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  1. I'm an electronics engineer in the space industry. My other hobbies are HAM radio and tourism. But maybe, I'm alone in all my country with an inflatable fetish and collecting.
  2. I love to swim with inflatables on river or sea. But about "sexually" ride - i doing it in my bed
  3. Great! I also love to overinflate the small ball, to feel how it stretches during inflation and under me! Of course, sometimes they pops under me. Mostly, they pops not loud, just small hole appears on the seam, it's easy to repair and play with this ball again :). Are you tried a "cock pop"? It's just awesome! You need a toy made from thin and soft vinyl, the small beachballs are the best for this. Overinflate the ball and ride hard and fast, when it can pop in every moment. It will become more warm and soft, so you can puncture it by your own dick. To come inside, it's so funny! If to do it right way, the hole not breaks, just stretches, air is not coming out. You can even lay down on the ball, that still fully inflated with you inside. Cum into inflated ball!
  4. I love all types of inflatables :) Balls,big and small, rings,mats, boats, animals, all of them. Especially an old Intex toys, they are so soft and cute :)
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