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  1. The Inflatable Bang One roasting, hot morning Christopher was walking through the Woodlands of his hometown. He had a big sports bag with him. To anyone else, this was normal. However this was anything but. Christopher had lots of inflatables inside. The items were: Armbands, swim rings, swim seats, beach balls, balloons and other inflatable toys. He also had several bottles of baby oil. He had decided that he needed to cool off and get off, so he was going to hide in the Woodland for a time whilst he had horny fun with his inflatables. About half an hour later Christopher had inflated h
  2. Hi Don. I too used to feel ashamed about having my armbands but now I don't really mind as they give me comfort and pleasure.
  3. I too have a fetish for waterwings and also cannot swim. I did enjoy swimming with my armbands as a kid but now that I'm an adult, I'm nervous about going swimming with my armbands.
  4. Thank you. Some are more intimate than others and contain some danger elements
  5. Thank you Ashley. I have a few inflatable fetish stories on vk, that I can send you if you want.
  6. That was absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see more inflatable fetish stories.
  7. Hi everyone. My name's Christopher. I love inflatables and have done for many years now. Started masturbating with them when I was 13. I use my inflatable armbands as they are my favourite toy.
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