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  1. Soooo... I've just started a conversation with @Elfmund on Jabber and thought maybe you wanted to have a chat group for all of us, too, so I created one. If you want to join in, just send me a message and I'll invite you to the group
  2. Actually, there are two special inflatables I've been looking for quite some time, but never came across any opportunity to buy them. One of them are a pair of connected water wings, with some kind of inflatable bridge between the parts you wear on the upper arm, @zwemvleugel was really a great aid finding at least a picture of those online, you can find it on my profile somwhere in the comment section. And the other one are a pair of those old BEMA 2000 water wings, I think they used to be bigger than the ones you can buy today. Something like in this picture
  3. Alright... Yes, both are inflatable life jackets, a Secumar Free 100 (which still has warranty, and which I use mostly for having a little more security when swimming) and an old one that has been used on a plane, I think a german Lufthansa. I've never really been into foam jackets, but I can't remember wearing one of these either, so... Yeah. I have in fact some memories being in the water with my water wings as a kid. We went to the beach in southern England where my grandparents used to live, it was a fun time playing in the water, splashing around... And I certainly remember that
  4. One main reason for me to join this forum is that I wanted to know where my fetish came from, so I'm very interested in getting to know your thoughts about this topic. I currently don't own that many, one pair of BEMA size 2 water wings, a large beach ball and two life jackets. I used to have some more, but most of them were quite cheap and didn't survive for long. I still haven't figured out what makes me feel attracted to inflatables, but my guess is quite similar to yours, @zwemvleugel. The feeling of being kept on the surface, the security they give could be what makes them so...
  5. I can't swim, so whenever I'm going into a pool or lake or something, I've got to wear some sort of swimming aid. Unfortunately, people tend to laugh at a 22-years-old girl wearing water wings and a swim ring because she's panicking whenever trying to swim without swimming aids, so I don't get to do this very often. Last time I did it was last summer when on vacation with some good friends. And, when it comes to sexually riding... I feel aroused when I'm wearing my inflatables in the water (even more than when I wear them on dry land), but there is no possibility to do this right now, the
  6. Okay, that's a really interesting question, so I think I'd like to answer it :) It would involve a really gentle, caring person with whom I'd feel absolutely safe. They should be really good at swimming, maybe a lifeguard or something like that. We'd be on open water, a lonely lake would be awesome, but a little-known bay would do it as well. We'd be rowing a small, inflatable canoe across the lake, bay, whatsoever, I'd be wearing my waterwings and a small life jacket, you know, one of these you can wear in a hipbelt, like a Secumar Free 100 or something. We'd both be naked and just enjoy
  7. Hi Ravenloon, I'm very sorry I'm replying to your post that late, but I've got an awful lot to do for my studies, so I don't have that much time to check in here if there's something new. You're unfortunately right about this forum, it is quite down at the moment, and I'm afraid I am not as active in here as I could be, but... You know, there's just so many things to do. I guess it's the same with the other members in here. I am very happy to finally having a conversation like this, and I've already posted something on what kind of inflatables I am into, so there's nothing wrong with that
  8. Hey, sounds great. Glad you found someone to share your passion with, I guess it wasn't easy to tell her. I'm also not into popping and enjoy my waterwings, but I don't share your fascination for ride-ons, but as you've said: each as they like :) Oh, and welcome to the forum! It's always great to get to know people with whom I can talk about this... special interest of ours :P
  9. I recently remembered that when I was a child and staying at my grandparents' house, when we went swimming I had some... connected water wings? The two waterwings that you carry on the upper arm were just as usual, but connected with an inflatable... sort of... bridge inbetween them. Don't know how those are called, and neither do I remember the brand 😕 They were orange on the outside and white on the inside (just as BEMA waterwings, I guess), with a transparent valve and I think there was a picture of a frog printed on them?

    Does anyone here know what those are called?

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    2. zwemvleugel


      Or more like this?


      Sorry for spamming you but reading your story made ne wander what you meant


    3. Lena_Ox


      Oh. My. Gosh. You've found them 🤯

      They are not exactly like those I remember, but they're pretty close!

    4. zwemvleugel


      Haha it took some time, but I just whas so curious what you meant 🙈😂

  10. Lena_Ox

    Hello :)

    Oh my, you've got a swimming pool? That's... awesome, I'd love to have one, too!
  11. Lena_Ox

    Hello :)

    Aww, pitty! I know that feeling :(
  12. Yes, that sounds fun Me, I'd prefer waterwings, best of which are in my opinion BEMAs. Still looking to get my hands on some old BEMA 2000, but they're pretty hard to find
  13. Lena_Ox

    Hello :)

    Hey there, I'm Lena, 22 years old and - as you may've guessed - new here I'm from Lincolnshire, UK, but moved to London some years ago to study psychology. And yes, I have an inflatables fetish. Quelle surprise. Regarding the other introductions 'round here, I've noticed this quite late - I must've been round about 12, 13 years when I noticed that inflatables turn me on. I really love waterwings (or Schwimmflugels, armbands, ... you name it!) and swimrings. I also like life jackets, but they're quite expensive and I don't get to wear these often. Bigger inflatables are not so much
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