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  1. Oo so nice you dared to tell her about it and that she accepts it. So nice you can enjoy your fetish with you partner
  2. Oooww suck a pitty, well then its good you ordered the orca
  3. Thank you, Yes I see, I was really excited tonfind this forum. alltough in the beginning I was more reading stuff then actualy writing. That felt like a step to take. But now I like to talk about and read about how people go with this fetish. Just a pitty there ain't really much activity on the forum at the moment
  4. Nice! Yes I know the feeling of regret afterwards
  5. Its a more common thing indeed, but I don't think that most people find it anything less unusual. Think for her it was a big step to tell as wel. Because lots of people will judge you for that. Maybe you could start easy make it like a clothing fetish. Why would it be normal to get turned on by short skirts or tight leather suits and wouldn't it be normal to get turned on by life jackets or waterwings. Some people like bdsm some like to wear diapers, and others like to wear life jackets. I think she would understand because she has a fetish to and probably knows how it is to feel differe
  6. Think the best way would be if you had some time te only be with her ask her if she would let you explain what its really about. But I'm not an expert Oo, think the moment she told about hers would have been the excelent moment to tell about yours as well. As she then should know how hard it is to talk about a fetish openly . Ha nice!
  7. Could also be that because she doesn't know much about it she says that kind of things and if you would tell something more about it she will get some more understanding for it. But thats easy to say for me I never dared to tell anybody
  8. O Its nice you can talk with your mom about it. Just a pitty she wants you to do something about it cause it isn't that its something harmful or so. If only she would understand that Haha indeed
  9. Oooww yes thats pretty far, lets hope the weather stays okay then Haha thats the shitty thing about waiting, you want to have it already an keep thinking about getting more Oo yea 30,- is quite a lot and can understand you don't want a conversation about it. Can inmagine I would'nt go for a conversation about that subject with my parents as well
  10. Haha good question. O nice! Ow thats a pitty, but still beter than get caught. Do you have to travel far to get it?
  11. Exactly what you say! Yeah okay thats true, but when people think something is weird they alsways have to be negative and speak out about it Haha no I understand you won't it to happen that it gets delivered to your home
  12. Would be great if you did indeed. Yes that would be nice, but don't see that happen ever to be honest Nice! Haha I know that feeling of keep checking if you have any awnser yet
  13. Yes you probably right there. Yes actualy thats pretty strange, why would you somebody be not normal just because they aint got the same skills as somebody else. But guess sadly thats how the world works for most people. They got an idea of what is normal and everybody thats a little different is weird. Would be nice if you did indeed Haha nice!!
  14. Yes indeed it is, I think its because its unknown to people they quickly think very negative about it. Its not because you're al little bit diffrent you're inmediatly a pshyco or something like that but most people do think that way Yes I know that feeling O yeah I can understand that, didn't know that was also possible
  15. No exactly its realy a few woman who have this thing. O really? Yesterday was looking for a moment on the internet but couldnt find anything about them. A yes I can actualy understand she was confused, I actualy am myself as well sometimes when I really think about it Ow such a pity she dirictly made that kind of assumptions. Oooww like that, yes I don't see the real link either. Yeah I've got the same thing, would live to tell and share it with my girlfriend but wouldnt dare to tell her. May I ask how old you are? If it
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