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Found 17 results

  1. They returned to the room after a nice lunch and a couple of hours spent in town. Chris was in a good mood after his release, and Mira hand't been mocking him so much. Upon opening the room door, they were both in for a surprise - sitting on the bed was a selection of inflated pool toys. A pink shiny swim ring, some orange armbands, a 24" beachball and a yellow and purple dragon style ride-on - the same style Mira had remarked upon in the shop yesterday. Lying on the bed was a note reading "I hope your boy enjoys these - Eliza". "That's the maid!" Mira exclaimed, "She said sh
  2. Only two days after the naughty fun we had in the pool, Aunt Missy called and asked if I would help her clean out her garage. My parents thought I was excited about earning 25 dollars. I was much more excited about being with a beautiful busty lady twice my age. I wasn't sure exactly to expect once I got there. I didn't know if she wanted to go any further than we had the other day, or if she just needed the garage cleaned up, or some combination of the two. In any case, I figured the best thing to do was just to show up ready to work, and let her take the lead. She seemed to like that, b
  3. Story by ThecommissarUK Spain, 2010, Holiday villas, me aged 18 - family summer holiday. It was 28 degrees and early afternoon. I had had my luch and quickly left - my parents and sister were arguing about where they were going to go on a daytrip tomorrow - I just wanted to go swim around in the pool. Making my way up the gravel path on the side of the hill, I hoped the pool would be empty. It had been annoyingly busy since we'd arrived last week, however three other families had left that morning (I saw them loading their cars) and by my reckoning that just left my family and o
  4. Dan got into the shower, washing himself. Holly said she would clear up the mess they had made after the pump to pop in the sleeping bag. He still couldn't believe what Holly did for his birthday. They had a few sessions with balloons before but nothing like this. Last time they had a blow to pop race with 12 inches, it was fun but Dan didn't know Holly would get into it, she must have been practicing. After a few minutes Holly enters the bathroom, completely naked holding a red balloon. It is deflated but looked like a 16 inch. "Ready for a bit more fun?" She says in a sexy voice. Dan f
  5. Dan sat on his bed waiting for his girlfriend Holly to come round. It was his birthday and she said that she had something special planned. He hoped it had something to do with balloons, she know about his fetish and they had inflated some 12 inch balloons together once. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Dan jumped off his bed and ran to open it. She was standing there, as beautiful as ever. "Happy birthday!" She said, giving him a long kiss. "I ordered something for you, I hope you're up for a bit of fun." "Can't wait." Replied Dan simply. Holly pulled a backpack off and walked
  6. Auntie Alice headed away to fetch us some lunch whilst I stayed at the pool. We weren't expecting anyone back for a few hours yet, so we intended to thoroughly enjoy each other's company. I had pulled the fox from the pool and was lounging on its back in the sun near the loungers, leaning back against its head enjoying the beautiful feel and smell of the sun-warmed vinyl. When Alice returned with some food, she put her idolm@ster ring on the ground beside the fox, placed her beach ball in the centre of the ring and sat down firmly with a loud creak of protesting vinyl, moving her knees so
  7. It was a beautiful, sunny day at a comfortable 25 degrees. Since the weather was so nice and there was little wind, I'd taken a punt and texted Auntie Alice to see if she wanted to go to the beach. She immiediately responded with a "YES!!". I went to collect her from her house in my old car - I'd recently passed my test and bought a cheap nondescript saloon for a few hundred pounds. We had decided to go to a beach near the city - it would take us an hour or so to get there, but it was unlikely we'd be spotted. I smiled broadly when she came out of her house - she was wearing a s
  8. Jenny’s heart started racing. She had volunteered to help set up an event for her friend, hoping she would get to blow up some balloons. She got what she wished. Her friend Myra had just asked who’d like to do it and Jenny immediately put herself forward. “Okay, great. Katie can help you.” She had said. Katie looks at the packet of balloons a little nervously. “Can someone else do it? I’m not very good at tying them.” She says. “You can just tie it off with string. Otherwise Jenny can help you. I’ve got to help set a stand up.” Myra leaves them to it. Jenny opens
  9. One day a Clara and Sophie went swimming in the local lake. It was a very nice day and Sophie took her inflatable boat with her. Because Sophie had a plan that they can be sunbathing without the top of the bikini because nobody will look at them when they will in the middle of the lake. Clara didn´t mind that somebody will see her but Sophie was very shy. So when they reach the lake they took the inflatable boat from the car and went to the beach. Sophie also took the water bag so their things will be in the safe. They strip down to the bikini and then they went to the water for a whi
  10. That evening everyone gathered for a big barbecue to celebrate the start of the holiday. I was on duty helping with the meat. Spirits were high, the good Italian wine was flowing and everyone was having a good time. Even the young cousins were getting along for a change. By 10pm, people were starting to break away from the group to go to bed. Tired out by the day's travel and having had a little too much wine in many cases, they needed to get some well earned shuteye. Feeling tired myself, I said my goodbyes and headed off to bed. The next morning it was unanimously decided to spend
  11. Sophie and Jenny drive through an empty car park of a leisure centre. "When you said your friend had a pool, I didn't think it would be in a place like this. I imagined a small pool in the garden." Says Jenny when Sophie parks the car. "She's the manager of this leisure centre. They're doing repairs and maintenance and she's away. They aren't starting for a few days. She's given me permission to use the pool for the day. It's all set up, I think someone's coming tomorrow to shut it all off but we've got all day and night to enjoy it." Sophie explains. "Are we going to be alone?" Jenny as
  12. Anya suspected her new neighbour was a looner. The sweet young girl had moved in a few weeks ago. Her suspicion began at the party she started when moving in. There had been balloons everywhere; and not just the ordinary ones. There was a few columns of 16 inch balloons, tight and transparent. When Anya had gone round, the three smaller balloons on the door knocker had been inflated so big that one popped when she knocked. Inside, there was balloons tied to every wall, all blown with long, fat necks. A few uninflated ones were left around but to Anya's disappointment, no one blew them up
  13. A couple of days later I got a message in the morning from Alice - I was feeling much better, but still a little off - and she asked if my parents were out. They were both away at work, so within half an hour Alice was at the front door. She was wearing her long brown coat again, already wearing her little glasses with her hair back in the tight, professional bun. She had a backpack with her too, I speculated at what wonderous inflatable items it might contain... Almost as soon as she was in the door she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and dropped her coat to reveal the same incredibly
  14. Jenny arrives at the cabin. Sophie told her to meet there at 12. She said that she had something special planned. It's been three weeks since they had all met at the cabin and Jenny did her first ever blow to pop. She had been practicing ever since but it still wasn't easy for her and couldn't always manage it. But every since that day, all her balloons were inflated until they were fully necked. Sophie can't have arrived yet but the door was open slightly. Jenny gets out her car and goes to investigate. All is quiet, but Jenny notices that there's a compressor next to the sofa. She walk
  15. "What's this?" she asked as she pulled something from under my bed. She'd been helping with the housework, and was putting some laundry away when she spotted a piece of stray pvc. "Some kind of plastic thing... an inflatable toy!" she said in surprise, starting to unfold it with the crinkle of vinyl. "A dragon of some kind..." she'd unfurled it from the balled up state I'd been keeping it in. "Aren't you a bit old for this inflatable now?" she said disapprovingly, "Surely it would just burst right away if you sat on it, a big boy like you?" She checked it over, quickly find
  16. So, John comes home from work. *It's been a long day, and while he's not super late, he's later than usual. I ask if everything's ok and he just tells me that it was a long and stressful day. I can see a tightness in his jaw that isn't usually there and I know he needs someone to listen to him. *So I ask him to tell me about his day. We move to the kitchen as he begins to tell me the story; his battle with traffic, the series of high pressure client meetings and other notes of interest. *It wasn't a bad day per se, just stressful. *As he's talking, I make him a drink - his favorite, 3 fingers
  17. As a kid and teenager my family used to holiday regularly at a sea side caravan park. There was a nice sized outdoor pool that allowed pool toys, but they had strict rules. If you didn't do as you were told with your toys you got a choice. Hand over the toys or leave. I was in that pool one day with my cousin. We had with us the first toy that I had ever rescued. It was a 3 or 4 man dingy. We had spotted it folded up by the dumpsters a couple days before, dragged it back to our van, cleaned it, inflated it and now that we knew it was airtight were playing with it in the pool for the firs
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