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  1. I am making a discord community for baloon lovers and inflatble lovers, why not join and speak to others? https://discord.gg/vhUkwNp
  2. You got discord chris, I'd love to speak to you somewhere better than a forum.
  3. I will make one each day. Stay safe mate, in these hard times, glad I made you happy.
  4. Not many people are always comfortable talking on forums, since so many people can access it, and it makes them feel uncomfortable. You need to make a discord for all of us inflatable lovers, and looners! We deserve a special place, where we can all talk about the topics, live between each other. I think, if you stop using this forum and make a discord instead it will allow you to not only add whatever our community desires faster, but it's also easier to access. And you can advertise it on discord servers.
  5. Hello, everyone! My name is Ashley and I loved inflatables since the age of 7. I am a non popper, as popping represents pain to me. I love glossy inflatables, I love the smell of them I am honestly addicted to this fetish and I reufse to change! I am straight and I am currently single. I've had this little thing from such a young age. I remember my special experience from the first inflatable I had. I will be making loads of inflatable stories starting from today, so please check out inflatable stories constantly. Love you all! Live on and be happy all of you. Just a little no
  6. It was a lovely summer day, me and my family were at the villa and down the road was a beautiful tropical beach! Our family wanted to know what we wanted to do today, I said to them we should go to the swimming pool and have a fun swim with the whole family, but my choice was not popular amongst the others. They all wanted to go to the beach and play on the warm sand.... so... with a disappointed look on my face, I looked at all the others and said, alright then we go to the beach. My sister, brought a bag with her, I was really interested to know what was in that bag, so I tried t
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