.’ 

One last cuddle, then we both made our way home.

- (Unknown Creator)

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