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Found 11 results

  1. After taking Mira to a nice - but awfully expensive - local restaurant and having an overpriced bottle of wine with their meal, she was being very flirtatious. Mira embraced Chris with her arm round his waist as they walked back to the hotel - she'd seemingly forgotten about the swim earlier and had stopped teasing him half way through the meal. She kissed him deeply in the elevator to the room, and his penis was straining in his shorts by the time they reached the door. She headed to the bathroom first, emerging wearing a silky pink shift that only just reached her thighs. "Go and have clean" she said to Chris, with a wink. He quickly rushed to the bathroom - surely this was it at last? He washed his face, brushed his teeth and, as an afterthought, cleaned his dick and aching balls before putting his shorts back on and heading back into the room. His heart sank. The lights were off and Mira was curled up under the covers on her side, eyes closed, breathing softly. "Mira?" he said, softly. No response. "Mira!" a grunt and an opening of one eye... "What do you want?" she asked grumpily. "I thought we might... you know..." "It's late and I'm tired Chris. Maybe tomorrow. Good night." With that she stopped engaging him at all. He got into bed, seething inside. Was she worth it? He was beginning to doubt it. But she did say maybe tomorrow... that's pretty close to at least an acknowledgement... With that he lay in bed mulling over his combined annoyance and infatuation before drifting off to sleep. *** The next morning when Chris awoke Mira was already up, dressed and sitting on the balcony looking down at the town. "We should go shopping!" she exclaimed chirpily, "come on, get ready sleepyhead!" "But..." I tried to interject. "Come on, Chris, I don't want to wait, it'll get too busy." With that he got quickly showered and dressed and within 15 minutes they were leaving the hotel again, Mira all smiles and affection again as she held his hand and they made their way down the cobbled hill towards the main street in the morning sun. Mira looked at various shops and bought a sarong in one - paying for it herself at least. It was pale blue with white screen printed flowers on it. She was capering and wearing it like a cape as she skipped along the street when she saw a shop with a load of inflatable rings and mattresses out front. "Ooh, look! We should look in there!" Not wanting to relive the embarrassment of yesterday, Chris made to say he didn't want to, but she was already walking away from him and into the shop. The creepy middle-aged and leather-skinned shopkeeper sneered widely at her as she entered with Chris trailing behind her. Chris could smell the stale sweat and tobacco on him as soon as he entered. Mira gave him a flirtatious wink and perfect smile. "Helooo!" she chirped, looking at the racks on the walls. He grunted approvingly, not being subtle about staring at her ass as she all but posed in front of him, bending down provocatively to look at the lower shelves. Chris stood in front of the counter between them, getting an angry grunt and a stare from the shopkeeper, who moved away. "Look at all these!" Mira exclaimed "That dragon is cool isn't it!" she pointed at a dusty box at the bottom showing a ride-on yellow and purple dragon - "like in your dragons and elves or whatever game." "Yeah... cool" Chris mumbled, humouring her in the hope they could leave the stuffy shop quickly. "We should get this one!" She held up a pink packet - it showed a Hello Kitty swim ring on it, transparent pink on top and white underneath. "And these!" she had picked out some triangular Barbie armbands in a striking bright pink with baby blue inside panels. "Uh... for you, right?" Chris asked. Stupid question, he knew instantly. "No, dumbass! I can swim, can't I... why would I need these stupid things?" "But... why pink?" he implored. "It'll be cute, you'll look great! Anyway, it's still early, there'll be nobody at the pool yet" she said with a laugh. "Really, no, let's go..." he was starting to get angry now. "Don't speak to me like that!" she shouted, much louder and with more anger than necessary. The stinking shopkeeper leered at him and approached. Wanting to diffuse the situation ASAP he conceded, smiling meekly at the shopkeeper. "Come on then, buy them and let's go." "You're buying them - you're the one that needs them, baby." He was sure the 'baby' on the end was not affectionate, even if she did stroke his chin on the way past towards the counter. Behind the counter was another rack she hadn't seen, with a variety of inflatable vests on it. She pointed at one that looked large enough to fit Chris - yellow with two front buckles and a bulgy collar. "There's no need for that..." he said softly as the shopkeeper approached the till. "You need it, baby." She said it sweetly, but he was pretty sure that wasn't an honorific. The total was far more than the items should have cost, he was sure - the amount of change from the notes he'd handed over was awfully small and the shopkeeper's grin awfully threatening when he looked like he might question it, so he'd left, just glad to be away from the shop. "Come on!" Mira chirped, all smiles again, "let's go to the pool! It's going to be soooo fun!" He trailed a few feet behind her as she capered up the street, and it wasn't long before they were back at the depressingly busy pool in their swim gear - Chris' floats out of their packets but not inflated yet. The barman saw them approaching and Mira waved with a smile. He reached behind the bar and with a grin and lifted his net full of floaties over, waggling it slightly at Chris with a mocking wink. Mira shook her head and held up Chris' limp bright pink swim ring with a grin, the barman openly laughed before dumping his net sack behind the bar again and going back to washing glasses. Chris sat at the edge of the pool and began to inflate the ring as Mira jumped in with a splash and started swimming around, occasionally flicking cool water at him. The ring was shiny vinyl, soft and rich smelling in the warm morning sun. It was around 70cm across - larger than the one he'd had to get into the day before - so he would not need to squeeze himself into it. Likewise the waterwings were a little bigger. As he slowly inflated each item, he put them down beside himself rather than putting them on, until everything was blown up with just some seam wrinkles left. With everything ready he stalled. He didn't want everyone to laugh at him again. Mira swam up to the side of the pool and supported herself on her crossed arms. "Come on then, put them on and get in!" she implored. "It's very funny and everything, but I think I'd rather just relax here" he said with annoyance. "Shut up Chris, put your inflatables on and get in the pool with me. Don't be a loser." "I don't think that's really..." he started angrily, but that was as far as he got before she interrupted him - "I will go and get some from the bar and wear them too - that's fair." With that she swam across to the bar side of the pool and pulled herself out before padding over to the barman, wiggling her hips as she went. She spoke to him and he produced the sack of inflatables with a grin. She picked a traditional swim ring with five different coloured panels on the top and a pair of shiny orange floaties. Stepping into the ring, she got it half way up her thighs before it got stuck. With a word to the barman he came out and, grinning from ear to ear, held the swim ring and pulled it up as Mira wriggled back and forth against him, all but caressing him with her back, until with a squeal it slipped up to her thin waist. He then carefully helped her put the waterwings on as she batted her eyelids at him. With that, he sneered mockingly at Chris, sitting dejected by the pool, and returned behind the bar. Mira wandered over, her hips making the inflatable ring sway and glisten in the sun, and slipped into the pool with a squeak as the ring slid up under her small breasts. Chris noticed a few other guys round the pool were watching her with varying degrees of stealth as she splashed over. "Come on then, get your floats on Chris". Sensing he couldn't delay any longer, he stood and pulled the vest on. It was firm and embracing around him with the buckles pulling taut, the yellow slightly textured vinyl feeling quite nice against his bare skin. He slipped the pink waterwings on with a series of squeaks before finally stepping into and pulling up the pink ring. A number of people were watching him with amusement as he sat on the edge of the pool and slipped into the cool water with a series of creaks as the ring rubbed at the bottom of the vest, which tried to ride up over his head but was stopped by his arms. He bobbed like that in the water, which came to just below his armpits with the ring and vest combined. Mira began to caper and swim, and he tried to keep up with her as they splashed round the pool, starting to feel relaxed again as people got bored with the novelty of a grown man in inflatable toys. The vinyl of the toys rubbed against him and squeaked against her, glistening and wet in the sun. She looked sexy in her inflatable toys and bikini, and coupled with the rubbing of the vinyl on him, he started to get a raging erection. He was glad it was hidden beneath the surface... until Mira dwam over to bump against him and her ass firmly brushed his pulsing dick. With that she recoiled from him. "Eeew, why have you got a boner! In the pool that kids use! That's disgusting!" she exclaimed too loudly. A couple of the nearest english-speaking people laughed out loud. "Hey..." he tried to speak quietly yet still loud enough to be heard by her, "it's just we were having fun... and you look really good in the pool with your floaties on..." The compliment seemed to mollify her, and she began the game they'd played yesterday with the spongy rubber ball that was floating nearby. This time the game wasn't quite so one-sided, as she was hampered by the inflatables almost as much as he was, and he was generally managing to hit her whilst dodging her return shots. After a good fifteen minutes of splashing and laughing she began to tire of the game, she swam up, bumping her ring off his with a squeak, and pecked him on his wet cheek. "That was fun, but we should go before you get another boner and embarrass me" she said softly. She hauled herself from the pool, water spilling from her onto the dry tiles as she wiggled her ass at him with a wink. She padded over to the barman again, who came out to help her remove her ring. She pretended it was stuck after he pulled and twisted it, so he popped the valve open and deflated it with a psssssshhhhhh. It hung around her waist like a sexy vinyl mini-skirt before he easily pulled it down over her hips, nearly taking her bikini bottoms with it. She giggled as she grabbed at them. Chris, still in the pool, had gotten another erection watching her antics. He floated at the side, not wanting to get out in case it would be too obvious. Mira, having pulled her waterwings off and stuck them in the sack, wandered over to the poolside beside him. "Come on then, get out!" "I... uh... can't at the moment." "Why not... oh... eewwww, again?" "Wellll... you looked great..." The compliment didn't work so well this time. "Really? I bet I look good to him too but he didn't get a big stiffy when he was helping me, did he?" she pointed at the barman, "I think it's the inflatables. I think the squeaky plastic does it for you, weirdo. Get out of the pool." With that she got up and started to walk away. Her anger and all of the eyes now on him had done wonders for shrinking his erection, so with a creak and a squeal he pulled himself out before starting to unclip the buckles on the swim vest. "No!" she said, waggling her finger, "you will wear them to go to the room, floatie-boy!" With that she pointed towards the hotel entrance. Chris didn't want to anger her further, so he padded across the tiles and concrete to the hotel entrance, cheeks glowing with embarrassment as people looked at him walking through the lobby still wet with his inflatables tight about his body. Mira followed a few paces behind, ignoring him. He was glad of the solitary sanctuary of the elevator when the doors finally slid closed and rose towards their floor.
  2. "Come on, let's go to the pool!" she implored. They'd spent the last couple of days of the holiday exploring the sights of the island, but today Mira wanted to go swimming. "I don't really want to..." Chris said quietly, "how about the castle on the clifftop, it looks like it might be fun..." "No! I want to go swimming. The hotel has a great pool. And you're coming swimming with me, because it'll make me happy. You want me to be happy, don't you?" She stepped closer to him, pushing out her small breasts and swaying her hips, touching him on the chin with a single finger and a sultry smile. Chris was used to her acting this way. He knew he'd go along with it in the hope their relationship might progress. Mira didn't put out easily, and after three weeks of going out they still hadn't got beyond kissing and cuddling - to Chris' growing frustration. That's why they were here - he'd thought they might get more serious if he took her on holiday, but not so far. Maybe this time? "Well... ok then" he said with a smile, and Mira did a happy little dance and pecked him on the cheek. He began thinking as they took a couple of towels and made their way down towards the hotel pool. Perhaps he could stay in the shallow end? Perhaps he could find a lilo or something to float on and hopefully she wouldn't push him off... because Chris had a secret - in the 22 years of his life, he'd never learned to swim. He couldn't even float. Mira was already wearing her bikini - a yellow two-piece - under her clothes, and Chris' neon green shorts were suitable for swimming in. They stripped of their t-shirts and sneakers and Mira took off her dress and put them on one of the vacant loungers by the pool. "Come on then!" Mira shouted and jumped right into the otherwise vacant pool with a splash, laughing. Chris looked at the sun-faded markers on the sides. This part was only 1.5m deep. It would come up to his armpits. That would be manageable maybe? Trying to feign confidence he didn't really feel, Chris slipped into the water. He briefly panicked as his feet went down... and down... but recovered when he felt the hard tile pool bottom rather than the warm water beneath his feet. He could feel the slope to his left, and see where the water dropped suddenly to 3m a few metres before the end so people using the diving board wouldn't hurt themselves. He did NOT want to go over there! Mira splashed him playfully and he splashed her back, standing stock still but trying to look like he was having fun. Mira disappeared under the water and swam towards him, her shimmering form approaching a couple of feet below the surface... he thought she was going to rise just in front of him, but instead she grabbed his legs and pulled them from under him. He just managed to take a breath as he was dragged under and immediately fought his legs free of her grip and frantically tried to reach the surface. After what felt like an eternity his feet found the tiles again and he pushed himself upwards. He broke the surface with a gasp and managed to stand, panting, as Mira watched him. "What was that all about, weirdo?" she asked with grin. Well... he couldn't bluff anymore. "I can't swim..." he said quietly, barely audible over the water still sloshing around him. "Speak up! Why did you spaz out?" she laughed, treading water a few feet away. "I can't swim" he repeated, loud enough for her to hear him. "Who can't swim at your age?!" she laughed, splashing him playfully again, "only some kind of baby-boy!" She saw the look on his face, and her laughter redoubled. "You really can't! Wow! How did you get away with that one through school?!" He shrugged, "It's not exactly an important day to day skill..." In truth he'd gone to school in an inland town without a pool. Whilst swimming lessons were mandatory in many schools in other towns, they couldn't do them at his. She laughed again, slowly getting over her mirth. "Well then, I want to swim, and I want you to swim with me, so I guess we'll have to get you some arm bands or a rubber ring like a kid!" She swam towards the side of the pool again and effortlessly hauled her skinny frame out, whilst Chris slowly made his way up towards the ladder at the shallow end, his cheeks burning with embarrassment as those sunbathing around the pool who had heard her watched him. Mira had gone towards the bar-come-shop beside the pool, and was speaking to the attendant there. She pointed back at Chris - he heard her laugh quietly after saying something - and the attendant popped into the room behind the wall of bottles and packets and emerged a few seconds later with a net sack full of orange, yellow, pink and white items. He dropped it over the bar for Mira to rummage in. The sack was full of pre-inflated water wings and swim rings - intended for children visiting the pool to borrow. As Chris approached the attendant gave him a mocking grin before going back to restocking one of the fridges. Mira had picked out a 50cm swim ring. It had a clear top printed with blue, pink and orange fish, and yellow bottom half. It was a bit wrinkled around the seams. She handed it to him. It felt a bit flaccid, the vinyl warm and yielding in the warmth of the day. "Blow that up properly" she said as she ducked down again to rummage for the waterwing with matched a shiny orange two-chambered on she'd found. Chris found the valve on the base of the ring, and trying to ignore the people all around watching him, he blew a few breaths into the ring. It firmed up, the wrinkles just becoming little ripples round the outside seam. Mira had meanwhile found the matching waterwing. They were tightly inflated already. He stood there holding the ring as she looked at him. "Well, then, put it on..." she waggled at his waist with her hand. Chris studied the 30cm hole in the middle of the ring, then glanced down at his hips and waist, "I don't think it'll fit me..." Mira let out an exasperated sigh and, placing the armbands on the bar, grabbed the ring from him with a squeak. "Of course it'll fit. It's made for it." She held it low at his shin height and beckoned him to step into it. She then pulled it up to the middle of his thighs, where it promptly got stuck as his hips widened. Undeterred, she gripped it firmly at each side and with creaks and squeaks of protest worked it left and right over his shorts until the tight ring slipped over the waistband and round his waist. The ring made it feel like we was wearing a corset as it squeezed all round him. She grabbed the armbands again then took his arm and tried to squeeze his adult arm into the tight hole. It clearly wouldn't fit. With her teeth she pulled the vales out and squeezed them with her fingertips. The wings softened with a hisssssss and she dragged it easily up to his armpit. Taking the valves one by one between her lips she inflated the wing hard again, then repeated the procedure with the other arm. The bar attendant looked at him for a second and huffed a small laugh at the adult in a kids swim ring and a pair of big orange floaties. Chris shot him an angry glance, which Mira saw and laughed. "You do look silly, no need to be moody. It's you who can't swim!" With that she led him by the hand back towards the pool. A few people around the water's edge saw him and laughed, perhaps thinking he was just being a fool, but his cheeks reddened anyway. She jumped into the water, and beckoned him to get in. He slid in, catching the ring on the tiled edge with a creak as he lowered himself. The buoyancy of the ring pushed it up over his belly and into his armpits, where it creaked and squeaked constantly against the underside of the armbands and felt like it was constricting his breathing. The combination did however keep him afloat as he splashed his way slowly towards the deeper water where Mira was heading. "God, you're not going to be much fun to race are you?" She grabbed a soft rubber ball from the side of the pool where it had been floating and chucked it at him, it bumped off his forehead and landed with a splut in the water just in front of him. "You're it!" she called, and turned to swim away. With that a one-sided game of ball-tag began. Chris struggling after the ball and grabbing it before taking a couple of attempts to hit the agile Mira whilst creaking and squealing in his inflatables, before she quickly grabbed the ball and whacked it accurately into his face or head as he couldn't easily evade it. It must have gone on for ten minutes before Mira began getting hit more as kids from various families began occupying the pool, hindering her agility. Some of the kids laughed openly at Chris. Not liking that she wasn't winning so easily, Mira decided enough was enough. "I'm getting tired, and you're embarrassing me in your inflatable toys." She quickly swam to the side and hauled herself out. "Put them back then you can buy me dinner to make up for it." With that she strode over to the lounger with the clothes, took her dress and towel and headed back into the hotel without a glance backwards. Chris made his way to the shallow end and pulled himself up the ladder. He tried to quietly remove the wings but they squeaked down both arms, and then made even more noise and drew a few amused glances as he struggled to get the now stretched and deformed swim ring off without pulling his soggy shorts down. He eventually managed it and quietly put the inflatables back in the net bag beside the bar. With one final grin the barman watched him collect his clothes and head back inside.
  3. The next evening Alice approached me after dinner and said we should try the fox in the pool. Everyone was going shopping the next day, and she suggested we both separately decide not to go. It was a bit of a risk - what if someone else didn't want to go? As it turned out, we needn't have worried. My parents were fine when I said I didn't fancy shopping - They had already heard Alice had decided not to go, and my mother said Alice would be there to make sure I didn't get into trouble in a "so-there!" manner. I pointed out that I didn't need to be watched like a baby, concealing my elation well. It turned out we had a clean sweep - everyone else was going, and they would be away all day! A couple of people commented that it was good they could fill the spare minibus seats with shopping. Alice and I avoided each other whilst everyone got ready. I said goodbye and headed to the pool, Alice watched the bus leave from the courtyard. I heard the bus crunching along the gravel driveway from one of the pool loungers, and not five minutes later Alice appeared. She was wearing her swimsuit and a pair of sandals - around her waist was a colourful 80cm anime swim ring with a pink base. It was tightly inflated with only a few wrinkles, with pictures of anime girls' faces and the word idomlm@aster around the top. Under her arm was her beachball, fully inflated again after its previous use in her bathroom. "Are you ready for this young man?" she asked smokily, squeaking her fingers on the swim ring's taut vinyl. "Oh, yes maam!" I replied. She plopped the ball down and we went to get the fox - it was still sitting fully inflated in the outbuilding, Alice followed me in, squeaking through the gap wearing her ring. The fox clearly would not fit through the gap we used to get into the room, and I hoped we didn't have to deflate it as re-inflating would be a lot of work! We were in luck again however, as a quick look around revealed a dusty, spiderwebbed key hanging beside the other door on a rusty hook. The lock was incredibly stiff but with enough force the key finally turned with a crack. The door was difficult to open, the hinges half siezed, but we maganed with a loud series of creaks - this was definitely not something to try woth anyone around. We both took an end of the fox - after being shut in the hot room the vinyl was incredibly pliable and beautifully warm. I felt my erection growing right away as Alice gave me a wink from the tail end. Tipping the fox partially over, we managed to get it out through the door only lightly scuffing it on the doorframe and stonework of the outbuilding. We eagerly carried the fox round to the pool, dropping it into the water with a light smack. Alice slipped in beside it, the cooler water making her nipples stand proud as the swim ring pushed up squakily under her breasts, giving her an arificial boob-lift and enticing cleavage. "I want to see you ride!" she called to me, grinning as she maneuvered the fox with the legs so it was at the side of the pool, as if it was a boat tied up at a pier. Due to the size and position of the fox, I couldn't mount the toy with any grace - I held out one leg and half fell half leapt onto the foxes back. I hit with a mighty sqeak of vinyl and splashed Alice with a wave of water down her cleavage as I briefly fought not to fall off. The fox, warm vinyl pliable, bent beneath me so the back of the head was pressed against my bare chest and the tail was brushing my back. The seams along the front and rear were smooth and taut under the hot sun. It was quite stable with the legs designed as they were, and the body provided enough buoyancy that only the bottom of my ass and balls were submerged in the cool water, which felt delightful contrasted against the warm plastic. Alice pulled the fox off from the side of the pool by the legs as I began rocking and kicking. The movement splashed water into my shorts, and the vinyl squeaked and rubbed against my hard boner as I went. I gave and "mmmm" of pleasure as it squeaked and rocked beneath me, bouncing up and down a little to enhance the rubbing sensation. Alice kicked away from the fox, watching me ride as I slowly rubbed and rocked my way round the pool. Leaning back in her ring, I saw her right hand slip below the water into her high-top swimsuit bottoms as she squeezed and creaked the ring at one of the anime girls' faces with her left hand. Watching her play with herself in the water turned me on even more, enhancing the sensations from the rubbing fox. I ran my fingers over its head, squeezing and creaking the sun warmed vinyl as I went. I could feel the tingling warmth of an orgasm starting to build inside me. Alice gave a happy "mmmmmm-mmmmh" beside me as she fiddled herself close... I decided I really wanted to see her ride herself to orgasm on the fox - and I wanted to blow watching her do it. "You should finish on the fox Auntie" I suggested, as I edged myself wriggling against the foxes back. "Mmm, yessss, I'd like that" she moaned. She swam to the edge and climbed out as I tipped into the water with a shocking cool splash. Standing up in the shallow end, I pushed the slightly limp & streteched out fox to the side, my twitching erection clearly showing as a great bulge in my shorts. Alice wiggled her ring down over her beautiful hips, kicking it to me as she adjustd her swimsuit bottoms and gracelessly mounted the fox as I had - with a mighty splash. I grabbed the ring and thought for a moment what to do with it... I flexed it a little - it was tight but it would bend. I grinned at Alice as I forcefully folded the ring in half in front of me, one of the Anime girl's faces stretching out as I did so. Trapping it between my knees, I forced my boner down and pulled the ring up, so it cradled me under the ass and my wet shorts-clad hard-on slid with a squeak into the fold as the ring was trapped between my thighs. Kneeling down in the water pushed the tortured ring up, gripping my penis firmly. Alice nodded in approval as she began to thrust her crotch into the vinyl of the fox's back, squeezing the head against her breasts as she rocked and ground. I held the foxes two right legs as I bounced and rocked on the folded ring, moving it with my thighs - it felt great under the water, the trapped material of my shorts giving extra sensation as the head of my penis slipped in and out of my foreskin in the firm grip. Alice was digging her fingers into the foxes head, dimpling the vinyl and gently shuddering every few thrusts as the fox creaked and squealed under her full ass. I watched intently, the sight of the taut red viny and the skin of her butt alternately wrinkling a little and stretching out helping bring me closer and closer with each bounce. She was bouncing harder and harder, the creaks and squeaks building and her movement in turn rocking me more and more on the ring. Alice suddenly went over the edge - she gave a poweful "Gggggggghhhhhhaaaa!" as her thighs contracted and she shuddered all over. She leaned back a little and shoved her hand down her bottoms, rapidly rubbing herself with twitches of her wrist. After a few moments she stopped, breathing heavily and flushed. I continued rocking on my ring, not quite there... "You should finish on the fox too young man" she sighed. I stood up, letting the idolm@aster ring plop free. It was distorted, ballooned out a little and now wrinkling where I'd bent it and squeezed it with my weight. I expected Alice to dismount from the fox, but instead she maneuvered it to the side and wiggled herself rearwards until she was hard against the tail and nearly tipping backwards, the front end standing proud and swollen from the water. I climbed out of the pool, my now painful erection straining. Mounting the fox with someone else already on it was even more difficult, but with great creaking and squaling of the vinyl I managed it. The fox was fighting the good fight, but could not keep the weight of two adults fully out of the water. The tail and head ballooned out and we both submerged to our hips, the very tip of my boner dipping in and out of the water as we rocked. Alice wrapped her left arm round me from behind, squeezing her luscious breasts up against my back as she slipped her right hand into my shorts, the warm touch of her fingers as she grasped my wet shaft making me moan with pleasure. She started to gently wank me as she started rocking the fox, occasionally rubbing her thumb over the head of my penis as she worked it, the fox creaking and sqeaking beneath both our weights. I hugged the head to me, smelling the beautiful sun warmed vinyl as Alice, sensing I was close, began to vigorously jerk me in my shorts, the movement making the water at my crotch splish-splish-splish with each stroke. I felt the tingling sensation start inside me, hugged the head tighter and leaned back as she defltly brought me closer and closer... "Come on baby, let it go, blow your load on our beautiful inflatable fox..." she whispered in my ear... and I convulsed powerfully as the huge orgasm hit me, pumping a thick gooey load into my shorts and all over Alice's hand. She continued to jerk for a moment and slowed her stroke, milking and tugging every drop from me as I groaned deeply. She slowly pulled her hand from my shorts, globs of semen clinging to it, and examined it. "My my, what a mess you've made in your pants young man!" she said with a sexy chuckle. "We shall have to do this again soon or you'll get blue balls!"
  4. For two evenings after that, when I came home from school, Alice would make me strip naked, put the inflatable pants on me and firmly inflate them with the foot pump. From that point I would wear them all night - to prevent my "nasty masturbation habit". Each morning she would wake me in her dressing gown, take me to the bathroom and slip her hand into the sweaty pants to make sure I hadn't "soiled" them during the night. The rubbing of the pants felt fantastic and the embrace of vinyl was constantly turning me on, but I didn't want to masturbate in them without Alice's permission. After two nights with no release though, I was getting blue balls. After a restless night of sexy dreams about Alice in her PVC and with her inflatable toys, I had a constant dull ache in my stomach and my balls were hard and tight. That morning when Alice slipped her right hand into my pants with a squeak, she deftly rubbed the tip of my penis as usual, which made me grunt with pleasure this time. She drew her fingers out and rubbed them with her thumb noticing a slight sticky slickness. She raised her fingers toned nose and gave them a careful sniff. "Have you shot your load in your special panties young man?" "No Auntie Alice," I pleaded, "I think I was rubbing in my sleep... but I didn't cum!" "I'm not sure I believe you." With that she fixed me with her gaze and thrust her hand back into the pants with a loud creak. She forced her hand lower than usual past me growing boner to my balls, the sensation making me groan. She cupped my balls as if weighing them - they were tight and sensitive, and her touch made a wave of pleasure wash through me. "You are very full... And there is nowhere near enough soiling for a full load. I guess you were telling the truth." "I was dreaming about you" I explained. She ticked my balls a little - which felt exquisite - then squeaked her hand back out of the pants, smiling. "That's very flattering" she said happily as she swiftly jerked the valve of my pants open. As the air whooshed out their grip quickly lessened, and as they began to sag I opened my legs a little. Crouching before me, Alice gripped the sides of them and tugged them down, making my painfully sensitive boner spring free, flicking a little bead of precum/sweat towards her. She flinched away and it landed on the collar of her dressing gown. My penis stood hard and proud, pulsing gently as I stepped out from the crumpled pants and she picked them up loosely. "Now young man, get cleaned up and ready for school. No masturbating!" I groaned dejectedly as she picked up the pants and began to leave the bathroom. "Don't whinge! And remember - good things come to those who wait..." With that she left me alone to wash. The urge to jerk off was intense, but I knew Alice would be able to tell, and I wanted the "good thing" she mentioned, whatever it was, so I resisted and obeyed. I could barely concentrate that day at school. I felt like telling Alice she needed to let me blow my load for the good of my grades! The evening couldn't come soon enough. It had been a warm day, and I was hot and uncomfortable in my school clothes as I made my way back to Auntie Alice's house. When I got there I made my way to the kitchen as usual to get a drink. Alice was waiting for me, wearing her dressing gown again. She had my inflatable pants lying flat on the table as usual, freshly washed. After getting a can of coke and taking a few gulps, I picked up the pants and began to head for my room where Alice usually inflated them tightly. "Hold on a second there, I have other plans for you this evening." Alice said. With that my penis instinctively pulsed in my trousers. She got up and walked past me, taking my hand and leading me into her bedroom. Laid out on her bed was a variety of deflated toys - a small pile of orange rectangles (arm bands I thought), a green swim ring with what looked like a frog's head with another orange and blue one beneath it, and a flat red item that appeared to have buckles. "Clothes off please" Alice said firmly. I was shivering slightly with nerves as I dropped the pants and quickly stripped my school clothes off, leaving them in a pile. My erection had grown solid and painful again, my balls tight and extremely sensitive. I stood straight as Alice walked up to me, letting her dressing gown fall open. She was wearing her blue swimsuit - the slightly shiny one that reminded me of Lara Croft's latex top. She was wearing over the bottom of it her incredibly tight PVC hot pants - they left nothing to the imagination, with a clearly visible camel toe shining as she moved. She walked right up to me and cupped my balls with her right hand, making me shudder with pleasure. "Good boy, you haven't been filthy and wanked yourself off without my permission". She let her dressing gown drop to the floor, revealing her beautiful curvy figure in all its glory, accentuated in all the right places by the hot pants and swimsuit. My penis strained harder at the sight. She walked away from me up to the bed, swaying her PVC clad ass sexily, looking back at me over her glasses with a mischievous glint in her eye. She picked up the flat green swim ring and studied it, pursing her lips a little. She held it up for me to see. "Will I get this over my big sexy butt?" She asked nobody in particular. It was a child's swim ring, the hole was only 8 or 9 inches in diameter, clearly not designed to fit over the ass and hips of a fully grown woman, but I sure wanted to see her try! She stepped into the floppy vinyl circle and began to pull it up, grabbing and jerking, wiggling her hips and legs as she forced it to stretch over her thighs first, then it squeakily made it to her hips and ass, creaking loudly against her hot pants as she tugged on it hard. The hole was clearly stretched way bigger than intended. She crouched down a bit, stretching it out a bit more and with a final creak it passed her ass cheeks and smoothly swished up the swimsuit to her narrower waist, where it hung like a sexy shiny plastic miniskirt. She did some sexy poses to show it off, "poor little ring" she said, "never designed for this!" With that she tossed me the other ring. Picking it up, I saw it was a cute blue dinosaur-headed ring with an orange bottom half. Like Alice's chosen ring, it was a child's size. I stepped into the hole and, like Alice, began to force it up over my thighs and ass. I didn't have Alice's sexy thighs, but it still took some stretching, squeaking and creaking to get the ring up over my raging erection, then over my hips and finally it slid to my waist, digging in to me tightly. Alice wiggled to the wardrobe and pulled out her foot pump. She swayed back to me, dropped the pump to the floor, handing me the nozzle, and turned around. "Be a dear and pump me will you?" She asked in a smouldering voice, bending over and flipping the ring up with her hands, exposing her hotpants straining tightly over her beautiful round ass cheeks and the valve on the underside of the ring. I fumbled the pump nozzle into the valve and gave it a long Pffffft with my foot. Alice moved backwards, so the warm, pliable PVC hotpants and her soft ass pressed my rock hard boner into my belly. It felt amazing. I continued to pump, the ring rapidly taking shape, and with each pump she rubbed up and down with her luscious ass on my penis. Pfffft pfffft pffffft... the ring was getting hard, and I wasn't sure I would be able to last long with her rubbing. Distractedly, I continued pumping - pffft pfffft pffft... "Whoah there boy!" Alice suddenly called, pulling away from me. I could see a little moist mark of precum on her left buttock as she stood up, "that'll do or it'll go with a bang!" True enough, there were no wrinkles in the ring's outer seam and barely any in the head as she turned around, reaching behind her to put the stopper in. She looked incredibly sexy, the ring wiggling with her hips as she moved around me and stuck the pump nozzle into the valve of my ring. She began to pump my ring up quickly - pffftpfffftpffftpfffft - and it rapidly took shape, the gripping on my waits hurting less as the ring pressurised, spreading the grip wider. Pfffftpfffftpffft... like hers my ring's outer seam had no wrinkles, and the cute dragon head was swelling up when she stopped and plugged the valve. Next she slipped an armband onto her right arm and brought it up to me to inflate by mouth. The smell of the warm vinyl was intoxicating as I firmly blew up that, then her other arm band. I picked up another and was about to put it on myself when she stopped me - "not yet, I need to make sure you are wearing all of your safety equipment!" With that she picked up the shiny red item - which I realised was a vinyl inflatable life jacket vest. I undid the buckles and shrugged the jacket on like a waistcoat. Alice did up the two buckles and tightened them firmly, before moving behind me and beginning to inflate the jacket with the foot pump. Like the pants it began to squeeze and grip me, the new sensation felt beautiful. Alice then put the armbands on me and inflated the tightly. I looked at the completed outfit in the mirror, feeling both incredibly aroused and a little silly. I squeaked as I moved with the ring, wings and vest. Alice looked stunning, as my throbbing erection attested to. "Just one more item" she said, and picked up the inflatable pants from where I'd dropped them. She must have seen the disappointment and anger on my face - was she going to put me back in the pants and leave me all night in all of this? I would definitely need to get myself off, regardless of what she thought, no doubt about it "Don't worry boy, these aren't for you this time..." she said, grinning. She undid the zip of her hotpants, wiggled them down her legs and kicked them towards me. She slowly bent down, giving me fantastic view down her cleavage, and stepped into my inflatable pants. Leaving them round her ankles, she raised her arms at the elbows and looked at me emploringly. I stepped forwards, grabbing the waist band of the pants and pulled them up, swishing them over her thighs and right up to her ring, getting an "oooh!" from her as the gusset was tugged into her crotch. I quickly popped the nozzle of the pump in them and began inflating them as she stood there without complaint. Pfffffft pffffft pffffft... she sighed with a long "mmmmmmh..." as they inflated and gripped her. I kept pumping until they were nice and firm, I reached out and pulled her to me, squeaking our rings together and thrusting my penis onto the shining pants, digging my fingers in to the butt of them to test them. She sighed and squirmed as she stood there. I drew away after a second and put the plug in. I looked at Alice, ample breasts squeezed into her swimsuit, shining tight armbands and ring, and the tight beautiful inflatable pants vastly exaggerating her butt and lower tummy... the sexiest I'd ever seen her, without a doubt! Alice moved to the built in wardrobe wiggling her hips in the pants, getting squaks and creaks from them and her ring. She slid the door open slowly whilst reaching inside, and pulled out a tightly inflated whale - I was surprised she'd managed to make it fit. It was the whale that had been in her pool at her party a few weeks ago. It was a shiny transparent blue with a happy face and white belly printed on it. She tossed it onto her bed. "Let's take a ride together" she said sexily, getting a loud creak from her pants as she climbed onto the bed. My own inflatable outfit creaked and squealed as I climbed up after her. She stood, put a leg over the whale, and dropped onto it with a creak of protest from her pants and the ride on toy. She looked behind her and motioned for me to join her. Her inflated pants took up quite a lot of room, so I had to sit right at the back, partially on the whale's firmly inflated tail. Sitting down pressed my erection between her pants' butt and my own cute ring, both of which had only a little give. I reached around her wast above her ring and grabbed its tight head. Alice took hold of the white plastic handles on the whale and began to rock and bouce, which rubbed my incredibly sensitive trapped penis and balls. I groaned in at the feeling, the nervous energy in the pit of my stomach growing as the pleasure moved through me. I kneaded and squeezed the head of her ring as she rode, pulling her towards me. I could smell her shampoo mingled with the vinyl, and feel the warm tightness of my sqeaky jacket beginning to get sweaty. My ring's head was squished between us and the soft material of her swimsuit which I could feel on my arms. She was moaning quietly as she rocked, leaning forwards and squasking her ring more into the whale's hard fin as she let go of the handles and moved her arms forward to the whale's head, digging her fingers in. The whale was straining under us as we bounced on the bed, creaking and cracking against our bodies and inflatables. I looked in the mirrored wardrobe door, at the straining, wrinkle-free whale with two grown adults thrusting and bouncing on top of it, dressed in tightly inflated outfits. I knew it wouldn't be long before I blew. I began to bounce more firmly on the whale, Alice moaning louder and wiggling a little from side to side as the pants rubbed her. I leaned forwards, squashing our rings more firmly between the whale and my body as I thurst up and down on her pants, now slick with precum and sweat. My hands moved from the head of her ring to squeeze her warm, soft breasts - her stiff nippes pressing into my palms as they responded to my touch. She was moaning and sighing more now with every bounce. The pressure inside me was growing and growing, and after a few more humps I could take no more... My body convulsed and twitched as I began to pump streams of hot semen up the back of her pants and the underside of my ring, I grunted with each spurt sending a wave of tingling through me. It was the most powerful orgasm I'd ever had. I stopped my bouncing and alice continued to squirm a little before slowly stopping. Drawing away I could see the sheer quantity of sperm, it was splattered over my penis and ring, her pants, the whale and the back of her swimsuit in dripping blobs. My penis was still rock hard. Alice reached down to her side and popped the valve of the pants open, continuing to wiggle as the air whooooshed out and she sank down on the whale. She stood, making me drop as the stretched out whale sagged beneath me without her weight, smearing my sperm up the front of my life vest drom the back of her delfated pants. She stepped away and dropped them down to her ankles, kicking them off with a thwap onto the mirrored door of the wardrobe, leaving a solitary blob of semen on the glass as they fell to the floor. She turned to face me, flushed and breathing heavily, making her breasts heave in the swimsuit.
  5. It was not long after Alice's garden party that my parents decided to have our house renovated. For several days there would be no bathrooms or kitchen, so they had arranged to book into a nearby hotel. During a visit, Auntie Alice had suggested that I stay with her instead - she had a spare room, and her house was close to my high school allowing me to continue walking there. On top of that it would save on the hotel bill. Her argument was persuasive, and so my parents agreed I should stay at hers if I didn't mind - I managed to hide my excitement and agreed. When the time came l knocked on Alice's door holding my hiking backpack of clothes - I'd made sure my swimming shorts were in there in the hope Alice still had her pool up. I had not packed any of my own inflatables - still only having two beach balls - as I knew Alice had a tendency to pop them with over-vigorous bouncing. I knew she had plenty of her own, and I sincerely hoped we'd get to use them. Alice answered the door wearing a shapeless fluffy blue dressing gown and slippers, and a big smile. She gave me a brief hug and pointed me to the spare room. It was adjacent to her own bedroom, containing a single bed, wardrobe, bedside cabinet with a lamp and, to my delight, Alice's inflatable purple chair - made like two horse shoes with a cushion in the middle. She must have seen my eyes light up at the sight of the chair - "I thought you might like it in your room, to relax on" she said, stressing the word 'relax', "with your final exams coming up, you must be pretty tense!" I nodded in agreement "I could use some relief from the stress..." She laughed and turned away - "You can relax tonight, I'm going out with some old friends. I'm just getting ready, which is why I'm only wearing this". She indicated the dressing gown. I was disappointed I would be alone for the evening, but then again I would be alone for the evening with Alice's inflatable chair... so things weren't all bad! It wasn't long until Alice was ready, she had done her shoulder length dark hair into gentle waves and applied some tasteful make-up, and was wearing a green 1950's style dress which accentuated her figure and gave a little peek of cleavage at the top. "What do you think?" she asked. I thought she looked fantastic and told her so. Smiling, she slipped on her shiny dark green high heels and grabbed her coat and handbag. "You flatterer young man" she said, gave me a peck on the cheek and left the house saying she'd be back at around eleven, leaving only the sweet smell of her perfume. I went straight to my room, where the beautiful chair waited for me. I gave it an experimental squeeze and stroke. The vinyl was warm in the nice evening, it felt like it had been inflated harder than last time I'd used it. I noticed some little drops of moisture trapped in the crevices around the seat and backrest and looking closer at the chair, I realised it must have been freshly cleaned today - I was sure it had some dust and marks on it last time. My mind wandered back to that last time and my penis immediately began to swell. I remembered her talking about going through so many beachballs with her bouncing - I wondered if she had one "in circulation" at the moment? What better time to check? I had at least four hours until her return. I still felt nervous and couldn't help but sneak into her room, alert for any noise from outside. It was a bit untidy, with some laundry and her dressing gown lying on the floor. There was a dresser with an assortment of perfumes and makeup on top, her triple-doored built in wardrobe with the mirrored doors along one wall and her double bed with a blanket chest at the foot of it. "Where would she hide her inflatables?" I thought to myself, the mission impossible theme tune starting in my head. I gently opened the blanket chest first. Disappointingly, it contained bedsheets. I looked under the top couple, but it looked like there was nothing unusual. I tried the wardrobe next, sliding the doors one by one, flinching at the rumbling sound they made. There was plenty of clothing - some dresses in particular I thought would look very sexy on her - and a wide variety of shoes, but nothing of interest in the first two doors. Sliding the third door, not expecting much, I spotted a foot pump under a hanging selection of coats. It was a bellows type, with black top and bottom panels and a yellow plastic bladder, and a long corrugated tube ending in a string on which dangled three different sizes of nozzle. Rooting around a little more, I found a forgotten puncture repair kit patch - a small square on a yellowish-beige card, but nothing else. Turning round, I quickly looked under the valance on the bed. It was a box divan, with solid cloth sides that went to the floor - couldn't hide anything under it. The dresser on the other side of the room was the only thing left. I made my way over, freezing at the sound of a car door outside... then relaxing a little as nobody came to the house. The top drawer contained various makeups, hair brushes and knick-knacks, the middle drawer was more exciting with a wide variety of underwear - bras and pants of various sizes and designs. No hints of anything shiny or inflatable though. The bottom drawer was equally fruitless - a couple of attractive nighties but otherwise t-shirts and jumpers. I was feeling a bit disheartened now. Had she been having me on, knowing I liked inflatables? Or perhaps she had popped all of her own, bouncing hard. I turned to leave the room, my eyes passing the bed... from this side I could see that part of the valance looked a bit unusual... like it had been pinched up. Quickly darting over and lifting the bottom of the valance, my heart leapt at the final chance - the divan had two drawers in it on this side. The drawer closest the foot of the bed contained some books, magazines and clutter. With a sigh of resignation, I moved to the other drawer. This one had the valance pinched in the top right corner, so I knew it had been recently used. Slowly opening it, the jackpot was revealed. There in front of me was the inflatable motherlode. There was a stack of sealed packets containing new beachballs - a few sizes at a glance. A neatly folded square of grey and another of yellow which I thought must be riders or mattresses. The tell-tale fan shape of a couple of folded swim rings - one blue and orange and the other green and zebra-striped. Her neatly folded swimsuit, and under it, something else black and shiny. Front and centre was a partially inflated beach ball. It was either the same one she had ridden after her garden party, or it was the same design. 16", with neon pink, yellow and orange panels. I tentatively lifted it out making a mental note of how it had been sitting in the drawer. Un-scrunching it a bit, I could see it had been worked hard. There were repair patches on both end caps where panels and cap seams met, and at least two on the panel seams further down the ball. I could see and feel the telltale signs of dried sweat on it, a sniff revealing a musk of vinyl and hot body. My erection was straining in my trousers at the thought of Alice riding this very ball purely for her own pleasure, not giving a damn about its survival. I took another look around the drawer. Removing that ball had revealed another black shiny item, I realised it was a pair of PVC hot pants - my mind whirled at the thought of seeing Alice in them. I lifted her swimsuit out to see the other black item. I carefully began unfolding it - after a couple of folds I realised it was a catsuit. Alice in a shiny PVC catsuit... my heart - and erection - were pounding. I needed release. I quickly put things back in the drawer, as close as I could think to how I had first seen it, with the exception of her used ball, which I kept out with me. I would return it shortly. I swiftly made my way back to my room with the used ball. Dropping it on the chair, I quickly stripped my clothes off, my boner springing free. I examined the ball a bit, it was about half inflated. I popped the valve free and blew three breaths into it to plump it up a little. I moulded it into a bowl shape for my ass, valve down, and put it on the inflatable chair. I slowly sat down, feeling the vinyl conform to my butt and touch my balls - getting an 'mmmm' from me. The ball on the chair made it extra bouncy and I couldn't resist wiggling on it before I grabbed my penis and started to jerk. I closed my eyes and leaned back a little, putting more weight on the ball. The stretching warm vinyl of the ball and backrest felt great, and as I jerked my balls bounced off the beach ball, which felt tingly. I imagined Alice in her catsuit sitting on the chair... I started to bounce and rock as I jerked, feeling an orgasm start to build... I became aware of a faint hissssss. Still gently masturbating I felt along the seams of the ball, finding one of the patches was loose and leaking. I pressed it back into place with my finger and continued to jerk and bounce a little, the orgasm building in the pit of my stomach. Precum began to leak from my penis, lubricating my foreskin, I was so close... the hissing began again. Putting my finger back to the patch I pressed... and WHUMPH - with a blast of air I dropped to a bouncy landing on the chair. I wriggled on the flat ball and chair a little as I brought myself over the edge, the orgasm spamming my stomach as I spurted strongly onto my belly and hand. Basking in the afterglow, it suddenly dawned on me what I'd done - Alice's ball was split wide open along one seam! I was going to hide it back in the drawer, as I found it, but she would surely notice it had become popped... but she would notice even quicker if it was gone. I got up and quickly cleaned myself up in the bathroom. I couldn't see a way out of it... I hid the ball back in her drawer, trying to position it as I'd found it. Perhaps she'd think she'd popped it before? It was a long shot, but it would have to do. I put my pyjamas on and went to watch some TV, wondering what I might say if Alice challenged me... It was midnight before Alice returned - tired and woozy through alcohol. She gave me a peck on the cheek and went straight to bed, with no hint of wanting company, so I went to bed as well. The next morning she did not emerge from her room whilst I washed and had breakfast before heading to school - I assumed she was suffering a hangover and enjoying the lie in, so I left without seeing her that morning. During the various lessons at school I gradually forgot about what I'd done the night before, so it wasn't in mind when I arrived back at her house that evening. I walked in and headed through to the kitchen to get a drink from the fridge, to find Alice in her dressing gown sitting at the kitchen table looking at me disapprovingly over her glasses. On the table in front of her was a crumpled, deflated beachball. THE crumpled, deflated beachball. "Ah..." I said, and she raised an eyebrow. There was no point in trying to wriggle out of it. "...yeah. I'm really sorry about that, I couldn't help myself. I was..." She interrupted me by raising a finger. "You could not help yourself? What would your mother say?" she said quietly. Panic seized me at the prospect of her telling my mom what I'd done. "People who cannot help themselves need to be controlled" she added, standing up. "Go to your room young man and get those school clothes off!" she ordered, pointing out of the room. This was taking an interesting turn, I thought, so I simply nodded, acting ashamed, and obeyed. As soon as I'd taken my clothes off, Alice strode into the room. My heart leapt - she was wearing the PVC catsuit! It was zipped all the way up at the front and it fitted her like a second skin, adding a glistening layer to her beautiful curvy figure. It stretched enticingly over her breasts - I could see her erect nipples straining against the inside - hugging her waist tightly before curving over her shapely hips, ass and thighs. She was wearing shining black stilettos on her feet, and had her hair pulled back into a severe ponytail. The look was spectacular to me. She carried in one hand the footpump I'd found yesterday, and in the other a dangling handful of vinyl that I couldn't yet identify. She looked at me over my glasses, and ordered me to stand up straight. I did so immediately, my penis beginning to grow and pulse in front of me as she eyed me up and down. "So, you're unable to help yourself when it comes to MY inflatables. Well, I need to teach you a lesson in control, don't I, boy." "Yes miss" I mumbled, unsure what she wanted from me, a combination of fear and arousal stirring in me. She dropped the pump onto the floor and tossed some of the vinyl onto the bed. I realised they were beachballs. She began to unfold the yellow piece of vinyl she still held. I spotted a valve and some scrunched up parts, it looked like it might be... a pair of large inflatable pants! The leg and waist holes were elasticated and wrinkled up like a diaper would be, with the valve protruding from one side. She held them up, examining them for a moment, before dangling them towards me held in a pinched forefinger and thumb. "You need to wear these to learn control" she said, sternly. I gingerly took the pants from her. The material was very soft and rubbery, slightly different to a regular inflatable. I turned them so they would be what I reckoned was the right way round, and stepped into them. The material was cold, but warmed almost immediately with skin contact, rustling I pulled them up my legs. They felt great on my skin as I pulled them up over my erection and ass. Looking down I could see the tent bulge of my penis pulsing inside the baggy mass. "We need to make sure you can't masturbate yourself on my inflatables, you dirty boy" Alice said. She turned side on and bent down to pick up the nozzle of the pump, her catsuit creaking as she bent down, giving me a wonderful view of her shiny-clad ass. Standing up again, she reached out and grabbed the waistband of my plastic pants, tugging me forcefully a pace forwards. She deftly flicked the cap off the pants' valve and firmly jammed the nozzle of the pump into it. Our eyes met, hers still stern, as she slowly stepped on the pump bellows. Pfffffffffffffft. I felt the pants shift a little. pfffffffffffft. They shifted some more, a strange - but beautiful - sensation. pfffffffffft. I closed my eyes to savour the feel of the tightening vinyl. pffffffffft... pfffffffft... pffffffft... They were beginning to firm up now, conforming tightly to my body, engulfing my penis and trapping it in place. I opened my eyes again, the pants were only a little wrinkled now, Alice was looking down at them too, but she continued to pump. pffffffft... pffffft... pffffft... I let out an involuntary grunt of pleasure. The pants were tightly inflated, an expanded yellow blob around my waist. Alice yanked the pump nozzle out and quickly stuck the stopper in - the brief whooosh betraying the lack of a safety valve. She stepped right up to me - I could smell her perfume and the catsuit PVC - as she reached to the pants and dug her fingers into them, squeezing and testing. "Now you can't get your hands on your dirty cock to wank on my inflatables, or rub your smelly bum on them!" she said with pleasure.
  6. There I lay, alone in the darkness of my drawing room, naked with hand tied to the legs of my sofa. Trying to get my hands free, the adrenaline kick was now subsiding but the thoughts of the last 1 hour would still try to bring my penis to an upright position. But it would pain as it would try to get erect. Perhaps a fully inflated 18inch balloon tied to a penis is painful at times. I was still deciding whether my effort to get Padma aunty to blow balloons for me was worth or was I suppose to feel sorry for whatever happened as things took an ugly turn. Balloons.. ohhh these shiny tight latex orbs attract me a lot. I really prefer it if it has been blown by a lady. Till then, I would only rely on buying balloons from lady balloon sellers. My balloon fetish was my secret and no one knew about it. Padma aunty, a lady in her early 40s was my next door neighbor. But lets not underestimate her. Even though in her 40s she was voluptuous enough with her huge build complemented by her amazing bosoms. The favorite touch for me that she would always be in a saree being from North Indian state of Rajasthan. As a homemaker, she would mostly be at home alone with the husband out 20 days in a month traveling to expand his tech startup. She was quite a friendly lady unexpectedly as often she would bring specialities cooked by her and i would happily relish on them. Somehow when I saw her for the first time after moving in, I imagined her blowing a 12 inch balloon. My imagination got better of me many a times and gave quite a few pleasurable moments. But now I wanted more. I actually wanted to see her blow a balloon or watch it blow to pop or rather keep a balloon blown by her as a memento. So my mind raced into a plotting out a plan to achieve the above. First I decided on what pretext to invite her to my home. Turned out to be easy - I would ask her this time if she can prepare some traditional kheer (a sweetened rice porridge). The next thing for me to select was which balloons to use for the plan. I decided to use the Indian version of 12 inch balloons which have beautiful bulb shape in various colors. I also decided to up the game and put in a 18incher Happy Birthday Balloon. The final stop was to place these balloons such that her attention falls on it. From there all I needed was to strike a conversation about the balloons and see if she decides to blow some of them or rather even 1. But what if she doesn’t actually know how to blow up balloons or doesn’t show any interest to it ? I had to take the risk. This was my only shot. I decided to execute this plan on a Friday evening as I have weekends off. As I was leaving for work, I knocked on her door. I was aware that her husband was still not around and her mother in law too was not in town. “Hey hi..” surprised to see me. “Good morning mam..sorry to disturb you. I actually had a small request if its not too much to ask”, I said. “Yeah tell me”, she asked inquisitively. “I really have a craving for some kheer since a last couple of days ? Can you prepare some for me ?” I asked innocently. “Awww..that's it ? Sure no problem. Tonight you will not only get kheer but dinner is on me. Call me once you are back.“ She agreed happily. Ok..Game on.. Honestly the whole day I could not concentrate much on work. Luckily it was a Friday and things were looking cool. The next step was to get some balloons. As I left office, I dropped by a party store to buy a packet of the 12 inchers. I asked the lady behind the counter if she has some huge balloons. She obliged and showed me some wonderful looking 18 inchers. I bought 3 of these. What if one has a hole ? So its good to have a backup and its backup too. It was around 8pm that I came home and placed the packet of balloons on top of the drawer next to the dining table. I was sure they would attract attention from there. All things in place, I decided to place the call her around 8.30PM. I was already feeling the excitement. Today if things work out, I am going to sleep with a balloon blown up by Padma aunty. I had kept the door ajar purposely. Padma aunty came in with a big plate of delicious curries and kheer. She was wearing a speckled black saree with her hair tied up in a neat bun. “Thank you so much mam.. You made this Friday evening very special.” I reciprocated her generosity. She placed the plate on the table and I excused myself to wash my hands. I wondered if by then she had seen the balloons. As I came back to the table I saw her sitting at the table. I joined her and quickly and rather coolly started having my the delicious dinner. But my whole attention was whether she saw the balloons and then.. “Having a party huhhh??” she inquired. “Sorry ??” I said. “So many balloons ?” pointing at the packets. “Yeah a friend’s party tomorrow. I was in charge of decorations.” I said. “Awesome..look pretty.” She said. “They look even prettier when tightly blown up.” I said trying to steer the conversation. She simply smiled. “Do you know how to blow them ?” I asked as I got a boner in my pants. Truth was about to be revealed. She casually said, “Yeah..who doesn’t ?” “Wow…I don’t know many ladies who actually can blow balloons”. She smiled. “When was the last time you blew up balloons ?“ I asked. “Can’t recollect. Maybe for my nephew on his birthday a few years ago.” She said. “Why don’t you try blowing one ?” I went all in. She looked at me with a questioning look. I just gave a shrug with a smile. “Yeah..why not ?” she agreed. Yesssss. Yesssss. Yesssss. Finally Its happening. I am going to see her blowing a balloon and will also get to keep it. But what if she decides to burst it or rather deflate it ?? Lets see, As I was thinking the above, she went over to the drawer and bought the packet of balloons to the table. She opened the packet and took out a blue one, My luck was in my favor with my favorite color too. Now I had to see how she blows up the balloon. But I also had to be cool about it and concentrate on finishing my dinner. But down south, things were getting wet too with excitement and the boner was desperate to erect. She stretched and released the balloon making that fantastic sound when the latex contracts. She repeated the process 3 times and then started the blowing process. But something was new. Though she was blowing straight she held on the main body of the balloon to ensure that only the neck blows first. Wooooossshhhhh. The neck responded and swelled beautifully. Now with both her hands she held the mouth of the balloon and blew big blows into it. In the silence of my home, one could only hear her Woooosshhhhh as she started the process of giving birth to a beautiful blue balloon. The thing about blowing balloons this way was that I never understood about when people would stop blowing into it because the neck is already blown and only the main bulb of the balloon is the final part to expand. One extra blow and it can end up in shreds. “Wow…you do know how to blow balloons.” I exclaimed. She stopped blowing and said “I told you na ? What should I do with this one ?” she looked at it and asked. “Ahhh…” But before I could complete the sentence, she started blowing again, with greater speed. Woooosh..Woooosh..Woooosh..Woooosh..Woooosh..Woooo sh.. I was now getting scared that a fresh balloon may just get blown into bits with a sharp bang. “Mam, I think it will burst now..” I said. “So ?? you scared ?? ” she said, placing the balloon back to her lips and starting the inflation again. “You want me to stop ?? I can go ahead and tie it if you want.” she asked with a smile. “Yeah the balloon looks great. Its better to tie it” I said as I felt my boner still trying to break through and feeling wetter. At this thought I decided to get from the table and take the plate to the sink.Then I decided to proceed to the rest room to wash my hands and also carry out an inspection of my pants. In the restroom, I inspected and saw that my underpants had rather become wetter and bit longer the pants would have shown the signs of wetness too. So I decided to change my underpants and put on a jeans. All this took some time and I was so engrossed in this activity that I didn’t know what might be happening in my drawing room. “Hello ma..”, I failed to complete my sentence as I entered my drawing room. I could see 5 12 inch balloons fully inflated arranged neatly on the sofa with the 6th one in Padma aunty’s mouth taking birth. As I looked confused, aroused and mesmerized, aunty came slowly towards me while woooossssshing into the orange orb and grabbed my expanding penis. I was caught surprised. “So you like balloons huhhhh ???” said aunty with menacing look holding the nearly inflated orange balloon in her left hand and my penis in her right hand with a tight grip. “Ahhhh”.. “You want a balloon babbyyy??? ” asked aunty. “Mam ??” “Baby has a Balloon fetish ?? huhhh ??” asked aunty and tightened her grip. “Whatt ??? ” i squealed. “It doesn’t take a genius baby..Our walls arent that thick baby. I have heard the popping sounds from your restroom.” My secret was out. Horror was flowing in my veins. “And moreover I saw you purchasing balloons from that balloon seller near the park quite a few times.” releasing the grip and tightening it again. “You want me to blow this balloon for you baby ?? ” she asked. My body was frozen to react. “You want me to blow or want me to blow it up ??” she asked with a domineering look. Rather it was more of a statement. But without waiting for an answer she started blowing into the orange balloon in her left hand. 2 big blows and a bang. “Ahhhhh…Mam…” I said. “Shut up..” “Lie down quietly here and spread your hands.” she ordered. I don’t know why but I was actually following the orders without knowing what was to come next. Quite swiftly she tied my hands to the legs of my sofa and then looked at me. “Awww baby…Baby wants a balloon huhh ??” she says in a childish mocking tone. “I will give you lots of balloons today, but first..” with a wry smile she started undoing my jeans and pulled them down. “Awww..look at the little baby.” saying this she touched my penis and it too sort of enjoyed the touch without the knowledge what was happening with the remaining body. “Lets get it out..” and she pulled down my underpants too.. My penis stood erect with attention like a soldier. She picked up a beautifully blown tight white balloon and started rubbing it over my penis whilst she enjoyed my pitiable situation. “Baby has a balloon fetish huh ???” and without warning she squeezed it with one hand and burst it. The rubber struck my penis on the way and i shouted. “Awww…no no no baby…” stroking my penis slowly. “I will blow another balloon for you. Big and nice” She picked up a red 12 incher stretched it and came up to my face and started blowing it. “Mam. I am sorry.. please no”.. I begged. But as she blew she also started stroking my penis in a co-ordinated fashion. “Mam..pls” I begged again. But the speed of the blowing just increased along with the stroking. The bulb of the balloon was touching my face. It was huge. “Oh baby likes it ?? Ok I will keep blowing it.” she said with a menacing smile. My body was in a state of strange mix of emotions. Wooosh..Wooosh…Woooosh… On any day I would have loved to have the red balloon she was blowing but not today in this state. Woooshhh…Bangggggggg. And down south, my penis burst out too. As I shouted, she laughed, she mocked and cleaned her hands on my t-shirt. “One more ?? Big one this time ?” “Mam please no…please let me go.“ I begged. “Let you go ?? ” she laughed. “Not yet baby” and kissed me on my forehead. She took out the 18incher dark green balloon from the packet and started stretching it whilst showing me. “Baby wants a balloon na ??” she asked childishly again. “No mam, please please no more..I am sorry.” I begged helplessly. “Ok..no more for you.” she agreed. But then she started blowing the 18 incher. “Mam ??” I asked. “Not for you baby, for the little baby here” and stroked my penis. “What do you mean ??” I asked in horror. She didn’t reply and kept blowing. She gave fast deep blows into it..It became quite huge. I didn’t know what she intended to do. Once its neck started expanding too, she stopped and looked at the balloon. “Wow..you were right..they do look pretty.” as she stretched the neck more. “But you know what would look pretty ??” asking me in a mocking fashion. “This…” In a swift move she grabbed my erect penis in a hard grip and tied the huge green balloon to my penis. “Awwww…so so pretty.. my little baby has such a big balloon” and bent down to kiss my penis. She got up and then placed all the remaining 12 inchers beside me. “It was fun actually..” she said. As she was leaving, she said “we should do this again some day..” But before leaving she came back and picked up 5 12 inchers from the packet and said “Don’t mind if I take a souvenir.” “Enjoy the night baby.” She switched off the lights and left closing the door behind her. There I lay, alone in the darkness of my drawing room, naked with hand tied to the legs of my sofa. Trying to get my hands free, the adrenaline kick was now subsiding but the thoughts of the last 1 hour would still try to bring my penis to an upright position. But it would pain as it would try to get erect. Perhaps a fully inflated 18inch balloon tied to a penis is painful at times. I was still deciding whether my effort to get Padma aunty to blow balloons for me was worth or was I suppose to feel sorry for whatever happened as things took an ugly turn.
  7. I didn't see Alice for a long time after that first night. Without my old beachball and in the spring when none could be bought, I had to 'get by' imagining that night with her. I was therefore pretty excited when in early Summer my parents announced that my father would be going on a business trip to Stavanger for a week, and my mother would be going with him. I got the mandatory speech about responsibility for the house (no parties!) and to eat well and take care of myself, and that Alice would be keeping an eye on me. They headed away one morning soon after. On a trip down the road to buy some food for myself that day - not particularly wanting to cook the healthy food that had been left when I could go and buy junkfood - I took a detour into the local "everything shop" that I hoped would have their summer stuff in. I was not disappointed - they had some ride-on whales, dolphins and a dragon, swim rings of various designs and sizes, a selection of beachballs, some lilos and a couple of different chairs. The ride-ons and chairs were too expensive for my own meagre funds, being full price at the start of the season, and I wasn't drawn to the lilos' matte vinyl. There were some 18" beachballs I could afford, with bright pink, orange and yellow panels. I picked up two and a couple of other items I needed from the shop before nervously making my way to the checkouts. I didn't recognise the girl who scanned my purchases, and she didn't seem to look twice at the beachballs as they went through. Quickly bagging my things, I paid and left swiftly, feeling a nervous excitement in the pit of my stomach about finally having some inflatables to use again. When I got home I went right up to my room to unpack one of the beachballs, I couldn't wait. The smell of the new vinyl was delicious as I tore the packet open, and even the feel of vinyl on my hands unfolding it gave me a semi. I half inflated the ball like I used to, squeezing and feeling it as I went. I placed it on the corner of the bed to admire my new pleasure throne, when suddenly the doorbell rang. I ignored it at first, undoing my belt, when it went again. I groaned to myself, did my belt up again and headed to the door as it rang for a third time. I opened the door a bit, so the visitor wouldn't see my slowly shrinking erection, and was surprised to see Auntie Alice standing there. She was dressed for the lovely warm weather - a low-cut flowery knee length summer dress. I could see her inviting cleavage and the way the dress was cinched in around her waist accentuated her figure. I made a consicous effort not to stare at her boobs and to look at her face instead. She'd had her hair done into an attractive shoulder length cut and was wearing a little makeup which accentuated her natural beauty, she was smiling prettily. "Long time no see!" she announced cheerily, "your mom said she and your dad were away for the week, and it turns out I'm having a bit of a party this afternoon. No point in your staying home alone when you could be at my party, why don't you come over..?" "Uhhh... sure I suppose... when is it?" I asked, looking forward to hopefully spending some time with her, even if it couldn't go anywhere. "Come over at three o'clock then," she said "I think you'll enjoy it" she added with a wink. Turning away, I had the door half closed when she called back - "Oh! And bring your swimming gear!" "Ohhh.. kay... sure!" I called back as she went out through the gate. I was pretty sure Alice didn't have a pool - I had been over there many times as a child and was sure I'd have played in it if there was one. I'd take my swimming shorts and a towel anyway just in case. I had an hour to spare before I would head round - time to try out my new beachball! I rushed back to my room and took my clothes off quickly. The sun through my bedroom window had warmed the ball up beautifully and it felt spectacular as I sat slowly down on it, the warm plastic stretching and caressing my ass and balls as I sat with the sun on my back. My erection was straining hard now as I closed my eyes and started to masturbate and bounce gently. Again I imagined Alice in Lara Croft's shiny blue latex top, I imagined she was sitting on another beachball in front of me, bouncing, and jerking me, encouraging me to blow my load on her latex-covered tits. It didn't take long before I was edging myself, jacking in little bursts as I squeezed and rubbed on the ball, until it got too much for me and I went for it - with a shudder and groan I began to shoot spurt after spurt of semen into the beachball's empty packet. Sitting there, breathing heavily in the afterglow of such a great orgasm, I hoped that would be enough to stop me getting a boner looking at Alice at her party. I got up and wiped the ball down with a tissue, tossing the beachball's packet in the bin. I left the ball where it was, imagining I'd want to use it again after the party. Forty five minutes later I was over at Alice's front door. I had put on a light shirt on for the heat of the afternoon, also my cargo shorts and a pair of canvas deck shoes. I thought I looked quite trendy. My swimming shorts and a towel were in a cloth bag I was carrying. I could hear music and people round the back of the house, and nobody was answering the door, so I went round the side through the tall fence surrounding her back garden. There were 15 people there standing chatting in small groups and on plastic lawn chairs round a couple of white garden tables - an even mix of men and women, all older than me aged from 30 or so up to mid 40s. I recognised a few of them from around town or by being my parents' friends too, and even got on well with some of their kids at school. None of those kids could be seen though, and I felt self-conscious being the only teenager at what was clearly a grown-up function. Something else caught my attention too - There was a large pop-up pool. It was about four feet deep, an oval ten feet wide and 15 or so feet long, supported on white tubing, with a white plastic ladder going up and over the side. Floating in it were four assorted beachballs, two the same as I'd just bought, and one of the whales. I hoped I'd get a go of the whale at some point. I caught sight of Alice over at the far side of the garden and began to make my way over with the occasional exchange of recognition with the people who knew me by sight. Alice gave me a wide smile when she saw me and excused herself from her group, making her own way to meet me. "I'm glad you came over" she said, giving me a peck on the cheek which made me turn bright red. A couple of people nearby saw me and had a brief laugh at my teenage embarrassment before returning to their conversation. Alice paid them no heed. "People may age are so dull..." she said quietly, "The booze will help with that soon, grab yourself a beer or two". She gave me a wink and returned to her group as I sought out the beer - it was in a wheelbarrow full of ice with some bottles of wine and fizz, beside a table with various cups, openers and a selection of spirits. I took a beer bottle and popped the top off with an opener from the table. Of course I'd had beer before, secretly with friends, but not surrounded by people I would expect to tell me off for it. Nobody paid the slightest attention as I took a swig. I was soon engaged in conversation with a couple who knew my parents and was drawn into their little group with questions about school, friends, who knew who... the usual stuff. I could tell the alcohol was beginning to have an effect on some of them who were getting giggly, and a woman in her late 30s asking me about girlfriends and aiming mild jibes about experience and innocence at me. I thought I held my own pretty well, getting a laugh here and there, I think the beer helped me loosen up a bit. However, after an hour and five beers I was beginning to feel a bit ill. I wasn't used to drinking so much, but I didn't want to leave. I headed inside to have a little lie down somewhere, finding Alice's bedroom door open. I was sure Alice wouldn't mind if I had a lie down in her room, so I entered and sat at the foot of her bed. Then I noticed the chair which had been hidden behind her door when I came in. It was a transparent purple inflatable chair, but not a kind I had seen before. It was made like two horseshoes on top of each other - one the base and one the backrest - with a central inflatable cushion between the two to sit on. I really wanted to sit on it, having not used inflatable furniture before. Feeling a little nervous, I made my way over a gently touched the vinyl of the backrest. It was warm, firm but yielding and felt so inviting. I gently began to sit on it, the feel of the vinyl sinking and stretching was lovely, and I felt my balls and penis twitch in my shorts. I leaned back and closed my eyes, the warm vinyl creaking below me. It was surprisingly comfortable, and I felt very relaxed with my eyes closed listening to the beat of my heart... A noise woke me with a start. Not quite remembering where I was, I jumped slightly, which made the chair wobble, and I gave an involuntary "Wuh!" as a wave of dizziness from the alcohol overcame me. "Good evening sleepy head!" said Alice. She was standing beside her bed and my breath caught in my throat when I saw her - she was wearing a tight, light blue swimsuit that hugged her curves beautifully. In the fading light coming through her window it looked for a moment exactly like the latex one on my Lara Croft poster. She must have seen my look. "Do you like it?" she asked giving a little turn to show me her beautiful ass with the material stretched over it. "Mm-hmm" I said, feeling my penis twitch. I instinctively sat up to try and hide my semi, but the motion made me feel queasy again. I groaned and gently laid back again. "Oh dear, I think you had too many beers and not enough food this afternoon, didn't you?" she said, looking at me reproachfully. I nodded gently. "Well," she said, "I know something that might help". With a smile she left the room, still only wearing her swimsuit. I closed my eyes and reviewed the picture in my mind, feeling my semi grow despite my queasiness. I heard her coming back so peeked out of one eye to make sure my erection wasn't too obvious - but as soon as she entered the room I knew that was pointless - she was carrying one of the 16" beachballs from the pool, still wet. It was slightly wrinkled along the seams. Holding it in front of her, she walked over to the chair and pressed the ball into my lap. The pressure on my penis made it twitch forcefully, and she smiled, easing my legs apart with her feet which made the chair squeak. She placed the ball on the floor between my legs, stepped forwards and slowly lowered herself down, letting my eyes linger on her figure. The beachball squeaked and creaked as she sat in a crouch. She reached to my waistband and started to unbutton my shorts. "I'm afraid I'll need cooperation" she said, tugging at the waistband. I raised my ass by leaning more weight on the backrest and she swiftly tugged my shorts to my thighs, my erection throbbing free. "Now relax please and let me work" she said. I lowered myself again, the warm, pliable vinyl of the chair feeling exquisite on my bare ass. I sighed with pleasure. "I like the feel of that chair too" she purred "I like to sit on it when... well, you know, women have needs too", and with that she grabbed my penis with her warm hand. She began to gently ease my foreskin back and forth over the head, as she tantalisingly tickled my balls with her other hand. She was gently bouncing on her beachball, I could hear it squeaking rhythmically beneath her and see her breasts wobble in the confines of the swimsuit as she began to stroke harder. My queasiness all but forgotten, I sat up a little so I could see the ball. With each rise the wrinkles in the seams would appear, then as she fell the wrinkles would disappear, then the ball would visibly bulge before the next up stroke. In the mirrored wardrobe door across the room I could clearly see the view from behind - her beautiful ass wobble then spread on the ball as she dropped down and the seam wrinkles fled. I sighed and she began to jerk me and bounce harder, creaks of protest coming from her tortured beachball. It was no stretch of the imagination to make her swimsuit shiny latex, as she began to encourage me - "Let it all out for Auntie Alice, it'll make you feel better..." My balls twitched as I felt my orgasm begin to build. "Don't worry about squirting, come for Auntie Alice..." she was now hopping on her ball more forcefully. "Let it out on my breasts, you like my breasts don't you" she cooed, and I felt the pulsing in my stomach, I tried to contain it to make the moment last "come on my beach ball, quick, before it bursts, I burst so many..." I could see in the mirror the rearmost panel was starting to balloon out as she hopped on it, and I could take no more... I convulsed and groaned as a hot string of sperm shot out, splatting into her right breast mid stroke. She continued to jerk me as pulse after pulse shot out, stringily dripping down her front onto the beachball as she slowed her jerking and bouncing. "Good boy, do you feel better now?" True enough, over the pounding of my heart and sudden exhaustion I didn't feel so bad any more. "This one lives to ride another day" she said, reaching down to the beachball in front of her, squeaking her hands over the bulging panels. "What a lot of goo as well, It's unhealthy to let it build up like that" she added, playing with a finger in the semen dribbling down the ball. "Nurse will have to drain you more before your parents return..." She stood, the beachball stuck to her butt visibly sagging after its punishment, her swimsuit splattered down the front leaving dark streaks in the material. As the ball dropped away with a flop, I saw how dark the crotch of her swimsuit was. "It looks like you need help too Nurse" I muttered, still enjoying the afterglow of my orgasm. "All in good time, young man" she winked, "all in good time..."
  8. I awoke suddenly, sure I'd heard a noise. The room was pitch dark, so I flicked the bedside light on. Sleepy-eyed, I took a quick look round, but nothing seemed amiss, so I put the light off again, got comfortable and closed my eyes... and heard something else... I laid still and silent... *creek-creek*... There it was again, a faint rubbery squeak from elsewhere in the house. I silently reached over an clicked my light on again - my beachball was missing from under my desk! My heart skipped a beat... Alice must have taken it whilst I was sound asleep! As quietly as possible I snuck out of bed and left the room, careful to avoid the creaky floorboards. I could hear the noise clearly now over my pounding heart, a rhythmic squeak-creak which sounded like it was coming from the lounge. Staying low and quiet, I made my way along the dark corridor to the pool of light spilling from the open lounge door. Reaching the very edge, I could clearly hear the squeaking and the occasional "mmnh". I chanced a quick peek round the doorframe and nearly gasped out loud at what I saw. Alice had piled a stack of sofa cushions onto the floor and placed my ball on top of them with end cap pointing up. Her skirt and jumper were discarded on the sofa, and she was atop the stack like she was riding a horse. She was facing away from me towards the old CRT TV in the corner of the room and thrusting back and forth with her hips, resulting in the squeak-creak I could hear. She was sitting heavily on the ball, there were no wrinkles along the seams and it had bulged out to cradle her as she rode - her big, naked buttocks wrinkling a little with each bounce. There was a clear panel facing me at the back of the ball, and from my low viewpoint I could see her cheeks spread to reveal her butthole as she thrust and bounced. My hand instinctively crept down the waistband of my pyjamas to my rock hard penis as I crouched there, and I slowly started to rub myself. She carried on riding, oblivious to my prescence, her left hand rising to cup a breast through her pink bra, and her right sneaking down her front until I could see the impressions of her fingers through the clear back panel of the ball. She wiggled them as she rode, and began to moan a little louder and bounce harder. I began to rub myself quicker as I watched the sweat trickle down her back and buttocks onto the ball. "Ah.. ah.. ah.." she went as she bounced and I could see her muscles tensing and releasing in time to her thrusts, as she quietly brought herself to orgasm with an "aahhhhhhnnh". I stroked and stroked and gave a quiet involuntary moan. Freezing as I did so - she didn't seem to have heard, and kept riding, more gently now... I looked at the TV screen to catch a reflection of her front... and saw her looking right back at me! She slowed her riding to a stop, and pulled her hand up from her front, wiping it on her stomach, and put both hands on her knees matter-of-factly. "Come on in... It's rude to stare" she said addressing me via the reflection on the TV screen. Caught red-handed, I stood and walked into the room and in front of her, my raging erection standing proud and obvious in my pyjamas. The ball had stretched out and up at the front, and being a solid colour panel I could only see the very top of her dark pubic hair. "You were right about the ball" she said, her face flushed, giving another squeaky wiggle, "it feels lovely on my ass". She squeezed the front bulge. "I think I might need to buy a supply though, I think it might just be pop-pop-pop the way I use them!" The thought of her bouncing away at home made my penis twitch again... "I's sure they would last a while" I said weakly, to break the silance more than anything else, "I've had that one for a long time". "This one has held up but I think we need to test it more, I am rougher that you were" she said with a wink. My mind whirled, but the thoughts sped away as she held the front and back of the ball to stop it sticking to her as got up. I briefly saw her glistening pink pussy before she stepped away and closed her legs. The ball looked dejected and limp. It was covered in trickles and small puddles of sweat, and I saw that the valve was on the end she had been sitting on, sticking upwards out of the ball. The way it had stretched made it look like a form-fitting seat. "Blow that up a bit will you?" she asked, as she gave her ass a wipe with a hankerchief from her handbag. I picked up the ball. It had lost air through the hole in the end I usually sat on to seal. Her sweat was all over the valve, which I popped open, gave a cursory wipe and raised to my lips. The ball had a delicious, heady aroma of her juices, faint sweat and warm vinyl, and the valve had a salty-sweet taste. I blew until It was about three quarters full. It was no longer round - stretched out on the equator and squashed in at the poles - having kept the seat-shape from Alice's rear.
  9. My parents were heading out for the evening, and as usual they had arranged for Alice from across the street to come and "babysit" me - not that I needed babysitting anymore, but it made my mom feel better. I'd known Alice since I was a young boy, we called her Auntie Alice when I was small, even though she was of no relation. She was in her early 40s, and I had recently begun to notice that she was an attractive woman. She had lovely round breasts and an ass to match, and pretty face framed with brown hair. She arrived that evening wearing a loose jumper and long skirt - looking quite frumpy - and sesning she wasn't in a great mood I excused myself early on and went to my room whilst she watched TV. Soon, being a teenager, I felt quite horny. My mind hand been wandering to the girls at school - who I'd never had any luck with - and Alice, and I'd been looking at the large poster of Lara Croft I had on the wall beyond the foot of my bed. It was a large breasted model dressed as Lara, with tight brown shorts and a tight blue latex top that turned me on - it wrinked along the seams over her breasts and nipples in an enticing way, like the seam of an inflatable. I had always had a thing for inflatables, enjoying the feel of sitting on them, and as I grew up it had become a turn on for me. I went to my closet and dug under the accumulated junk at the bottom until I found what I was looking for - a 16" beachball I'd had for years - pink, green and yellow panels spaced out with clear ones. It was scrathed and battered and had a slow leak from one of the end caps, but it was all I had, lacking the freedom and money to sneakily buy inflatables from the nearby shops - where of course my mom knew everybody and tales of me buying odd things would be sure to get back to her. I began to inflate the beachball by mouth, slowly as to not make much noise. When it was half inflated, I listened carefully at the door. All I could hear was the TV, so I placed the misted-up ball on the corner of my bed with the valve end down and pulled my trousers and pants to my ankles, letting my erection spring free. I gently sat myself on the ball, my ass sealing the leak in the end cap, feeling the wonderful warmth of the vinyl on me as it stretched. Opening my legs I could see the edges of the panel between them wrinkle and then smooth out as I added my weight. Looking at the breasts of my Lara Croft poster, I began to slowly masturbate, gently bounging on the ball which gave small squeaks. I suddenly registered footsteps in the hall and before I could do anything, Alice opened the door. "Do you want some... oh!" she said, looking at me sitting on the corner of my bed, on the ball, with my erection standing proud. "Oh my," she said looking over the top of her glasses, her dark eyes lingering on my erection for longer than necessary "you've all grown up, haven't you?" I was mortified, "Oh god" was all I managed before leaping into action, pulling my pants and torusers up and letting the limp ball plop to the floor, the shape of my butt and balls showing where the mist had cleared due to body heat. "Hey, don't worry" she said soothingly, "I won't tell anyone. It's only natural." She walked over and picked up the limp beachball. "This is unusual," she said, examining the imprint I had left. She wiped her finger over some of my sweat that was on it from my balls, glancing at me reproachfully. "Does it feel good?" I couldn't bring myself to reply. "Cat got your tongue, eh?" She placed the ball on the bed and slowly sat on it a little as I stood watching, not sure what to do. I could see she wasn't adding much weight, the wrinkles stayed in the seams under her. I couldn't see much more because of her skirt, but it still got my pulse racing and made my penis twitch to life again. "It kinda feels good I suppose, cradles my butt..." she said, getting up again to leave the shape of her buttocks indented in the ball. "It feels better on your bare skin" I murmered quietly. "Oh, I'm sure it does!" she said, with a wicked grin, hoisting her skirt up and sitting again - I didn't see anything due to her ruffled up skirt, but I heard a few sqeaks as she wiggled her ass. "Mm, definitely better" she grinned, with another small bounce and creak, "but don't let me keep you!" She got up, the ball sticking to her backside as the skirt fell down again, she laughed and wiggled her hips, and the ball fell to the floor. Stepping off it, she went to the door. "I won't come back in, if you need to... take care of things" she glanced at my erection straining inside my trousers. With that, she left, closing the door behind her. I quickly scooped up the ball - it was still warm. Something compelled me to give it a sniff, the soft warm toy smelled of old vinyl and a new musky sweet smell - I saw there was a single brown pubic hair on it, which made me twitch in my pants. Putting the ball back on the edge of the bed, I swiftly removed my trousers and pants again and sat on it. It felt amazing, and the thought of Alice sitting on it excited me more. I imagined her wearing Lara Croft's shiny latex top and sitting on my beachball and began to jerk myself, bouncing gently on the ball which squeaked and creaked away on the bed. I felt the cum rising and grabbed the closest thing to hand - my underpants - held them in front of me as I blew my load with a quiet groan - four pulses of thick white goo which came out so hard it nearly deflected onto the carpet. I sat there for a moment with my weight on the ball, when I heard another noise - the gentle creak of one of the floorboards outside and a couple of footsteps walking slowly away. Had Alice been listening to me? I scrunched up my soggy pants and tossed them into the laundry basket, and got up off the ball. It stuck to me with sweat, so I pulled it through from between my legs and tossed in under my desk where it wouldn't be easily seen. It was 10:30pm and I was feeling pretty tired, so I put my pyjamas on on, brushed my teeth in the bathroom, and headed to bed. I didn't say good night to Alice, as I felt a bit embarassed about what she had seen and heard.
  10. I was sitting at the small desk in my room, poring over some incomprehensible mathematics in the book in front of me. I could not see how my classmates made it seem so easy, and was beginning to regret taking senior maths. It was a big step up from last year, and I was beginning to panic as the final year exams drew closer. I heard the doorbell ring and my mother answer it and thought nothing more of it, as I was not expecting anyone or any deliveries, so I was surprised when there came a gentle knock at my door. "Uh, come in?" I said, unused to people knocking - my family would just barge in unannounced. "Hello!" smiled Mrs Henderson, my maths teacher, as the door opened. I was taken aback by her turning up at my home. "Your mother called me and said you were having difficulty with the current topic. I thought you might need some one-on-one tuition." I had a very private crush on Mrs Henderson. She was in her late 30's, with dark hair just starting to get occasional wisps of grey. She had a pretty face and great curvy figure - thick thighs, shapely ass and large breasts, with just enough belly to create a small paunch that I found quite attractive. I kept quiet about it to my friends, as she was not one of the classic skin-and-bones beauties they all fawned over. She was wearing a tight grey one-piece dress which went down to just above her knees, its U-shaped neckline showing off a great view of her cleavage as she bent slightly to look at the book I had on my desk. "Aha! I see you're already hard at it, very good!" My eyes fliked away from her cleavage just in time as she looked back to me. "Let's see what I can do to help you out." She looked around the room, her eyes settling on the clear blue inflatable chair I had placed in the corner facing my tv and games consoles. I used it when playing, but I also loved the feel of the inflatable vinyl on my naked ass and liked to sit on it whilst masturbating. My heart skipped as she stepped over and grabbed it by the seperate u-shaped arm rest, her red-painted fingernails digging into the warm plastic slightly as she pulled it over to the desk. Turning it to face me, she composed herself and sat down with a gentle creak of vinyl as it tightened against her ass and the carpet. As she gently sank in she was a little lower down than me, giving me an even better view of her beautiful cleavage. To me she looked fantastic - in my room, sitting on my wank-chair where I'd blown countless loads on the soft vinyl surface whilst daydreaming about her. I was glad of the desk and chair position, as she could not see my rapidly growing erection in my loose summer trousers. "So then," she said, leaning forwards with a creak, "which part exactly are you having issue with here?" "Uhm, chapter three..." I said, "here with the dot product in multiplying matrices..." She started to explain some of the detail, leaning forwards to point things out, side to side and gesturing to explain the concepts, each with a creak of vinyl or a view of her cleavage. I was distracted by a raging boner and couldn't concentrate very well, which she noticed. "You look flustered" she suddenly said "are you following Ok?" "Not very well I'm afraid." "Where did you get to before you lost me?" "Around about here" I said, indicating a part depressingly early on in her explanation. She got up with a creak of plastic to see exactly where I was pointing in the book. The chair began to slowly return to normal after her weight had stretched it out a bit. She leaned forwards, aiming to lean her hand on the desk edge she missed and it slipped below... her hand brishing my rock hard penis. I froze rigid. "Oh." she said, quietly. She very gently gave the head of my penis a little squeeze, making me jump slightly at the touch. "I think I can tell why you couldn't follow me very well." I was too embarassed to speak, instead nodding meekly as my cheeks flushed crimson. "Well then, that is really quite flattering to little old me!" she said with a pretty smile, "But we aren't going to get much maths done with a pressing issue like that distracting you, are we?" "No Mrs Henderson" I mumbled. "Hmmm..." she pondered, "I can't just leave you to it, your mum will wonder why I've left the room for a while... I guess I could help you out of course. Would you like that?" I was almost shivering with nervous energy as my mind raced, but I managed to remain fairly composed as I nodded - "that would be very nice Mrs Henderson". "Where do you normally do this? At your desk, in bed...?" she asked. I nodded at the inflatable chair which had returned to its normal shape after being stretched out a bit by her weight, feeling my cheeks burn again. "Ah, a good choice," she nodded "a comfortable chair, and wipe clean to boot!" She stepped aside, indicating I should move to the inflatable chair. I began to sit, but she stopped me. "We won't get far with your trousers on, will we?" she said, with a raised eyebrow. I pulled my trousers down, resisting the urge to turn away from her. I wasn't wearing boxers in the warm weather, so my penis stood proud, the tip of the head just beginning to creep from my foreskin as it twitched. She nodded and I sat down gently, the warm vinyl creaking against my butt as I settled. I leaned back and spread my legs a little, leaving my penis and tight, full balls free of obstruction. She looked around the room again, noticing and picking up a box of tissues from my nightstand "proper preperation!" she said with a smile. Unfortunately the tissue box was empty - I hadn't replaced it for a while. "Hmm... we will need something to catch your ejaculate..." I was about to suggest something from my small wicker laundry hamper when she said "Aha! Yes, that will work" and, turning away from me slightly, she hitched up her dress a bit and quickly pulled her panties down before straightenting up her stretchy dress again. My heart was pounding in my chest. Her panties were quite plain, a french-cut shape in pastel pink with a little frilly trim at the waistband. She gathered them up in one hand and moved to my right hand side. She began to crouch, but, realising it would be uncomfortable, instead moved to sit on the arm rest of the chair. "I hope your blow-up chair doesn't burst under our combined weight" she said gently as she settled. The arm rest went solid behind me as it strained, not deisigned to be sat on itself, and the base gave a loud creak and went hard beneath me as the chair's 200lb weight limit was passed. She leaned over, settling with her left arm behind me pressing down on the opposite side of the arm rest, her beuatiful big breasts right beside my head. I rotated right slightly with a creak for a better view of her full cleavage as my penis jerked up and down. "Right, let's see what we can do about this problem of yours..." She reached down with her right hand and gently placed her soft cotton panties on the straining head of my penis, making sure it was well covered before she grasped round the shaft just below the head with her warm hand, trapping some of the matieral in her grip. "There, that should stop you squirting all over the place!" she said happily, and began to gently rub her hand up and down. The feeling of her warm hand, the hard inflatable beneath us and the gentle tickle of the cotton panties was wonderful. I looked over at her cleavage, which wobbled a little as she worked me. I could smell her faint, sweet perfume mingled with the warm vinyl. I grunted quietly with pleasure as she sped up slightly, eliciting repeated creaks and clicks of protest from the tortured chair beneath us and making he breasts wobble more as her arm jerked up and down. She extended her pinkie finger and, with each stroke, tickled my hard balls a little. The nervous energy was now concentrated in the pit of my stomach, tingling away as my muscles tensed. I knew what was coming, but I'd never felt it so powerful before. I groaned with pleasure as my orgasm began to build, from my toes to my scalp tingling. "That's it," she cooed, nudging my head into her cleavage, "you just let everything come out, you'll feel much better..." She slowed slightly again, the tingling pulsation of my nerves almost constant as she edged me expertly closer and closer. My body began to jerk as I went over the edge, the chair rhythmically creaking under us as the orgasm flooded through me, pulse after pulse of thick semen firing into the confines of her panties. "That's it, let it all out, very good..." she whispered as a large dark stain began to spread all over the material. She slowed gently to a stop. "Excellent, well done!" she said with a smile as she tightened her hand and tugged smoothly upwards off my still hard penis, trapping the majority of my sperm in the little panty-pouch she'd created, just a little shiny glaze remaining on the head. I sank into the softened chair as she got up, it had been stretched out far more than usual, and even the back rest was limp, as the swollen left hand side which had withstood so much pressure began to retreat back into shape. I lay there for a moment before getting dizzily to my feet again, my pulse just beginning to settle, and the chair started to return to size from the saggy state it was in. I had left a big sweaty patch where my ass and thighs had been, but Mrs Henderson ignored it as she turned and plopped down into the loose vinyl with a *whump*. "Now then... the dot product in matrices..." she said, looking towards the book...
  11. It had been some time since I'd last seen Auntie Alice, and even longer since we'd last "played" together. I had been at college for a year after doing well in my final exams - this had meant living in student accomodation away from my home town, and during visits home I had not seen her. The opportunity for romance had not presented itself either during my college time. There were a couple of girls I fancied, but I was still building up the courage to ask one out. So I made do with masturbation with my inflatables - I had a couple of beachballs hidden away in my room and, stuffed under spare bedding in the wardrobe, a cheap sex doll that had been bought as a joke item for a party at a nearby student flat. After the party, with everyone either asleep or out elsewhere, I'd sneakily deflated the doll and taken it back to my room. Nobody had ever questioned where the doll had gone. I liked to inflate it tight, put it atop a couple of beachballs and hump away (quietly - thin walls in these rooms!), dreaming of my times with Alice. It had sprung a few leaks which I'd patched up over the months and now looked a bit sorry for itself, but I made do and mended, as I did not really have the cash to replace her. So it came as a nice surprise when, towards the end of term, my mother called to ask if I wanted to go on holiday with my parents to Italy for a bit of a family gathering - and casually mentioned Alice had been invited too. I tried not to sound over keen - mentioning a couple of parties I would miss - but agreed to go. The plan was my parents, aunties, uncles, cousins and close family friends had all managed to arrange the holiday together, booking a whole set of apartments. My final week of college before the summer holiday was spent daydreaming about Alice in the shining sun, with inflatables all around... the doll got a couple more leaks that week! The trip was uneventful - With the hustle and bustle of an early start to catch flights, coralling younger cousins, and general milling around, I was unable to say much more than "hello" to Alice, who was confortably dressed for traveling in a loose t-shirt, jeans and trainers - her long hair bunched up in a ponytail. It wasn't until my father was busy trying to explain to a bored looking and unfriendly Italian car hire worker that an Opel saloon was not the same as a minibus that we spent some time together. Alice had left the terminal for some fresh air rather than mill around near the rental booths, and I followed her out after a minute to find her leaning back in the sun on a wide topped concrete bollard near the door. The sun was bright and the air was hot, but not too uncomfortable. I couldn't help but wonder how soft and pliable it would make an inflatable, getting a twitch in my trousers at the thought. "Hello, stranger" Alice said to me as she saw me approach. "Hi" I said, not sure where to start. I sat myself beside her on the bollard, letting the sun soak into me. "How is college?" she asked. I said it was fine, and that I was awaiting some exam results. "Love life?" she asked, as I saw one eyebrow raise questioningly over her sunglasses. I took the risk: "Leaky." I said, "Yours?" She laughed and slapped me on the thigh. "Squeaky with an occasional bang!" she said, both of us laughing at that. "I didn't have anything to take... Did you... bring anything?" I asked, slyly. "You sound like you're looking for a drug deal young man!" laughed Alice, "I think I have a thing or two you'll like..." she said, looking at me smolderingly over her sunglasses. My balls tingled and penis twitched at that, as the herd of family members began to exit the airport. I covered my semi with my suitcase as we made our way to an old battered Mercedes minibus. The bus trip was long, stiflingly hot and sweaty. The buses air conditioning was barely working and I was sitting beside two younger sibling cousins who bickered the whole way to the villa. When we finally arrived I just wanted to find the pool and jump in. The villa consisted of a horseshoe of plastered buildings around a tiled central courtyard. There were 8 apartments in all - Myself and my parents were in the centre left one. Alice was in the last one on the right hand side sharing with an older Aunt who I didn't know very well - she was nice enough but seemed a bit straight-laced. The other family & friends were spread throughout depending on family units and acquaintances and the courtyard was a hive of bustling activity as suitcases were sorted out and children fought over rooms. Breaking away from the group, I deposited my suitcase in my chosen room, changed into my swim shorts and grabbed a towel, and went to try and find the pool before anyone else did. I found it behind the left hand side of the horseshoe of apartments - there was an outbuilding with two doors - one led to a room containing gardening equipment, pool cleaning tools and assorted junk, the other was locked. Beside it was a couple of rough wooden changing huts with simple wooden benches inside, then the pool. It was quite large. There were a set of sun loungers along one side, a couple of freestanding shower heads on the other side, and metre high mesh fences all round. I noted that the changing huts and outbuilding obscured the pool from the view of the villa unless you were at the furthest end. Nobody else had discovered it yet, so I left my towel on the lounger and slipped into the warm-ish water with a happy sigh. I swam around for a few minutes before the peace was shattered by the young cousins dicovering the area and cannonballing into the water with a pair of great splashes. The pool just got busier from then on. People arrived in ones and twos, headed for loungers or into the pool to cool off. Auntie Alice arrived quite soon, in a blue and white horizonal striped bikini with high waisted bottoms. She's tied her dark hair up into a bun on top of her head, and under her arm was a 24" beachball - Pink, yellow and blue panels separated with white. It was inflated enough that there were still some wrinkles along the seams. To me she looked like a 1940's pin-up - I was glad I was still in the water, as my boner began to grow watching her nochalantly walk round the pool with the beachball under her arm, swaying her hips and giving me a naughty wink as she went. I snapped out of it as one of the cousins jumped in, the wave of water breaking over my head leaving me spluttering. Alice laughed, and tossed the ball into the pool as she sat on the side, dipping her legs in. Someone suggested a game of volleyball, and one was quickly arranged. I managed to position myself so I was opposite Alice for the game. She was to throw first and I got a great view as she tossed the beachball up, leapt and batted it to my side with a "whung" of vinyl, her breasts wiggling vigorously in her bikini top as she served. Every time the ball returned to her, she squeezed it between her fingers - creasing the vinyl surface - or squeezed it in her arms as if testing it. My balls were tingling and felt so tight as we played, the rubbing of my wet shorts not helping matters. I managed to keep my waist mainly below the waterline in case anyone should notice. Soon the ball landed with a watery smack on where we'd agreed the net should be. Both me and Alice immediately leapt on to it, both grabbing at it and pushing it under with wet rubbery squeaks to the cheers of our teammates. Alice gave me a wide grin and sqeezed the ball tightly to her ample breasts - "careful... don't want to pop prematurely" she said quietly, barely audible over the splashes and laughs. With that she released the ball, but slipped her hand down my front to tickle my boner... That stunned me enough to lose my grip on the ball, and it plopped up and away - to Alice's team's side - as she laughed to the "aaaaw"s of my team. It wasn't long before people were getting fed up of the game, and others wanted to do some swimming. Alice took her ball from the pool, and I stayed in the water at the side. She went to chat to my parents who were on neaby loungers, but instead of sitting on another lounger or standing, she dropped her ball down and slowly sat. I watched transfixed - but tried not to do so obviously - as her beautiful shapely ass in the tight swimsuit material squashed the warm pliable vinyl down against the concrete, the ball visibly expanding out to the sides as it took her weight with occasional creaks. She moved and shifted her weight as they spoke, and when she laughed she bounced a little getting tic-tic-tic noises from the tight vinyl. After a little while she got up again. The ball was now limp and so caught between her ass cheeks - she pointed and joined my parents in a laugh at it as it plopped to the concrete and began to regain its shape as the stretched vinyl shrank down. Grabbing it with a handful of still loose vinyl, she began to walk away from the area, giving me a quick wink as she left. I waited a little while - I needed my erection to subside - before leaving the pool. My balls were tight and full - I reckoned my parents would be at the pool a little longer and I could take care of it before mealtime. Waliking back round to the courtyard, the warm evening air drying my skin quickly, I heard a "Psst!" from the end apartment. I saw Alice stick her head out and grin at me, before disappearing back inside. One quick glance around confirmed there was nodoby obviously watching, so I headed quickly into Alice's apartment. It was light and airy, with terracotta tiled floors and cushioned wicker furniture like all of the apartments. Alice was in the kitchen area, still in her swimsuit. Her beachball was sitting on the sofa, looking a little more wrinkled along the seams. She smiled as I entered. "You seemed a bit... tense in the pool," she said, glancing down at my crotch, which dutifully twitched; "I think we should do something about that..." she took a step forwards and cupped my balls, making me sigh at the sensation and getting a strong pulse from my penis. Unfortunately, it also made me notice how full my bladder was - I hadn't been since the airport! "Ugh," I groaned; "I really need a pee!" "Oh dear, you can'd do that with a great big boner can you?" Alice said matter-of-factly, rubbing my shaft through my damp shorts in a way that definitely didn't help. "Nurse Alice will have to help." With that she took my hand and - going via the sofa to grab her beachaball - led me to the bathroom. It turned out that this apartment was set up differently to the others. Where ours had a shower cubicle and fairly standard bathroom, this one had a fully tiled wet room with a drain in the centre of the floor - the wall mounted handles gave it away as being a disabled access suite. Alice locked the door and lowered the lid of the toilet. She placed the beachball on it, valve pointing rearwards, and motioned me to remove my shorts. "We need to get the patient comfortable" she said soothingly. My erection pulsed as I took my shorts off, tossed them towards the door, and made my way over to the toilet. She turned me round and lowered me gently onto the beachball facing her - the vinyl was warm against skin that had been cooled with my damp shorts, it felt amazing. Inflated that much and and placed atop the toilet, was too high to easily sit on. She reached round behind me and expertly popped the valve open. This meant she had to lean right forwards, giving me a clear view down her top at her cleavage as she squeezed the valve and I began to sink with a hiss, the ball creaking beneath me. As I lowered, she squeezed the side of the ball with her other hand, testing its pressure. With the ball about half deflated, my feet were flat on the floor. "Are you comfortable now?" she asked, releasing the valve and standing up with her hands on her hips to study me, sitting with my legs slightly apart, beachball bulging out between my legs and beside me, and an angry looking erection twitching up in front. "Yes, nurse" I said, with a smile. She smiled warmly and knelt down in front of me, slightly pushing my legs apart, getting a creak from the ball. She gently stroked my penis with her right hand, easing my foreskin carefully back. She placed her left hand on the ball behind my ass, I could feel her digging her fingers in and releasing. "When patients with full bladders need relief, you need to be extra gentle not to hurt them" she said soothingly. She leaned in, allowing me another view down her top, and placed her warm right hand round me just above my left ass cheek. I watched almost in disbelief as she leaned in forwards, some stray hair from her bun tickling against my thigh as she carefully licked her lips, opened her mouth and took in the tip of my penis. The feeling was exquisite, the intense wet warmth of her tongue on the back of the head, the indescribable sensation of her sucking softly. I groaned as the pleasure made me tingle all over and my balls twitch forcefully. She began to use her arms to rock me slowly back and forth on the ball, getting a little squeak each time of the taut vinyl rubbing against the toilet lid. The motion made my penis thrust gently between her lips as she softly massaged the head with her tongue and made little slurping noises as she sucked. The slow movement meant I felt absolutely every change of pressure, texture and motion, every tickle of her hair on my thigh, every soft bump of her chin on my balls... I couldn't take much of this at all! I felt the pressure rapidly building within me and began to squirm, trying to hold it back... "Auntie Alice, I'm gonna cummmmmm" I groaned... She paid me no heed. "Nurse, I'm... I'm gonna blow in your mouth!" I wiggled a little, but Alice's grip on my back and the ball tightened, pulling me forward, drawing my penis further into her... I began to convulse, I dug my fingers into the side of the ball, bouncing a little with a series of creaks as the final wave of pleasure overcame me and I couldn't hold it back any more... I began to pulse my load into her mouth over and over again, Alice continued gently sucking as I quivered. She gave a muffled "Mmmh" as the massive orgasm subsided and I sat still, shaking slightly, listening to the blood pumping in my ears. She allowed my rapidly softening, overstimulated penis to slip from her lips, and swallowed slowly. "How is the patient now?" she asked; "I don't think I'll need much for my dinner after that load!" I just groaned, the power of speech evading me for the moment. "Now, we need to take care of your other problem..." I moved to stand, intending to pee alone, but she placed her hand on my shoulder as she got up herself, reaching forwards to lightly take my penis between her thumb & forefinger. "No, the patient just needs to relax and let it come... we don't want you to get hurt." True enough, my bladder was so full it was getting sore. I relaxed and after moment could feel the pee starting to move - it hurt a little, but in a relieving way - a trickle began to come out with little force, running down her finger and my balls, dribbling down the beachball and onto the toilet lid, where it dribbled to the tiled floor.
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