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  1. Anyone meet this problem when register on this site?
  2. Hello everyone, I want to hide my real name so I chose this ID, but I could tell you I live in Taiwan. I'm a non-popper, but I watch some pop videos sometime, cause they usually bounce hard on it. I have a yogaball, a peanut-shape yogaball, an inflatable clownfish, a swimming ring, a Rody horse, and a Rody's counterfeit (the yellow one). I love to ride my yogaball while I'm watching some hentai vids/images or reading some inflatable stories, TheMacedawg's stories are good! Sometimes I'll use yogaball and the swimming ring together, the bounce feels good! Next time I can talk about Rody horses, that's another story.
  3. Good story! And I think adding the "non-pop" tag is better.
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