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  1. Hello there! Nice to see someone new here! Wow, awesome that you can enjoy it with your GF, how did you start a conversation like that? Kinda quiet here but i hope it gets mire active
  2. Well, short update! Got my Intex Orca with SPH/Lovehole modification yesterday! Wont be my last one, since i really love it. But when im going to order another one, i will ask if its possible to make the hole tighter, for even more fun!
  3. Well i have waterwings (a lot!) about 14 pairs mostly bema. 3 lifejackets all secumar ones A ride on crocodile and in the next few days an intex orca with an love hole should arrive! I actually dont know really how i got into it. I remember getting a hard on while laying on an inflatable waterball. I found waterwings sometime while i was horny and used then to mastubate actually and it went downhill from there I just got to this forum since i wana talk about it and have a place to share information about it! My mom actually knows about everything since im an
  4. Haha for shure it is! But i dont think it's gonn be a problem soon... It will last quite some time for shure
  5. Well o think the crocodile has a small leak... It lost quite some air over the night, but it cant be from me since i didnt do anything except laying on top off it... Now since im horny again, i think the orca was a great idea!
  6. Not a really common job... There aren't a lot off people out there that do the same. You need a lot off interest in Food, Health, Production and Technology behind the Process. But it a lovely job, would never do something different!
  7. Omg wow! That was fast! I enjoyed it very mutch... Zoggs roll ups, secumar survival and the crocodile ohh boy! That was insane! Regret buying the orca tho, but thats normal after an orgasm...
  8. We'll see how it turns out haha Gonna go to bed early today for shure... Cant wait for my Orca... Man already feeling that vinyl...
  9. Just inflated the crocodile partially, man am i horny cant wait to try it out!
  10. She is is into BDSM, well not hardcore but not light either... I dont care, i am willing to provide that for her. Well i think DBSM is way more a common thing that isnt that a niche thing and not really seen as weird anymore. For shure im going to explain it very slowly and she should listen first. Like start with the basics that its nothing to be afraid off, nothing with children and animals and that it is 100% safe and i can touch it without just fucking it or getting extremely horny in public... She made some comments about she assumed i was into latex, but she said
  11. True, trying to get the courage to talk with her more deeply about it but i dont know how to approach a conversation like that... Sadly... Well im currently trying to talk with my Coworker with benefits about it, i know about her fetish but i never told her mine... So probably next time when we meet up private after it we wana talk about our fetishs and i might talk about it a bit but i will for shure say first that it has nothing to do with children or animals or means that im going to do that in public... Like explain it as private only Im going to bed early today for shurr
  12. I always wana talk with her about, im pretty open but i dont know how to start a topic like that and sometimes she makes comments about that she is still shocked Cant wait im soooo excited I just want to lay on it
  13. Well just took the crocodile and its now waiting for me at home can't wait to get home!
  14. Im fine with talking about it with my mom, but i think she will judge me for it and also probably want me to see a therapist as thought the first time since my fetish is growing and she will think i lost control over it. What dont we do for our fetish... Would love it if my mom would allow it and also take the package and remove it and say that there are some parts in it
  15. About 40min each way, its ok but mostly the temperature sucks since its getting cold and but next week i should stay dry so when it arrives till then i dont have to enjoy the rain Actually already thought about getting a second version before i even have the first one 30 Euros extra for shipping and at customs it could be a problem since it needs to be declared as a gift or i have to pay some more... And probably DHL is gonna send me a letter with the cost and i dont wana explain that to my parents... Well both ways are shit, thinking about talking with my mom about it for quite s
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