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  1. I started playing balloons about two years ago. They were GL 500 Zeppelin balloons. I wanted to try if they carry me in the water or burst. Balloons are very soft, cuddly and made of a material that I like well. Also, the thought, they can always burst under me, has something very erotic.
  2. Ride my inflas outdoor in water. Often drive to small hidden forest lakes or rivers that exist in my area. Sometimes on a meadow, in heavy rain. I also love it when my Inflas (and I) are wet. Several times a year I travel with a raft on the water for several days. Always have a nice inflatable collection on board. I stay at night somewhere on a lake where i are alone. Is always a trip to paradise... @TheMacedawg: Tank you for the nice clip, can see that you had fun
  3. My favorites are big animals, tubes and dolls. I like balls, too, but i can not ride it that well in water...
  4. the blowupguy has to say "hello" also, signed me here a few weeks ago. I am happy to be here. I grew up in East Germany and loved inflas even as a child. I used to be a bit afraid of water, could not swim well. That changed later... I love to go into the water with my toys. Some of you may already know me What pictures should /can I put here? My toys only or with me (sexual adult content)? What do you want to see? Greetings to all blowupguy
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