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  1. ———Disclaimer——— I do not promote any breaking of the laws, and if this is something that bothers you, go away and don’t start drama. Judge free, I’m just curious curious ——————————— So what happened, how did you get the toy and what did you do with it? Was it stolen, blown in by a storm or found in a friends house and you yiffed it while they were distracted. Tell the story.
  2. Reading this while riding your own medieval dragon made it so much better, but mine didn’t pop. hope this one gets repaired lol
  3. Hi, I am Medieval_dragon, and have quite a few lewd stories but there’s a catch i am relatively young and this fetish was a lot more aggressive when I was in my younger years, and my best stories are of me yiffing other toys that’s weren’t mine at the moment. Now there was an interesting thread about this on the yiff site, and I’d rather not start another on of those, just wondering if anyone is interested in those kind of stories. They would be modified a bit to match proper ages and make them stories more enjoyable let me know so I can get writing -Medi
  4. I love ride to pops, nothing too overinflated or anything, just a toy and a rough rider bouncing in it
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