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  1. Well not that much surprisingly, 3 bags and 3 cardboard boxes for the moment
  2. Hello everyone. I recently acquired a bunch of pool toys second hand and one of them is an inflatable life jacket that I have no use for. If you are interested or want more pictures (no I will not wear it) answer this thread or send me a private message
  3. I see . Well I hope you manage to find them eventually one day
  4. Hi everyone. I thought I would start a topic on here. So what's is the inflatable that you want the most at the moment, that you've been searching for since a long time but never succeeded? For me it used to be the 36" looney tunes beachball, but I recently got lucky and was able to grab 8 in one go for an insanely cheap price. So the toysI want the most now is either the 36" 101 dalmatians beachball or the 8 foot Rio beachball that was used to promote the movie back in the day. I can't wait to read your answers
  5. I'll share my story if it interests anyone . So I remember always loving beachballs since I was a kid and my first encounter (that I remember) with one was very little (less than 6) and my grandad had a huge globe beachball in his flat in Nice. Then I had several others during my childhood and I always remember overinflating them and playing quite roughly with them (but I'm much more gentle now). Then during a long period of my teens I kind of just forgot about them I suppose cause I don't have many memories involving them at that time. Until the day my dad was showing me a video of a concert
  6. All I want is someone to love me. I would also like to find the courage to tell other people about my fetish (other than online friends that also have it)
  7. So i have several situations. I've stolen beachballs several times. Sometimes i would just go on a walk and go past people's gardens and see a beachball forgotten against the garden fence, then what I would do is deflate the ball through the fence to be able to get and then what i would do is either inflate and pop it (done 3 times) or just keep it (done twice) never got caught and I doubt the owners actually missed the balls seeing the state they were in or for how long they had been there. That's all for me. Would love to hear what happened to other people
  8. Hi, i prefer not to give my name but i live in france and i have a collection of 10 beachballs. I'm not into ballons. I suppose the fetish just came. I hope this forum will get going
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