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  1. I absolutely LOVE dogs! One of my dreams is to have a good dog of my own one day. That's a great hobby. Currently, I work at a bowling alley, and am saving up for a college education. I have yet to decide on a career, but I'll work that out as I take classes and explore more of my interests. I enjoy composing and producing my own electronic music, and that is my main hobby at the moment. I've been doing that for almost 4 years. It would be nice to get a career in the music industry somehow. Other than that, I enjoy exercising, gaming, and reading.
  2. My first post here It always interests me how people of all different walks of life can be brought together through one specific fetish. So, I am curious as to what you guys do for a living? What is your day job? Are you in school for something? What are your hobbies and what do you do when not indulging your fetish? It's always interesting to know how different/similar we can be in some regards!!
  3. Hey, you can call me Roye. I live in the western United States and am 18 years old. I love inflatables of all different kinds, balloons are okay but I love inflatables a lot more. The origin of my fetish is unknown, but I don't care! I just love playing with all kinds of pool toys and floats and beach balls, etc. This forum is real nice, and I hope to see some more growth.
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