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Found 12 results

  1. With a gentle ping the lift doors opened with Chris still standing there in his yellow vest, pink & white swim ring and pink & blue arm bands. He breathed a sigh of relief as the lift had not stopped at any other floors on the way up and there was nobody waiting on their floor. Mira strode out and towards their room, producing the swipe key from her pool bag, and quickly slipping in... she allowed the door to swing behind her, and Chris had to rush with a squeak of rubbing vinyl to get there before it closed and the door automatically locked him in the corridor - he just made it,
  2. After taking Mira to a nice - but awfully expensive - local restaurant and having an overpriced bottle of wine with their meal, she was being very flirtatious. Mira embraced Chris with her arm round his waist as they walked back to the hotel - she'd seemingly forgotten about the swim earlier and had stopped teasing him half way through the meal. She kissed him deeply in the elevator to the room, and his penis was straining in his shorts by the time they reached the door. She headed to the bathroom first, emerging wearing a silky pink shift that only just reached her thighs. "Go and have cl
  3. "Come on, let's go to the pool!" she implored. They'd spent the last couple of days of the holiday exploring the sights of the island, but today Mira wanted to go swimming. "I don't really want to..." Chris said quietly, "how about the castle on the clifftop, it looks like it might be fun..." "No! I want to go swimming. The hotel has a great pool. And you're coming swimming with me, because it'll make me happy. You want me to be happy, don't you?" She stepped closer to him, pushing out her small breasts and swaying her hips, touching him on the chin with a single finger and a
  4. The next evening Alice approached me after dinner and said we should try the fox in the pool. Everyone was going shopping the next day, and she suggested we both separately decide not to go. It was a bit of a risk - what if someone else didn't want to go? As it turned out, we needn't have worried. My parents were fine when I said I didn't fancy shopping - They had already heard Alice had decided not to go, and my mother said Alice would be there to make sure I didn't get into trouble in a "so-there!" manner. I pointed out that I didn't need to be watched like a baby, concealing my elation
  5. For two evenings after that, when I came home from school, Alice would make me strip naked, put the inflatable pants on me and firmly inflate them with the foot pump. From that point I would wear them all night - to prevent my "nasty masturbation habit". Each morning she would wake me in her dressing gown, take me to the bathroom and slip her hand into the sweaty pants to make sure I hadn't "soiled" them during the night. The rubbing of the pants felt fantastic and the embrace of vinyl was constantly turning me on, but I didn't want to masturbate in them without Alice's permission. After two n
  6. It was not long after Alice's garden party that my parents decided to have our house renovated. For several days there would be no bathrooms or kitchen, so they had arranged to book into a nearby hotel. During a visit, Auntie Alice had suggested that I stay with her instead - she had a spare room, and her house was close to my high school allowing me to continue walking there. On top of that it would save on the hotel bill. Her argument was persuasive, and so my parents agreed I should stay at hers if I didn't mind - I managed to hide my excitement and agreed. When the time came l knocked
  7. There I lay, alone in the darkness of my drawing room, naked with hand tied to the legs of my sofa. Trying to get my hands free, the adrenaline kick was now subsiding but the thoughts of the last 1 hour would still try to bring my penis to an upright position. But it would pain as it would try to get erect. Perhaps a fully inflated 18inch balloon tied to a penis is painful at times. I was still deciding whether my effort to get Padma aunty to blow balloons for me was worth or was I suppose to feel sorry for whatever happened as things took an ugly turn. Balloons.. ohhh these shiny tight lat
  8. I didn't see Alice for a long time after that first night. Without my old beachball and in the spring when none could be bought, I had to 'get by' imagining that night with her. I was therefore pretty excited when in early Summer my parents announced that my father would be going on a business trip to Stavanger for a week, and my mother would be going with him. I got the mandatory speech about responsibility for the house (no parties!) and to eat well and take care of myself, and that Alice would be keeping an eye on me. They headed away one morning soon after. On a trip down the r
  9. I awoke suddenly, sure I'd heard a noise. The room was pitch dark, so I flicked the bedside light on. Sleepy-eyed, I took a quick look round, but nothing seemed amiss, so I put the light off again, got comfortable and closed my eyes... and heard something else... I laid still and silent... *creek-creek*... There it was again, a faint rubbery squeak from elsewhere in the house. I silently reached over an clicked my light on again - my beachball was missing from under my desk! My heart skipped a beat... Alice must have taken it whilst I was sound asleep! As quietly as possible I s
  10. My parents were heading out for the evening, and as usual they had arranged for Alice from across the street to come and "babysit" me - not that I needed babysitting anymore, but it made my mom feel better. I'd known Alice since I was a young boy, we called her Auntie Alice when I was small, even though she was of no relation. She was in her early 40s, and I had recently begun to notice that she was an attractive woman. She had lovely round breasts and an ass to match, and pretty face framed with brown hair. She arrived that evening wearing a loose jumper and long skirt - looking qui
  11. I was sitting at the small desk in my room, poring over some incomprehensible mathematics in the book in front of me. I could not see how my classmates made it seem so easy, and was beginning to regret taking senior maths. It was a big step up from last year, and I was beginning to panic as the final year exams drew closer. I heard the doorbell ring and my mother answer it and thought nothing more of it, as I was not expecting anyone or any deliveries, so I was surprised when there came a gentle knock at my door. "Uh, come in?" I said, unused to people knocking - my family would just
  12. It had been some time since I'd last seen Auntie Alice, and even longer since we'd last "played" together. I had been at college for a year after doing well in my final exams - this had meant living in student accomodation away from my home town, and during visits home I had not seen her. The opportunity for romance had not presented itself either during my college time. There were a couple of girls I fancied, but I was still building up the courage to ask one out. So I made do with masturbation with my inflatables - I had a couple of beachballs hidden away in my room and, stuffed under s
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