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Found 16 results

  1. Only two days after the naughty fun we had in the pool, Aunt Missy called and asked if I would help her clean out her garage. My parents thought I was excited about earning 25 dollars. I was much more excited about being with a beautiful busty lady twice my age. I wasn't sure exactly to expect once I got there. I didn't know if she wanted to go any further than we had the other day, or if she just needed the garage cleaned up, or some combination of the two. In any case, I figured the best thing to do was just to show up ready to work, and let her take the lead. She seemed to like that, based on last time. Besides, it wouldn't do to appear too eager. Nonetheless, I couldn't pretend I didn't enjoy going next door to Missy's. My heart was in my throat as I rang the doorbell. She came to the door looking very fetching in a loose work shirt and a pair of old cotton pants. I suspected they were her ex-husband's, but she made them look a lot better than he ever had, even if they hid her delicious curves. I cleared my throat, trying not to stare. "Uh, hi, Aunt Missy," I managed. "I'm here to help you with the cleaning..." She motioned for me to come inside. "Thank you so much for helping out, Joey," she said, her smile bringing out her dimples. "Can I get you something to drink before we start?" "Thanks. Some water would be nice." She got a couple of large plastic tumblers out of the cabinets, and filled them, taking a healthy swig of her own. "Good idea. We'll be working up a sweat," she said. Looking back, I realize a lot of the things she said could be taken more than one way. In this case, she was right in a couple of ways, but I wouldn't find that out until later. It turned out that the garage wasn't in horrible shape, but some clutter had accumulated. Since there was one less car to take up space, her garden implements, tools, and some of her ex's junk had expanded to fill the void. I wound up moving the fertilizer and a few other heavy things, which I enjoyed, since it let me show off my muscles. Sure, I wasn't especially huge or anything, but it still made me feel manly. In a relatively short time, we had everything where Aunt Missy wanted it. Of course, in that same short time, we were covered in the kind of grime that comes from dust mixed with sweat. Aunt Missy still looked beautiful, even dirty. The little smudge of dirt on her nose actually made her look even cuter, especially with her hair up. I couldn't believe it, but I was actually starting to tent up. Then again, I'd just been exerting myself, so my heart was pumping pretty hard, so it made a sort of sense. She looked me up and down just a bit, though I couldn't tell from her eyes if she saw my erection, and said, "Oh, I can't send you home looking like that. Let's get cleaned up." I stood there, not knowing what to do next. "C'mon," she said. "I'll throw those clothes in the washer, and let you borrow some of Dave's until yours are dry." I looked down, and realized that they did need a serious washing. I was glad I hadn't worn anything I particularly cared about—just a beat-up old school t-shirt and a pair of sweats. Now, they looked more like urban camouflage. "Well, are you gonna take 'em off, or what?" she asked. When my eyes widened, she laughed, jiggling even under her loose work clothes. "Oh, come on. It's not like you have anything I haven't seen—literally." I felt myself blushing deeply, but started to shuck the gear. "How about you?" I asked, grinning with more bravado than I felt. The worst she could do was send me home...but then, that was pretty bad. She dimpled again. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" she said, answering my question with a question. She unbuttoned the loose shirt slowly, revealing a very tight black tank top underneath. "We'll just see..." Under her pants, her legs gave off a slight sheen, and her shorts matched the tank. I tried to keep from staring, but I couldn't. Fortunately, her very wicked grin told me that she didn't mind. I followed her, presuming we'd pick up a washcloth and a towel in the hall closet and I'd grab a shower in the guest room. So when she kept walking past both, I was a little concerned, but I figured she had a better idea. She walked right into her bedroom, and opened the door to the master bath, and I had to agree that it was a much better idea. The tub and shower in the master bath had clearly been made for two...or more. Aunt Missy started to draw a hot bath, and said, "Why don't you make yourself comfortable, while I go get something?" I blushed again, and she moved close to me. "Go ahead. It's okay," she said, resting a thumb on the waistband of my boxer briefs. I slowly peeled them off, revealing my rampant erection. "Oh, my," she said, giggling. "That wasn't just the float magnifying it the other day, was it?" I shook my head and shrugged, giving her a goofy smile. "Well... I'll be right back." She indicated the slowly rising hot water, and I nodded, and reached over the high edge of the tub with my leg, and dipped a toe in. It felt very hot, but that was just what I needed right now. Slowly, I slid in, letting the gentle heat soothe my aching muscles. Aunt Missy came in with a box from the garage and a mischievous grin on her face. She pulled out two packages from the box, both labeled "48" Beach Ball"—and they had a picture of her holding the ball, fully inflated! At my amazement, she said, "I've done a lot of modeling for swimsuit and pool toy companies." She tossed me one, and opened the other, continuing. "I'd like for us to blow these up...and then I have a little game to play, if you'd like." My heart was pounding as I nodded, and tore open the package, careful not to damage her picture. I found the valve on mine at about the same time as she found hers, and we started to fill the big beach balls with air. My hardness started to throb almost painfully, and it felt as if it grew a little bigger with each breath we took together. She finished blowing her ball up tight just before I did—she had clearly practiced!—and set it aside. Then she smiled at me again, and slid her wet, tight black shorts off ever so slowly, revealing a perfect round bottom, and a cute tuft of blonde pubic hair over her gorgeous womanhood. I felt myself leak a little precum, but that was nothing compared to how I felt when she reached for the lower edge of her tank top and slowly pulled it over her head! Her big, beautiful breasts bounced free, and I was finally looking at Aunt Missy completely nude. "You're beautiful, Aunt Missy," I breathed, face to face with one of my most powerful fantasies. She blushed and dimpled, even cuter with the dirt still on her face. "Thank you, Joey. I hope you don't think that I'm too old..." "Never," I said, meaning it. She rewarded me with a deep kiss, and I almost came right there. "Oh, my...you're getting awfully close, aren't you..." she said suddenly. "Why don't we just take care of that? I'm sure you'll be up for some more pretty quickly." I nodded stupidly. I couldn't think straight—this situation had gone far beyond what I could have expected—and she knelt in front of me, and cupped her huge breasts in her hands, wrapping them around my erection. In just a few strokes, I groaned, trying and failing to hold back. In my defense, it had been almost a day since I had gotten myself off, and so when I erupted, I splattered cum all over her beautiful bulging breasts. "Wow, you really did need to let off some pressure," she said, with almost a touch of admiration in her voice. "Do you always come like that?" "Pretty often, though this was also the first time I've done it in awhile," I said shakily. She moved up along my body and squeezed close, kissing me, and I could feel all sorts of wonderful sensations. "Well," she purred, "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. You sure made a pretty mess..." I looked at her, embarrassed. I had almost covered her lovely naked skin in my cum. "I hope you're not mad..." I said. "Mad? Oh, no...I love the feel of it spurting all over me, so warm and sticky," she said breathily. "It turns me on something fierce." She pressed deliciously against me, kissing me hard, and I could feel my own arousal stirring again already. "Speaking of turn-ons, how about we soap each other off?" she asked. I grinned, realizing that there was only one answer, especially with her pretty boobs in my face, covered in my sticky goo. Aunt Missy turned off the water, handed me a washcloth and a bar of very fragrant jasmine soap, and started lathering her own washcloth. I couldn't help smiling when she started to wash me off, scrubbing my arms and chest gently, and then moving downward. Meanwhile, I started covering her in soapsuds as well, scrubbing lightly and watching her nipples get even harder. I paid particular attention to her aureoles. I gleefully rubbed those sensitive small brown circles, which caused her to moan softly. She scrubbed and stroked my scrotum and cock so delicately, I thought I was going to have another orgasm, but she seemed to know just when to back off. At one point, we actually found ourselves cuddling and making out for awhile, and after an odd pause, we decided to enjoy the moment. Then as we relaxed for awhile, she sat up a bit in my arms and said, "And now, for the game." Aunt Missy climbed back out of the tub and grabbed the beach balls, dropping them onto the water. "Ever play Submarine and Destroyer?" she asked. She knew the answer, since I had been a Boy Scout, and her ex had been one of our assistant scoutmasters. "Submarine and Destroyer" was a game where two teams took turns alternately defending or attacking a balloon. Each time your team popped the opponent's balloon, you got a point. Each time your opponent went more than a certain amount of time without a balloon getting popped, they got a point. "This is the same basic game, except with beach balls," she said, holding her ball protectively. "And with one other difference...this time, each time you fail to defend your submarine, you have to do whatever I say for...oh, we'll say fifteen minutes." She grinned as I felt my face flush deeply. "Would you rather attack first or defend first?" I thought about it. "I think I'd rather defend first." "Very well, then," she said. She turned around and grabbed a nail file off the counter. "Defend your submarine!" I grabbed a huge beach ball and sat resolutely in front of it in the tub as Aunt Missy advanced on me mock-menacingly, the sway and jiggle of her beautiful breasts muting the effect somewhat. Not that I was complaining. She climbed into the tub and crawled forward on her hands and knees, the file between her teeth. I knew I was strong enough to keep her from getting by me, but I had no idea what she had planned. As she moved toward me and the big ball, I felt my cock start to rise again, growing harder and thicker. She took the file out of her pretty mouth, and kissed me softly, and my body responded. I threw my arms around her, squeezing her voluptuous form tightly but gently to my toned chest, and she melted, moaning happily in the deep kiss. How could I resist? Then, with a "pft!" sound, she sank that file deep into my poor ball, and it began to hiss behind me, and then underneath me as we leaned back onto its deflating form. She broke the kiss slowly, and grinned, biting her lower lip a bit guiltily, and her big blue eyes flashed a mixture of contrition and mischief. "I win," she finally said bouncily, and pressed up against me again, nibbling my ear. "What do I have to do?" I asked, suddenly a little nervous. I knew she probably wouldn't make me to anything too embarrassing, but I couldn't help a little apprehension. She grabbed the other ball and sat on it. "I want you to play with my pussy until I can't think straight," she said, already breathing a little heavily. She weighed just enough to make the ball touch the floor of the tub, so that I had to grab her and the ball to steady us all. This made it easy for her to throw her legs over my shoulders, and I found myself staring at her perfect sex. "You won't mind doing that for your Aunt Missy, will you?" "Well, you won fair and square," I said, smiling up at her. I didn't have a lot of experience, but I figured taking things slow was smart. The girls I had dated up to that point seemed to appreciate when I did, so I figured the same would be true for my beautiful next-door neighbor. I ran a finger up her left thigh, and lightly petted her pubic hair, starting at the top of the little blond tuft, and working slowly down to her mons. She wriggled happily when I started to massage her there, and I smiled as her hips flexed, moving that sweet pussy closer to my face. When I touched her labia, she gave a sweet little "mmf" noise, and nodded at me. I ran my fingers gently up and down those soft, moist nether lips, watching her open and bloom like a flower. Instinctively, I leaned down and kissed and licked at her, and she let me know I was doing well by wrapping those shapely legs around me and pulling me in closer. Slowly, my tongue traced where my fingers had played, then again, more intensely. She gasped and said, "Ohhh, yes...is this your first time?" She sounded surprised. "Yes, Aunt Missy," I said, and then went back to tonguing her. "You're a fast learner," she answered breathily. "Now...I want you to stick that tongue of yours inside my pussy, slowly..." I did, and she squealed happily. I lapped up the juices that were beginning to flow, and moved up from where I had entered her. "That's it...you're going to feel a little button right at the tip...if you can reach....Ohmygod, you can reach...yes!" she cried. I continued to lick and finger her to three or four orgasms, until she finally pushed my head away from her pretty mound. "Enough..." she panted. "Oh, God. You're going to make some girl very very happy...and reduce her to a puddle." She smiled. "That was amazing, Joey." I smiled, and said, "You are amazing, Aunt Missy." I unconsciously licked my lips, savoring her taste, and she laughed. She picked up her big bouncy beach ball. "Well, then, good luck. You're gonna need it!" She climbed out of the tub, grabbed the ball, and bounced away! I sheepishly got out, and looked around for something sharp. Finally, my eyes lit on a dental pick in the toothbrush holder. I carefully picked it up and gave chase, walking instead of running. She wouldn't get far naked, after all, and I wanted to take my time watching her jiggle around the house with a huge beach ball. I didn't really care about the score; just playing was a victory for me. Sure enough, she sat naked on her ball in the den when I caught up with her. I strode confidently up to her, my cock still half-erect, and the pick hidden in the palm of my hand. "So," she said, "do you think you can let the air out of my beach ball?" I got to within arm's reach and let her see the pick as I took a playful swipe at her beautifully inflated ball. She squeaked and rolled forward, grabbing my wrist and trying to turn it away. We struggled playfully for a good while; I enjoyed the way her breasts bounced up and down, and she kept looking at my cock and smiling. Finally, I pretended to give up, putting the dental pick on the floor, where it nestled in the luxurious pile, and moved in for a kiss, just as she had. Her lips felt so soft and warm and yielding on mine that I could have spent the rest of my life kissing them, feeling her hot little tongue tease mine. Gradually, she pulled me on top of her on the beach ball, and we rolled around, laughing. I felt my member throb against the warmth of her womanhood. We rolled a bit sideways, and *thunk!* My trap was sprung. The curved point of the pick had slowly turned up as the ball had rolled over it, and our combined weight was easily enough to press the ball down until the point poked through the surface. Aunt Missy got this mock-innocent look on her face, her eyes widening in an almost childlike way. I thought I was going to climax right then and there, but I managed to relax enough. "Oh, my!" she said. "You've punctured my ball after all!" I smiled wickedly as the ball hissed under us. "What do you want to do to me?" she asked, still pretending innocence. "I want you," I said, my voice suddenly husky. "I want you to turn over on this ball, and I want...I want to fuck you." She grinned. "Well, rules are rules," she answered, and wiggled out from under me to reposition herself. She pulled the dental pick out of the deflating toy and put it up on a table nearby. Covering the small hole with a finger, she undid the valve and blew it up a bit more firmly. Then she put the ball down, straddled it, and bent over, leaning forward as she needed to. Every so often, a little air would escape as her grip shifted. She looked back at me, her eyes smoldering and smiling at me, and licked her pretty lips. "Anything you want..." she said. My thick erection twitched happily as I moved toward her gorgeous round rump, pointed up at me welcomingly. I found her soft folds, and carefully positioned myself, ready to take her. For a second, I thought about making sure she was ready, but then I felt her wetness on the ball, and on the head of my manhood, and I knew she was more than ready. And I had to have her. I slickly entered her, gasping at the heat inside her. She moaned a little, and I felt her grip my cock. "Yes..." I whispered in response. Slowly I shifted my weight, letting the ball hold us both, though it hissed occasionally when her finger slipped. She responded eagerly to each thrust I gave her, and we built up a rhythm. I felt precum start to leak out with each slick movement. "You feel so good, Aunt Missy," I moaned. "You...feel good yourself, Joey," she said, a little whimper in her voice. "Fill me up...fuck me good and hard...Don't hold back at all..." Her voice drove me wild, and I grabbed her big, round boobs, and groped them wantonly as I pumped her faster and faster. I felt her tighten at least two or three times, and then cry out in the throes of passion, and at last, I couldn't hold back anymore. My cock felt like a fountain, emptying jet after jet of my hot lust into her tight opening. "That's right, Joey, spend yourself inside me..." I was still hard when I ran out, and was beginning to get that really sensitive feeling one usually gets after an orgasm, but I had also mostly recovered what wits I had left. Feeling mischievous, I carefully reached over, grabbed the pick, and put a few more holes in the ball, making it really hiss under us. To my surprise, our weight shifted a bit more, driving me even deeper into Missy's pussy, and she cried out again, joyfully, "Yes, puncture, yes...!" as her sex gripped mine one more time. Finally, we wound up on the floor, the ball flat beneath us. "Joey," she said, still a little breathless, "that was exquisite." She kissed me softly, then wiggled around and curled up in my arms. "I'm glad you feel the same way, Aunt Missy," I answered. "I hope we can do this again..." "I think we can find lots of games to play," she said. "Also, if you like, you can just call me Missy. I think you're old enough now." "Thank you, but I kinda like calling you Aunt Missy. I can't explain why, really...just makes me feel...naughtier." She grinned and kissed my ear. "As long as you treat your auntie right," she said, "I'll let you call me anything you like." -Infl8orama
  2. Story by ThecommissarUK Spain, 2010, Holiday villas, me aged 18 - family summer holiday. It was 28 degrees and early afternoon. I had had my luch and quickly left - my parents and sister were arguing about where they were going to go on a daytrip tomorrow - I just wanted to go swim around in the pool. Making my way up the gravel path on the side of the hill, I hoped the pool would be empty. It had been annoyingly busy since we'd arrived last week, however three other families had left that morning (I saw them loading their cars) and by my reckoning that just left my family and one other at the site. The other family's hire car was nowhere to be seen, so I hoped the pool was deserted. Walking past the bushes surrounding the pool, I saw I was right. There was nobody there at all. I quickly went into the changing area - a row of little 6ft by 6ft huts with slatted doors and semi-transparent plastic roofs, each with a built in shower. Entering the first hut, my heart skipped a beat. There was a yellow and purple inflatable dragon pool rider in the hut. I had seen it being played with by some German kids the day before and been deeply jealous of it, I thought it looked incredibly fun. I had always been drawn to inflatable toys - the shine of them, and the feel of them, since I was a little kid. I felt the pang of jealousy again - then I thoght for a second - the German kids were gone! They must have left it behind, forgtten! I closed the bolt on the hot and humid changing hut and reached out to touch the dragon - it felt a bit limp, but the vinyl was soft and pliable in the heat. It made me feel odd, and I felt my balls tingle and my penis twitch. Quickly changing into my speedos, my semi bulging against the material, I took another quick look outside into the dry heat of the bright sunshine - nobody there. Picking up the dragon, feleing the beutifully warm vinyl against me, I stepped outside with my heart pounding in my ears - what if someone saw me? I briefly imagined the father of the German kids - a huge, burly looking man - coming shouting at me to let go of his kids toy. But nothing happened. I remided myself the family had left, and carried the slightly limp ride-on to the grippy tiled steps leading into the water. When my shins were in the warm water, I put the dragon toy in front of me, squatted down and slid it back under me. Taking one last fearful look around - and seeing nobody - I lowered myself onto it, feeling it fold slightly under me, rubbing my tight balls, semi-hardon and bottom through the speedos as the middle went beneath the water. The vinyl rubbed pleasantly on my thighs as the toy sank at first, then began to tighten up and float. Pushing off from the steps with my feet, the toy squeaked as it bobbed - rubbing my growing erection. The back of the dragons head was against my chest, and I grabbed it, the shifting weight making the rubbing more intense as I barely stifled a moan of pleasure. Then, over my pounding heart, I heard something - feet on the gravel path to the pool, several sets! I quickly dropped off the dragon into the water, cursing the people in my head and hoping that wasn't my family coming - my mum hated seeing me with inflatables. She knew I liked them, said it was strange the way I touched and squeezed them when I was little, and if she saw me with one that wasn't mine she'd certainly give me a bollocking! Breaking the surface, I risked a glance at the gate as two boys, perhaps 10 and 12, ran through - phew! I thought, not my family, the kids from the other family! I swam back to the dragon, floating on its side and grabbed the handle. The kids were eyeing it up, and I grabbed it quickly - hopefully they'd think it was mine and not try to claim it. They splashed into the water, shouting and spashing at each other in what sounded like french. I didn't want to ride the dragon with them there, so I swam with it to the steps, feeling sorry for myself. I climbed out, using the dragon to strategically cover my unfulfilled erection, and went over to the white plastic sun loungers along one side of the pool. Placing the dragon on the ground beside the chair, I sat on the lounger and tried to relax as my erection subsided, with the two kids rough-housing in the water. I heard another set of footsteps on the gravel, and yet again hoped it wasn't my family. Again I was in luck! Through the gate came the boys' mother. She was a fairly attractive lady, I had noticed her before - in her late 30's or early 40's, with black, shoulder length wavy hair, a pretty enough face just starting to show age, decent bosom and waist and a round bottom and shapelythighs. I had seen her once at the pool before and liked what I saw. She was wearing a blue and neon pink splash patterned one piece swimsuit, and carrying under her arm a 20" beach ball, three clear panels alternating with a pink, yellow and green one. She tossed it to the boys, and started walking along the row of loungers. I tried not to look at her in case she thought I was a creep and covered up, and was surprised when she spoke to me directly as she passed; "I like le dragon" she said, in heavily accented english, "A leetle soft though, non?" and smiled. I smiled back, she had a very pretty smile that lit up her face - "Yes, a bit soft" I said, trying to look a bit sad. "May borrow?" she asked, and my heart sank a little. I glanced at her kids, feeling a little crestfallen. It would be impolite to say no to her, but I didn't want to lose the dragon or see it destroyed by her rough children, who were busy eliciting creaks and squeaks of protest from the beach ball as they fought over it. She must have registered my uneasy glance at here kid - "Is OK, I not let them hurt him, I make up to you if it goes bad". I smiled faintly, and nodded my consent, my mind mulling over what my teenage brain hoped she might do to make it up to me if something "went bad". She sat her shapely butt on the lounger beside me, and grabbed the dragon by the handle. Quickly locating the valve under its back end, she expertly popped it out, took a deep breath which made her breasts strain against her swimsuit, and blew into it with a whooosh. I felt my balls tingle again, and tried to force myself not to get a boner - she would see it for sure, and rolling over would be deeply suspicious. She blew another whoosh of breath into the dragon, and its two little wings stood up proudly either side of its neck. Another whoosh and the wrinkles along the body ends looked noticeably smaller. She held it out and studied it, smiling. Giving it a little squeeze, she nodded approval and put the stopper back in. I noticed she did not push the valve into the body though, as she stood and made her way to the edge of the pool with her hips swaying. She sat it in the water facing me, turned round and squatted so her butt was above the dragon over the edge of the pool with its head folded down in front of her - I had a view straight down her cleavage. I couldn't help but stare and she definitely caught me looking as she dropped backwards onto the dragon. There was a series of squeaks and creaks from it as she swayed in the water, regaining her balance. She gave me her incredible smile, and a wink which turned it mischevous, and set off paddling along the pool edge. She kept her back straight and I could see her luscious round buttocks wiggling as she paddled along, each bob bringing a rubbery squeak from the dragon and bopping its head off her breasts - I saw her nipples had become stiff, probably with her lower half plunging into the water I thought. If anything she seemed to be bobbing more than necessary to move along, and my mind flooded with the image of how it rubbed me rubbing her... my penis began straining at my speedos again and I squirmed so it would lie against my stomach rather than stand up like a flagpole. Looking back up at her face I saw her looking back at me, a mischevously reproving look on her face. I flushed pink with embarassment as she looked away behind her - her boys were suspiciously quiet, the ball floating discarded nearby, they were nowhere to be seen... until they burst from the water at either side of her, grabbing and clawing at the dragon's legs and wings, laughing as they tried to tip their mother off. "Non! Non!" She screamed at them, followed by an angry tirade in french. The boys backed away at her harsh words and stern expression. She shouted a couple more times, pointing at the gate, and the boys climbed from the pool and headed out of the gate, glancing back with petulant expressions on their faces. With them gone, she calmed in an instant. "Ah, boys" she said, sighing, "What can I do with them?" She wiggled the dragon around and paddled away towards the ball, I watched the dragon's little tail bob in front of her butt as she wiggled away. Grabbing the beachball, she tossed it neatly into the little changing room on the end - the one my clothes and towel was in - then turned to face me. "Is your dragon, yes, you should take ride on it" I couldn't think what to say as she paddled back, I must have looked gormless. She wanted to see me ride the dragon? Reaching the edge of the pool, she scooted herself forwards with a squeak and a creak so her legs were over the dragon's front feet and she was dangerously close to tipping over forwards. She looked behid her, the rear of the dragon was standing proudly clear of the water, the wrinkes all but gone under her weight; "enough room, yes?". She wanted to ride the dragon WITH me! A combination of panic and embarassment flooded through me, my erection twitched at the prospect. "Come now, for a ride!" she said, excitingly - "do not worry about...uhm..." she waggled her finger vaguely at my crotch, and if possible I went a brighter red than before. Feeling slightly nauseous, but fearing she would remove the offer if I didn't act, I got off the lounger and walked tentatively to the pool edge. She wiggled around so the back of the dragon was towards me, and gave me an enouraging glance. I sat on the edge of the pool and pulled the dragon backwards by the legs. She gave an "oop!" of surprise as I quickly dropped from the pool edge onto the dragon, pressing myself firmly into her warm back. The dragon gave an almightly creak - it was definitely not designed for such a weight, and we sank up to the waist in the water. She paddled slightly with her legs and I reached forwards - she raised her arms to let me - and I grabbed the dragon's neck to steady myself. It was rock hard with the pressure of both of us. I gave a tentative wiggle and creaked slightly further forwards, my rock hard penis pressing up between her buttocks. "Ah, oui, that is better" she said, and began to paddle around. I could feel her breasts wiggling on my forearms through the swimsuit material, smell the fruity scent of her shampoo combined with the intoxicating warm vinyl, feel the globes of her buttocks massaging my penis, the dragon rubbing my balls, hear the rythmic squeak-eek-squeak-eek of the child's toy straining. She paddled towards the middle of the pool -rubbing-sqeaking-rubbing-squeaking- then she stopped paddling, instead just rocking the dragon back and forth. I could feel the cum beginning to rise in the pit of my stomach - this was far beyond what I had ever felt with the fumbling handjobs of my sex life so far. I let out a small moan and she stopped. "You enjoy yes?" A quiet mm-hmm was all I could manage. "I enjoy too, yes" she said, "but you must not make a mess in the pool! Is filthy!" she said firmly, and began to paddle back to the stairs - still causing the rubbing with her movements. "Quick or I'll make a mess!" I said guiltily over the squeak-eek of the dragon, In two minds whether I wanted her to make it or not. The rubbing brought me right to the edge of bursting when she suddenly got up, having reached the steps, tipping me over backwards into the pool. The shock nearly earned me a lungful of water. I broke the surface to the sound of her giggling. "Poor boy" she said, smiling "I have done you bad!". She turned away and hip-wiggled towards the changing hut with the ball and my clothes in, dragging the dragon over the tiles by a horn. "I make up to you" she said smolderingly as she turned into the hut and slowly half closed the door. I didn't need further prompting, heart pounding I quickly made my way to the hut and slipped in, throwing the bolt on the door. It was hot and humid, and I immediately began to sweat more. She was standing in the middle with the ball under one arm and the dragon under the other. "Where were we?" she said, "Ah yes, we recreate!" She placed the ball on the concrete floor, and plopped the dragon down on top of it. "Bouncy!" she said, experimentally bouncing the stack with one hand. She indicated I should sit first. I began to slowly get onto the dragon as before whilst she held it - "non, non" she said, softly, and pulled at the waistband of my speedos. I was a bit shocked, but pulled them off, my penis throbbing as it bounced free. "Ah, oui, now sit." The warm, still wet vinyl felt amazing as I lowered myself, scared of bursting the ball. She pushed down on my shoulders and I conceded, sitting my weight down with a long creak. I was slightly disappointed when she didn't remove her swimsuit - but only slightly - as she stepped over the bouncy contraption, giving me a facefull of buttock as she lowered herself down in front of me. She carefully maneuvered my penis before she sat down fully, so that it was firmly pinned bewtween the smooth warm vinyl of the dragon and the softness of her swimsuit and its contents - the feeling was amazing. Again the ball creaked as she settled, and I wondered how far away the bang would be heard if it burst now. She gave an experimental wiggle, getting a grunt from me, then began to bounce up and down gently. She drew my arms around her and I grabbed the dragon's head as I did before, nestling in against her and again feeling her breasts on my arms as the sqeak-creak-sqeak-creak of the bouncing went on - if anything it the dragon's neck was even harder now, and I felt a pang of fear for the toy. Looking over her shoulder there were no wrinkles at all left in it. As if sensing my concern, she began to bounce more firmly - I again felt the nervous warmth of the cum building inside me, I could feel her warm wetness sliding above my penis and I began to bounce and thrust as well. SQUEAK-Creak-ff-SQUEAK-Creak-ffff-SQUEAK-CREAK-FFFFFF went the ball and dragon as I suddenly began to feel the wave of tingling warmth wash over me as I pulsed and pulsed and pulsed in an intensely powerful orgasm. She let out a stifled "mmmmmmMMMMMmmmmmhhhh", biting her lip as she convulsed as well, grabbing my hands and guiding them firmly to her hard nipples, I squeezed and fondled as she moaned, finally dropping her weight down, her legs splayed in front of her, I became aware of a siking feeling and the source of the "ffff" noise - right before FFF-WHUMPH! We dropped to the ground for a bouncy landing on the dragon, which didn't seem to have lost air. The ball, however, had not survived the abuse and was pancaked under the dragon and two sweaty, panting adults. She recovered her composure in a few moments, and raised herself up from me - a stringy gloopy mass of cum, the most I'd ever produced, pooled on the dragon toy and stuck to her swimsuit. "Wooow" she muttered, "happy we did not do that in le pool, oui?". I couldn't yet speak as she stood on shaky legs. "I will say my boys... uh... popped the ballon... These dragon, was not yours yesterday. I can keep for you? I will store safe and... uh..." she mimed 'flat' "until next time?" Next time? "Oui" I said, shakily, still sitting on the dragon as she pressed the button on the shower, instantly bathing me in cold water. "Filthy" she said, with a wink...
  3. Dan got into the shower, washing himself. Holly said she would clear up the mess they had made after the pump to pop in the sleeping bag. He still couldn't believe what Holly did for his birthday. They had a few sessions with balloons before but nothing like this. Last time they had a blow to pop race with 12 inches, it was fun but Dan didn't know Holly would get into it, she must have been practicing. After a few minutes Holly enters the bathroom, completely naked holding a red balloon. It is deflated but looked like a 16 inch. "Ready for a bit more fun?" She says in a sexy voice. Dan feels his heart starting to race. Holly steps into the shower with him and takes the shower head off. "What are you doing?" Asks Dan. "You'll see" she places the neck over the balloon, it starts to fill with water. "Sit down, you're going to enjoy this." She says. Dan obeys, sitting against the shower wall. Holly places the expanding balloon against his growing dick and lays on top of it, pushing it against him. Dan moans in pleasure and slips onto his back. Holly climbs on top of him and starts grinding harder against the balloon, the water making it squeak. It is about the size of a small beach ball by now and getting bigger. Dan loves the warm feel to it, it isn't as tight as it would be if filled with air but more bouncy. "Harder! Don't stop!" Crys Dan. Holly pushes harder, her whole weight against the balloon, forcing it to bulge around Dan's cock. Her wet pussy squeaks loudly against the balloon, every time she rubs against it. The ballon is getting huge now and will pop any second. Holly keeps grinding harder and faster, putting her arms around Dan to pull herself closer. One more loud squeak then the balloon bursts, warm water exploding all over them. "That" panted Dan "was amazing." "Come with me, we're not quite finished yet." "How many more balloons do you have?" "I got a whole bag full, we could go on all night. Better save a few for tomorrow though." Holly leads Dan back to the bedroom, not bothering to dry off. "Get back in into the sleeping bag, I'll fetch some balloons." She goes through her bag looking for the packet of 11 inch balloons. Once she finds them she throws them to Dan and pulls out another 24 inch. A light blue colour. "What you got planned now then?" Asks Dan. "We're gonna start off by inflating the 11 inches, then we're going to stuff them into the sleeping bag before we over inflate this 24 inch." She climbs in with Dan and zips the bag closed. She opens the packet of balloons, offering a green one to Dan then taking a blue one for herself. Holly takes a deep breath and inflates the balloon. Dan loves the sound of the air as it rushes into the balloon, he puts his balloon to his lips and blows. Holly keeps blowing until the balloon's neck starts inflating, then ties it off and puts it deep inside the sleeping bag before grabbing another. A white one this time. Dan keeps inflating his, the neck is starting to push against his lips but he keeps going. It is getting hard to put any more air in but Dan keeps trying when suddenly BANG! The ballon pops making Holly jump. "Whoops" Holly glares at him "that was right next to my ear!" "Sorry, got a bit carried away." She laughs and hands him another, a pink one. "Try not to pop it this time." He takes it eagerly and starts blowing. Holly puts a few more breaths in hers and ties it. Dan's balloon is starting to get a neck, he puts in another breath. "Dan..." "Okay, okay." He goes to tie it but then puts another breath into it. Holly just laughs. "I thought you were scared of blowing balloons until they popped." "I used to be but I think you've cured that." He puts half a breath into it, then finally ties it. He stuffs it in between his legs and finds another. They continue inflating the balloons and stuffing them until the sleeping bag is almost full. Dan and Holly are both inflating when Holly pinches the neck closed. "You want to see who can get the biggest neck without popping it?" Asks Holly. "Sure." Dan's balloon is already over inflated so Holly blows faster to catch up. The neck on Dan's ballon is almost as long as the body but he keeps on blowing without hesitation. Holly's balloon has half the neck inflated, she carefully pulls the neck to stretch it as much as possible before putting three more breaths in. As she is slowly blowing one more in, there is a loud bang. Holly jumps, almost letting go of her balloon. She looks at Dan. The mouthpiece is still in his mouth. "You're not very good at this are you?" She laughs. "Did you see how big it got? The neck was so long, I just had to keep going." "Let's see how big I can get mine." Holly struggles to get a grip on the balloon because the neck is inflated so much. After two big breaths she decides to tie it. The balloon is almost completely transparent and looks like it's about to pop any second. She pushes it inside the sleeping bag. "I want to see you blow one till it pops." Says Dan "Okay, it still scares me a little but I'll do it." She replies. "Really? you look like you're enjoying it." "Oh I am. I love blowing them to the limit, just get a little nervous just before it pops." "You don't have to." "It's fine, I want too." She takes a red balloon and starts stretching it. After a few deep breaths she puts it to her lips and slowly blows into it. Dan lies, watching her as the balloon gets bigger and bigger. She's so beautiful. He thinks. I still can't believe she'll pop balloons for me. It came out of nowhere. Dan puts his hands on the side of the balloon, it's getting tight but she continues blowing. After the neck is completely inflated she hesitates. "It's fine, keep going you're almost there." Holly inhales fully and forces the air inside the balloon. It still doesn't pop. She keeps going even though its almost impossible to blow anymore. Then finally it pops with a loud bang, making them both jump. "Wow, wasn't expecting it to get that big. Well done Holly. She try's to hug Dan, squeezing all the balloons against him. "Almost done. We'll inflate the 24 inch next." "You think it'll fit? There's barely enough room for us." "Guess we'll find out." She's says, finding the balloon. "We'll take it in turns inflating until it gets too tight, then we'll tie it." "Can't we pop it?" Asks Dan with a grin. "Doubt there'll be enough room, but we'll see. I don't think I could do it it anyway, a 11 inch is scary enough." "Okay, hurry up and inflate it. I'm so turned on!" She smiles and starts inflating the huge balloon in between them. It starts pushing the smaller balloons against them as it gets bigger. After Holly has inflated it halfway she gives it to Dan. "Your turn." She pants. He takes it from her and bites on the mouthpiece. It's wet from Holly's saliva. This turns him on even more, sighing with pleasure he starts inflating. He keeps blowing until the ballon is bulging against them. "Here you go, make it tight." Dan passes it to Holly. She starts blowing immediately. Dan can see how turned on she is. She doesn't slow down until it's pushing hard against them. "Can't get it much tighter." She goes to tie it but Dan stops her. "I'll see what I can do." The ballon is dripping with Holly's saliva. Dan takes it from her and blows. It's getting very hard to inflate and the pressure against his body is getting stronger, he doesn't stop until the neck is touching his lips. "Dan I think that's enough, I can barely move." "Just one more?" He asks. "Go on then." Dan forces one more breath in. BANG! At first he thinks the 24 inch popped, then he realised it was one of the smaller ones. "Must of been that one I inflated, I'm surprised it didn't pop sooner." Holly says. Dan ties the 24 inch. He can hardly move with all the balloons pushed against him. Holly starts grinding against the balloons. Every time she moves the balloons get pushed against him. He puts his arms around holly, moaning with the intense pleasure. She sighs in his ear. Dan is just about to cum when the 24 inch explodes. Holly moans loudly and Dan cums on the smaller balloons. There's another pop and Holly falls on top of him panting. After lying together for a while they unzip the sleeping bag, the balloons falling out onto the bed and floor. It's getting late so they get into bed together, leaving the balloons on the bed. "So since when did you get so into balloons?" Asks Dan. "Well, I was going to buy you some balloons for your birthday, more of a joke present than anything. I ordered a few bags of good quality balloons online the other week. A few days ago I was shopping and saw there was camping equipment on sale. I thought we could go camping together sometime, so I bought us a tent and some sleeping bags. When I got home I saw the balloons siting on the table. I looked at the sleeping bag and had an idea. I wondered what it'd feel like in the sleeping bag with a huge balloon pressed against me. I wanted ideas to surprise you with on your birthday so I decided to try it out. I got in and grabbed a 24 inch and blew it up. After it started getting tight I got a little scared, so I attached it to the electric pump. My idea was that I'd force myself to pop it. Once the balloon got tight I couldn't move to turn the pump off. Eventually it popped, it felt amazing. That evening I decided to try out the bag of 12 inch balloons, I only meant to make sure they were a good quality but before I know it I was over inflating them, seeing how big they could get. Soon I was riding and popping them. I even managed to blow one until it popped. I realised I was getting turned on and soon had popped the whole packet." "I'm glad you enjoyed them. Never thought you'd get into it." Dan kisses her and soon they fall asleep. Dan wakes to the sound of air rushing into a balloon. He opens his eyes. Holly is sitting next to him inflating a 16 inch. It's huge the neck against her lips. She grabs an inflated balloon from the day before and starts riding it against him. After two more breaths it bursts. She giggles and starts riding harder, the neck shooting out every time she bounces. Suddenly it pops and she falls on top of him. "Wow, what a way to wake up." Dan says. "You fancy going camping this weekend?" Holly asks. "Yeah sounds fun. Will you be bringing balloons?" "Of course." "Can't wait." - Written by Wildheart
  4. Dan sat on his bed waiting for his girlfriend Holly to come round. It was his birthday and she said that she had something special planned. He hoped it had something to do with balloons, she know about his fetish and they had inflated some 12 inch balloons together once. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Dan jumped off his bed and ran to open it. She was standing there, as beautiful as ever. "Happy birthday!" She said, giving him a long kiss. "I ordered something for you, I hope you're up for a bit of fun." "Can't wait." Replied Dan simply. Holly pulled a backpack off and walked into the living room. Dan closed the door and followed her. "Do you want a drink or anything?" He asked. "No, I want to get right to it. Go wait for me in the bedroom." Dan felt nervous excitement as he wondered what she had planned, he walked to his bed taking off his jumper. Holly opened her backpack, taking something out, Dan couldn't see what. "Go sit in the edge of the bed and take off your belt." Dan did as he was told. Holly walked in front of him, and crouched down. In her hand was a limp red balloon. "Is that...?" He began "Yep, it's a 16 inch. Want to know what I'm gonna do with it?" Dan opened his mouth to speak. "Ssh, just watch me." She began stretching the balloon, moving closer to Dan. She sat on his lap and gave him a long kiss. "You ready? She whispered. Before waiting for an answer she pulled open Dan's pants and placed the balloon inside so only the neck was showing. Dan couldn't believe was he was seeing. Was she going to inflate a balloon in his pants? Holly leaned in, took a breath, and blew into the balloon. It started swelling, without hesitating she blew another two, the balloon get bigger and pushing against his cock. She pinched the neck and looked at Dan. "Feel good?" She asked "Don't stop!" He replied. Dan had a raging boner by now. She giggled and leaned in to blow it bigger. Dan moaned in pleasure as the balloons started getting tighter. This exited Holly and she kept blowing harder and harder, the balloon squeaking as it rubbed against Dan. Another deep breath from Holly and in goes another breath. The balloon was getting huge, it could barely fit. She forced one more breath in and the neck started inflating. Holly hesitated for a moment. "Keep going!" Dan encouraged her. She did forcing the air in, even though it was getting hard to blow. "Oh my god it's so tight" she exclaimed, pinching the neck closed. "It feels so good!" Cried Dan "make it bigger." Holly struggled to push a few more breaths in, the neck started pushing against her lips. "It's gonna pop!" Said Dan "You or the balloon?" She asked "Both!" "I better hurry up and pop it then. I'm not done with you yet." She blew hard into the balloon, the neck pushing against her face. "One more!" Cried Dan. Usually he was too scared to pop balloons but now he was too turned on to care. Holly tried to force one more breath in, the balloon squeaked in protest but she kept going. BANG! The balloon exploded into tiny fragments in Dan's pants, making them both jump. "That was amazing." Panted Dan Holly climbed on top of him and kissed him hard. After a while she got off him. "I'm not finished yet." She breathed. Holly walked back to her bag. "Whats she gonna do now?" Dan wondered. Holly came back with a sleeping bag and placed it on the bed. "Take your clothes off and get in. I would leave your underwear on though the friction might hurt." Dan didn't question her and did what she said. Holly went back to her bag and took out an electric pump and what looked to Dan to be a clear 24 inch balloon. She plugged the pump into the wall and attached a tube to the pump. Dan had an idea of what she was gonna do, he got hard just thinking about it. Holly put the balloon on the end of the tube and took her own clothes off. She gave the balloon to Dan. "Hold this." Then she switched the pump on and rushed to get in the sleeping bag with Dan. They lay side by side looking at each other as the balloon started inflating between them. "Happy birthday Dan" she said, then started kissing him. Soon the balloon had reached a large size, pushing them apart. "It's gonna get really tight, I hope your ready for this Dan" she put her arms around him and started grinding against the balloon as it pushed against them. Dan pulled himself closer to her, the balloon was bulging around them, getting tighter by the second. "You liking this?" Whispered Holly "Yeah, it feels so good." He moaned "See if you can cum before it pops. It can't be long it's getting so tight." The balloon kept getting bigger and bigger, it's couldn't reach its full size because of the sleeping bag so it just got tighter. Soon the neck started inflating. "When's it gonna pop? I can't last much longer." Cried Dan "AARRGGG! I didn't think it'd get this tight! She exclaimed. Dan couldn't hold it back any longer and exploded all over the balloon. Holly grabbed the balloon, pulling it in closer to her. "Yes!" She screamed, grinding harder against it. BANG! The balloon finally popped with a deafening bang. They fell on to each other, both panting and wet. It had been the best birthday of Dan's life. - Written by WildHeart
  5. Auntie Alice headed away to fetch us some lunch whilst I stayed at the pool. We weren't expecting anyone back for a few hours yet, so we intended to thoroughly enjoy each other's company. I had pulled the fox from the pool and was lounging on its back in the sun near the loungers, leaning back against its head enjoying the beautiful feel and smell of the sun-warmed vinyl. When Alice returned with some food, she put her idolm@ster ring on the ground beside the fox, placed her beach ball in the centre of the ring and sat down firmly with a loud creak of protesting vinyl, moving her knees so she was kneeling on the ring and sitting on the ball. Passing me a chilled can of coke, she leaned back with a sqeak, hands on her ankles, to sun herself. The sight of her full figure squashing down on the beachball and ring had my penis twitching in my still-sticky shorts. She spotted me looking out of the corner of her eye, and smiled beautifully. Leaning forward a little more, she began grinding her swimsuit clad crotch into the beachball under her. The ball and ring squeaked and creaked with each rub. She began to bounce, gently at first, sighing to herself and sucking her lower lip. I slipped my hand into my shorts, gently massaging my rock hard penis whilst watching her. She began to bounce harder, lifting her hands from her legs to above her head as she hopped. I could hear the ball and ring scuffing against the concrete surface between the loud creaks of the vinyl. The rearmost panel of the beachball was starting to bulge out under her beautiful ass as she dropped on it repeatedly. She was moaning now, her face flushed pink and eyes closed, the only sounds the squak-creak-scuff of the inflatable toys. After a few more moments bouncing, she slowed down again. I was pretty sure she hadn't orgasmed. Her eyes opened and she unsteadily got up. Both ball and ring were stretched and soft from the abuse - or had holes from the concrete - and looked worse for wear. She took my free hand, and motioned for me to get up. Once I was off the stretched fox she picked up her ring and ball and put them on its back. She carefuly positioned the valve of the beachball, winking at me, so it was pointing upwards. "Come on then," she said, "shorts off and get on!". I hurriedly whipped my soiled swim shorts off as she removed her soaked swimsuit bottoms. Swinging my naked legs over the ball and ring, I sat facing the foxes tail, legs akimbo and boner straining. The stack of inflatables was incredibly bouncy, the warm vinyl felt exquisite on my naked ass and balls, the valve ticking my hole with each bounce. She swung a leg over the pile and me, giving me a clear view of her glistening wet parts, and shimmied forwards so my dick was twitching & brushing on her lips. She oh-so-slowly lowered herself, hands on her thighs, and I felt myself slip effortlessly into her. I moaned at the sensation of her and the inflatables tightening hard underneath me, the valve of the ball teasing me. I sat forwards, hugging her to me, face just abover her beautiful bouncy round breasts as she began to hop up and down. There was a myriad of loud squeals and cracks from the toys under us, which encouraged her to bounce harder, the slick sucking noises of her adding to the sensations. Her warm breats smelled of chlorine and vinyl and the sweet scent of fading perfume - everything together was an assault on the senses. My feet were on the concrete, but she had hunched her legs up so hers were on the ring on the fox. This allowed me to get extra deep into her, a fantastic sensation gripping me from root to tip with each hard bounce, my balls being massaged between the beach ball and her ass. She began bucking wildly and groaning, her face flushed - she was getting close now! Harder and harder she bounced, jabbing down with her feet onto the ring to get extra force with each hop. Creak-squeal-crack-squeak went the pile of inflatables, the ball feeling alternately soft and rock hard beneath me. I added my efforts to the bouncing, and a second later - creak-squeal-crack-KABANG! The ball blew the stretched out panel, dropping us hard and bouncily onto the ring and fox. The ball's valve slipped into my slickned bum hole as the seams of both surviving inflatables stretched taut and strained - fox tail pummeling her back and head pummeling mine. I felt the orgasm coming inside me as we landed, the rear legs of the fox had no wrinkles at all. Undeterred she continued, humping hard, an "mmmmmmMMMMMMMMMGH!" escaping her lips as the wave of orgasm broke within both of us, jerking together on the protesting fox and ring. We slowly recovered, hugging each other close and temporarily exhausted. I slowly became aware of a gentle hissing and something else... quiet moaning-whimper from somewhere? It wasn't from Alice. I looked around and noticed Alice was looking behind me... craning my neck I saw that at the other end of the pool area was a girl. She was about my age, well tanned & blonde haired, with a slender frame and small, perky breasts in a yellow bikini top. She was crouched, half hidden, behind a lounger - her eyes were closed and her right hand was down her unzipped denim shorts. She'd been watching us have sex and been getting herself off! I felt my face flush with emarrasment and fear at getting caught. The girl suddenly noticed the noise from us had stopped and opened her eyes with surprise, meeting our gaze. She suddenly jumped up, glowing with embarrassment, whipped her hand from her shorts and turned to run "Wait, my dear!" Alice called softly. The girl hesitated, slowly looking round. Alice beckoned her over as she slowly got up. My softening penis slipped from her with a trickle of juice and semen onto the back of the ring and remains of the beachball. The hissing grew a little louder - It seemed to be the swim ring, damaged from the concrete or Alice using it for leverage. Alice approached the girl, ignoring the fact she was naked from the waist down and the trickle making its way down her inner thigh. She reached out and took her hand. "Hello," she said, "English?" The girl just looked confused, still pink with embarrassment. I noticed the net and broom propped up beside the entrance to the pool area. "I think she's here to clean the pool" I suggested, self-consciously peeling myself from the sweaty & sticky inflatables, trying to hide my bits from the stranger as I gently plucked the burst beachball from my ass and put on my shorts, a small shudder going through me as the valve popped out of my hole. Alice, moving with confidence, slipped her hand down the outside of the girl's shorts. She flinched slightly, then gently moaned with pleasure. "My dear, you're soaking wet!" she cooed, "I think you need some help." I moved the fox and ring to the edge of the pool and splashed water over the back of it to rinse it of the worst of our mess. The girl watched me and grinned. "Do you like the boy or the fox?" Alice asked, laughing. The girl let go of Alice's hand, kicked off her sandals and lowered her shorts. She was wearing matching yellow bikini bottoms under them, visibly darkened at the crotch. Getting over her embarrassment, she made her way over to the fox and stroked its head, walking round it and examining it, grinning. It had shrunk back to shape after its hard ride. She grabbed an ear and dragged it into the water with a small splash, scuffing it over the concrete. She slipped into the water after it and her athletic frame allowed her to mount it easily. She was light enough that her small ass didn't even meet the water as she rode. She roughly splashed around the pool on it, bounching and saying things in Italian we didn't understand - though some of them at least sounded sexy! She looked good, even if my tastes were for more shapely women, though my penis didn't budge - it was still recovering from the day's exertions. I half watched her as I hunted for the hole in the swim ring, pushing it under the water and looking for bubbles. There was a small stream of tiny bubbles coming from the pink base, where a sharp piece of concrete had penetrated, and another little stream from the inside seam near one of the anime girl's portraits. Alice got into the water beside me, watching the girl ride as well. I showed her where the slow leaks were, and she took the ring from me, popping the valve out and beginning to blow deep, hard breaths into the damaged toy. As Alice blew, the Italian girl splashed up and beckoned to me to join her on the fox, grinning with a little embarrassment. Standing it the shallow end, it was easier to mount the fox. I got on behind her as she scooted forwards, the weight enough to dip both of our crotches and butts into the water. The feel of the warm vinyl again made me start to grow. She must have noticed the stump pressing against her lower back, as she squirmed backwards, trapping it between us. I held the head round her as she took the lead in "driving" around the pool, bouncing and rocking, rubbing my rapidly hardening penis inside my wet shorts. Alice had blown the ring hard in the meantime. There were no wrinkles along the seams, and I watched as she placed it in the water behind her and sat backwards onto it. She wobbled a bit, her weight pushing the ring under, but she regained her balance. As we splashed and rocked closer, I could hear a rapid bubble-bubble-bubble coming from it, and noticed Alice had her eyes closed... she'd blown it so hard the seam hole had grown then positioned herself so that it directed a stream of bubbles past her clit - she seemed to be enjoying it! The girl saw her too, and slowed the fox, rocking and grinding herself into it as she watched. Alice grunted to herself then, without warning, there was a sudden frothing waterspout and explosion of bubbles and she disappeared underwater with a stifled shriek! Emerging spluttering and laughing, she was clutching the remains of the ring - the small split had blown out along almost half of the inner seam under the pressure of supporting her. She tossed it with a wet splat onto the burst beach ball, and grabbed the front legs of the fox, dragging it to the shallow end. She shoved me in the back, urging me forwards. The girl moved as hard as she could into the firmly inflated head, putting her legs over the front of the fox and lifting her ass slightly. I adjusted my penis and scooted tight in behind her, and she sat on my dick with a squirming wiggle. Alice squeeezed herself in behind me, barely fitting and partially sitting on the base of the tail. When she dropped her weight onto the fox, it could barely support all three of us and sqeaked violently. The front and back were almost submerged and ballooned tight, the tail, connected to the body chamber, was swollen hard and tight, quivering in the sun. The Italian girl hugged the head tightly, I held onto the foxes ears round her, and Alice held onto her round me, and began to rock and bounce the straining fox in the warm water. The two women pressed right up against me felt fantastic as the fox creeeeaked beneath us. The girl was bouncing too, moaning softly. I saw her hand slip from the head down in front of her and she sat still for a second. I thought she was playing with herself... then... click!-blubbblubbleubble... she moaned deeply. "Heeey!" said Alice, then her hand quickly disappeared too, I felt her rummage behind me and the vinyl get pulled and poked under her crotch, then... pop!-bubbleubbleblubble... Both women started grinding and rocking with renewed vigor as the stricken fox slowly started losing air... Feeling left out, I started thrusting under the girl. As I thrust forwards, I felt the vibration of the bubbles on the head of my penis through my shorts - it felt so goood! We all rocked and bounced in unison as we started sinking slowly... Alice and the girl were gasping and moaning as the bubbles tickled them intimately, and I could feel the pressure starting to build in me yet again... I grunted with the intense pleasure... the sounds of the vinyl, the smell, the feel of the hot bodies in the warm water... The Italian girl came first - and wasn't quiet about it! She shrieked and shuddered, digging her nails hard into the head of the fox... I heard another POP!-ssss as a nail penetrated. That seemed to set Alice off, she came jerking and grunting, hugging her breasts tightly in behild me as we sank lower into the water... I rocked and continued to thrust, but although I was close, the girl was no longer bouncing as well... Sensing my predicament, Alice reached round me, thrusting her hot hand into my shorts and forcefully jerking my penis free. With that the Italian girl dismounted, splashing off to one side. Alice thrust and jerked me, and with the girl gone I slid forwards, rubbing the head of my dick over the hole the girl had been using, she jerked me and rubbed my penis over the bubbling cut, the vibrations and remaining firmness of the vinyl finally sending me over the edge and I sprayed pump after pump into the frothing stream, convulsing powerfully and moaning... A few seconds and she slowed her pumping, she was still twitching now and again as the fox continued to bubble, but we were almost up to our necks now, the buoyancy rapidly fading with the head now bubbling below the water too. A few more seconds and she let go of me, floating free and slowly swimming to the side. I paddled over too, flushed and tired, dragging the limp fox behind me. I looked around. The Italian girl had gone. Alice was still breathing heavily. "Skinny little bitch, popped my sexy fox and did a runner!" Alice panted. I laughed to myself, and Alice shot me a death stare. "Just like you and my old beach ball!" I said, and she laughed too. "It was fun though... just like that time!" she admitted, and looked at the fox, "easily repaired too, but I'm afraid I don't have the kit to do it here." I looked sadly as the toy, and over at the ruined ball and ring: "I guess that's the end of the inflatable fun for this holiday". "I don't know", she said, thinking, "I'm sure I saw a shop with inflatables outside in town..."
  6. It was a beautiful, sunny day at a comfortable 25 degrees. Since the weather was so nice and there was little wind, I'd taken a punt and texted Auntie Alice to see if she wanted to go to the beach. She immiediately responded with a "YES!!". I went to collect her from her house in my old car - I'd recently passed my test and bought a cheap nondescript saloon for a few hundred pounds. We had decided to go to a beach near the city - it would take us an hour or so to get there, but it was unlikely we'd be spotted. I smiled broadly when she came out of her house - she was wearing a short, light blue dress with a pleated skirt. I could tell she had a swimsuit on under it and no bra - it was her tight blue, almost shiny, one-piece. My favourite. She was also carrying a holdall which seemed quite heavy. I wondered to myself what she might have brought, and my penis twitched in my shorts. She put the bag in the back seat, before getting into the car and giving me a wicked grin, "this is going to be so fun!" she said with a wink. My old car didn't have air conditioning, so the drive was hot and sweaty even with the windows open so Alice's loose long hair blew around, I could smell her sweet perfume in the whirling air. When we got to the beach it was 10:30 am - there were still a few parking spaces left but the car parking area was mostly full. Getting out of the car, I could see that there were families and individuals every ten feet or so along the sand - hundreds of people sunbathing, playing games and splashing around. Leaving our shoes in the car, Alice dragged the bag from the back seat and headed towards the sand, and I followed behind, taking a picnic blanket from the trunk. We found a clear spot and I spread the blanket. Alice sat down and eagerly unzipped the bag, but tried to stop me seeing what she had. I only made out lots of shiny vinyl items. She pulled out a large, neatly folded green square and tossed it to me - it was an 18 pocket air mat with transparent top and green base. "Blow that up for me please young man" she said, smiling. She began to blow up a white, pink, yellow and blue 24" beach ball, her large breasts heaving as she did so. I sat down to hide the swelling in my pants from passers by and began to blow the air mat, watching her from the corner of my eye as she inflated her ball. She beat me by a long shot - the ball had a much smaller volume than the mat. She playfully tossed the tightly inflated beach ball up and caught it in the still air, watching me finish the mat. Getting up, she turned to face me and placed the ball on the picnic blanket. Pressing her left foot into it to keep it in place, she pulled her dress off up over her head. It confirmed that she was wearing a tight blue swim suit - but not the one I'd fancied looked like Lara Croft's all those years ago. This one was actually very shiny, with the name "Realise" across her breasts. Almost exactly like Lara Croft's. My eyes widened and she grinned. "Do you like it?" she asked, twisting to pose, "Not too sexy for public I hope?" The back was mostly open, with straps across her shoulers and lower back, with a thong that left almost all of her curvy ass exposed. "I'm sure it'll be fine" I spluttered, awed by the stunning shiny sight. I could see around us that she'd just achieved the undivided attention of a good many dads, boyfriends and teenage kids from nearby groups. Along with some angry glares from wives and girlfriends! Fully aware that she was being watched, and loving every second of it, Alice rolled the ball about under her foot, the vinyl creaking against the blanket, and then rolled it to a clearer area of sand just in front. She placed it in front of her, then sloooowly sat down on it, making sure her beautiful round ass cheeks were pressing firmly into the sun-warmed vinyl. Putting her legs in front of her, slightly spread, she began to do various stretching exercises, bouncing gently as she did to as if to a silent workout video. Even more men were trying to sneakily watch her now as the ball gave off soft creaks of protest. I could feel eyes on me too... jealousy at being so close and able to watch her openly without fear of reproach I thought. By now the mattress was tight. Alice smiled and pulled her bag over to herself. She pulled out a shiny green item. I saw an orange wing and recognised it as the ride-on dragon we'd used when I was unwell. She also pulled out a pink triangle, which she tossed to me. Unfolding it I saw it was a hello kitty swim ring, about 80cm in diameter. I began to blow it up by mouth as she began to inflate the dragon, still perched on her stretched out beach ball. Plenty of people were stealing sneaky glances at her and she was playing it up for them - pursing her lips and heaving her breats, tantalisingly squeezing and testing the dragon's firmness with her fingers. It wasn't long before we had both finished our respective inflatables. The dragon had a few wrinkles at the muzzle and butt, and the ring was just a little wrinkly round the outside. "Now then", she said, "I think we should go for a swim. But we need to make sure you have the correct equipment on!" She dipped her hand into the bag and pulled out two orange rectangles. I looked around nervously - this could get a bit embarrasing! "Stand up and come here then" she said, beckoning me. I stood, pulling off my t-shirt, hoping my boner wouldn't show too much, not looking down, as if that would stop anyone else looking... I kneeled directly in front of her as she slid the water wing onto my right arm and leaned slowly forwards, gently puffing into the rear chamber first, then the front. I felt it tighten up nicely on my arm, and felt my erection twitch. Damn, definite tent doing on down there. I just knelt there as she blew up the other waterwing, trying to brazen it out. Once she'd blown both wings tightly, she got up off her ball, which was stuck to her ass. It flopped onto the sand behind her limply and she put it under the side of the blanket to stop it blowing away as it slowly regained its shape. She grabbed the pink swim ring and motioned me to stand up. "You can't wear your shorts to swim young man" she said, grinning. I was wearing my speedos under my shorts, but I also had a major erection going on. Facing her, to try and avoid as much attention on my crotch as possible, I whipped my shorts off. Alice opened her eyes in mock suprise at my bulge as I quickly stepped into the ring and pulled it up to groin level. She grabbed it at my sides and squeezed it, pretending to test its firmness - what she actually did was rub it up and down on my boner in front of a beach full of people. I could feel myself going bright red. I looked around tentatively, expecting my entire extended family and all of my friends to have arrived on the beach at once to see me wearing orange armbands and a big pink rubber ring over a raging boner. But nobody was paying much attention. A couple of guys were still transfixed by Alice's figure in her shiny swimsuit, but beyond a couple of glances nobody was looking at me. She took me by the hand and grabbed the dragon my one of its neck handles, and let me towards the water, swaying her hips beautifully. The water was beautifully cool as it splashed around my ankes when we walked in. When I was in up to my knees Alice stopped and placed the dragon in front of herself in the gentle waves. She spread her legs and shuffled it under her before sitting down with a creak of her swimsuit on the dragon's taut back. She began wrigging and bouncing to ride the dragon into deeper water, and I followed behind, watching her round ass bob against the tight warm vinyl. Lots of guys were watching us, mainly looking at her riding playfully in the gently bobbing sea but some were looking at me. I felt my cheeks burn as a group of teenagers laughed and pointed from further up the beach. I strode deeper behind Alice and dropped into the water, supported by the large swim ring which creaked against the undersides of my arm bands. Kicking my feet I followed her a little further out where she stopped and wiggled herself round on her sun-stretched tight dragon to face me. Her breasts were rubbing on the back of the dragon's head and I could see her stiff nipples through the tight shiny swimsuit. "Those cruel boys laughing at you" she said, "you can't help that you need to wear your inflatables" she added with a smile. "Come round the other side and I'll make it up to you". I swam around her sqeakily as she rotated her dragon parallel to the shore. The people on the beach could no longer clearly see me, since I was lower in the water than her on her rider. She indicated for me to lean back, and I floated with my weight on the ring, allowing my body to rise naturally. My boner popped above the surface like a periscope, trapped and straining in my speedos. She reached over, drawing us closer together. The ring bumped and squeaked against the front leg of the dragon. She reached bown and began carefully massaging my penis through the speedos, then after a few moments of gentle rubbing she got a better grip and started jerking more forcefully, splishing and splashing the water. Apart from using her arm that was away from the shore, she didn't try to hide what she was doing, looking around with a neutral expression on her face. With my head just past the front of her toy, I could see the eyes widen on a couple of those still watching. I was sure I saw one of the teenage lads mouth "awww, man!", which made me smile. A couple of the guys with family found they needed to cross their legs suddenly... The people sneakily trying to watch was a strange combination of incredibly embarassing and a turn-on... somehow heightened by Alice's expression, as if this were something that just needed to be done wherever necessary. I watched her breasts jiggle with the motion of her right arm, feeling the sway of the low waves and warm embrace of the vinyl, the water level tickled my balls as she rubbed away. Unfortunately, a group of kids came splashing into the water and started to swim out near us, so she stopped and I sank my lower body back down under the surface. Wiggling herself round, she paddled back towards the shore, giving me a glorious view of her ass and the tight wrinkle-free butt seam of the dragon. I followed her back, with the ring over my boner, as she dragged the rideon up the beach behind her by the wing back to our picnic blanket. She sqeakily laid down on the airmat and put the dragon beside her, patting its back to tell me to sit. Still wearing my ring and water wings, I sat down on the warm, wet and stretched dragon. There were a few creaks as the front of the ring pushed down the back of the dragon's neck. With the ring and my legs positioned the way they were, nobody could see my twitching erection. As I was looking down the beach, I jumped slightly as I felt Alice's hand slip under the ring from beside me. She was lying back with sunglasses on as if asleep, but she began gently fiddling with me through my speedos. From most angles it would look like her hand was on my thigh under the ring, but in reality she was easing my foreskin back and forth and ticking my tight balls. I straightened the leg nearest her, giving her better access and getting a creak from the dragon. This allowed her to slip my penis out over the waistband of my speedos as she gently wanked me, still hidden under the ring. I watched her breasts rise and fall in the tight glistening swimsuit, only the slightest motion of her forearm giving away what she was doing. I looked around and saw most people had gotten over the weird sight of a grown lad in a big pink swim ring and armbands. I could feel my blood pounding and began to get the tingling sensation that foreshadowed an imminent orgasm... In public, surrounded by people... Sensing I was close, she began varying her technique and speed, edging me closer and closer, until I went over the edge... I only made a small grunt and twitched a little as my load blasted into the bottom of the ring, onto the neck of the dragon and some spurted sideways at least a foot to splat onto the sand. She tickled a little more and withdrew her gooey fingers, wiping them gently on the blanket. Sitting up with a creak from her airmat, she winked at me. "Let's go somewhere a bit more private" she said, smiling. I quickly got up, getting my shorts back on even over my sticky and wet speedos. She examined the gloopy mess on the back of the dragon. "What a mess you made" she said as I discared the ring and wingas and pulled my t-shirt on. She stuffed the rings into her bag and folded up the blanket before pulling her dress back on - she was nearly completely dry. She picked up the beach ball and still sticky dragon as I collected the mat and ring. "I know a good place" she said, grinning. Nobody paid us much attention as we went back to the car. We stuffed the inflatables into the back and set off, Alice directing me along country roads away from the city until we got to a small layby. There was a small copse of trees beside it but nothing else but green and yellow fields for miles. She pulled the dragon and ball from the back of the car - my semen was drying onto it now. I grabbed the mattress and blanket and followed her through a rusty gate, past the trees to an empty grassy field. She put the blanket on the ground and the dragon on top of it, the ball behind the dragon. She whipped her dress off over her head and sat on the very back of the dragon, making it creak against the airmat. She leaned back onto the ball, and pulled the crotch of her swimsuit aside revealing her neatly trimmed patch of pubic haid and glistening pussy. "Come on then!" she said, impatiently. I didn't need to be asked twice. Whipping my shorts and t-shirt off, I yanked my already stiff penis out of the waistband of my speedos and jumped onto the back of the dragon with a squeal of tight vinyl. Lifting her legs around my waist she shuffled herself down onto me - I slipped inside with little resistance as she was so wet already. I began to thrust and bounce on the dragon and airmat as she immediately began to moan with pleasure. I bounced hard and thrust into her firmly, letting my lust take over. I grabbed at her shiny plastic coated breasts, warm and squashy. I tweaked her nipples as I thrust harder over her. She steadied herself with her hands, digging her fingernails into the mat, tightening and releasing her pussy on me. She was already orgasming, squeaking and panting in time with the creaks from the inflatables. I leaned back further to thrust harder and deeper, bouncing hard on the dragon to the wet slapping of our parts. BWUMPH!! With a sudden blast of warm air up my back, the seam between the dragon's head and back burst open along its length, dropping us both down to the mat... at the same time a series of cracks heralded Alice digging her nails through the tight airmat vinyl, producing a series of hisses. It pushed me over the edge, and I thrust myself forwards on top of her, slamming deep into her and pounding both our weight under the ball under her back, which immediately went with a POOOMPH! I spurted in her again and again as we lay on the rapidly deflating mattress, sinking onto the blanket. "Phew, that was quite something" she said, flushed, "I wonder what kind of day it'll be tomorrow..."
  7. Jenny’s heart started racing. She had volunteered to help set up an event for her friend, hoping she would get to blow up some balloons. She got what she wished. Her friend Myra had just asked who’d like to do it and Jenny immediately put herself forward. “Okay, great. Katie can help you.” She had said. Katie looks at the packet of balloons a little nervously. “Can someone else do it? I’m not very good at tying them.” She says. “You can just tie it off with string. Otherwise Jenny can help you. I’ve got to help set a stand up.” Myra leaves them to it. Jenny opens the packet and takes a red balloon out. Katie takes hers a little more hesitantly. Jenny quickly starts blowing it up. Katie stares at her and seems to forget she’s supposed to be helping. Jenny keeps blowing and soon it’s full. She exhales deeply and the neck starts expanding. Another breath fills it completely. “Stop, you’re going to pop it!” Says Katie, taking a step back. Jenny had almost forgotten she wasn’t supposed to be blowing it until it popped. She was so used to doing that now. She stops and quickly ties it. Jenny places it on the table and grabs another. “Are you going to help or do I have to blow them all up?” Jenny asks, putting a breath into hers. Katie slowly puts a small breath into her balloon. By the time it’s halfway full, Jenny had finished with hers. She stopped after the neck had begun to expand. Katie stops blowing hers long before it’s full and ties it off. Jenny’s balloons were more than twice the size of hers. Every so often, Jenny would blow one a little too big and Katie would tell her to stop. She started to enjoy making her nervous. Once she had asked Katie how big she thought the balloons could get. Katie’s eyes had widened in fear. “I could find out if you like.” Says Jenny after Katie didn’t reply. “No, please don’t. I hate it when they pop.” Katie says. They were coming to the end of the pack when a balloon Jenny was blowing suddenly burst. Katie had jumped so much that she’d let go of the balloon she was blowing. “Must of been defective. It wasn’t that tight.” Says Jenny. In truth, the neck had been pushing against Jenny’s lips. She didn’t intend to pop it but she was used to stronger balloons and thought it would take a bit more. She was blowing up another when Katie said. “Stop making them so big. You’re going to pop another one.” Jenny paused mid-breath. The neck was only halfway full. “I like them this big. They look so much nicer.” She blew hard again. “That’s enough now.” Katie says nervously. “A bit more.” Jenny replies with a long breath. The balloon grows tight. “That’s too big!” “Is it? I bet it’ll get even bigger.” Jenny continues blowing with little breaths to make the anticipation grow. “Stop it Jenny.” “Just a few more...” Jenny takes a deep breath, ready to finish it off when Myra returns. “You’ve blown that one a bit big, Jenny. Oh well. You might as well keep going now. You’ll never get it tied like that.” Says Myra. “Let’s see if you’re brave enough to pop it.” “No!” Katie bursts out. Myra turns to look at her. “Why not?” “I’m scared of them popping.” Katie admits, turning red. “You don’t have to watch if you don’t want to. It’s not that bad for you anyway, Jenny has it right in her face.” Jenny starts forcing more air into her balloon as fast as she can. Katie doesn’t have time to run away and puts her fingers in her ears. She cringes as Jenny struggles to get more air in. It was really tight and bulging now. Suddenly it explodes. It was loud. Really loud. Myra gives a little squeal. “Sorry, I didn’t realise it was going to be that loud. Let’s not pop any more.” Katie is close to tears but Jenny seems to be the only one to notice. Myra is inspecting the balloons. “Half of these are too small. It’ll look odd like that. We’ll have to blow them a bit bigger. I’ll leave you two to that. Try not to pop anymore though.” She leaves them to it. Jenny puts a hand on Katie’s arm. “Sorry, I won’t pop anymore, I promise. I’ll finish the rest of these if you want.” Jenny grabs one of Katie’s under-inflated balloons and undoes the knot. She glances at Katie briefly before blowing hard. Katie watches for a while but quickly starts backing away when Jenny doesn’t stop. She knows she shouldn’t, but Jenny can’t help herself. She keeps going until it explodes in her face. Katie jumps, then hurries away before Jenny can pop another. Jenny finishes topping up the other balloons without anymore “accidents”. It wasn’t as fun when no one was watching. She wished she had made Katie stay around. It was fun making her nervous. Jenny starts to form a plan. She wanted to do another blow to pop with Katie watching but wanted no distractions. Katie would need a lift home. She could offer to take her and pop one in the car. Or, even better, she could take Katie to her bedroom where she had much bigger balloons. That would be fun. But how to do it without making her suspicious? Later that day she finds the perfect opportunity. Katie is talking about how she’s ruined her dress and she had a party the next day and needed a replacement. “I’ve got a few dresses you could borrow.” Says Jenny. “You sure you wouldn’t mind?” Katie asks. “Not at all. I can take you back to mine on the way home so you can choose one.” “Thank you so much, you’re a life saver.” Everything goes according to plan. Katie is looking at all Jenny’s dresses when Jenny pulls a balloon out of her pocket. “How did this get in there? Must’ve been from the party. Might as well blow it up.” Jenny says causally. She puts in a big breath. Katie glances warily at her. She tries her best to ignore her but when It’s clear Jenny isn’t going to stop, Katie forgets all about the dress. “I think that’s big enough now.” Katie says, looking nervous. “Do you? I think it will get a bit bigger.” Jenny replies. The balloon was only a bit over rated size but Katie didn’t know that. She probably thought it was about to pop. Jenny blows in a big breath, making the neck grow a little. “Please, you’re making me nervous.” Says Katie. “A few more breaths won’t hurt.” Jenny tells her. She had never been in control like this before. Usually she was the scared one. All the other times, people had blown up balloons while she begged them to stop. It felt good now the roles had swapped. Jenny blows harder, quickly filling the neck up. “It’s getting really tight.” She says. “Stop it, it’s gonna pop!” Katie backs away but can’t escape as Jenny is guarding the door. “You’re right, I think it is.” Jenny hadn’t intended to pop it when she started, but now she wasn’t sure. She was feeling a rush now. Now I understand why all the others girls did this to me. She thinks, forcing another breath in. “Jenny, you’re scaring me.” “I’m a little scared too.” Says Jenny. It was true. Blow to pops still scared her. She still did it though. “Then stop.” Katie pleads. Jenny was completely turned on now. There was no way she was stopping. “No. I’m going to keep blowing until it explodes.” “Please, don’t.” She was starting to make Jenny feel bad. She knows exactly what Katie’s going through. She had to end it quick. “Be quiet or I’ll do it right in your face.” She commands, blowing hard again. The neck was pushing against Jenny’s lips. The body had gone rock hard. It was going to be loud. “Just stop, I’ll do anything.” Jenny grabs Katie with one hand and pushes her onto the bed. Jenny sits on her chest and leans down so the balloon touches her face. She blows hard. Katie looks like she’s about to cry. Jenny puts another breath in, trying to pop it quickly. It creaks but doesn’t burst. She can’t go through with this. Sophie would of, perhaps even Holly. But she couldn’t do it. Jenny lets the air out and helps Katie up. “Thank you.” Katie says in barely a whisper. Jenny notices she’s shaking. “I thought you were going to pop it. Why’d you stop?” The question completely surprises Jenny. “What do you mean? I thought you were going to cry. I couldn’t make myself do it.” Says Jenny. “I thought that’s why you did it. You realised I was scared of balloons, so you thought it would be fun to torture me with one. You wouldn’t be the first.” Katie says. “I did intend to. But I couldn’t go through with it. I used to be scared like you. Still am a little. I’ve had girls blow up balloons in my face till they popped. They never stopped like I did. That’s why I wanted to do it to you. It felt good.” “Well thanks for stopping. I don’t think I would’ve done if I was you. It must have felt so good to be in control for once.” “You could try it with me if you like. Here take the balloon. Blow it in my face until it bursts.” Jenny still wanted to see the balloon pop. Sure, she could do it on her own, but that wasn’t as fun. “I can’t. I’m way too scared.” Katie replies. “I’ll give you some ear muffs. I won’t have anything. I’ve actually never done it without ear protection before, so I’ll be scared as well.” Says Jenny. “I don’t know... It’ll still be hard for me.” “It’s either that, or I’ll blow this one back up. I won’t stop this time. Your choice. I want to see it pop.” Says Jenny. “I can try but I don’t think I’ll be able to.” “Well you know what’ll happen if you don’t. Oh yeah, if you cheat, I’m going to blow to pop a bigger balloon in your face. I have some huge ones.” Jenny imagines how scared Katie would get if she blew up a 24 inch or bigger. Jenny gives her a pair of ear muffs and the balloon she had just been blowing. “Come on, it’s not going to pop its self.” Says Jenny impatiently. Katie nervously puts it against her lips and blows in a small breath. “Do it fast. If you stop, I’ll pop another balloon.” Jenny reaches under the bed and grabs a balloon. She always keeps a few loose balloons there in case she finds herself in the mood. Katie blows a little faster when she sees Jenny has a balloon in her hands. Especially when Jenny begins to slowly stretch it. Katie stops just before it’s full and glances at her. “Don’t stop. It’s no where near full yet. Perhaps this’ll give you some encouragement.” Jenny starts filling her own balloon with her breath. “No, wait. I’ll do it. Stop blowing.” Katie puts in another breath. Jenny keeps her balloon at her lips but doesn’t blow. Katie’s breaths slow down as the neck begins to fill. Jenny starts blowing into hers again. “Stop, I’m trying, I promise.” Katie begs. Jenny doesn’t stop though. She ignores Katie’s pleads and keeps going until it’s about to pop. Then she stops. “Another breath and it’ll probably pop. You better get on with it before I grow impatient.” Says Jenny Katie closes her eyes and tries to finish it. She does quite well, blowing hard and fast. But then she makes the mistake of opening her eyes. When she sees how big it’s got, Katie stops and stares at it. “I can’t... it’s so big.” Jenny immediately blows a big breath into her balloon, expecting it to burst. It doesn’t. “You got lucky. I thought that would pop it.” Says Jenny. “You’ve got one more chance.” She takes a balloon clip from her bedside cabinet and seals off the balloon. “It’s so tight that it’s probably going to pop on it’s own. If you’re fast, you’ll pop yours before it goes. Then perhaps we’ll let the air out.” Jenny places the overinflated balloon on the bed in front of Katie. Katie stares at it, terrified. “Better get on with it. You don’t have long.” Jenny tells her. Katie manages another small breath but flinches when it creaks. Jenny places her nails on the tight balloon in front of her. “I will pop it if you don’t keep blowing.” Jenny loved watching Katie struggle. Making her blow one till it burst was even better than doing it herself. She’s not leaving till I’ve made her do it. I’m not giving up now. Jenny thinks. Katie has the balloon on her lips but won’t put anymore air in. Jenny digs her nails into her balloon. “No dont...” Katie starts but it’s too late. There’s a sharp crack as the balloon pops. Katie lets go of her balloon but Jenny manages to grab it. “You should of kept blowing.” Jenny starts putting her own breaths inside it. “I’ll do it this time. Please, stop.” Jenny wasn’t giving in this time. Katie was cowering in the corner by the time it explodes in Jenny’s face. Katie visibly jumps but doesn’t make a sound. “Perhaps a blow to pop was too hard for you to start with. Let’s try a sit to pop first.” Jenny pulls out another balloon and hands it to Katie. “You choose how big to make it. Remember, the bigger you blow it, the easier it’ll be to pop.” Jenny waits to see how big Katie decides to make it. She slowly blows it to rated size then stops. “I’d make it bigger than that. Unless you want a challenge of course.” Says Jenny. Katie puts two more breaths in, struggling with the last one. “It’s hard to blow.” She complains. “Oh yeah. Those ones get really tight. It can get bigger but will be really loud if it pops.” Katie immediately stops when she hears that and ties it off. Jenny rummages through her drawer and finds what she’s looking for; a fourteen inch balloon. “I’m going to keep blowing this until your balloons pops. Remember, no cheating. No nails. If you can’t do it, this’ll go bang. They’re loud as well. I’ve never done it without hearing protection so you better try hard.” Jenny blows hard. Katie just stares fearfully at her, so Jenny keeps blowing. Katie soon realises she has to hurry up. She sits on the balloon, making the neck form. It looks tight but won’t pop yet. Jenny has her balloon halfway full before Katie starts to bounce on hers. She’s no where near rough enough though, and it has little effect on the balloon. It doesn’t help that she’s on a bed. Every time she tries to pop it, the bed absorbs most of the force. Jenny realises her balloon is getting tight. She blew it past rated size without noticing. She starts to get a little nervous. Katie wasn’t going to be able to pop it in time. She was going to have to blow hers until it burst. Jenny didn’t intend this to happen. She thought Katie would’ve popped hers by now. She couldn’t give up either, not when she’s told Katie what would happen if she couldn’t do it. Jenny’s shaking by the time the neck’s full. These balloons were difficult for her to pop with ear protection. Without, it would be the hardest thing she’s done in ages. Katie was nervous too. She was trying her hardest now. The neck was shooting out with every bounce but it wouldn’t pop. Jenny slowly forces another breath in. She knew how loud the bang was going to be. I can’t show fear. She thinks, moving closer to Katie and exhaling hard. Katie squeals. “No, stop it! I’m trying but it won’t pop.” Jenny speeds up, wanting to get it over with. Katie had forgotten about her balloon now and was backing away. Jenny couldn’t look at her without feeling guilty, so she closes her eyes and pretends she’s not there. It bursts loudly making Jenny jump. It scares her so much that she doesn’t even notice Katie’s reaction. Jenny knew she couldn’t do that again. I’ll have to try something else. She thinks, shaking. She grabs the balloon that Katie failed to pop and puts it between Katie’s legs. “What’re you doing? No more, please.” “Helping you pop this.” Jenny sits on it, trying to pop it quickly before Katie realises she’s shaking. It takes three hard bounces before it finally pops. Katie still doesn’t make a sound. She just flinches silently. Jenny would have preferred her to scream. It’s as if she’s too scared to make a noise. “Please, no more balloons. I’m begging you.” Says Katie in a pitiful voice. “Okay then.” Jenny replies, coming up with an idea. “You’re not scared of beachballs, right?” She opens her wardrobe to reveal a tightly inflated 24 inch beachball. “What if I blew it until it bursts?” Jenny grabs it and carries it to where Katie was cowering in the corner. “What? You can’t do that, surely!” “Oh, I can. Just look how hard I blew it last night.” Jenny presses it against Katie. “That’s how I blow them normally. Want to find out how much bigger it’ll get?” “No, let me go.” “Too bad. I want to feel it burst in my arms. I love it when they rip in two with a loud bang.” When Jenny opens the valve, there’s a rush of air. Jenny quickly plugs it with her tongue and forces a breath in. It resists her but Jenny is able to get it in anyway. It was rock hard. Jenny had almost popped it last night. It was brand new and Jenny didn’t want to destroy it too soon. But she had got horny and couldn’t stop herself. The only reason it survived was because she had managed to climax in time. Another minute and it would have popped. Jenny lets it rest against Katie as she keeps making it tighter and tighter. She puts her arms around it, feeling it expand a little with every blow. She loved the challenge of blowing to pop inflatables. Each breath of air she pushed in was satisfying. It was hard work but the reward was worth it. Soon all the air she had put in would explode out with a bang. It’s harder than Jenny remembers. She hasn’t done a beachball blow to pop in a while. Usually she does it slowly and takes her time. Maybe that’s why it seems harder now she’s rushing. She’s forced to slow down. Each breath is a battle. Katie doesn’t even try to stop her now. She’s given up by the looks of it. Jenny wants her to start begging her to stop again, so she pushes it harder into her face while she blows. Katie can’t move now, even if she wanted to. Jenny has her trapped. “You ready?” Jenny asks, between breaths. “I’m surprised it hasn’t popped yet, but it will. I’m not giving up. Any moment now, one of my breaths will make it go bang.” Jenny is just thinking it must have a leak somewhere when it suddenly bursts with a bang. It makes her jump more than she usually does. The whole thing rips in two. The plastic completely stretched. The colours are all faded from how big she had blown it. Still not much reaction from Katie though. Jenny wanted her to scream. She decides there’s only one thing for it. Jenny pulls out a 24 inch balloon from under the bed. The deflated balloon was bigger than her hand. She puts it to her lips and says. “That was nothing. When this pops, the bang is deafening. It’ll be bigger than me when I’m done with it.” Jenny is just taking a deep breath, when Katie suddenly bursts into tears. Jenny drops the balloon. What have I done? She asks herself, feeling more guilty than she’s ever felt before. She didn’t mean to upset her like that. “Katie, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise you were that scared. I guess I’m used to girls acting like they’re scared when they aren’t. I’d forgotten how it used to make my feel. Well actually I didn’t, but I was being too selfish to care. I won’t pop anything else, I promise.” Jenny pulls Katie to her feet and hugs her tightly. “I’m sorry.” She says again. “I’m not usually like that. I don’t know what got into me. You should’ve stopped me.” “I tried.” Katie sobs. “I know. You should’ve hit me or something. I was being horrible.” Says Jenny. “I couldn’t do that.” “You’re too nice. I suppose I would’ve been the same. Once a girl did the same thing to me. I didn’t fight back either. But then she was a lot stronger than me.” “Did she stop?” Katie asks. “No. Another friend saved me. We remained friends though. She apologised after and I actually wanted her to do it again the next day.” “What, why?” “Umm, it’s complicated. How about I make you some hot chocolate and we can have a chat?” Jenny begins telling Katie about how her friend Winter had tortured her with balloons, over a hot chocolate. She tells her how it had somehow made her horny, even though she was terrified. “The next day, I intentionally left a balloon near her bed, hoping she would blow it up.” “Did she?” Katie asks. “Yeah. Not until it popped though. She saw I was scared and stopped. I was half hoping that she would keep going. Later that day, they went out and I was left alone with the balloons. I started experimenting with them and found myself getting really horny. My friend walked in on me while I was in a, um, compromising position. I was forced to explain that the balloons turned me on.” “What happened then?” Katie asks curiously. “She umm. She got me off while blowing a balloon in my face until it burst.” Says Jenny, a little embarrassed. “Wow. Bet you weren’t expecting that. Were you scared?” “Of course, but I wasn’t going to stop her was I? There’s more though. She started playing with my other friend. Just teasing really, but it got kinda hot. I accidentally orgasmed while watching.” “Bet that was embarrassing. Can’t blame you though. After everything that happened. Carry on, what happened next?” “They didn’t notice and Winter wanted to get me off again. She made my other friend blow a balloon slowly in my face until it burst. She even kept me from putting my fingers in my ears. Just before it popped, Winter got nervous herself and told my friend to finish it. She went and hid upstairs.” Says Jenny. “Really? She couldn’t even do it herself.” “She was nervous the whole time but wouldn’t admit it. She also hated not being in control. Me and my friend pretended to pop it and waited for Winter to return. We surprised her and I held her down while my friend started blowing balloons to burst in her face. We got her back for everything she did to me. She almost cried and I felt almost bad. That was the last time she popped a balloon near me. Actually she was really nice and made sure I wasn’t around if they did balloon popping races at parties and the like. I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed it, but was always too scared. Eventually I found another friend who was into popping balloons. She cured me of my fear.” Jenny finishes. “That’s such a good story. Now I understand why you did all that to me. You weren’t being mean. You just wanted to recreate that moment with your friend. Was you horny as well? I bet you were. If I wasn’t so scared, I’d let you do it again, but I don’t think I can. I wouldn’t blame you if you did it anyway though. At least now I know why you’re doing it.” “Don’t worry. I couldn’t make you go through that again.” Says Jenny. “You want to though, don’t you?” Katie asks. “Yes.” “Are you horny now?” Katie asks with a knowing look. “Perhaps a little.” Telling her story had made Jenny a little wet. She wished she could go back to that day and tell Winter how she had really felt.” “Do you still talk with that friend, Winter was it?” Katie asks. “I haven’t seen her in ages. We sort of lost touch.” “Ring her and invite her around. Then give her a balloon and ask her to pop it for you. See how she reacts. If she doesn’t do it, you know what to do.” “I can’t... it’s been too long.” “Just do it. You’ll both love it. I’m sure she hasn’t forgotten about you. Make sure you tell her everything you’ve told me.” “I don’t know... she might not even come.” “She will. From what you’ve said about her, I think she’ll be hear right away, no questions asked. I bet she pops that balloon without hesitation as well. Do it today while you’re in the mood. And let me know how it goes. I want to hear everything.” Katie gets up to leave. “Seriously, call her.” “Okay, I’ll try.” Says Jenny. “If you don’t, I’ll find her myself and tell her everything.” And with that, Katie leaves. Jenny grabs her phone and dials Winter. Katie was right about this. She should of done it earlier. Jenny waits, her heart in her mouth, while she waits for Winter to pick up. “Hello, is that Jenny?” Winter asks. “Yeah. Are you able to come round? There’s something I should have told you ages ago.”
  8. One day a Clara and Sophie went swimming in the local lake. It was a very nice day and Sophie took her inflatable boat with her. Because Sophie had a plan that they can be sunbathing without the top of the bikini because nobody will look at them when they will in the middle of the lake. Clara didn´t mind that somebody will see her but Sophie was very shy. So when they reach the lake they took the inflatable boat from the car and went to the beach. Sophie also took the water bag so their things will be in the safe. They strip down to the bikini and then they went to the water for a while to cool down her bodies. For a while of swimming, they reached the shore again and Sophie started inflating the boat. She didn't take the big pump so she used only a small foot pump. It wasn't so easy and it took much more time than she thought. Meanwhile, the Clara drop down her bikini top and she started to sunbath. Sophie envied Clara a little that she is not so shy as her. Her young sporty body attached the look of all men on the beach. Especially two young boys around eighteen years couldn't stop looking at her. Sophie was very glad that she has the boat fully inflated now and they can sail on the lake. But the boat was squeaking under them when they board it and sail to the water. "Oh, no. I think that I maybe inflated it too much. We need to let a little of air escape. Clara, can you please deflate the boat a little? The valve is behind you" said Sophie. "Ok," said Clara and unplugged the valve out a starts pressing it. The boat quickly loses the air and for a while was much softer. "That's enough!" Sophie said but Clara did she didn't hear her. "HEY stop it, Clara, I don't want to swim all the way back" and gently pushed the Clara while they both were laughing and fighting for the valve. Clara has the advantage that she was closer so she was pushing Sophie away while she was pinching the valve. "Ok, you got it, if you want!" Sophie said and starts tickling the Clara. Clara immediately let the valve and both of them were loudly laughing. "That's better," Sophie said and Clara plugged the valve back. "It wasn't fair, you cheated," said Clara and winked on Sophie. For a while of sailing, they were in the middle of the lake and Sophie could finally also get off the top of the bikini and they start applicating sunbathing cream on them. It was a very nice look at the two girls on the boat as they are helping each other to cover their whole bodies with the sunbathing cream. For some time they were sunbathing in the peace but then the Clara saw another boat which was heading into the middle of the lake. On the board were the two boys from the beach who had to see them as they are sunbathing half naked. Sophie wanted to start dressing up but the Clara said that it could be a coincidence. So they start sailing to the small isle on the far end of the lake. But when it was totally clear that the boys are following them, they covered their breasts and quickly sail to the island. Maybe the boys will not be following them. After they reached the shore and lay on the sand Clara and Sophie continue with the sunbathing. But for a while, they heard as someone sails to the next beach. They heard boat squeaking and the whispering voices and they knew that it's the boy's boat. "Hey! Go away and leave us alone," yelled Sophie. For a while, it was a quiet as the boys stop the moving. But then they again heard the noises. Sophie yelled at them again, but Clara stopped her: "this will not help. They are very young and their penises took control of their minds and they want to see the naked girls on real. The only one thing what we can do is give them they want", Clara loudly said. "What? I will not do the favour to them" Sophie said. But Clara starts whispering to Sophie's ear: "Don't worry I handle that and you meanwhile will pop their boat. They will not follow us then. Just wait for me near the shore ready to fast leave." Clara again started to talk loudly: " Ok guys, we will make a deal, come here." For a while was silence. "Oh you are such sweet boys, don't be afraid. We don't bite. Come here." So the boys sail to our beach. "What deal?": said one of the boys. "Well, I know that you will be hunting us because you are horny. I will help you with it. I will strip myself and allow you to look at me. And also touch me a little. Do you agree?" asked the Clara. The boys whispered to each other. "We agree," said the second one. They sail to the shore and stepped out of the boat. "Ok, I will strip myself but not here, I don't want to embarrass my friend, come with me." So Clara disappeared with the boys in the trees and Sophie was alone here with the boats. When she didn't hear any noise she quickly goes to the boy's boat. Sophie never tried to pop the inflatables. She thought that it's bad, but it must be done. She pushed her nails into the vinyl, but it was very hard. She tries hard but nothing happened. Her nails weren't so sharp. So she tried it with some rock but all which she found wasn't sharp enough too. The vinyl was protesting but still strong. Sophie was now under the pressure because time was running. She also tried the small stick but everything that she found break against the vinyl. She didn't want to do the boat unrepairable so she doesn't use the big branches, but maybe she will have to on the end. She also tried the bitting but without any effect. As the last option, she realized that she has on the bottom part of the bikini small belt with metal buckle. "It's only chance", said Sophie for herself. She checked that nobody is around and she stripped from the bikini. Then she pushed the sharp part of the buckle into the boat and after some pressure, the vinyl gives it up and with the "POP" sound the Sophie heard nice "Sssssss" sound. She was very excited and she starts poking more and more holes in the boat. Unfortunately, the air wasn't escaping fast enough, so she spread the legs and sit on the side of the boat. She feels the nice shivering of excitement. With nice "Sssssss" the boat was softer but still not enough. She did a new hole and by the pressure, she widened the hole by the buckle. The hissing sound was now more intense so she did a few more holes and widened them as the one before. "Now only to deflate it", she said for herself and again she sat on the boat with the spread legs. She started jumping a little bit on the boat. Something was weird on it. She was very excited and her kitty was now wet. "It's bad". This should not be exciting for me. It's just a toy filled with the air and she now remembered how as a younger girl she was inflating the toys with joy and pleasure. She was blowing the toys while she was pressing them on her body. She loved it. The hissing sound was magnificent for her. How the toys were getting the shapes while she or parents were inflating them. Or how they were losing the shapes when she had to deflate them? How could she forget it? The excitement was so intense that she now realized that she is touching of herself and she liked it. The first impulse was the warm vinyl on her kitty. When she started to jump on it stimulated her clitoris a little bit. Now she was pleasuring her kitty by the hand. She knew what her kitty wants. Only a few good touches and it will be over. Her warm body lay on the deflating child toy, which she popped. It was very bad and she was a bad girl. She couldn't hold it for much longer and she stars moan. She was imaging how some guy is thrusting into her because she is a bad girl and she needs to be punished for destroying his boat. It was a very nice orgasm for her. The boat was half-deflated and she quickened it by the opening and pressing of the valve. But the boat still had a lot of air inside. But she heard the voice of the Clara. She quickly packed their things and went to the boat. Clara runs towards her and quickly board on the boat. Sophie started to paddle out of the shore and giggle at the Clara. "Why are you so happy?" Clara asked. "Well, you were there a long time together so what did you do?" said Sophie. "Well let's just say that I couldn't let there the bad young guys without the woman's help," and she winked on Sophie, and started to wash her hands in the lake. "And what did you do?" asked Clara and pointed on Sophie, because she was completely naked. "Well, let' s just say that I found a new hobby in the popping of the toys", and she smiled on Clara. The boys came naked to the beach and when they found a half-deflated boat they quickly jumped in and started to paddle towards the girls. While the first one was paddling the second one was blowing the air into the boat. They started getting closer to the girl's boat and it almost looked that they will catch them but their weight was bigger than Sophie's and even if they switched the positions and the first one was now blowing the air into the boat they couldn't reach them. Their almost deflated boat hadn't the right friction as they were sinking under their weight. So finally they turned the boat back to the island to think about the new plan. "I don't think that we can let them alone, we should be merciful. What do you think?" asked Clara. "I have a ducktape in the car, so we can repair their boat.......and maybe pop it again," said Sophie. "But they should be pleasuring us before it............or after. And if they will be angry? We can still calm them down by having the sex with them. I have some condoms for any cases," said Clara. "We are such bad girls," said Sophie. When the girls took the ducktape from the car they headed back to the island.
  9. That evening everyone gathered for a big barbecue to celebrate the start of the holiday. I was on duty helping with the meat. Spirits were high, the good Italian wine was flowing and everyone was having a good time. Even the young cousins were getting along for a change. By 10pm, people were starting to break away from the group to go to bed. Tired out by the day's travel and having had a little too much wine in many cases, they needed to get some well earned shuteye. Feeling tired myself, I said my goodbyes and headed off to bed. The next morning it was unanimously decided to spend the day at the villa - hangovers had a hand in that decision for many. A few brave souls headed off in the minibus to get supplies for the day, but most went to the pool area to relax. Alice got my attention there and backoned me from the poolside. She was wearing flowery a skater cut dress, with a form fitting top showing a hint of cleavage and loose pleated knee length skirt, showing off her lower legs. She headed back to her apartment and I followed behind shortly. There was nobody else in the apartment, the other aunt was one of those who had gone to town. Alice led me into her room, where her suitcase was on her bed open. She'd removed a number of clothing items to reveal something at the bottom - I couldn't tell what it was, other than it had a lot of vinyl to it, and it was red and white. "I got this especially for the holiday" she said, grinning. "What is it?" I asked. "You'll see... but we need to find somewhere private. Can you think of anywhere?" I thought for a moment. There were the changing huts by the pool, but they were just small shacks offering little privacy for any more than changing. One outbuilding room was full of equipment... but what about that other locked one? Perhaps there was a key somehwere? I mentioned that to Alice and she giggled - "It's like a spy mission!" she said. I sensed that perhaps she hadn't quite sobered up after last night. She stuffed the red & white square of vinyl into a shoulder bag - which it filled to bulging - and followed me out. At the outbuilding with two doors, we entered the unlocked one unseen, thinking there may be a key in there. It was illuminated by a dusty window overlooking the pool area, and we could see the others outside, nobody sparing a glance at the outbuilding. It was bright enough to see that the floor was cluttered with junk and had sharp stones, screws, old bits of metal... not good for inflatable fun. However it revealed something that I hadn't noticed before - an internal door connecting this room to the locked one next door that couldn't be seen at a glance from outside due to a scabby old shelving unit. I tentatively tried to door... it seemed to be locked too, but then, with a crack, the handle moved. It was just seized up. I pushed the door a little, and it creaked, pushing something behind it away. I hoped it didn't knock something over with a clatter as the door scraped open. When I was sure the door was wide enough for us to get through, I slipped in followed closely by Alice. This room was much better. Like the other it was illuminated from the pool area by a square window, but this had a tatty lace curtain over it. The floor was cleaner too - clearly less frequented than the other room. Piled up in one corner were some old foam pool floats, a couple of plastic chairs and loungers with broken legs. There was either some plastic sheeting or old inflatables in that pile too I noticed. There was a variety of bits and bobs stored in an old sideboard, but the floor was otherwise cleanish terracotta tiles. "Perfect" said Alice. She grabbed a 6 foot by 4 foot rectangular foam float from the corner pile, placed it on the floor in the centre of the room, dusty side down, and sat down on it. She pulled the red & white vinyl out of her bag and began to unfold it. I saw a green eye printed on it, some fur patterning, a couple of paws, and a big white & red tail... puting the pieces together I quickly worked out that it was a huge fox inflatable ride on. "Wow," I said, "That's quite a size!" "Big enough for two" she said with a wide grin. Locating the body vale - near the butt I noted with a laugh - she began to blow into it. She waggled her finger at the head area as she puffed her cheeks out blowing, and I began looking for another valve there. The shiny red vinyl was incredibly pliable in the warm air, with a rubbery feel - different to a "normal" inflatable - but in a very good way! The smell was intoxicating as I found the valve on the head and began to blow. After a couple of minutes I was getting light headed, but the head was nicely inflated. Alice took her head away with a "phew! - the body and tail was about a third inflated I recokoned. I offered to take her place whilst she had a break, so she went to rummage through the pile of floats as I puffed again and again into the body. She found a couple of old lilos, but they were stained and seemed to be damaged, so she tossed them aside. Next she found an old armband - likewise tossed aside - and then she pulled out something else. It was green and transparent, the two visible valves yellowed with age. She unwrapped it a bit and found that it was a kids size chair - a square base with rounded corners and a simple horseshoe back. It didn't seem to be damaged and had been protected from the dust by the items on top, so she began to blow it up. Her breath frosted on the inside before the warm air of the room made it clear. It barely took her 30 seconds to inflate the base. The backrest didn't take any time at all. She held it out - it seemed to be holding air. It was only 16" or so wide, with a 7" deep base, a round baffle in the centre. As I continued to blow into the body of the fox - about two thirds done now - she put the little chair down on the floor, side on to me. Grinning at me, she squatted down over it, holding her arms in front of herself for balance, the hem of her dress bunching up on the backrest. Sweeping an arm under herself to gather her skirt and reveal the whole chair, she plopped backwards onto it. I flinched, half expecting a bang as her shapely ass tried to squeeze between the arms of the backrest that was nowhere near wide enough for an adult. The wrinkles along the seams of the base completely disappeared as the quivering vinyl stretched out beneath the weight. She lifted herself a little by pressing down onto the armrests and wiggled herself into the stretched out gap with a series of tortured squeaks. "It fits!" she announced, raising her hands in celebration and straightening out her legs so her full weight was on the fragile inflatable. Holding the chair against her ass, she half got up and turned 90 degrees so she was facing me as I blew. She plopped down again with another creak of protest from the chair. "Keep going, you're nearly there" she encouraged me as she sat. From here I could see the taut base of the chair to either side of her legs, the armrests pushed out past the seat edges by her ample butt. My boner was straining inside my shorts looking at her and feeling the fox I was blowing slowly firming up. She smiled sweetly and slowly opened her legs - pushing the armrests further out with a creak. Lifting the hem of her dress, I could see she was wearing her swimsuit high waisted bottoms as underpants. She waggled her crotch at me and slowly moved her hands up the insides of her thighs, stroking her legs. "Keep blowing my toy" she urged, as she stroked her right hand over her crotch. She leaned back on the chair with a squeak and started gently rubbing herself through her swimsuit, getting an "mmmm" from her as she watched me. I watched how she massaged herself through her soft swimsuit material, as she slowly rocked and masturbated on the little chair. I kept blowing into the fox, a combination of too much oxygen and the blood running to my crotch making me light headed. She kept watching me blow. "Good," she said, "Just a bit more..." The fox was getting firm now. There were still some wrinkles at the ends, but the legs and tail were standing proud and the body panels were smooth, shiny and bugling. "That'll do, it's got to take both of us remember!" she said with a smile as I put the stopper back in the fox. I put the fox rider squarely on the mat, and dizzily got up to inspect my handiwork. It was an undeniably cool inflatable. Three and a half feet long, without any hard plastic handles to get in the way, and the oval-baffled seating area between the tail and the head should be able to fit two in close company. Alice was the first to sit - she got up, leaving the limp chair to recover, and squatted over the back half of the fox. "Mmmm, the plastic is so warm and soft!" she said as she lowered herself. I stepped over, boner straining in my shorts, and sat down in front of her, placing my hands on the side of the foxes head. As I sat between her legs, she raised up since the pressure shifted, stroking her breasts against my back. She lauged at this and bouced, making me wobble up and down alternately. She gave a satisfied moan as the rubbery vinyl sqeaked against her swimsuit bottoms and the foam mat. She started to bounce more, and I bounced alternately, giving each other a boost and rubbing my cortch against the foxes back. The fox was rhythmically creaking as we went, she reached round me and stroked my solid penis through my shorts. I grunted with pleasure as she rubbed, and she was moaning quietly behind me. After a minute she suddenly got up, dropping me down on the stretched out toy. Stepping away from the fox, she reached under her dress and pulled her bottoms down, wiggling them down her legs and leaving them lying at the side of the mat. Keeping one hand up her dress, the skirt bunched about it, she continued to play with herself as she abruptly told me to get my shorts off. I quickly got up and kicked them away. Without a chance to remove my t-shirt, Alice pushed me back down onto the fox. I sat towards the tail end - the bouncy warm winyl against my bare ass felt spectacular, and my raging erection twitched forcefully. She stepped over me and crouched down. Her skirt covered everything, but I felt the warmth and wetness of her as she lowered herself. She wiggled a little and sighed as my penis slipped in with a sudden warmth engulfing me. I groaned with pleasure, extending my legs out so I could get deeper, putting my weight completely on the fox which squeaked and creaked under us. Alice becan to grind onto me, eyes closed, face flushed and biting her lower lip. I felt every movement and change of grip as she rode me, bouncing up and down, the fox vinyl squeaking and creaking. I reached round her and grabbed the ears of the fox, pulling the head back into her, drawing my face to her breasts which wobbled and bounced in her dress. Our sweat and her juces has slickened the vinyl under my balls and the vibration of the rubbing there enhanced the feeling building inside me. She was getting close, her bouncing becoming more irregular as she edged herself towards orgasm. Her pleasure enhanced mine, and I felt the tingling pressure building inside. She suddenly went over the edge, trying to keep quiet, mostly succeeding as she started to quiver and pulse. "Ooooh, God..." she mumbled as I felt her clamp on to me over and again, bringing me closer... and started to slow down to a stop. She sat, panting, with me still inside her. I was so close to finishing, I bounced a little... she put a hand on my shoulder... "Shh... still for now..." It took a great deal of control not to start bouncing and thrusting beneath her... my pleasure was starting to fade and and I needed to come! She unsteadily got up, kissing me on the forehead, my penis slickly springing free. She rubbed the back of her thigh as I sat dejectedly. Grabbing the kids chair, she urged me to get up. My shiny wet penis stood proud as I got up, leaving a sweaty patch on the foxes back. She put the chair on the mat beside the fox and dropped herself into it. It cracked and squealed beneath her. She lifted her skirt and, leaning back on the chair and into the fox, raised and spread her legs. "Come on then young man, your turn - my legs were cramping up on top!" I kneeled in front of her, my knees on the foam mat, and moved forwards, placing my hands on the foxes damp back, the vinyl pliable under my fingers. She reached down and tenderly guided my throbbing penis into her again, the warmth spectaular after it had cooled from moisure evaporating in the air. With a knee on each side of the little chair, I began thrusting and bucking into her. The chair creaked with each thrust, and I kept having to scrabble for purhcase with my knees against the mat. My balls bumped gainst the swollen base of the chair as I pushed in. She was leaning back further, pulling the attachments of the armreasts where they were welded to the base, and I was almost sitting and bouncing on it myself as I thrust and trapped it beneath us. I could feel my orgasm building again, the combined creaks and feelings of her and the inflatables driving me wild. I felt the orgasm coming, and put all my weight on her and the chair, my legs out behind me, as I let out a long groan of pleasure. I began to squirt into her... four powerful pulses of semen deep inside. "Mmm, good boy, good boy" she said, cradling my head against her breasts with her hands as the orgasm subisded. I slowly became aware of sinking down, a cold feeling of air escaping against my thigh. As I leaned back to sit up it made a soft comedic farting noise as Alice slowly lowered. "Oh... I think the little chair couldn't handle the pressure" she said as a little pool of semen leaked from her onto the bulging front of the chair. She got up, her legs quivering a little, and pulled on her swimsuit bottoms, not even wiping herself. I took a quick look at the floppy chair, wet with sweat, semen and juice, and saw a small tear where the armrest connected to the base on the right side. Alie picked it up and tossed it, still filthy, back onto the pile of floats in the corner. She smiled at me and the fox as she sorted her hair out. "I think we're going to have some fun with this guy" she said, patting the foxes head as she slipped out the door back into the other room, giving me a little wink as she left. I sat listening to the muffled sounds of people laughing, chatting and splashing in the pool, none the wiser to what had happened in the outbuilding... "Oh, I hope so..." I said to myself.
  10. Sophie and Jenny drive through an empty car park of a leisure centre. "When you said your friend had a pool, I didn't think it would be in a place like this. I imagined a small pool in the garden." Says Jenny when Sophie parks the car. "She's the manager of this leisure centre. They're doing repairs and maintenance and she's away. They aren't starting for a few days. She's given me permission to use the pool for the day. It's all set up, I think someone's coming tomorrow to shut it all off but we've got all day and night to enjoy it." Sophie explains. "Are we going to be alone?" Jenny asks. "Holly's already inside but other then her we've got the place to ourselves. Once I've locked the front door, anything goes. Can do whatever we want so long as we don't break anything." "I can't wait, let's go!" Jenny gets out the car. Sophie grabs the bags of balloons and follows her. "I've told Holly to blow up some inflatables but not to do anything else. I bet she'll be really horny when we get in." When they get through the front door, Jenny realised she hasn't got a swimsuit. "What I'm I gonna wear?" She asks. "Don't worry I've got you something. This way." Sophie takes her down some stairs and into the changing room. Jenny can already smell the chlorine. The smell brings back memories of her childhood when she used to go swimming a lot. "Here put this one." Sophie hands her a pink bathing suit from one of the lockers. "Come find me when you're ready." Jenny puts it on and goes to the toilet, knowing she's probably going to be in the pool awhile. When's she's done, she goes through a door that leads to a pool. The pool is laid out like a beach with fake stones and sand, the water lapping against the floor like waves. There's a slope that leads down to the deep end. On her left is the exit to some tubes and some stairs that disappear into the ceiling. Probably the entrance to the water shoots. Right at the back of the room is two hot tubs with the overflowing water falling into the pool like a water full. To the right the water follows a hidden passage under a bridge. Holly and Sophie are already in the water. Jenny goes to join them. The pool is full of different inflatables of various sizes. Holly is currently inflating a smallish beachball. It looks fairly tight but Holly doesn't seem to be stopping. She pauses when Jenny wades over. "Hi Jenny. Sophie made me blow all these up by myself. This is the last one." Says Holly before going back to the task at hand. "I'll show you around while Holly finishes that." Says Sophie. She takes Jenny to the stairs. "Come have a go at these. I'll race you down." Jenny follows her up the stairs. At the top there's three water slides. They all lead into a dark tunnel. Sophie stands next to the middle one. "Actually I've changed my mind, let's go together, it'll be more fun." She sits in the entrance and waits for Jenny. Jenny sits in front of her and Sophie grabs her waist and pushes off. Once they're round the first corner, all goes dark. "I want to do a blow to pop in here!" Shouts Sophie over the sound of rushing water. Before Jenny can reply, there's light at the end of the tunnel followed by a splash. Sophie gets out first and walks up a path. Jenny gets out and sees Holly, still blowing into the same beachball. She doesn't get a good look from here but it must be close to popping. When she catches up with Sophie, she says "do you think Holly's going to pop it?" "I don't think so."says Sophie glancing over her shoulder. "She's not as bad as me and knows you're still nervous. Up there are the hot tubs. We'll go in later. Go wait with Holly, I'm going to turn the jets on." Jenny goes back into the water and swims over to Holly. She puts a little breath in, either struggling with the pressure or simply taking her time. It's gotten incredibly tight and after a few moments, Jenny nervously says "it's going to pop if you're not carful." Aware that she hasn't got her ear plugs in. Holly puts another small breath in before answering. "It's fine, I'm sure it can take a little more. I like them tight." She pushes a bit more air in. Holly's definitely struggling. She's using her tongue and cheeks to push in the air, rather then her lungs. Jenny tries to think of a way to distract her when she sees Sophie coming back. The water jets are already on. Jenny must of been so focused on Holly that she didn't notice. Hopefully Sophie will stop her she thinks. Sophie jumps in and swims over. "I've got a few things to try. Jenny go grab some balloons from over there." She doesn't even seem to notice that Holly is still blowing. "What?" Asks Jenny not really listening. She glances at the beachball again. "The balloons. Go bring me some." Sophie repeats. "O-okay." Jenny replies nervously. And goes to take some balloons from the side of the pool. When she gets back Holly hasn't finished yet. Jenny gives Sophie the balloons and looks back to the beachball. Holly has one hand on the back of it, pushing it into her face. "Here Jenny, blow one of these up." Sophie hands her a balloon. Just as Jenny takes it, there's a loud boom. The sound echoing around the pool. Jenny visibly jumps but manages to keep back a squeal. Holly holds the broken beachball, it's ripped in two. "Whoops, must of got a bit carried away." She says. "Really?" Sophie asks. "You were blowing pretty hard, you must of known it was going to pop. I told Jenny you wasn't going to pop it." "You know I like them hard and I always blow a little too much when I'm horny. I guess after you made me inflate all these pool toys, I got a bit bored. At least I didn't do it on purpose in Jenny's face like you would have done." Holly teases. "I wouldn't do that! Well maybe I would come to think of it. There's a reason I made you blow everything up. If I had done it there wouldn't have been much left." "Exactly. I can control myself... Most of the time. Give me a balloon." Holly asks. Jenny gives her a nervous look. "Don't worry I'll make sure I don't get carried away this time. I will make it as big as it can possibly go though." Holly takes a 16 inch balloon from Sophie's hand. It's a light blue colour and damp from the pool. Holly doesn't even bother stretching it, and blows fast. Jenny starts getting nervous again when Holly doesn't slow down at all after rated size. It looks as if she is trying to blow to pop it as fast as possible. The neck comes out halfway but Holly doesn't seem to notice its overinflated. She's blowing as fast as when she started. Despite what she said about not popping it, Jenny puts her fingers in her ears. Her breaths short and rapid. The neck is full. It's definitely going to pop any second. Jenny doesn't know what to do. If she tries to swim off, it could pop while her ears are unprotected. She looks to Sophie for support. She's watching Holly intently but doesn't seem concerned about the imminent pop. Of course she wouldn't be. Sophie probably wants her to pop it. Finally Jenny can't take it anymore. "Stop!" She cries. Holly glances at her but keeps going. "Sophie make her stop, it's gonna pop!" Instead of stopping her, Sophie puts her hands on the balloon and whispers "keep going." In her ear. Holly puts another three breaths in before finally stopping. "Told you I would stop." She says. Holding shut the mouthpiece. "In fact I reckon it could get bigger than this. I want you to put another full breath into it. Then you'll know they don't pop easily." Jenny shakes her head, not wanting to risk it. "Do as she says." Sophie commands. "If you don't, I will. And I don't think I could just put one breath in..." Jenny knows if Sophie takes it, she definitely won't stop. Holly approaches her and pushes the balloon's neck against her mouth. Jenny puts in a small breath. There's a lot of resistance and Jenny thinks she can hear it creaking. "I said a full breath." Says Holly. "I'm not letting you stop until you've done it. If you keep putting in small breaths, it's definitely going to pop. Best to do one big one now and get it over with." Knowing there's no way out of it, Jenny takes a big breath but hesitates. If she can't do it, they will pop it somehow. At least if it bursts now she'll be in control. Jenny exhales hard. The neck pushes into her lips but she keeps going until there's no air left in her lungs. "Well done. Wasn't so hard was it." Holly takes the balloon off her and puts another breath in. "Wow it's getting tight. What should we do with it now?" "Pop it!" Says Sophie. "How should I do it?" Holly asks. "Keep blowing until it pops in my face." "Maybe I'll do that later, don't think Jenny will like that. I do want to see how big it'll go though." Holly puts another cheeky breath in, winking at Jenny before deflating it. Then she swims to the side of the pool and gets out. Holly walks to the water jet. It's a pipe that shoots water into the pool. Holly reaches up and places the balloon over the jet. It starts filling rapidly with water. Holly holds it as it starts getting heavy. She has it in her arms as the neck starts to fill. It suddenly explodes and water splashes everywhere. Holly jumps back into the pool and swims over to the packet of balloons on the side. She takes something and gets out. "Be back in a minute." She says then half walks half runs to the stairs leading to the water shoots. Sophie nudges Jenny, she turns and sees Sophie has a deflated balloon in her swimsuit with the neck sticking out of the top. "Mind blowing it up for me?" Sophie asks. "Umm sure." Jenny replies. She wades closer to her and puts her mouth around the neck. Sophie looks turned on already, she's breathing heavily and is shaking a little and Jenny knows it's not fear. She takes a deep breath and gets to work. It looks like a 14 inch balloon and is completely transparent. Jenny wonders if she chose that one purposely so she would see Sophie's body through it. The bigger she makes it, the more she can see through it. At first it makes her a little uncomfortable but as the balloon starts getting tight, Jenny starts getting horny herself. Most of the balloon is underwater as the neck starts getting bigger. Jenny knows Sophie won't let her stop until it's completely full and maybe not even then. She keeps going and only stops when the neck is touching her lips. "I don't suppose you will blow it until it pops?" Asks Sophie. Jenny shakes her head. "Didn't think so. Go see what Holly's up to. I'm going to finish this off if you can't." Sophie says before taking the overinflated neck and putting a breath into it. Jenny quickly swims off and goes up the stairs, looking for Holly. When she gets to the top there's no sign of her. There's a large balloon waiting to be blown up next to one of the shoots. Jenny decides to go down it. She pushes off the sides and enters the tunnel. She slides down and around the first bend, then hits something. It's Holly with a huge balloon in front of her. It completely fills all the space in the tunnel with no way around it. Holly looks around. "We're not getting down before this pops. Fingers in your ears Jenny this is going to be a loud one." Holly starts blowing. By the look of it, it's a 24 inch. The neck is pushed up against Holly's face. The balloon squeaks every time Holly moves. She keeps forcing air in, it must be getting hard to blow because there's no room for it to expand. Jenny puts her fingers in her ears. There's not a lot she can do. Holly keeps going for what seems like hours but the balloon doesn't look like it's getting any bigger. It must be so hard right now and Jenny would reach out and touch it if it wasn't going to explode at any second. Suddenly Holly takes a really deep breath. Jenny braces herself. Holly blows the final breath and the balloon explodes in front of her. Jenny screams. With no more blockage, they both slide down until they exit the tunnel with a splash. "There you are." Says Sophie, walking over to them. "Wondered what you two were doing. Jenny you have to try a blow to pop in your swimsuit. It feels so good. I know you won't do it with air, but how about with water? Follow me." Sophie jumps into the pool and swims to the other side, disappearing around a bend. "Go see what she wants. I'm going to do another blow to pop in that tube." Holly takes out a large airship shaped balloon from inside her swimsuit and runs back up the stairs. Jenny jumps in the pool, swimming over to where Sophie disappeared. She doesn't want to be anywhere near Holly when that balloon pops. She finds Sophie around a bend. The water flows around like a bending river and under a bridge. There are underwater jets that push the water around. "Come here, this should feel amazing." Sophie lets the water take her around another bend and comes to a stop under some fake leaves. She waits for Jenny. Jenny slowly approaches, not knowing what to expect. Sophie holds a large red uninflated balloon. A 24 inch by the looks of it. She puts it under Jenny's swimsuit, right above her left leg. The neck is just showing. Sophie gently pushes her against the wall and holds the end of the balloon to a water jet. Jenny feels the balloon getting bigger against her hip. It starts to grow wider and upwards. Soon the lower half of her swim costume is filled. The balloon is soft but expanding rapidly. The top half is getting bigger. There's no room left and it gets tight. Jenny gasps, it's getting harder to breathe but the warm latex feels so good. The neck starts to come out of her leg hole. It's getting fatter by the second. The top of the balloon starts bulging out of her swimsuit and into Jenny's face. Suddenly Sophie pushes her roughly into the wall, her body pressed up against hers. The balloon gets pushed into Jenny and she sighs into the balloon. Sophie is now thrusting into her, making the balloon expand and contract. It gets tighter and tighter before exploding with a snap. Water gets launched at her. Jenny squeals. "That felt really good. Can we do it again?" "Yeah maybe later, I want to do something else first. Would you try it with air next time? It's so much more satisfying." "I'm not sure, it sounds like fun but..." "You'll have ear plugs and we'll try smaller balloons first." "Okay. What are we doing next?" She asks. Sophie is just about to reply when there's a loud echoing boom. Holly must be finished with her balloon in the water tube. "I want to do some stuff with Holly but it's going to involve lots of popping." Sophie begins. "I can watch from a distance if you want." "Well things are going to get pretty intense. It'll be very hot if you're into watching two girls get intimate but I think you'd prefer having some fun on your own. I'll get you in the mood then you can finish off on your own while I entertain Holly." "I'm in the mood now." "Just wait till I'm finished. This'll cure your fear for good." Jenny swims after Sophie to the other side of the pool. Holly is lying on an air mattress in the shallow end of the pool. Sophie walks past her telling Holly she'll be back in a minute and goes through the door leading to the changing rooms. Jenny follows closely behind. Sophie rummages through a bag near the door and hands some ear plugs to Jenny. Then she leads her to the showers. "Put them in and take off your clothes." Sophie instructs. Jenny follows her orders without complaint, excited for whatever is coming next. Once her swimsuit is on the floor, Sophie gently pushes her into the corner of the room. "Sit down, spread your legs." Says Sophie, reaching into her swimming costume. She pulls out a piece of blue rubber. "Found a new brand of balloon online. These are supposed to be 16 inch but I can get them to 20 easily. They start off pretty thick. Really hard to pop them at rated size. But if you keep blowing they start to get thinner and thinner. By the time they're ready to pop, it's completely see-through and huge." Sophie lies down on her front with the balloon in between Jenny's legs. "Don't tell me to stop because I won't. I'm going to blow it up until it explodes and there's nothing you can do about it. After I'm done, I'll leave you with a couple more. You can do what you want with them but I'm hoping you'll at least overinflate them. Maybe take them all the way if you're horny enough, which you will be after this." Sophie starts blowing quickly without warning. She must do this a lot because Jenny has never seen someone fill up a balloon this quickly. Jenny closes her eyes and tries focusing on how good the latex feels between her legs and not how loud it'll pop. She might actually enjoy this. Sophie is pushing it into her pussy. She stops blowing for a moment, rubbing it against Jenny. "Keep blowing!" Shouts Jenny, wanting it to get tighter. Sophie starts putting air back into it. After a few minutes she slows right down. "Bigger!" Jenny cries. "It can't go much bigger than this. It's already bigger than I expected it to go." Jenny suddenly opens her eyes. The balloon is absolutely huge! Almost all the colour has gone from it and the neck is pushed against Sophie's lips. She didn't realise it had got this big. Jenny starts panicking. If only she'd kept her eyes closed, then she wouldn't know when it would pop. Now she can't take her eyes off it. Sophie started blowing again after Jenny told her to. Jenny wants to move but is too scared her movement will pop it. Sophie is just taking another big breath when there's an ear shattering bang. The balloon seems to instantly detonate, tiny shards flying everywhere. Jenny doesn't scream this time. She just lies there in shock. "There we go." Says Sophie. "Have some fun with these, make as much noise as you want. Don't hold anything back. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to fuck Holly. Hard. She won't know what hit her." And with that, Sophie leaves the room. Sophie goes back to the pool, looking for Holly. She's lying on a large beachball in the middle of the pool, halfway through inflating a balloon. She swims over to her, wondering what to do first. Let's get her down in the hottest way possible. She thinks. Sophie unplugs the valve and quickly puts her mouth around it, trying to stop the air from rushing out. The inflatable is already tight so this shouldn't take long. She takes a deep breath and starts blowing hard. Holly keeps inflating her balloon. It's only a small one but it is very tight. She struggles with it, trying to force more air in. The neck pushing into her lips makes it hard. Holly barely notices Sophie. There's a muffled bang from the showers followed by a moan. A few seconds later Holly's balloon bursts. Only then does she realise how hard the beachball is getting under her. She had blown it up enough earlier. Way more than any normal person would, even if they got carried away. Holly starts grinding against the tight vinyl. Sighing as she gets rougher. "Don't you dare cum! I want to finish you myself." Says Sophie. Holly slows down a bit. Putting her arms around the ball. It's definitely bulging out on one side. The vinyl is slightly discoloured where it's been stretched. The pressure inside must be getting very high but Sophie doesn't have any trouble blowing. Holly pushes her face into it, inhaling it's scent. Suddenly there's a bang and the whole thing tears beneath her. Holly falls face first into the pool. Sophie grabs her and pulls her out of the water and into her arms. Holly has barely recovered when Sophie's lips are around her mouth. The kiss is sloppy but intense. She's usually a lot better than this but she must be too horny today. Just as Holly starts getting into it there's a high pitched moan from the showers followed by a loud squeak. Sophie grabs the back of her swimsuit, trying to rip it off. She's struggling but still has her lips firmly attached to Holly's. As she finally gets it off, there's a loud bang. Jenny must of popped her balloon, either on purpose or she got carried away. Sophie doesn't react to it, she's too busy trying to strip off. Once they're both naked, Sophie pushes her towards the nearest wall. Still kissing her fiercely. She bends Holly over backwards and forces her legs apart. Holly closes her eyes and waits to see what Sophie will do next. She suddenly stops kissing and looks up. Holly turns around wondering what got her attention. Jenny is standing a few metres away watching. "Did you want something? Sophie asks her. "I, umm... I just came to get some more balloons." She says looking embarrassed. "Don't worry we'll take it somewhere else if you're not comfortable watching. Come on Holly, let's do it in the hot tubs." Sophie takes a step back, letting Holly up and grabs her hand. She gets out the pool and takes her to the hot tubs above the deep end. Jenny watches them climb the slope to the hot tubs. She gets in the pool, not really knowing what to do next. She can hear Holly begin to gasp from the other side of the pool. Wanting something else to focus on, she grabs a nearby beach ball. It's about the size of a 16 inch balloon and pretty firm. It can take some more air though and Jenny decides to top it up a bit. She opens the valve and the air rushes out with a hiss. She quickly put it in her mouth and blows. She has to fight it to get the air in, Holly had blown it up hard. After few breaths she's about to stop when there's a loud moan. She quickly exhales again trying to cover up the sounds. Again and again she blows. Jenny doesn't realise it's about to pop, she's still trying to take her mind off the primal screams. What is Sophie doing to her? Suddenly the beachball pops with a deep boom. She quickly looks around for something else to inflate but by the sound of it, Holly just came. Everything goes quiet for a few minutes. Jenny relaxes for a while, still exhausted from riding that balloon to pop. It had taken more that she thought possible. And that blow to pop was so scary, she only managed it because she was about to orgasm. Sophie calls out to her. "Come join us, and bring that packet of balloons." Jenny gets out the pool and finds the balloons. Jenny wonders if Sophie is going to do whatever she just did to Holly to her. She's not sure if she's ready for that. When she gets to the hot tub, Sophie takes the packet off her. "Come help us, we're gonna fill the tub up with balloons. Jenny gets in the warm water and sits opposite Holly. Sophie hands them all 12 inch balloons. And starts blowing one herself. They all inflated them to different sizes. Jenny blew hers until a small neck formed. Holly kept going until it touched her fingers and Sophie took it up to the point of bursting, stopping right before the bang. They filled the hot tub up with multicoloured balloons. Some of Sophie's overinflated balloons popped on their own. Jenny squealing every time one went off. There's only a few balloons left in the packet. Sophie takes one and stretches it. "I've got a game. We each put one breath into this balloon, then pass it onto the next person. The winner is the one to put in the last breath before it pops." "Sounds fun. What do you get if you win?" Holly asks. "One of the others makes you orgasm. I'll start." Sophie puts a big breath in and passes it to Holly. The balloon is still darkly coloured but has a slight green tint. After Holly's breath, it's Jenny's turn. She blows, not quite sure if she wants to win this game or not. Sophie puts her second breath in next. The colour getting lighter with each breath. Soon it's Jenny's turn again. Her breath takes it to rated size. Sophie starts to neck it, blowing slowly this time. Holly takes the neck to halfway full. Jenny hesitantly puts it in her mouth, the balloon is wet with saliva. She blows, making the neck come close to her lips. She carefully gives it to Sophie. This time Sophie blows really hard and fast, obviously hoping to pop it. It gets big but doesn't pop. Holly also puts in the biggest breath she can but has no success. When Jenny takes it again, there's barely anything to hold on to. It's so tight and she can feel a lot of resistance. Just as she's coming to the end of her breath, it suddenly bursts. Jenny manages to hold back a scream this time. "Well done. Now who's gonna make you cum? Think there could be another game out of this." Sophie takes out another balloon. "Just me and you this time Holly. Winner gets to play with Jenny." She wastes no time in putting in her first breath. Jenny nervously watches. Before long, Sophie is blowing into a fully necked balloon. Jenny isn't sure who she wants to win. Holly would probably be more gentle with her but she's more used to doing this sort of thing with Sophie. The balloon still stays strong and Sophie hands it to Holly. She puts in a breath but quickly hands it back to Sophie. Before Sophie takes it though, it unexpectedly pops. "You had the last breath. I can't wait to see this." Says Sophie. Holly looks nervous. She obviously isn't used to doing this with other girls. She gives Jenny a quick glance but doesn't move. "Come on, get on with it." Sophie says impatiently. Holly takes a deep breath and grabs the nearest balloon. It an overinflated red one. She moves over to Jenny and places it on her lap, gently sitting on it to stop it from moving. Holly starts to bounce. Hesitantly at first but it doesn't take long before she gets into it. It bursts, releasing air bubbles out the water. She quickly grabs another one and goes again. She goes through about ten balloons, some bursting straight away, some that lasted a while. It felt good but not enough to make her orgasm. "Try something else. Think about what I would do to you." Sophie advises. Holly puts another balloon in her lap but this time she wraps her legs around her tightly, pulling herself into Jenny. She half humps, half grinds. This definitely feels better. Still not quite enough to climax but good enough that she begins to sigh softly. Holly gets rough when it doesn't pop. Eventually it bursts and Holly quickly replaces it with another. She goes through five more balloons like this until she gives up. "Sophie go get me a beach ball and a 24 inch." Holly instructs. Sophie runs off to get the stuff while Holly grabs another balloon. When Sophie returns, Holly finishes the balloon with a quick thrust and replaces it with a tight beachball. It fits perfectly between Jenny's legs. "Start blowing that balloon. Make it big but not so big that it'll be easy to pop." As Sophie starts to inflate the 24 inch, Holly humps the beachball hard against Jenny. She keeps it up until the balloon is almost full. "Sophie have you got a pump?" "Think I got a bike pump somewhere. You want it?" She asks. "Yeah. Holly pants. Sophie ties off her balloon and goes to find the pump. By the time Sophie had returned, Holly looks exhausted. "We're almost done, I think. Sophie attach that to the beachball and start pumping." Sophie does what she says. The ball starts getting harder. Holly doesn't stop humping. "I could of done this by mouth you know." Says Sophie, still pumping. "I know but that would take too long." Holly pants. She slows down a bit as Jenny starts to moan. The beachball is getting harder beneath her, stretching more than usual because of the hot water. Jenny tenses up obviously about to orgasm. Oh no you don't. Thinks Holly and suddenly bounces hard, popping the ball with a loud bang. She then grabs the 24 inch balloon, placing it on top of Jenny. She starts bouncing and grinding again. The neck comes out a bit but not enough to pop it. "Give me a hand Sophie." Holly says. Sophie doesn't have to be asked twice. She climbs on top of Holly and together they force the balloon into Jenny. After a few minutes, it unexpectedly pops. Holly falls onto Jenny. She's too horny to be scared now. "Come on Holly, finish her off." Says Sophie. Running out of ideas, Holly grabs one of the last uninflated balloons and puts her fingers deep inside Jenny. She starts to blow hard into the balloon, directing it into Jenny's face. A few hot breaths later, Jenny is moaning loudly with a tightly inflated balloon in her face. It's so transparent that you could barely tell it used to be red. Holly isn't sure whether to keep going. She knows how scary Jenny finds blow to pops and she doesn't even have ear plugs. But she can't stop herself now. Holly pushes it even harder against Jenny. She knows it's cruel but when Sophie used to do this to her, it always made her cum. She forces one final breath in. There's a loud crack that echoes around the whole room. Jenny yells more out of pleasure than fear. After watching, Sophie made Holly do the same thing to her. They used the inflated balloons in the hottub. Untying them and adding more air until they popped. After her first orgasm, Sophie asked Jenny to do it. To her surprise, she did it without question. Blowing three balloons until they exploded in Sophie's face. They kept this up until they were all exhausted. They left the rest of the balloons for the cleaners the next day. "We'll have to do this again some time." Says Sophie. "Maybe find another unusual setting. Perhaps we could try it in public, the fear of getting caught would add to the pleasure." "I'd definitely be up for that." Says Holly. "I'll find a place and let you know."
  11. Anya suspected her new neighbour was a looner. The sweet young girl had moved in a few weeks ago. Her suspicion began at the party she started when moving in. There had been balloons everywhere; and not just the ordinary ones. There was a few columns of 16 inch balloons, tight and transparent. When Anya had gone round, the three smaller balloons on the door knocker had been inflated so big that one popped when she knocked. Inside, there was balloons tied to every wall, all blown with long, fat necks. A few uninflated ones were left around but to Anya's disappointment, no one blew them up. Her first thought when she walked in was 'Is this girl a looner?' But she convinced herself otherwise, thinking there could be many other reasons why the balloons were so big. Perhaps she was just careless, or wanted to get her money's worth. Most likely she just preferred them that way. Normal people can like a fully inflated balloon right? Doesn't mean there's anything more to it. Since that day, Anya watched out for any other signs and sure enough she found them, but perhaps that was just because she was looking so hard. The first sign was the fact that all the balloons at the party had been popped. Some were very loud so suggested that they were popped in other ways than just a pin. The second was that one evening there was a bang that sounded suspiciously like a balloon. Afterward Anya thought she heard a gasp or moan but couldn't be sure. The third was the other day when she saw a large beachball in the girl's lounge when she walked past. She also noticed a packet of opened balloons on a table but didn't have a proper look as she didn't want to be nosey. Now every time Anya hears the slightest squeak or muffled bang from next door she wonders if her suspicion was true after all. If only there was a way to know for sure... One morning Anya was out of coffee. She decided to go to the local coffee shop for a drink before work. Her shift started at midday so she'd have plenty of time. When she arrives, the first thing Anya notices is the balloons by the door. They weren't as big as she'd make them herself but they looked fresh and tight. Anya always finds herself examining balloons she finds in public. Suddenly she spots her neighbour sitting by the window. Right by the balloons. She wonders weather to say something. What was her name? Cindy. That was it. But she wasn't looking. Anya orders a coffee and sits a few seats behind Cindy. She was gazing out the window, perhaps looking at those balloons. Don't be silly. She tells herself. Just because you're obsessed with balloons doesn't mean everyone is. After a few minutes, Cindy gets up and leaves. On her way out, she brushes against the balloons. Did she do that on purpose? Surely not. Anya watches her leave. Cindy crosses the road and goes into a small party shop. I wonder what she's buying. When Anya's finished her coffee, she crosses the road and almost bumps into Cindy as she's coming out the shop. "Oh, Hi. Anya isn't it? You'll never guess what, I've come out without my credit card. Had enough change for a coffee but I've just gone to buy something and realised I must've forgot my card. Talk about embarrassing." "I can lend you some cash if you'd like." Says Anya. Cindy hesitates for a moment. "No don't worry, it wasn't important, thanks though. See you around." She continues off down the road. The next day, Anya finds herself at the coffee shop again. Cindy is sitting in the same place as yesterday. This time she notices Anya. "Hey, fancy seeing you here. Come sit with me if you want." "I'll be right with you." Anya orders herself a coffee and sits with Cindy. "Nice little place this, isn't it?" Says Cindy. "Come here every morning before work. You here often? Be nice to have a morning chat, get to know each other." "That would be great. I work nearby so come here from time to time." Anya replies. "I've got to go to work in a minute. Want to go for a drink tomorrow night? I'm new to the area so don't know anybody." "Yeah that sounds good. There's a quiet place near here that would be nice. Unless you fancied somewhere more lively?" "No that's fine. We'll talk more later, I've really got to get going now." Cindy finishes her drink and gets up. As she leaves, she brushes against the balloons once more. I've got to find out if she's a looner. Anya starts forming a plan. She rushes home and finds an unused balloon. She puts it in an envelope and writes. 'Blow me until I burst' Then she posts it through Cindy's door while she's out. After that she walks back into the village to go to work. That evening, she eagerly awaits Cindy's return. What will she do when she finds the balloon? Anya hears her come home. She waits in silence, listening for a bang. A few minutes later she hears what she's been waiting for. The bang is muffled by the walls but is surprisingly loud. Anya gets excited for a moment before realising it doesn't prove anything. She told her what to do with it. Anyone could follow her instructions, it doesn't mean she's a looner. She has to know what Cindy would do on her own. Suddenly an idea comes to her. The next morning Anya gets up early. She goes back to the coffee shop before Cindy has arrived. She places a limp balloon on the table where she usually sits and orders a drink for herself. Anya sits near the back. She has a good view of Cindy's table but shouldn't be seen. Suddenly Cindy appears at the door. Anya puts her head down, hoping she wasn't spotted. Cindy orders a coffee and sits at her usual spot. At first she doesn't seem to spot the balloon. She's halfway through her coffee when she slowly lowers it and hesitantly takes the balloon. She has a quick glance round then puts it to her lips. Anya is surprised at how fast she blows. Anya notices Cindy has an unusual way of holding the balloon. She makes an O with her finger and thumb with her palm facing outward. The neck soon starts filling, pushing into her hand. She holds it firmly against her lips, blowing it bigger and bigger until... She takes a big breath but hesitates. Cindy seems to remember where she is and doesn't finish it off. Instead she lets the air out and puts it in her pocket. She quickly finishes her coffee and leaves. I wish I could see what she does with it now. I would find somewhere quiet and keep blowing it until it pops. Lets find out how she reacts if someone else blows a balloon. That evening, Anya meets Cindy at the pub. It's especially quiet tonight, perfect for what she has planned. While Cindy orders the drinks, Anya quickly hides a balloon in between the menus at their table. She chose a spot in the corner where there was no one around. They start chatting. Anya waits patiently for the right time. After a few drinks, she decides to go for it. Cindy is talking about her last holiday when Anya pulls the balloon out. When she sees it, Cindy suddenly goes quiet. "Funny place to find a balloon." Says Anya as casually as she can. Cindy keeps a close eye on it as she stretches it. "Shall we see how big it'll go?" Anya asks. Cindy opens her mouth but closes it again. She seems nervous. Let's see how she reacts when I blow it a little too big. Anya blows fast at first but slows down as it nears its end. It's about to pop. I wonder if she'll say anything. Eventually Cindy clears her throat. "Umm, I don't think you should pop it here. Might get in trouble." Anya reluctantly takes it away from her lips. "True. You weren't scared were you?" "Not at all. I've done it loads of times. There was this one balloon..." Cindy trails off suddenly. "Go on." Anya encourages. "Umm, it just got really big is all." Cindy is definitely acting weird. Maybe I was right all along. "I like it when they're blown up tight. Hate it when people don't put enough air in." Says Anya. The drink was loosening her tongue, she's never talked about balloons with anyone else before. "Umm, yeah." Cindy suddenly changes the subject. Anya deflates the balloon and puts it in her pocket. A while later they walk home together. Anya decides to give it one more go. She takes out the balloon and starts blowing again. They both stop when the neck is full. Cindy watches intently. Anya pauses and glances at her. "Go on." Says Cindy in barely a whisper. She wants me to pop it! Anya excitedly starts blowing again and before long it pops. Cindy is looking right in her eye. Anya realises how horny she is. She takes another balloon out her pocket. She's about to blow herself but gives it to Cindy at the last second. Lets see what she does. She takes it hesitantly but as soon as it touches her lips, Cindy starts blowing hard. She doesn't slow down at all. Anya can't resist holding the balloon as Cindy makes it bigger and bigger. Much too soon it explodes. Anya wanted that moment to last forever. It was the first time she'd seen someone do a blow to pop. Anya starts walking again before things get out of hand. Cindy blowing that balloon had turned her on far more than she'd expected. When they arrive home, Cindy comes to her door and says a quick good bye. Then she hesitantly leans closer like she's about to kiss her but pulls back at the last second, looking nervous. Anya suddenly loses her self control. Lets just do it and see what happens. She grabs Cindy's hand and pulls her inside. She kicks off her shoes and leads Cindy to her bedroom. The bed is covered with balloons. Cindy gives her a shy glance. She has no idea what to do. I hope she's ready for this. Anya can't hold herself back any longer, and launches herself at Cindy. She gasps as they fall onto the bed. "Anya what are you...?" Anya silences her with her lips. At first Cindy just lies there stunned, but after a few seconds she starts kissing back. Anya places a balloon between their legs and starts humping it against her. She's much too rough and it soon pops. Anya detaches herself from Cindy's lips and begins to undress her. Cindy stares at her, wide eyed. She looks so innocent, she's never done this before. Anya thinks as she rips Cindy's clothes off. She starts furiously kissing her again. This time she slips a finger inside her. Cindy gasps. She wasn't expecting that. Lets see how long she'll last. Anya gets even rougher. Perhaps a little too rough but she can't help herself. Cindy begins to cry out, making Anya go at her even harder. It's not long before she lets out an even louder cry and arches her back in ecstasy. Anya puts another balloon between them and squeezes it against Cindy until it pops. She then lets Cindy get up. "That was amazing. What now? Do I do the same thing to you?" She asks. "If you're up to it." "Umm what do I do? Haven't done this before." Cindy asks awkwardly. "I could tell. Just do what comes naturally. You can't really go wrong." Cindy slowly comes over and places a hand between her legs. "Like this?" "You'll want to take my clothes off first." Eventually, Cindy gets the hang of it. She's so gentle though. "You can be rougher than that. You won't hurt me." As Anya feels like she's about to orgasm, she pulls Cindy closer to her and starts kissing. They roll off the bed and onto the balloons that were stuck between the bed and the wall. There's a bang as one pops beneath them. Cindy is so gentle that Anya has to hump and grind against her hand to get enough pressure. Luckily she only has short nails. Poor Cindy is stuck on the floor unable to move as Anya grinds against her until she finally orgasms. She helps Cindy up. "Sorry, I didn't hurt you did I?" "No I'm fine. Umm, how did you know about the balloon thing? Was it that obvious?" Cindy asks. "I recognised the signs. Wasn't sure at first but I took a risk and it payed off." "I thought I was the only one. Is it that common?" "Not really. There's a whole community online but you're the first I've seen in person. We can talk more tomorrow if you like but I need a lie down after that." "Okay, I better be going then." Says Cindy. "No, stay. Could have some more fun in the morning then. If you're up to it anyway." "Yes, okay. Can't believe we did that." "Nor can I." Says Anya. "Didn't plan it, it just happened." "You won't tell anyone will you?" "Of course not. This is our little secret." Anya pulls Cindy into her bed and they fall asleep amongst the balloons. -WildHeart
  12. A couple of days later I got a message in the morning from Alice - I was feeling much better, but still a little off - and she asked if my parents were out. They were both away at work, so within half an hour Alice was at the front door. She was wearing her long brown coat again, already wearing her little glasses with her hair back in the tight, professional bun. She had a backpack with her too, I speculated at what wonderous inflatable items it might contain... Almost as soon as she was in the door she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and dropped her coat to reveal the same incredibly tight glossy PVC nurses outfit. This time she was also wearing a pair of white tights with little red bows at the top, and red high-heels. I immediately felt my balls twitch. "I believe I left part of my uniform here last time?" she asked, falling right back into the stern-but-sexy nurse character. "You did, Nurse Alice" I said. I led her through to my bedroom. Her partially inflated beachball and little hat were stowed safely in my wardorbe. "Ah yes, and my seat. How could I have forgotten that" she said, placing the little hat on her head again to complete her outfit. "I think your... pager went off." "Yes, I remember now," she said, giving me a wink, "How is the patient today?" "Feeling better than I did, but I think there's been another build up..." "Ah, yes, I did say you would need more treatment. But first we need to see how healthy you are now in general." She put down her bag and unzipped it. She pulled out a couple of neatly folded beachballs, a larger green item and a large transparent item. She also pulled out a compact battery powered pump with a variety of nozzles. "Now then, I need to prepare the room" she said. She indicated for me to sit down. I chose to sit on the partially inflated yellow, orange and pink beachball she'd left last time. I placed it on the floor and began to lower myself down. The vinyl creaked as it tightened against my pyjama shorts and the floor. It felt good against my ass as the vinyl stretched and warmed. I sat with my legs crossed in front of me, all of my weight on the ball - my full testicles would be visible down one leg of my shorts and I'd already created a tent in them, but I chose to ignore that fact as I watched her. The large clear item turned out to be a 48" beachball with a colourful splat pattern, which seemed to take ages to inflate even with the loudly whirring electric pump. She kept me entertained by adopting various sexy poses as it took shape - bending over and crouching in ways that gave me good views of her glistening outfit, her cleavage and her sweet ass. I saw as she crouched that she was wearing no panties this time - I could see her neat dark pubic hair and the small pink nub of her clit. Once the ball was inflated, just leaving a few seam wrinkles, she picked up the green item and sat on the ball as if it was just another chair. The vinyl squeaked against her outfit as it deformed under her. Plugging the green item into her pump, she began to bounce with gentle squeaks on the large beachball as it took shape. It turned out to be a green dragon pool rider, with four legs and small orange wings jutting out from the side of its long neck. She inflated the body quite tightly, then the seperate two front legs. "Nearly there" she said with a smile. My mind was whirring and erection straining at the possibilities - how were we going to use these? She put the inflated dragon down on the floor and sat on it sideways with a creak of vinyl from the toy and her straining dress as she began to inflate the two other beachballs. These were 70cm - about 28", with glossy red, green, blue, yellow, orange and white panels. As it took shape it became apparent that there was something odd about them - they each had an odd loop of spare vinyl glued to them. Alice inflated them tight, so there were no seam wrinkles. I couldn't fathom what the loops were for until she had them both inflated. She got off the dragon and positioned the ball on the floor between her legs. The valve was pointing backwards and slightly upwards, the vinyl loop in front of her spanning over two panels... she sat down firmly, holding onto the loop, with a squeal of protest from the ball and her dress as it crumpled at her hips and stretched over her ass... she'd made two beachball space hoppers! My penis twitched... would they even be strong enough to bounce on? Alice looked at me and grinned, momentarily falling out of character as she gave a couple of experimental bounces with creaks and clicks from the ball. I tried to watch everything at once - her impressive cleavage trying to fight its way out of her dress, the beachball swelling and contracting beneath her, the beautiful crinkle and tighten of her outfit. "We need to see how your mobility is now" she said, regaining her composure. I got up from my beachball, it sticking between my ass cheeks befor flopping limply to the floor. "I would like you to start against the back wall and bounce over to the opposite wall and back. Oh, and of course you'll need to be undressed first. I'll hop along beside you to see how you're doing." She got off her ball, which was still tight but stretche out, and helped pull my t-shirt off over my head. I then let her pull my shorts down over my erection. As I stepped out of them, she unexpectedly cupped my tight balls in her warm hands. "Hmmm, yes, you will need one, possibly two treatments today." Now naked, with my boner swining free, I picked up my hopper beachball and took it to the back wall of my room. It was about 15 feet to the opposite wall. Alice took hers and placed it right beside me beside the wall. "Sit down please" she said, and watched me as I pressed my bare ass onto the firm beachball with a creak as it stretched against the wall. The vinyl it was made from was really soft and stretchy, and had been warmed by the pump - it felt beautiful. "Are you ready now?" Alice asked, looking me up and down as I sat. "Yes Nurse Alice, I'm ready." "Very good... now go!" With two great squeaks we both hopped forwards, the balls making a scuffing sound as they dragged across the carpet and creaking against ass and pvc as we dropped after the first bounce. I kept a reasonable proportion of my weight on my legs, fearing my ball would immediately burst. Alice had no such concerns, dropping full weight onto hers so that the ball itself put the spring into her next hop. I saw it swell out around her ass as she landed and began her next hop, her heels clopping against the floor. Next landing, I put more weight onto the ball... it gave a surprising bounce and didn't explode beneath me, but did give an almighty creak. "Good, that's it!" Alice said over the squeaky bounces. She bounced harder and began to overtake me as we were half way across the room... I marvelled at her beautiful shiny-clad ass as she bounced... the PVC wrinkled on the upstroke as her but returned to normal shape, then as she slammed down and the ball stretched out and quivered, so did her butt cheeks, straining against her little tight dress... she was really going for it, legs right out in front of the ball and heels thumping down. My rock hard dick flailed as I bounced harder to catch up, my balls being massaged by the vinyl each time I landed. I forgot all about preserving my ball and slammed down each hop to get enough bounce to keep up, jerking and tugging on the vinyl loop to drag the ball along under me. I didn't quite manage to catch her - she got to the opposite wall first and with two bounces turned around and began to come back. I saw her full breasts jiggle and wobble with each bounce as she pulled the ball along under herself, and I could see her fluffy parts through the loop between her spread knees on each up-bounce. She kept her expression of professional seriousness on her face - this was of course the proper medical process and no laughing matter! I reached the wall and turned in two bounces, almost falling over. Alice was way ahead, half way back already - but with each of her bounces I could hear a distinct PSST... PSST over the creaking, cracking and thumping. On one of my down strokes I saw what it was - the end cap of her ball with the valve pointing back at me had torn where two panels met. Each time she slammed down the hole widened towards the panels. Now as she hopped she plopped rather than bounced down, having to propel herself with her feet and getting a whap from the ball as it lost air. Out of frustration she gave an almighty leap - as she landed with her legs out in front the ball squealed and the hole reached the panel seam itself - instantly blowing out six inches along it with a WHOMPH! She landed with a thump on the floor that wobbled her ass, legs splayed out in front of her. "Oh, no, the equipment has broken!" she said, a little out of breath, "you keep going though!" As I bounced hard past her I saw she was rhythmically tugging on the loop of her flat ball between her legs and grinding herself against it and the floor. But disaster! I heard the PSST from my ball too! I was heavier so it was inevitable I suppose when I bounced so hard... but... my hiss was coming from beside the loop - I'd torn the panel it was glued to by tugging so fiercely. Without a seam to spread to the hole wasn't growing much, so with a softening ball I made it to the end wall. I hopped round to face back at Alice and sat, legs splayed, erection standing proud in front of me and arms up in celebration as I sank to the floor with a slow pssssss... after a few seconds my ass touched the floor as the dying ball flattened under my weight. "Very good young man," she said comfortingly, "your health is coming along nicely." She got to her feet, her burst beach ball stuck firmly to the vinyl of her dress. She didn't bother to pull it off, instead just walking over to me to help me up off my puddle of flat vinyl. As she came over I saw a dribble of clear fluid had trickled down her inner thigh. She reached to help me up, and when I rose I stood right against her. Her bouncing had made the skirt of her dress bunch up, so my erection brushed between her legs as I drew her to me. She was hot and wet... for a moment she pressed herself to me in an embrace, her tight warm vinyl dress feeling exquisite against my skin as she squashed her breasts up against me, tightening her thighs and squirming slightly to gently rub the head of my penis against her lips. She gave a quiet "mmmm" before pulling away and tugging the hem of her dress down, returning to character. "Now then," she said, "you've passed that test and your strength is returning, but we still have things to do". She rolled the 48" beachball to the centre of the room and, picking up the dragon ride on by the wing, placed it on top. "We need to check your balance." She said, indicating I should climb on top of the pile. With the big ball inflated as much as it was, I could barely even get on top even with Alice holding it steady. She unplugged the valve and with a whoosh the ball started to deflate - she'd removed the safety flap at some point so there was no need to squeeze. After ten seconds or so the well inflated dragon sat lower on the ball and I was able to climb on top with my toes just touching the ground over the front - but it was still a little unsteady and Alice held the handles on the sides of the dragon's neck to stop me falling off backwards. The warm dragon vinyl felt lovely, and it was very comfortable with its tubular body - my weight and the shape of the soft ball beneath made it bend and cup me like a saddle, so it's rear and tail tickled my back whilst the back of its head rested on my chest. "Now then young man, we need you to have a good bounce." She said, encouraging me by giving a small jump herself, jiggling her breasts against the dragon's snout which made the vinyl click. Since only my toes were on the ground, I needed to bounce by jerking my legs and body up and down, which set everything swaying, bucking, squeaking and creaking beneath me. The back of the dragon rubbed on my erection, but it was painful as the vinyl was a little sticky... "Nurse Alice, this is hurting my growth a bit..." I said, coyly. "Ah, we may need to adjust the equipment a little in that case" she said, and tipped me forwards a little by pulling the dragon's handles so I could just keep myself upright using my own feet. She moved round behind me and grabbed the dragon's main valve, which was protruding from one side of its butt. She pinched it and I sank lower with a psssssssssssss for a few seconds. She dug her nails into the dragon's backside to test it with a creak of vinyl. "Good, now to adjust the front..." she bent over her bag, giving me a beautiful view of her ass straining to burst out of the PVC, and pulled out the modified water wing she'd used on me so expertly earlier. She quickly inflated it with one breath in each chamber, testing it by creaking her fingers into the vinyl and slipping two in and out of the hole in the bottom. She deftly squirted lube into it and rubbed it around the entrance, making sure she gave me a good view when she did it. "Now, lean back on me," she said, positioning herself behind me, "I'll catch you." In order to lean on her I had to push myself backwards over the tipping point of the ball and dragon, and for a dreadful moment I thought she might let me fall, but she was there and hugged me against her warm pliable plastic clad breasts to steady me. As I had leaned back, my angry and quite sore erection was protruding between my belly and the dragon toy. She reached round, keeping me steady in her arms, and gently eased the water wing onto my cock. As before, the lubed and mildly textured vinyl felt beautiful. This time she gently pushed it all the way on, before heaving me forwards again. This trapped the water wing, with my penis in it, between my belly and the dragon. She positioned herself at the front, taking hold of the handles on the toy's neck again, and encouraged me to bounce. This time the motion slid my rock hard penis around inside the slippery water wing... I groaned as the tight plastic massage sent waves of pleasure up and down my body. She kept having to tug and pull on the handles to steady me, and the dragon's head bounced and rubbed on her breasts, making her nipples stiff and proud, but other than that she let me continue, cooing encouragingly - "Good, that's right... Have a good bounce and rock on the apparatus... Well done. Keep going..." I was moaning to myself with the intense pleasure of the tight hole as it rubbed and tickled me... it was only a couple of minutes before I felt the tingling in my thighs... "Oooh, Nurse Alice, I think my growth is going to burst inside your apparatus..." I moaned. "That's a good sign, it is part of the treatment... good boy... keep going..." she said encouragingly, wiggling the handles to move me more. The powerful orgasm twitched my body as I jerked up and down creaking and squealing the warm, sweaty vinyl supporting me. I felt the hot flood of cum on the head of my penis as I spurted repeatedly. After a few seconds I stopped rocking, enjoying the sensations of the fading orgasm. "Very good, very good," said Alice, "you probably need a rest before the next session." She helped me get unsteadily off the ball and dragon - the water wing flopped to the carpet, a blob of semen oozing slowly out if it - and helped me over to the still half deflated yellow, orange and pink 24" ball. Lowering me to the floor onto it with a squeak of vinyl, she turned back to face the dragon and ball which had slumped over without anyone supporting them. She picked the dragon up by the wing again and placed it back atop the ball. "I just need to check the equipment whilst you rest" she stated, and tried to climb on - but she couldn't mount the pile, so she popped the stopper out of the beachball, bending over it to press some more sit out, giving me a beautiful view of the light playing on her curves in the PVC dress. After about ten seconds she decided that the ball was deflated enough. She put the dragon back on top, hitched her dress up a bit and flung her leg over the ball and dragon. She dropped quite hard and I thought she might tip over backwards, but by holding her legs straight out she regained her balance and rolled forwards into a safe position. She sat astride the dragon holding the handles, little wings on each side of her shiny tummy. As the ball was deflated more, the dragon was like a saddle for her too. Since she had pulled her dress up I could see the bottom of her ass cheeks pressing into the vinyl that was still damp from my sweat. She began to grind and bounce hard, the vinyl creaking and squeaking against itself and her dress. Each bounce the back of the dragon's head bopped off her jiggling breasts, the tail tapped at her back, and her heels thudded against the floor. Her cheeks were flushed with effort and pleasure as she rubbed herself against the dragon - it was a beautiful sight that had my boner straining again in no time. I idly played with myself, balls bouncing from my beachball seat, as Alice roughly rode with a squealing and creaking of inflatables and PVC. She was groaning now, getting close to orgasm... but she stopped before she got herself off completely. "Now then," she panted, "let's finish your treatment." She took the dragon from the ball, glistening with sweat and fluids, and put it on the floor. Taking me by the hand, she sat me down on it facing the front. She pushed my legs down so the toy was supporting me completely, before stepping over and squeezing herself down between the dragon's neck and me, squeaking the back of her dress down the toy. She gently eased my erection into herself with a beautiful warm slick feeling, and stuck her legs out behind with a creeeeak of vinyl. She began to bounce on me... it felt amazing, she was so wet and tight as she clamped down on me... she was so ready she began to orgasm almost immediately. I reached round her to hold the dragon's handles and pull her plastic clad body into me, her warm breasts with stiff nipples rubbing on my chest. The seams of the overloaded dragon were stretched and smooth - I didn't think it could take much of this... but neither could I! Alice was moaning deeply and shuddering, the wobbling of her on me jerking my entire body against the dragon. I quickly felt my balls twitch and muscles contract and within moment was blowing my load in her with a hearty grunt of pleasure. We both slowly wiggled to a stop, hearing each other's breathing and a faint hissssss from somewhere on the dragon. "Your treatment is going very well. You are a good patient!" Alice said, unsteadily getting up off me and pulling the hem of her dress back into place as some semen and juice ran down her thigh onto her stocking. "Thank you Nurse Alice," I said, "I only want my treatment to go well so I can get better." Very good. We will still need another session of treatment though... and I have some equipment to repair. She pointed at the two flat hopper beach balls and the dragon, gently hissing from a torn seam under the chin. "I think we can arrange an appointment for tomorrow..."
  13. Jenny arrives at the cabin. Sophie told her to meet there at 12. She said that she had something special planned. It's been three weeks since they had all met at the cabin and Jenny did her first ever blow to pop. She had been practicing ever since but it still wasn't easy for her and couldn't always manage it. But every since that day, all her balloons were inflated until they were fully necked. Sophie can't have arrived yet but the door was open slightly. Jenny gets out her car and goes to investigate. All is quiet, but Jenny notices that there's a compressor next to the sofa. She walks over to it and realises that the end is attached to an inflatable arm band. On the sofa is a few inflatables and balloons in a line. The first one is another arm band, the second one in line is a swim ring followed by a smallish beachball, then a much larger one. After the inflatables there's what looks like a 12 inch balloon and a few more larger ones next to it. On a small table nearby there's a pair of ear plugs and an open packet of balloons. Jenny sits on the sofa and waits. There's no sign of Sophie so she tries ringing her. No answer. Getting bored, she picks up the armband that's attached to the compressor. She gently squeezes the trigger and there's a loud hiss as the air rushes in. She stops when it's full. Looking again at the line of inflatables she wonders if this is some sort of test. Jenny feels the arm band, it still has some give so she pulls the trigger again making it get a little tighter. There's a few wrinkles and she adds a little more air. It's gotten quite hard now but Jenny can't resist making it a bit bigger. She tries calling Sophie again but has no success. Jenny pulls the trigger on the compressor yet again, making the arm band get incredibly hard. After a few seconds she does it again. The vinyl feels more like rigid plastic than an inflatable toy. Jenny can't believe it got this tight without the seam ripping. As there's no sign of Sophie and wanting to find out how much more air it can take she decides to pop it. Jenny gently pulls the trigger, only letting the air in slowly. But after a few seconds she stops, realising how loud it's going to be when it goes. Jenny goes and gets the ear plugs and puts them in before inflating the arm band again. It bulges and gets bigger and rounder. Jenny keeps going, amazed by how big it it until it suddenly goes BANG! Making her jump. The vinyl has ripped, leaving a gaping hole. Jenny realises the other side is still intact and puts the other valve on the compressor. This time she doesn't hesitate and holds the trigger, making it inflate rapidly, bulging for a second before exploding. Slightly disappointed at how quick it was over, Jenny takes the arm band off the compressor. She grabs the other arm band, putting her lips around the valve and blowing hard. She keeps going, hoping to pop it by mouth but it's too hard to get anymore air in. She plugs the valve and attaches the compressor to the other side. She inflates it slower this time, putting her hand inside and feeling the sides close around her fingers. She imagines how good it must feel for a guy to put his dick inside. The vinyl walls start to push firmly against her hand as it starts to bulge but she keeps going. It's not long before there's a loud bang. Jenny sighs in pleasure and immediately attaches the hose the the other side. This time she puts the already tight inflatable in her jeans, struggling to force it in. Then she slowly lets the air in, feeling it get even tighter against her. Jeany closes her eyes and leans back as the arm band gets bigger and bigger. She feels it bulge, pushing hard into her pussy. She slows the inflation so much it's almost stopped so it'll last as long as possible. Time seems to slow down as Jenny waits for the pop. It finally bursts, the air rushing out instantly. Jenny lets out something that was half moan half scream. After recovering from her state of euphoria, Jenny looks for something else to pop. A beachball. Wasting no time, she grabs it and starts filling it with her warm breath. It isn't too big and before long she's filled it to the size normal people would stop at. But of course Jenny isn't a normal person; she carries on going until it's so hard that she can't blow anymore. Jenny then plugs the valve, looking at how tight and shiny the ball has got. Next in line is a swim ring. She puts the beachball to one side to use later and grabs the ring. Jenny is aroused and wants another bang. She attaches the compressor to the ring and sits on it. The trigger is pulled and the inflatable fills rapidly with air. It starts lifting Jenny as it gets bigger and bigger, bulging at the sides. Jenny runs a finger along the side of the ring, making it squeak. With an incredibly loud bang, the inflatable rips in two, making Jenny fall onto the sofa. She is ready to orgasm but wants to wait for Sophie so she decides to calm down a bit. Jenny takes the large beachball and lays on her back. She takes a deep breath and starts to blow. After a long time of blowing it's almost full. When Jenny feels some resistance, she starts to get excited again. After a few more breaths, she sits up and keeps blowing hard, pushing the beachball into the sofa. Jenny puts her arms around it, still breathing heavily into the ball. It's mostly transparent and she can see her breath condescending inside, water droplets running down the tight vinyl. Eventually she makes herself stop before she pops it. She manages to close the valve without losing too much air. Then she carries it over to the corner of the room, throwing herself onto it and starts grinding against it. Soon she strips off her clothes so she can feel the overinflated beachball against her skin. Jenny goes back to grinding but something is missing. She goes and gets the beachball that she blow up earlier and starts humping that against the bigger one. That's much better. She thinks sighing in pleasure. After a minute or so, Jenny wants more. She brings over the compressor. "I hope you don't mind me popping everything Sophie, but I can't stop myself." Jenny opens the valve on the smaller beachball and sticks the compressor in. She then climbs on top of the large beachball, putting the smaller underneath her. She pushes her hips against it, letting the ball support her whole body. Then she pulls the trigger on the compressor. The next few seconds turn her on more that anything else that day. She starts rising as the beachball gets way bigger than it was designed. Jenny can feel it bulge outward. It seems to get warmer as it stretches tightly against her skin. It's impossibly hard, like it's completely solid. Jenny closes her eyes. She knows it's going to be loud, even louder than the swim ring. Any second now... Why isn't it popping? The pressure inside must be immense. Just when she's about to give up, there's a deep boom and the beachball explodes underneath her. Jenny falls over, taking a few moments to recover. She has a closer look at the beachball. It has a huge rip down the middle and the whole thing has been stretched thin. Jenny notices some sort of glue or resin along the seams. Sophie must have reinforced them. Jenny is just about to go back to riding the beachball when she sees something on the other side of the room. It's a light blue coloured, transparent plastic. She picks it up and realises it's an inflatable dolphin. Jenny has always wanted one of these but never got round to actually buying one. Nearby there's an electric pump. Jenny can't wait to blow it up by mouth, so she uses the pump until it's nearly full. She finishes it by mouth, blowing it until it's nice and firm. She carries it to the front of the sofa and is about to ride it when she notices that the flipper on the end isn't inflated. She gets the compressor and inflates it until it looks like it about to burst, then adds a little more air. She climbs on and begins to ride it hard. Then Jenny grabs one of the balloons from the sofa. She blows into it while still grinding agains her inflatable. By the time the balloon is full, Jenny feels ready to orgasm. Just a little longer... She thinks and exhales into the balloon, making the neck start to inflate. As it grows steadily towards her lips, she grinds harder against the inflatable. The neck reaches her lips, gently pushing into them. Jenny blows hard again. Suddenly the end of the neck bulges. Jenny hesitates, getting nervous but the squeaks underneath her are driving her wild. She can't stop now. Jenny lies on her front, loving the tight vinyl under her and the bulging latex around her mouth. She inhales through her nose and blows hard. The balloon just grows firmer. Jenny takes another deep breath, taking in as much air as she possibly can and forces it all into the balloon. At the same time she thrusts her hips hard into the inflatable. BANG! The balloon explodes in her face and Jenny lets out a moan so loud it would have been heard by anyone taking a walk in the forest. The orgasm is so powerful, Jenny feels like she's about to pass out. She lies on the inflatable whale for a few minutes, rubbing her face along the smooth vinyl. Suddenly the front door opens and Sophie walks in, a wet patch on the front of her jeans. "Sophie..." Says Jenny, sitting up still completely naked. "That was the hottest thing I've seen in a long time." Sophie replies "You were watching?" Asks Jenny, still recovering. Sophie nods. "I saw everything through a hidden camera. I wanted to see what you would do. I was hoping you'd pop stuff, looks like you're over your fear." "Well, I wouldn't say that. Still scares me." "Really? What would you do if I gave you this?" Sophie grabs a 16 inch balloon from the sofa and starts stretching it. Jenny starts getting nervous. She hasn't blown one of these to pop before. Sophie walks over to her and puts the balloon in Jenny's mouth. Then she picks up the dolphin. "I think you know what to do." Sophie lies on her back on the sofa and places the inflatable on top of her. Jenny hesitates, the balloon still in her mouth. "What you waiting for?" Says Sophie. Jenny climbs on, supporting herself with her legs. She puts her arms beside Sophie and starts to slowly hump the inflatable. "Use your whole weight, stop holding back now that I'm here! Do what you did earlier, as hard as you can." Sophie tells her. Jenny lifts up her legs, and starts thrusting the toy against Sophie. "That's better. Now start blowing and don't stop!" Jenny blows into the balloon. It has a dark blue colour. She keeps going making the colour lighter with every breath. Soon it's a transparent aqua. Jenny shuffles forward and leans over the inflatable, the balloon dangling above Sophie. Jenny keeps going past rated size, the balloon almost touching Sophie's face. It inches closer as the neck begins to fill. When it reaches Jenny's lips she stops. "Why'd you stop?" Sophie asks. "I'm scared. And I don't think I could hold it much longer, it's so tight!" "Hold on." Sophie sighs. She wriggles out from under the inflatable and walks to a drawer nearby. She searches for something then comes back. "Here we go, gimme that," Sophie takes the balloon off Jenny and attaches a valve to it. "There, now there's no excuses. You just have to keep blowing until you hear a bang. You can't even let the air out." Sophie goes back under the dolphin. Jenny nervously resumes inflating. It's much easier with the valve. After a few more breaths the balloon is pushing against Sophie's face. Jenny doesn't stop and makes it tighter and tighter. How isn't she scared? Jenny thinks. She closes her eyes so the size of the balloon doesn't scare her and rides hard against Sophie, still blowing. After a while she opens her eyes to see how big it is. The balloon is pressed against Sophie. Surely it can't take much more. After a few more hard breaths it finally pops. Jenny screams but Sophie barely flinches. However by the look and sound of it, she's orgasmed. Jenny gets off. "That was amazing. Can I take some of those balloons home?" She asks. "Yeah. We aren't done yet though. I have a friend that owns a pool, she's away and says we can use it. Grab some of those balloons, there's more inflatables waiting for us there. We can leave the rest for Holly next time she's here." "Are we leaving right away?" Asks Jenny. "Yes, you probably want to put some clothes on." -wildheart107
  14. "What's this?" she asked as she pulled something from under my bed. She'd been helping with the housework, and was putting some laundry away when she spotted a piece of stray pvc. "Some kind of plastic thing... an inflatable toy!" she said in surprise, starting to unfold it with the crinkle of vinyl. "A dragon of some kind..." she'd unfurled it from the balled up state I'd been keeping it in. "Aren't you a bit old for this inflatable now?" she said disapprovingly, "Surely it would just burst right away if you sat on it, a big boy like you?" She checked it over, quickly finding the valve on the dragon's butt. "Maybe I should try it and see?" I moved to protest, but she held up a finger as she blew the first long breath into the valve with whoooosh, her cheeks puffing out. The body of the inflatable dragon began to fill. She blew three more long, whooshing breaths before pulling the valve from her lips. "I'm a fully grown woman, maybe it'll just burst open at a seam with a bang if I sit on it." She blew three more long breaths into it as it started to take shape, the long neck starting to rise. "Maybe it will just get a split on a seam and hissss as I sink to the ground." Three deep blows, making her breasts heave inside the top of her light summer dress. The dragon's neck was standing up, the legs uncurling from the body. "It's nearly there" she said, squeezing her fingers and nails into the tightening vinyl. More whoosing blows into the inflatable. "We know you like inflatables" she added, sneering at me. "You like to blow them up tight... and bounce on them. Your parents hear you sometimes you know." A few more blows and the shiny vinyl tightens up, the crinkes of the seams reducing with each breath. "Well, I've blown it up, now I can have a go." She put the stopper in and held the tight inflatable out to examine for a second. The curves and gentle ripples on the seams shone in the sunlight from the window. She placed it on the end corner of the bed, facing me, and swept her leg over the top, giving the briefest of glimpeses of her white panties from under her loose knee-length dress skirt. With her kegs to either side of it, she hovered for a moment before fixing me with her dark eyes, grinning and dropping down onto the toy with a creak of vinyl. She bounced gently, lifting her feet from the ground and stretching her shapely legs out in front of her. She froze for a moment. "No hissing. Yet." Placing her hands on either side of the toy's neck, she began to gently bounce. The dragon whooshed faintly with each bounce as air was forced in and out of the neck and leg chambers from the body. "This is fun, isn't it?" she asked. I nodded meekly, transfixed. "The warm plastic feels nice." She creaked her fingers up and down the vinyl of the dragon's neck, starting to bounce harder. "It feels good on my legs" she said, standing a little and pulling the back of her dress from under her butt, so she could sit directly on the toy. She sat down and bounced gently again with a creak, creak creak. "It feels nice on my butt too, I can see the appeal" she added, grinning at me. Creak, creak, creak. "So what do you do when you bounce on your toys?" Creak, creak, squeak. "Do you... masurbate?" she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. "I bet you do. I bet you masturbate all over the back of this poor inflatable, boucing with it under your balls." Squeak, creak, squeak, she bounced harder. "I bet you have a girl you fancy, and you bounce up and down on your little inflatable and wank wishing she was jerking you off." Squeak, squeak, creak, squeak. "You spurt your semen up its back and neck." Creak, squeak, squeal, creak. "What a dirty thing to do, you mucky boy." Squeak, squeal, squeak, creak. "But what if something happened to your inflatable masturbation toy?" she cocked her head to the side, a look of mock innocence on her face. Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak! "What if it got a puncture? What if your girl found it and thought it was silly... and popped it?" Sqeak, squeal, creak, Crack! Psssssssssss! "Ooops! I've popped it, a fully grown woman like me, bouncing on your inflatable masturbation toy!" She ran her fingers over the hole in the neck she'd poked with her thumbnail, changing the sound and making the air blow her hair back as she slowly sank to the bed. HssssSSSsssssSSSsss the toy went as she continued to bounce, the head and neck starting to droop off the side of the bed as the dragon quickly went limp. She rode it until the hissing stopped, still gently bouncing, the stood, the warm, sagging vinyl stuck to her butt. Pulling it off, she examined the floppy mass, before she allowed it to drop, holding on to one limp leg. "If you're a good boy, I'll repair your inflatable toy for you, and you can blow it up and bounce on it some more. Will you be a good boy for me...?
  15. So, John comes home from work. *It's been a long day, and while he's not super late, he's later than usual. I ask if everything's ok and he just tells me that it was a long and stressful day. I can see a tightness in his jaw that isn't usually there and I know he needs someone to listen to him. *So I ask him to tell me about his day. We move to the kitchen as he begins to tell me the story; his battle with traffic, the series of high pressure client meetings and other notes of interest. *It wasn't a bad day per se, just stressful. *As he's talking, I make him a drink - his favorite, 3 fingers of bourbon over 3 ice cubes.*He takes the drink and after a long sip says, "Thanks." He continues to talk and I continue to listen. *As he tells me a story about a somewhat tense meeting with his boss I begin searching through some of the drawers in our kitchen, specifically the junk drawers (yes, we have several, unfortunately). *At first he doesn't mind but I can tell he's becoming annoyed that I'm not devoting my full attention to his story and that I'm so distracted. *Finally he asks, "What are you looking for?" Just then I found what I was seeking. I reach into the nearly empty bag and pull out a dark red balloon. "This" I say, holding it up for him. He knows immediately where I'm headed and it doesn't even phase him. He finishes the last sentence or two from his story, takes another sip from his drink and stands in front of me leaning on the kitchen island, watching as I begin to inflate the balloon for him. The balloon provides little resistance and springs to life quickly. I put a couple of breaths into it and it begins to take it's normal spherical shape. *I put another breath in and John approaches me from the other side of the island. "Honey, I appreciate it, but you don't have to." He reaches up and holds the balloon still inflating in his hands. "It's ok. I don't mind." I tell him. "I know it makes you happy." He pauses and watches as I put another breath into the now medium-sized balloon. *"No," he tells me. "I want to do it." I can tell he's serious and I think it will be good stress relief for him. *I say ok and let the balloon deflate between my hands. John takes the wrinkly balloon and almost out of habit stretches it twice before lifting it to his own mouth. *He blows forcefully and the red orb once again springs to life. *While he can be a little more timid than I around balloons, he has much more forceful lungs. *He blows deeply and the balloon begins to fill quickly. I watch as he stands next to the edge of the island, blowing hard into the balloon. *I can see the veins on his muscular hands as he feels the side of the balloon expand. *He hasn't changed from work yet and what at first looked kind of silly, a grown man in a business suit inflating a child's toy, begins to look so powerful. He is intent on making the balloon obey him. *My trained eye also observes that further down, inside his pants, he is also having a powerful reaction. *I watch as he blows another deep breath into the expanding balloon. *It has started to transition from dark maroon into a more normal cherry red. *I can see the tip of his large penis extending down his pant leg, straining against the fabric of his suit pants. It turns me on and I feel my nether regions reacting as well. *I imagine my hand grasping and encircling that throbbing flesh which seems to grow longer and thicker with every breath he puts into that balloon! The thought is too much for me and I move closer to him.* He pauses as I slide my hand inside his crisp white button down shirt feeling his tight abs. *His six-pack is apparent as he contracts his diaphragm to blow again into the balloon, smaller this time though. That's his tell. I know when he begins to fear the pop. He continues to blow the balloon bigger, but with shorter, faster breaths, as if he will somehow sneak up on the pop and not be startled by it. *I am amused at my understanding of how his mind works. But I am too horny to think about it now.* Standing almost behind him, I try to slide my hand down, inside his pants. But with his belt on and shirt tucked in it is too tight. *Instead, I remove my hand and place it on his crotch. *His penis is rock hard and pointing at a weird angle down his left leg. *I quickly find his zipper and unzip his pants. *The silk lining on the inside feels nice against the back of my hand as I search what I'm looking for. *My hand slides in between the opening of his boxers and i feel his firm manhood. *As I pull his penis from his pants I see him pull the balloon away from his mouth and examine it. I know he's getting fearful. "Don't stop. Don't think. Just keep blowing" I whisper in his ear. He puts the balloon back to his mouth. I see his hand slide down towards his face, resting on the curve of the slight neck it is getting. "Good boy." I think to myself before turning my attention back to the task at hand. I slowly massage his penis, my hand barely able to fully grasp his girth. My heart is racing I am so turned on. Also I know that the balloon is increasingly closer to popping and I am suddenly aware of how close it is to my own face. But I don't care. I continue to massage him, watching as he, with closed eyes, struggles to finish off the balloon. *It has not yet gotten a very long neck but I can tell from the various squeaks and other sounds that it has gotten very tight. I know he wants to stop, and at least check on his progress, but I won't let him. He puffed another breath or two into the balloon. Suddenly, without warning, like shotgun, there is a loud blast. A boom that echos off the granite counters in our kitchen and makes both our ears ring momentarily. *The large balloon that was a second ago in front of John's face has been replaced with red confetti, celebrating his dedication and success. *"Oh my God, that was awesome!" he exclaimed. I could tell he had relieved a lot of work-day tension. *But his still raging hard on in my hand told me he could use some more tension relief. In fact, now we both could. *I let go and turned to walk upstairs. "Follow me." I said with a wink. And that's how after he blew the balloon, he blew my mind. - Katielynn
  16. As a kid and teenager my family used to holiday regularly at a sea side caravan park. There was a nice sized outdoor pool that allowed pool toys, but they had strict rules. If you didn't do as you were told with your toys you got a choice. Hand over the toys or leave. I was in that pool one day with my cousin. We had with us the first toy that I had ever rescued. It was a 3 or 4 man dingy. We had spotted it folded up by the dumpsters a couple days before, dragged it back to our van, cleaned it, inflated it and now that we knew it was airtight were playing with it in the pool for the first time. After a while the vinyl had got warm and soft in the sun and this suddenly occurred to me while I was laying in the boat and and BOING instant erection that was mega obvious in the shorts I was wearing. I didn't know what to do, it was too far from the pool to my towel and clothes to cover up so I stayed in the boat, face down in the hope that things would settle down. My cousin, wondering why I had stopped messing around, started splashing water at me and rocking the boat. When she tried to climb in with me I tipped the boat so that she fell back in to the water. I didn't want to risk her being in there with me and seeing the erection! She thought this was a great game and grabbed one side of the boat and started pulling, pushing and rocking the boat until eventually she tipped me out and the boat flipped over. This was against the rules and we got a warning from the life guard, a red head in her late teens. I quickly jumped back in to the boat. Despite the annoyance of the tipping and the warning I still had a raging hard on. I lay there again with my cousin still messing around tipping the boat. I was capsized again, another warning, and then a third time. The life guard had now had enough. "You two, get out and come over here!" I pulled the boat over to the side and dragged it out of the water. I walked over to the cute teams head with the front of the dingy in front of me to keep me covered. "That's the third time I've had to tell you, I don't want you playing with that boat in here again. Hand it over or leave". I turned to gather my things and leave but my cousin grabbed the boat from me and handed it to the life guard, appologising for being naughty as she did. We were told to behave or we would still be kicked out. My cousin was not bothered by the loss of the boat. She could see I wasn't happy and just shrugged and said that we found it anyway, no big loss. Obviously I didn't want to loose my boat! I wanted to take it home and enjoy it properly in private. I kept my eye on the life guard. She dragged the boat back to where she was sitting and stood it up against the wall with a shark rider and a 24" ball that I'm guessing had also been confiscated. It was only about an hour before the pool closed. My plan was to wait until the lifeguard was distracted after everyone was out the pool and then rescue the boat and leave before anything was said. After we were all told to get out at closing I dried myself, and started getting dressed. After a couple of minutes the lifeguard walked off. Now was my chance but I was wearing nothing but a towel! I rushed to get dressed. Just as a pulled my shorts up I saw the lifeguard returning WITH A PAIR OF SCISSORS! My heart was racing I didn't care if I embarrassed myself I was going to beg her to let me have my boat back. I walked as quickly as possible round the pool to wear the toys were. She beat me there and immediately went to work on my boat. She jabbed the scissors straight in to the lovely big soft stretchy bow of the inner hull then twisted and pulled them out. She put her fingers in to the hole and tore it open a few inches. I stopped in my tracks. Devastated but unable to look away. She opened the scissors and pushed one end in to the floor of the boat then dragged the blade almost the full length instantly deflating the whole floor. Next she turned her attention to the beach ball. My boat was ruined but still clinging to life. She hadn't noticed the outer hull was a separate chamber. As a result the boat was still standing up right against the wall, its inner hull and floor a tattered mess but still the shape of a boat. Was it still worth trying to save? She rolled the beach ball away from the wall and stabbed at it with the scissors. The strike wasn't central and the ball rolled away from her. She chased and stopped it firmly with her foot. It was a cute little ball, transparent with Disney characters. She wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. She straddled the ball and lowered her cute little bum on to it. As her backside pressed in to the ball I could see her bikini clad cheeks through the transparent panels underneath her little white skirt. Once down she poked the poor ball a few times, stood up holding it and ripped it almost completely in half. She was a little way from where she had left the boat and dolphin after she had chased the ball, I could have got there before her but I was frozen on the spot. She returned, tossed the dead ball next to where she was sitting and slid the dolphin out from behind her chair. She paused with this one, looked it up and down then laid it on the floor, straddled and sat on it. She looked at it again, just for a few moments before shrugging and plunging the scissors in to poor helpless inflatable over and over again. The dolphin deflated quickly and the final hole, made on a seem was torn open just to make sure. I would love to have known what she was thinking when she paused. Was she considering sparing the dolphin and taking her home? She picked herself and the torn remains of the dolphin up, as she did her pretty blue eyes fell back upon my boat as she realised it was not deflated. She looked slightly confused, after all she had torn a big hole in this thing. She inspected it, running her lovely manicured hand over the beautiful big bow. She realised it was a separate chamber, sighed, lifted the scissors and plunged them repeatedly in to the remaining chamber. Like the other toys she made sure that the job was finished by ripping the last hole wide open. She squeezed all three toys in to a heap and picked them all up. As she did she noticed me standing near by for the first time. She smiled "Hope you've had a lovely day, glad you decided to stay earlier" I turned round and walked off without uttering a sound. That was the first and last inflatable that I have ever had that someone popped without my permission. -TheCommissarUK
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