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  1. What is your favourite inflatable shape? Mine would have to the bop bag. It's nice and big, huggable and easy to stay on top of.
  2. Where is the best place to buy loons these days?
  3. After taking Mira to a nice - but awfully expensive - local restaurant and having an overpriced bottle of wine with their meal, she was being very flirtatious. Mira embraced Chris with her arm round his waist as they walked back to the hotel - she'd seemingly forgotten about the swim earlier and had stopped teasing him half way through the meal. She kissed him deeply in the elevator to the room, and his penis was straining in his shorts by the time they reached the door. She headed to the bathroom first, emerging wearing a silky pink shift that only just reached her thighs. "Go and have clean" she said to Chris, with a wink. He quickly rushed to the bathroom - surely this was it at last? He washed his face, brushed his teeth and, as an afterthought, cleaned his dick and aching balls before putting his shorts back on and heading back into the room. His heart sank. The lights were off and Mira was curled up under the covers on her side, eyes closed, breathing softly. "Mira?" he said, softly. No response. "Mira!" a grunt and an opening of one eye... "What do you want?" she asked grumpily. "I thought we might... you know..." "It's late and I'm tired Chris. Maybe tomorrow. Good night." With that she stopped engaging him at all. He got into bed, seething inside. Was she worth it? He was beginning to doubt it. But she did say maybe tomorrow... that's pretty close to at least an acknowledgement... With that he lay in bed mulling over his combined annoyance and infatuation before drifting off to sleep. *** The next morning when Chris awoke Mira was already up, dressed and sitting on the balcony looking down at the town. "We should go shopping!" she exclaimed chirpily, "come on, get ready sleepyhead!" "But..." I tried to interject. "Come on, Chris, I don't want to wait, it'll get too busy." With that he got quickly showered and dressed and within 15 minutes they were leaving the hotel again, Mira all smiles and affection again as she held his hand and they made their way down the cobbled hill towards the main street in the morning sun. Mira looked at various shops and bought a sarong in one - paying for it herself at least. It was pale blue with white screen printed flowers on it. She was capering and wearing it like a cape as she skipped along the street when she saw a shop with a load of inflatable rings and mattresses out front. "Ooh, look! We should look in there!" Not wanting to relive the embarrassment of yesterday, Chris made to say he didn't want to, but she was already walking away from him and into the shop. The creepy middle-aged and leather-skinned shopkeeper sneered widely at her as she entered with Chris trailing behind her. Chris could smell the stale sweat and tobacco on him as soon as he entered. Mira gave him a flirtatious wink and perfect smile. "Helooo!" she chirped, looking at the racks on the walls. He grunted approvingly, not being subtle about staring at her ass as she all but posed in front of him, bending down provocatively to look at the lower shelves. Chris stood in front of the counter between them, getting an angry grunt and a stare from the shopkeeper, who moved away. "Look at all these!" Mira exclaimed "That dragon is cool isn't it!" she pointed at a dusty box at the bottom showing a ride-on yellow and purple dragon - "like in your dragons and elves or whatever game." "Yeah... cool" Chris mumbled, humouring her in the hope they could leave the stuffy shop quickly. "We should get this one!" She held up a pink packet - it showed a Hello Kitty swim ring on it, transparent pink on top and white underneath. "And these!" she had picked out some triangular Barbie armbands in a striking bright pink with baby blue inside panels. "Uh... for you, right?" Chris asked. Stupid question, he knew instantly. "No, dumbass! I can swim, can't I... why would I need these stupid things?" "But... why pink?" he implored. "It'll be cute, you'll look great! Anyway, it's still early, there'll be nobody at the pool yet" she said with a laugh. "Really, no, let's go..." he was starting to get angry now. "Don't speak to me like that!" she shouted, much louder and with more anger than necessary. The stinking shopkeeper leered at him and approached. Wanting to diffuse the situation ASAP he conceded, smiling meekly at the shopkeeper. "Come on then, buy them and let's go." "You're buying them - you're the one that needs them, baby." He was sure the 'baby' on the end was not affectionate, even if she did stroke his chin on the way past towards the counter. Behind the counter was another rack she hadn't seen, with a variety of inflatable vests on it. She pointed at one that looked large enough to fit Chris - yellow with two front buckles and a bulgy collar. "There's no need for that..." he said softly as the shopkeeper approached the till. "You need it, baby." She said it sweetly, but he was pretty sure that wasn't an honorific. The total was far more than the items should have cost, he was sure - the amount of change from the notes he'd handed over was awfully small and the shopkeeper's grin awfully threatening when he looked like he might question it, so he'd left, just glad to be away from the shop. "Come on!" Mira chirped, all smiles again, "let's go to the pool! It's going to be soooo fun!" He trailed a few feet behind her as she capered up the street, and it wasn't long before they were back at the depressingly busy pool in their swim gear - Chris' floats out of their packets but not inflated yet. The barman saw them approaching and Mira waved with a smile. He reached behind the bar and with a grin and lifted his net full of floaties over, waggling it slightly at Chris with a mocking wink. Mira shook her head and held up Chris' limp bright pink swim ring with a grin, the barman openly laughed before dumping his net sack behind the bar again and going back to washing glasses. Chris sat at the edge of the pool and began to inflate the ring as Mira jumped in with a splash and started swimming around, occasionally flicking cool water at him. The ring was shiny vinyl, soft and rich smelling in the warm morning sun. It was around 70cm across - larger than the one he'd had to get into the day before - so he would not need to squeeze himself into it. Likewise the waterwings were a little bigger. As he slowly inflated each item, he put them down beside himself rather than putting them on, until everything was blown up with just some seam wrinkles left. With everything ready he stalled. He didn't want everyone to laugh at him again. Mira swam up to the side of the pool and supported herself on her crossed arms. "Come on then, put them on and get in!" she implored. "It's very funny and everything, but I think I'd rather just relax here" he said with annoyance. "Shut up Chris, put your inflatables on and get in the pool with me. Don't be a loser." "I don't think that's really..." he started angrily, but that was as far as he got before she interrupted him - "I will go and get some from the bar and wear them too - that's fair." With that she swam across to the bar side of the pool and pulled herself out before padding over to the barman, wiggling her hips as she went. She spoke to him and he produced the sack of inflatables with a grin. She picked a traditional swim ring with five different coloured panels on the top and a pair of shiny orange floaties. Stepping into the ring, she got it half way up her thighs before it got stuck. With a word to the barman he came out and, grinning from ear to ear, held the swim ring and pulled it up as Mira wriggled back and forth against him, all but caressing him with her back, until with a squeal it slipped up to her thin waist. He then carefully helped her put the waterwings on as she batted her eyelids at him. With that, he sneered mockingly at Chris, sitting dejected by the pool, and returned behind the bar. Mira wandered over, her hips making the inflatable ring sway and glisten in the sun, and slipped into the pool with a squeak as the ring slid up under her small breasts. Chris noticed a few other guys round the pool were watching her with varying degrees of stealth as she splashed over. "Come on then, get your floats on Chris". Sensing he couldn't delay any longer, he stood and pulled the vest on. It was firm and embracing around him with the buckles pulling taut, the yellow slightly textured vinyl feeling quite nice against his bare skin. He slipped the pink waterwings on with a series of squeaks before finally stepping into and pulling up the pink ring. A number of people were watching him with amusement as he sat on the edge of the pool and slipped into the cool water with a series of creaks as the ring rubbed at the bottom of the vest, which tried to ride up over his head but was stopped by his arms. He bobbed like that in the water, which came to just below his armpits with the ring and vest combined. Mira began to caper and swim, and he tried to keep up with her as they splashed round the pool, starting to feel relaxed again as people got bored with the novelty of a grown man in inflatable toys. The vinyl of the toys rubbed against him and squeaked against her, glistening and wet in the sun. She looked sexy in her inflatable toys and bikini, and coupled with the rubbing of the vinyl on him, he started to get a raging erection. He was glad it was hidden beneath the surface... until Mira dwam over to bump against him and her ass firmly brushed his pulsing dick. With that she recoiled from him. "Eeew, why have you got a boner! In the pool that kids use! That's disgusting!" she exclaimed too loudly. A couple of the nearest english-speaking people laughed out loud. "Hey..." he tried to speak quietly yet still loud enough to be heard by her, "it's just we were having fun... and you look really good in the pool with your floaties on..." The compliment seemed to mollify her, and she began the game they'd played yesterday with the spongy rubber ball that was floating nearby. This time the game wasn't quite so one-sided, as she was hampered by the inflatables almost as much as he was, and he was generally managing to hit her whilst dodging her return shots. After a good fifteen minutes of splashing and laughing she began to tire of the game, she swam up, bumping her ring off his with a squeak, and pecked him on his wet cheek. "That was fun, but we should go before you get another boner and embarrass me" she said softly. She hauled herself from the pool, water spilling from her onto the dry tiles as she wiggled her ass at him with a wink. She padded over to the barman again, who came out to help her remove her ring. She pretended it was stuck after he pulled and twisted it, so he popped the valve open and deflated it with a psssssshhhhhh. It hung around her waist like a sexy vinyl mini-skirt before he easily pulled it down over her hips, nearly taking her bikini bottoms with it. She giggled as she grabbed at them. Chris, still in the pool, had gotten another erection watching her antics. He floated at the side, not wanting to get out in case it would be too obvious. Mira, having pulled her waterwings off and stuck them in the sack, wandered over to the poolside beside him. "Come on then, get out!" "I... uh... can't at the moment." "Why not... oh... eewwww, again?" "Wellll... you looked great..." The compliment didn't work so well this time. "Really? I bet I look good to him too but he didn't get a big stiffy when he was helping me, did he?" she pointed at the barman, "I think it's the inflatables. I think the squeaky plastic does it for you, weirdo. Get out of the pool." With that she got up and started to walk away. Her anger and all of the eyes now on him had done wonders for shrinking his erection, so with a creak and a squeal he pulled himself out before starting to unclip the buckles on the swim vest. "No!" she said, waggling her finger, "you will wear them to go to the room, floatie-boy!" With that she pointed towards the hotel entrance. Chris didn't want to anger her further, so he padded across the tiles and concrete to the hotel entrance, cheeks glowing with embarrassment as people looked at him walking through the lobby still wet with his inflatables tight about his body. Mira followed a few paces behind, ignoring him. He was glad of the solitary sanctuary of the elevator when the doors finally slid closed and rose towards their floor.
  4. Dan got into the shower, washing himself. Holly said she would clear up the mess they had made after the pump to pop in the sleeping bag. He still couldn't believe what Holly did for his birthday. They had a few sessions with balloons before but nothing like this. Last time they had a blow to pop race with 12 inches, it was fun but Dan didn't know Holly would get into it, she must have been practicing. After a few minutes Holly enters the bathroom, completely naked holding a red balloon. It is deflated but looked like a 16 inch. "Ready for a bit more fun?" She says in a sexy voice. Dan feels his heart starting to race. Holly steps into the shower with him and takes the shower head off. "What are you doing?" Asks Dan. "You'll see" she places the neck over the balloon, it starts to fill with water. "Sit down, you're going to enjoy this." She says. Dan obeys, sitting against the shower wall. Holly places the expanding balloon against his growing dick and lays on top of it, pushing it against him. Dan moans in pleasure and slips onto his back. Holly climbs on top of him and starts grinding harder against the balloon, the water making it squeak. It is about the size of a small beach ball by now and getting bigger. Dan loves the warm feel to it, it isn't as tight as it would be if filled with air but more bouncy. "Harder! Don't stop!" Crys Dan. Holly pushes harder, her whole weight against the balloon, forcing it to bulge around Dan's cock. Her wet pussy squeaks loudly against the balloon, every time she rubs against it. The ballon is getting huge now and will pop any second. Holly keeps grinding harder and faster, putting her arms around Dan to pull herself closer. One more loud squeak then the balloon bursts, warm water exploding all over them. "That" panted Dan "was amazing." "Come with me, we're not quite finished yet." "How many more balloons do you have?" "I got a whole bag full, we could go on all night. Better save a few for tomorrow though." Holly leads Dan back to the bedroom, not bothering to dry off. "Get back in into the sleeping bag, I'll fetch some balloons." She goes through her bag looking for the packet of 11 inch balloons. Once she finds them she throws them to Dan and pulls out another 24 inch. A light blue colour. "What you got planned now then?" Asks Dan. "We're gonna start off by inflating the 11 inches, then we're going to stuff them into the sleeping bag before we over inflate this 24 inch." She climbs in with Dan and zips the bag closed. She opens the packet of balloons, offering a green one to Dan then taking a blue one for herself. Holly takes a deep breath and inflates the balloon. Dan loves the sound of the air as it rushes into the balloon, he puts his balloon to his lips and blows. Holly keeps blowing until the balloon's neck starts inflating, then ties it off and puts it deep inside the sleeping bag before grabbing another. A white one this time. Dan keeps inflating his, the neck is starting to push against his lips but he keeps going. It is getting hard to put any more air in but Dan keeps trying when suddenly BANG! The ballon pops making Holly jump. "Whoops" Holly glares at him "that was right next to my ear!" "Sorry, got a bit carried away." She laughs and hands him another, a pink one. "Try not to pop it this time." He takes it eagerly and starts blowing. Holly puts a few more breaths in hers and ties it. Dan's balloon is starting to get a neck, he puts in another breath. "Dan..." "Okay, okay." He goes to tie it but then puts another breath into it. Holly just laughs. "I thought you were scared of blowing balloons until they popped." "I used to be but I think you've cured that." He puts half a breath into it, then finally ties it. He stuffs it in between his legs and finds another. They continue inflating the balloons and stuffing them until the sleeping bag is almost full. Dan and Holly are both inflating when Holly pinches the neck closed. "You want to see who can get the biggest neck without popping it?" Asks Holly. "Sure." Dan's balloon is already over inflated so Holly blows faster to catch up. The neck on Dan's ballon is almost as long as the body but he keeps on blowing without hesitation. Holly's balloon has half the neck inflated, she carefully pulls the neck to stretch it as much as possible before putting three more breaths in. As she is slowly blowing one more in, there is a loud bang. Holly jumps, almost letting go of her balloon. She looks at Dan. The mouthpiece is still in his mouth. "You're not very good at this are you?" She laughs. "Did you see how big it got? The neck was so long, I just had to keep going." "Let's see how big I can get mine." Holly struggles to get a grip on the balloon because the neck is inflated so much. After two big breaths she decides to tie it. The balloon is almost completely transparent and looks like it's about to pop any second. She pushes it inside the sleeping bag. "I want to see you blow one till it pops." Says Dan "Okay, it still scares me a little but I'll do it." She replies. "Really? you look like you're enjoying it." "Oh I am. I love blowing them to the limit, just get a little nervous just before it pops." "You don't have to." "It's fine, I want too." She takes a red balloon and starts stretching it. After a few deep breaths she puts it to her lips and slowly blows into it. Dan lies, watching her as the balloon gets bigger and bigger. She's so beautiful. He thinks. I still can't believe she'll pop balloons for me. It came out of nowhere. Dan puts his hands on the side of the balloon, it's getting tight but she continues blowing. After the neck is completely inflated she hesitates. "It's fine, keep going you're almost there." Holly inhales fully and forces the air inside the balloon. It still doesn't pop. She keeps going even though its almost impossible to blow anymore. Then finally it pops with a loud bang, making them both jump. "Wow, wasn't expecting it to get that big. Well done Holly. She try's to hug Dan, squeezing all the balloons against him. "Almost done. We'll inflate the 24 inch next." "You think it'll fit? There's barely enough room for us." "Guess we'll find out." She's says, finding the balloon. "We'll take it in turns inflating until it gets too tight, then we'll tie it." "Can't we pop it?" Asks Dan with a grin. "Doubt there'll be enough room, but we'll see. I don't think I could do it it anyway, a 11 inch is scary enough." "Okay, hurry up and inflate it. I'm so turned on!" She smiles and starts inflating the huge balloon in between them. It starts pushing the smaller balloons against them as it gets bigger. After Holly has inflated it halfway she gives it to Dan. "Your turn." She pants. He takes it from her and bites on the mouthpiece. It's wet from Holly's saliva. This turns him on even more, sighing with pleasure he starts inflating. He keeps blowing until the ballon is bulging against them. "Here you go, make it tight." Dan passes it to Holly. She starts blowing immediately. Dan can see how turned on she is. She doesn't slow down until it's pushing hard against them. "Can't get it much tighter." She goes to tie it but Dan stops her. "I'll see what I can do." The ballon is dripping with Holly's saliva. Dan takes it from her and blows. It's getting very hard to inflate and the pressure against his body is getting stronger, he doesn't stop until the neck is touching his lips. "Dan I think that's enough, I can barely move." "Just one more?" He asks. "Go on then." Dan forces one more breath in. BANG! At first he thinks the 24 inch popped, then he realised it was one of the smaller ones. "Must of been that one I inflated, I'm surprised it didn't pop sooner." Holly says. Dan ties the 24 inch. He can hardly move with all the balloons pushed against him. Holly starts grinding against the balloons. Every time she moves the balloons get pushed against him. He puts his arms around holly, moaning with the intense pleasure. She sighs in his ear. Dan is just about to cum when the 24 inch explodes. Holly moans loudly and Dan cums on the smaller balloons. There's another pop and Holly falls on top of him panting. After lying together for a while they unzip the sleeping bag, the balloons falling out onto the bed and floor. It's getting late so they get into bed together, leaving the balloons on the bed. "So since when did you get so into balloons?" Asks Dan. "Well, I was going to buy you some balloons for your birthday, more of a joke present than anything. I ordered a few bags of good quality balloons online the other week. A few days ago I was shopping and saw there was camping equipment on sale. I thought we could go camping together sometime, so I bought us a tent and some sleeping bags. When I got home I saw the balloons siting on the table. I looked at the sleeping bag and had an idea. I wondered what it'd feel like in the sleeping bag with a huge balloon pressed against me. I wanted ideas to surprise you with on your birthday so I decided to try it out. I got in and grabbed a 24 inch and blew it up. After it started getting tight I got a little scared, so I attached it to the electric pump. My idea was that I'd force myself to pop it. Once the balloon got tight I couldn't move to turn the pump off. Eventually it popped, it felt amazing. That evening I decided to try out the bag of 12 inch balloons, I only meant to make sure they were a good quality but before I know it I was over inflating them, seeing how big they could get. Soon I was riding and popping them. I even managed to blow one until it popped. I realised I was getting turned on and soon had popped the whole packet." "I'm glad you enjoyed them. Never thought you'd get into it." Dan kisses her and soon they fall asleep. Dan wakes to the sound of air rushing into a balloon. He opens his eyes. Holly is sitting next to him inflating a 16 inch. It's huge the neck against her lips. She grabs an inflated balloon from the day before and starts riding it against him. After two more breaths it bursts. She giggles and starts riding harder, the neck shooting out every time she bounces. Suddenly it pops and she falls on top of him. "Wow, what a way to wake up." Dan says. "You fancy going camping this weekend?" Holly asks. "Yeah sounds fun. Will you be bringing balloons?" "Of course." "Can't wait." - Written by Wildheart
  5. "Come on, let's go to the pool!" she implored. They'd spent the last couple of days of the holiday exploring the sights of the island, but today Mira wanted to go swimming. "I don't really want to..." Chris said quietly, "how about the castle on the clifftop, it looks like it might be fun..." "No! I want to go swimming. The hotel has a great pool. And you're coming swimming with me, because it'll make me happy. You want me to be happy, don't you?" She stepped closer to him, pushing out her small breasts and swaying her hips, touching him on the chin with a single finger and a sultry smile. Chris was used to her acting this way. He knew he'd go along with it in the hope their relationship might progress. Mira didn't put out easily, and after three weeks of going out they still hadn't got beyond kissing and cuddling - to Chris' growing frustration. That's why they were here - he'd thought they might get more serious if he took her on holiday, but not so far. Maybe this time? "Well... ok then" he said with a smile, and Mira did a happy little dance and pecked him on the cheek. He began thinking as they took a couple of towels and made their way down towards the hotel pool. Perhaps he could stay in the shallow end? Perhaps he could find a lilo or something to float on and hopefully she wouldn't push him off... because Chris had a secret - in the 22 years of his life, he'd never learned to swim. He couldn't even float. Mira was already wearing her bikini - a yellow two-piece - under her clothes, and Chris' neon green shorts were suitable for swimming in. They stripped of their t-shirts and sneakers and Mira took off her dress and put them on one of the vacant loungers by the pool. "Come on then!" Mira shouted and jumped right into the otherwise vacant pool with a splash, laughing. Chris looked at the sun-faded markers on the sides. This part was only 1.5m deep. It would come up to his armpits. That would be manageable maybe? Trying to feign confidence he didn't really feel, Chris slipped into the water. He briefly panicked as his feet went down... and down... but recovered when he felt the hard tile pool bottom rather than the warm water beneath his feet. He could feel the slope to his left, and see where the water dropped suddenly to 3m a few metres before the end so people using the diving board wouldn't hurt themselves. He did NOT want to go over there! Mira splashed him playfully and he splashed her back, standing stock still but trying to look like he was having fun. Mira disappeared under the water and swam towards him, her shimmering form approaching a couple of feet below the surface... he thought she was going to rise just in front of him, but instead she grabbed his legs and pulled them from under him. He just managed to take a breath as he was dragged under and immediately fought his legs free of her grip and frantically tried to reach the surface. After what felt like an eternity his feet found the tiles again and he pushed himself upwards. He broke the surface with a gasp and managed to stand, panting, as Mira watched him. "What was that all about, weirdo?" she asked with grin. Well... he couldn't bluff anymore. "I can't swim..." he said quietly, barely audible over the water still sloshing around him. "Speak up! Why did you spaz out?" she laughed, treading water a few feet away. "I can't swim" he repeated, loud enough for her to hear him. "Who can't swim at your age?!" she laughed, splashing him playfully again, "only some kind of baby-boy!" She saw the look on his face, and her laughter redoubled. "You really can't! Wow! How did you get away with that one through school?!" He shrugged, "It's not exactly an important day to day skill..." In truth he'd gone to school in an inland town without a pool. Whilst swimming lessons were mandatory in many schools in other towns, they couldn't do them at his. She laughed again, slowly getting over her mirth. "Well then, I want to swim, and I want you to swim with me, so I guess we'll have to get you some arm bands or a rubber ring like a kid!" She swam towards the side of the pool again and effortlessly hauled her skinny frame out, whilst Chris slowly made his way up towards the ladder at the shallow end, his cheeks burning with embarrassment as those sunbathing around the pool who had heard her watched him. Mira had gone towards the bar-come-shop beside the pool, and was speaking to the attendant there. She pointed back at Chris - he heard her laugh quietly after saying something - and the attendant popped into the room behind the wall of bottles and packets and emerged a few seconds later with a net sack full of orange, yellow, pink and white items. He dropped it over the bar for Mira to rummage in. The sack was full of pre-inflated water wings and swim rings - intended for children visiting the pool to borrow. As Chris approached the attendant gave him a mocking grin before going back to restocking one of the fridges. Mira had picked out a 50cm swim ring. It had a clear top printed with blue, pink and orange fish, and yellow bottom half. It was a bit wrinkled around the seams. She handed it to him. It felt a bit flaccid, the vinyl warm and yielding in the warmth of the day. "Blow that up properly" she said as she ducked down again to rummage for the waterwing with matched a shiny orange two-chambered on she'd found. Chris found the valve on the base of the ring, and trying to ignore the people all around watching him, he blew a few breaths into the ring. It firmed up, the wrinkles just becoming little ripples round the outside seam. Mira had meanwhile found the matching waterwing. They were tightly inflated already. He stood there holding the ring as she looked at him. "Well, then, put it on..." she waggled at his waist with her hand. Chris studied the 30cm hole in the middle of the ring, then glanced down at his hips and waist, "I don't think it'll fit me..." Mira let out an exasperated sigh and, placing the armbands on the bar, grabbed the ring from him with a squeak. "Of course it'll fit. It's made for it." She held it low at his shin height and beckoned him to step into it. She then pulled it up to the middle of his thighs, where it promptly got stuck as his hips widened. Undeterred, she gripped it firmly at each side and with creaks and squeaks of protest worked it left and right over his shorts until the tight ring slipped over the waistband and round his waist. The ring made it feel like we was wearing a corset as it squeezed all round him. She grabbed the armbands again then took his arm and tried to squeeze his adult arm into the tight hole. It clearly wouldn't fit. With her teeth she pulled the vales out and squeezed them with her fingertips. The wings softened with a hisssssss and she dragged it easily up to his armpit. Taking the valves one by one between her lips she inflated the wing hard again, then repeated the procedure with the other arm. The bar attendant looked at him for a second and huffed a small laugh at the adult in a kids swim ring and a pair of big orange floaties. Chris shot him an angry glance, which Mira saw and laughed. "You do look silly, no need to be moody. It's you who can't swim!" With that she led him by the hand back towards the pool. A few people around the water's edge saw him and laughed, perhaps thinking he was just being a fool, but his cheeks reddened anyway. She jumped into the water, and beckoned him to get in. He slid in, catching the ring on the tiled edge with a creak as he lowered himself. The buoyancy of the ring pushed it up over his belly and into his armpits, where it creaked and squeaked constantly against the underside of the armbands and felt like it was constricting his breathing. The combination did however keep him afloat as he splashed his way slowly towards the deeper water where Mira was heading. "God, you're not going to be much fun to race are you?" She grabbed a soft rubber ball from the side of the pool where it had been floating and chucked it at him, it bumped off his forehead and landed with a splut in the water just in front of him. "You're it!" she called, and turned to swim away. With that a one-sided game of ball-tag began. Chris struggling after the ball and grabbing it before taking a couple of attempts to hit the agile Mira whilst creaking and squealing in his inflatables, before she quickly grabbed the ball and whacked it accurately into his face or head as he couldn't easily evade it. It must have gone on for ten minutes before Mira began getting hit more as kids from various families began occupying the pool, hindering her agility. Some of the kids laughed openly at Chris. Not liking that she wasn't winning so easily, Mira decided enough was enough. "I'm getting tired, and you're embarrassing me in your inflatable toys." She quickly swam to the side and hauled herself out. "Put them back then you can buy me dinner to make up for it." With that she strode over to the lounger with the clothes, took her dress and towel and headed back into the hotel without a glance backwards. Chris made his way to the shallow end and pulled himself up the ladder. He tried to quietly remove the wings but they squeaked down both arms, and then made even more noise and drew a few amused glances as he struggled to get the now stretched and deformed swim ring off without pulling his soggy shorts down. He eventually managed it and quietly put the inflatables back in the net bag beside the bar. With one final grin the barman watched him collect his clothes and head back inside.
  6. I have had beach balls end up in our backyard and kept them for personal use. Items that have been used seem to always feel better than brand new ones.
  7. Thar she blows! Inflatable orca whales will never be the same with this comfortable and squishy and decorative killer whale inspired by Dirty Bird's digital art. It has been sculpted to recreate the squishy form envisaged by the artist. To be lounged upon - and to be floated upon by the intrepid - thanks to an ingenious internal baffle construction that gives it its unique body shape and makes it stable on water and on the ground. The whale float is 2.2 (7'4") long and 1.5m (5') tall to the top of the fluke. Large but compact enough to fit into most environments. This is our first heavy-duty toy made of 0.4mm strong, extra soft vinyl. All body seams of this whale are flat/overlapping seams reinforced with a 2cm wide textured vinyl strip (as known from other "custom" inflatable toys).
  8. Fruit slices, swan floats and inflatable poop emojis are not your thing? Then this classic inflatable blue whale ride-on will take you back to the 1990s, when inflatable animal pooltoys looked like, well.... inflatable animal pooltoys. When the riders were small and the ride-ons huge. This blue whale recreates the vintage look of a now rare massive inflatable blue whale. This decorative piece is made without the ugly large handles, with a quick-deflation valve to repleace the tedious small standard valve with safety flap... and we took a bit of liberty with the warnings... not that there were that many in the 1990s. The classic blue whale is 213 cm long (like the original, which was not quite as big as advertised...) made from soft 0.25mm vinyl and, like the original, is a single chamber design. It's box art, lovingly created by digital artists, is reference to the original. https://horseplay-toys.com/collections/inflatable-animals/products/classic-1990s-inflatable-blue-whale-ride-on
  9. Dan sat on his bed waiting for his girlfriend Holly to come round. It was his birthday and she said that she had something special planned. He hoped it had something to do with balloons, she know about his fetish and they had inflated some 12 inch balloons together once. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Dan jumped off his bed and ran to open it. She was standing there, as beautiful as ever. "Happy birthday!" She said, giving him a long kiss. "I ordered something for you, I hope you're up for a bit of fun." "Can't wait." Replied Dan simply. Holly pulled a backpack off and walked into the living room. Dan closed the door and followed her. "Do you want a drink or anything?" He asked. "No, I want to get right to it. Go wait for me in the bedroom." Dan felt nervous excitement as he wondered what she had planned, he walked to his bed taking off his jumper. Holly opened her backpack, taking something out, Dan couldn't see what. "Go sit in the edge of the bed and take off your belt." Dan did as he was told. Holly walked in front of him, and crouched down. In her hand was a limp red balloon. "Is that...?" He began "Yep, it's a 16 inch. Want to know what I'm gonna do with it?" Dan opened his mouth to speak. "Ssh, just watch me." She began stretching the balloon, moving closer to Dan. She sat on his lap and gave him a long kiss. "You ready? She whispered. Before waiting for an answer she pulled open Dan's pants and placed the balloon inside so only the neck was showing. Dan couldn't believe was he was seeing. Was she going to inflate a balloon in his pants? Holly leaned in, took a breath, and blew into the balloon. It started swelling, without hesitating she blew another two, the balloon get bigger and pushing against his cock. She pinched the neck and looked at Dan. "Feel good?" She asked "Don't stop!" He replied. Dan had a raging boner by now. She giggled and leaned in to blow it bigger. Dan moaned in pleasure as the balloons started getting tighter. This exited Holly and she kept blowing harder and harder, the balloon squeaking as it rubbed against Dan. Another deep breath from Holly and in goes another breath. The balloon was getting huge, it could barely fit. She forced one more breath in and the neck started inflating. Holly hesitated for a moment. "Keep going!" Dan encouraged her. She did forcing the air in, even though it was getting hard to blow. "Oh my god it's so tight" she exclaimed, pinching the neck closed. "It feels so good!" Cried Dan "make it bigger." Holly struggled to push a few more breaths in, the neck started pushing against her lips. "It's gonna pop!" Said Dan "You or the balloon?" She asked "Both!" "I better hurry up and pop it then. I'm not done with you yet." She blew hard into the balloon, the neck pushing against her face. "One more!" Cried Dan. Usually he was too scared to pop balloons but now he was too turned on to care. Holly tried to force one more breath in, the balloon squeaked in protest but she kept going. BANG! The balloon exploded into tiny fragments in Dan's pants, making them both jump. "That was amazing." Panted Dan Holly climbed on top of him and kissed him hard. After a while she got off him. "I'm not finished yet." She breathed. Holly walked back to her bag. "Whats she gonna do now?" Dan wondered. Holly came back with a sleeping bag and placed it on the bed. "Take your clothes off and get in. I would leave your underwear on though the friction might hurt." Dan didn't question her and did what she said. Holly went back to her bag and took out an electric pump and what looked to Dan to be a clear 24 inch balloon. She plugged the pump into the wall and attached a tube to the pump. Dan had an idea of what she was gonna do, he got hard just thinking about it. Holly put the balloon on the end of the tube and took her own clothes off. She gave the balloon to Dan. "Hold this." Then she switched the pump on and rushed to get in the sleeping bag with Dan. They lay side by side looking at each other as the balloon started inflating between them. "Happy birthday Dan" she said, then started kissing him. Soon the balloon had reached a large size, pushing them apart. "It's gonna get really tight, I hope your ready for this Dan" she put her arms around him and started grinding against the balloon as it pushed against them. Dan pulled himself closer to her, the balloon was bulging around them, getting tighter by the second. "You liking this?" Whispered Holly "Yeah, it feels so good." He moaned "See if you can cum before it pops. It can't be long it's getting so tight." The balloon kept getting bigger and bigger, it's couldn't reach its full size because of the sleeping bag so it just got tighter. Soon the neck started inflating. "When's it gonna pop? I can't last much longer." Cried Dan "AARRGGG! I didn't think it'd get this tight! She exclaimed. Dan couldn't hold it back any longer and exploded all over the balloon. Holly grabbed the balloon, pulling it in closer to her. "Yes!" She screamed, grinding harder against it. BANG! The balloon finally popped with a deafening bang. They fell on to each other, both panting and wet. It had been the best birthday of Dan's life. - Written by WildHeart
  10. It was a beautiful clear night. My family and friends were camping by the lake, split up amongst six tents and two caravans. My tent was at one side of our little encampment, not far from the gently lapping shoreline. Auntie Alice - not keen on roughing it in a tent - was in one of the caravans with the same relative she'd shared a house with in Spain a couple of years before. We'd just had a barbecue, washing the food down with a few cold beers, and I was feeling good. We had just arrived the night before, so I hadn't had much time to speak to Alice beyond small talk. I was hoping tonight we might be able to see each other - which was why I'd put my tent purposefully to one side. We could just hear some laughter and shouts from further up the shore, beyond a small promontory, and I slowly walked along the beach towards the noise to see what was going on as the sun began to set. As I climbed up the rocky outcrop, the cause of the noise came into view. A group in their late teens or early twenties had parked a couple of pickups on the beach and were having themselves a party. The mainly male group had a couple of cool boxes of beers and a barbecue of their own. I just caught the faint whiff of weed drifing over on a gentle breeze. There were nine of them in total, six lads and three girls. They looked like meathead guys to me - big on exercise and preening themselves, small on intellect, and I decided not to bother going over - we were unlikely to have much in common... but something caught my eye - one of the girls - a fat, dough-faced one, was sitting side-on on something interesting. It appeared to be a yellow-bodied inflatable dragon with little yellow wings, purple head and legs. Her weight was squashing it in the evening heat, the seams tight. She was smoking a roll-up in one hand and holding a beer in the other, giggling along with one of the guys who was lying beside her on the beach. When she tapped the ash from her cig, I could see the sparks drifting towards the toy's head. I had an impulse to save it from her fat ass and burning, but I couldn't think of a good reason to go over and ask about it. Cursing quietly to myself I tried to think of some way of getting it. I jumped when I heard a footstep right behind me. "What are you looking at, stranger?" Alice asked. I quickly glanced around to make sure she was alone. I could see the embers of our babecue-come-fire, but nobody else. "I saw something interesting" I said, pointing down. Alice grimaced when she saw the girl - "Eugh, I'm surprised you're into a specimen like that..." she started. "No, Alice, the thing she's sitting on..." "I know, I know," she said, punching me gently on the arm, "those are quite rare. Been out of production for a while now! It would be a shame if it got popped by this bunch of reprobates... not when we could have so much fun with it first!" I nodded and said that's what I had been thinking too. One of the guys was now drunkenly shouting and simulating oral sex with the poor little dragon, yanking it by the horns so its muzzle bumped off his crotch, much to the raucous hilarity of the others. He slapped its head aside and kicked it a couple of times, making the fat girl bounce on it. She laughed and bounced more. "I think we'll have to act fast!" Alice said - "keep an eye on this bunch, I'll be right back!" She quickly scrambled back down the outcrop and stealthily back towards the camp. I watched as the dragon was battered, came close to having a hole burned in it twice, and was stood on by one of the smaller lads when he went to bump the fat girl on the head with his groin for some dumbass reason. It felt like forever when I heard Alice coming back. She was carrying a pallet of 24 beer cans from the weekend supply. "Phew!" she said, "I hope this works! Stay here with the beer, come when I signal you." With that she set off calmly down the other side of the promontory towards the party. Aiming to walk round it, she feigned noticing the dragon for the first time and approached one of the boys. I couldn't really hear what she was saying, but at the end she leaned in and gave the two guys she was talking to a peck on the cheek each. She then turned to face me and waved me down. I carried the beer down the tricky rock surface as one of the guys went and tried to roll the giggling girl off the dragon. She playfully resisted until she drunkenly fell over backwards and one of the other guys grabbed the dragon by its two front legs and pulled. I honestly expected him to rip the legs off, but with a tortured creak it slid out from under her huge frame. He carried it over - it was limp, from a tear or from the weight it had endured I could not yet tell. "He doesn't look retarded, just looks like a dweeb" the guy said, pointing at me. I didn't know what was going on, so I kept quiet. Alice clarified it for me, and I realised with a flush of anger what she'd told them: "No, but he's got a feeble mind, and will just love to play on that kids inflatable dragon in the lake this weekend. Anyway, see, he's brought you the beers I said I'd trade you - your coolers are almost empty after all and the night is still young." True enough, there were only a couple of bottles left in each. One of the pair grabbed the case of beer from me, and the other drop-kicked the dragon at me with a whoomp. "Take your toy, baby-brain!" he laughed as he walked back towards the others. Most of them laughed, but one of the girls told him off for mocking me. Alice comforted me as if I was a child - "poor baby, come with Auntie and your new toy..." Playing along, I grabbed the dragon by a horn and pulled it behind me as Alice held my other hand and led me away further along the shore line and over the next promontory. The partygoers seemed to have already forgotten about it by the time we were a few metres away in the fading light and didn't spare us a second glance as they tore into the case of beer. "You didn't need to tell them I was retarded" I said with a sad face on. "Shhh, they needed to think they were doing us a favour and benefitting most - and they're drunk, so it needed to be simple. We lost what they want, and they lost something they don't care about to someone they got to mock. Perfect way to play a meathead." We reached a deserted and silent area of beach - barely able to hear the laughter far behind us. "Now, you wait here, whilst I prepare your little toy..." she took the dragon from me and located the valve under its butt, "and I'll make it up to you." She went to the shore and quickly washed the valve in the lake water before unplugging it and starting to blow. Her ample breasts heaved in the moonlight as the dragon quickly firmed up. When there were a few wrinkles left in the body and snout she tested it by digging her fingers in and nodded. My dick was rock hard in my shorts at this point. She carried the dragon over and placed it down just in front of me, head just under my crotch height. "Now then my dear, you just drop your little pants and I'll take care of your special problem, like a good carer should." I fumbled my belt undone and dropped my shorts and boxers onto the sand at my feet. "Good boy" she said, sitting down on the tight back of the dragon in front of me with a squeak. She placed her warm hands on my thighs and guided me forwards, encouraging me to crouch so my tight balls rested on the warm, firm head of the dragon, my penis between the horns and pulsing, almost painfully hard. She leaned forward and gently eased back my foreskin the rest of the way with her hand. She opened her mouth and slowly took it in, the intense warmth and wetness of her mouth was incredible as she rested her chin between the dragon's horns and gently suckled me, her tongue tickling the underside of my head, the dragon ticking my balls and her warm hands round grabbing my ass in the moonlight. She was rubbing herself, thrusting on the back of the dragon with her hips, emparting a rocking motion which moved me back and forth in her mouth. I dared not look around in case anyone from the party - or worse, our camp - had decided to go for a walk on the beach. The nervous energy heightened the sensations as Alice casually sucked me. It was not long at all until I felt the feeling in the pit of my stomach begin to grow, a tingly wave passing through me with each movement of her tongue, brush of ball-on-dragon or tightening of her grip on my butt. I moaned quietly, and she slowed her sucking and licking a little, letting the feeling grow more and more. This time I grunted, and she nearly stopped, tentatively flicking her tongue around... the waves built and built and my legs began to shake... she suddenly took me deeper and sucked more firmly again, flinging me over the edge with a mighty convulsion that fired my semen right into her throat, pulse after pulse of it - she continued suckling as the spurting stopped, and finally pulled back. A great dribble of spunk fell from her mouth onto the dragon's head before dripping slowly onto the sand. "Good lord," she mumbled, swallowing with a big grin, "when did you last wank? That was a lot!" "Oh, Auntie Alice... it's just been too long!" I said. "Well, then, we'll just need to adjust your prescription then, won't we?" she said with a wink...
  11. Auntie Alice headed away to fetch us some lunch whilst I stayed at the pool. We weren't expecting anyone back for a few hours yet, so we intended to thoroughly enjoy each other's company. I had pulled the fox from the pool and was lounging on its back in the sun near the loungers, leaning back against its head enjoying the beautiful feel and smell of the sun-warmed vinyl. When Alice returned with some food, she put her idolm@ster ring on the ground beside the fox, placed her beach ball in the centre of the ring and sat down firmly with a loud creak of protesting vinyl, moving her knees so she was kneeling on the ring and sitting on the ball. Passing me a chilled can of coke, she leaned back with a sqeak, hands on her ankles, to sun herself. The sight of her full figure squashing down on the beachball and ring had my penis twitching in my still-sticky shorts. She spotted me looking out of the corner of her eye, and smiled beautifully. Leaning forward a little more, she began grinding her swimsuit clad crotch into the beachball under her. The ball and ring squeaked and creaked with each rub. She began to bounce, gently at first, sighing to herself and sucking her lower lip. I slipped my hand into my shorts, gently massaging my rock hard penis whilst watching her. She began to bounce harder, lifting her hands from her legs to above her head as she hopped. I could hear the ball and ring scuffing against the concrete surface between the loud creaks of the vinyl. The rearmost panel of the beachball was starting to bulge out under her beautiful ass as she dropped on it repeatedly. She was moaning now, her face flushed pink and eyes closed, the only sounds the squak-creak-scuff of the inflatable toys. After a few more moments bouncing, she slowed down again. I was pretty sure she hadn't orgasmed. Her eyes opened and she unsteadily got up. Both ball and ring were stretched and soft from the abuse - or had holes from the concrete - and looked worse for wear. She took my free hand, and motioned for me to get up. Once I was off the stretched fox she picked up her ring and ball and put them on its back. She carefuly positioned the valve of the beachball, winking at me, so it was pointing upwards. "Come on then," she said, "shorts off and get on!". I hurriedly whipped my soiled swim shorts off as she removed her soaked swimsuit bottoms. Swinging my naked legs over the ball and ring, I sat facing the foxes tail, legs akimbo and boner straining. The stack of inflatables was incredibly bouncy, the warm vinyl felt exquisite on my naked ass and balls, the valve ticking my hole with each bounce. She swung a leg over the pile and me, giving me a clear view of her glistening wet parts, and shimmied forwards so my dick was twitching & brushing on her lips. She oh-so-slowly lowered herself, hands on her thighs, and I felt myself slip effortlessly into her. I moaned at the sensation of her and the inflatables tightening hard underneath me, the valve of the ball teasing me. I sat forwards, hugging her to me, face just abover her beautiful bouncy round breasts as she began to hop up and down. There was a myriad of loud squeals and cracks from the toys under us, which encouraged her to bounce harder, the slick sucking noises of her adding to the sensations. Her warm breats smelled of chlorine and vinyl and the sweet scent of fading perfume - everything together was an assault on the senses. My feet were on the concrete, but she had hunched her legs up so hers were on the ring on the fox. This allowed me to get extra deep into her, a fantastic sensation gripping me from root to tip with each hard bounce, my balls being massaged between the beach ball and her ass. She began bucking wildly and groaning, her face flushed - she was getting close now! Harder and harder she bounced, jabbing down with her feet onto the ring to get extra force with each hop. Creak-squeal-crack-squeak went the pile of inflatables, the ball feeling alternately soft and rock hard beneath me. I added my efforts to the bouncing, and a second later - creak-squeal-crack-KABANG! The ball blew the stretched out panel, dropping us hard and bouncily onto the ring and fox. The ball's valve slipped into my slickned bum hole as the seams of both surviving inflatables stretched taut and strained - fox tail pummeling her back and head pummeling mine. I felt the orgasm coming inside me as we landed, the rear legs of the fox had no wrinkles at all. Undeterred she continued, humping hard, an "mmmmmmMMMMMMMMMGH!" escaping her lips as the wave of orgasm broke within both of us, jerking together on the protesting fox and ring. We slowly recovered, hugging each other close and temporarily exhausted. I slowly became aware of a gentle hissing and something else... quiet moaning-whimper from somewhere? It wasn't from Alice. I looked around and noticed Alice was looking behind me... craning my neck I saw that at the other end of the pool area was a girl. She was about my age, well tanned & blonde haired, with a slender frame and small, perky breasts in a yellow bikini top. She was crouched, half hidden, behind a lounger - her eyes were closed and her right hand was down her unzipped denim shorts. She'd been watching us have sex and been getting herself off! I felt my face flush with emarrasment and fear at getting caught. The girl suddenly noticed the noise from us had stopped and opened her eyes with surprise, meeting our gaze. She suddenly jumped up, glowing with embarrassment, whipped her hand from her shorts and turned to run "Wait, my dear!" Alice called softly. The girl hesitated, slowly looking round. Alice beckoned her over as she slowly got up. My softening penis slipped from her with a trickle of juice and semen onto the back of the ring and remains of the beachball. The hissing grew a little louder - It seemed to be the swim ring, damaged from the concrete or Alice using it for leverage. Alice approached the girl, ignoring the fact she was naked from the waist down and the trickle making its way down her inner thigh. She reached out and took her hand. "Hello," she said, "English?" The girl just looked confused, still pink with embarrassment. I noticed the net and broom propped up beside the entrance to the pool area. "I think she's here to clean the pool" I suggested, self-consciously peeling myself from the sweaty & sticky inflatables, trying to hide my bits from the stranger as I gently plucked the burst beachball from my ass and put on my shorts, a small shudder going through me as the valve popped out of my hole. Alice, moving with confidence, slipped her hand down the outside of the girl's shorts. She flinched slightly, then gently moaned with pleasure. "My dear, you're soaking wet!" she cooed, "I think you need some help." I moved the fox and ring to the edge of the pool and splashed water over the back of it to rinse it of the worst of our mess. The girl watched me and grinned. "Do you like the boy or the fox?" Alice asked, laughing. The girl let go of Alice's hand, kicked off her sandals and lowered her shorts. She was wearing matching yellow bikini bottoms under them, visibly darkened at the crotch. Getting over her embarrassment, she made her way over to the fox and stroked its head, walking round it and examining it, grinning. It had shrunk back to shape after its hard ride. She grabbed an ear and dragged it into the water with a small splash, scuffing it over the concrete. She slipped into the water after it and her athletic frame allowed her to mount it easily. She was light enough that her small ass didn't even meet the water as she rode. She roughly splashed around the pool on it, bounching and saying things in Italian we didn't understand - though some of them at least sounded sexy! She looked good, even if my tastes were for more shapely women, though my penis didn't budge - it was still recovering from the day's exertions. I half watched her as I hunted for the hole in the swim ring, pushing it under the water and looking for bubbles. There was a small stream of tiny bubbles coming from the pink base, where a sharp piece of concrete had penetrated, and another little stream from the inside seam near one of the anime girl's portraits. Alice got into the water beside me, watching the girl ride as well. I showed her where the slow leaks were, and she took the ring from me, popping the valve out and beginning to blow deep, hard breaths into the damaged toy. As Alice blew, the Italian girl splashed up and beckoned to me to join her on the fox, grinning with a little embarrassment. Standing it the shallow end, it was easier to mount the fox. I got on behind her as she scooted forwards, the weight enough to dip both of our crotches and butts into the water. The feel of the warm vinyl again made me start to grow. She must have noticed the stump pressing against her lower back, as she squirmed backwards, trapping it between us. I held the head round her as she took the lead in "driving" around the pool, bouncing and rocking, rubbing my rapidly hardening penis inside my wet shorts. Alice had blown the ring hard in the meantime. There were no wrinkles along the seams, and I watched as she placed it in the water behind her and sat backwards onto it. She wobbled a bit, her weight pushing the ring under, but she regained her balance. As we splashed and rocked closer, I could hear a rapid bubble-bubble-bubble coming from it, and noticed Alice had her eyes closed... she'd blown it so hard the seam hole had grown then positioned herself so that it directed a stream of bubbles past her clit - she seemed to be enjoying it! The girl saw her too, and slowed the fox, rocking and grinding herself into it as she watched. Alice grunted to herself then, without warning, there was a sudden frothing waterspout and explosion of bubbles and she disappeared underwater with a stifled shriek! Emerging spluttering and laughing, she was clutching the remains of the ring - the small split had blown out along almost half of the inner seam under the pressure of supporting her. She tossed it with a wet splat onto the burst beach ball, and grabbed the front legs of the fox, dragging it to the shallow end. She shoved me in the back, urging me forwards. The girl moved as hard as she could into the firmly inflated head, putting her legs over the front of the fox and lifting her ass slightly. I adjusted my penis and scooted tight in behind her, and she sat on my dick with a squirming wiggle. Alice squeeezed herself in behind me, barely fitting and partially sitting on the base of the tail. When she dropped her weight onto the fox, it could barely support all three of us and sqeaked violently. The front and back were almost submerged and ballooned tight, the tail, connected to the body chamber, was swollen hard and tight, quivering in the sun. The Italian girl hugged the head tightly, I held onto the foxes ears round her, and Alice held onto her round me, and began to rock and bounce the straining fox in the warm water. The two women pressed right up against me felt fantastic as the fox creeeeaked beneath us. The girl was bouncing too, moaning softly. I saw her hand slip from the head down in front of her and she sat still for a second. I thought she was playing with herself... then... click!-blubbblubbleubble... she moaned deeply. "Heeey!" said Alice, then her hand quickly disappeared too, I felt her rummage behind me and the vinyl get pulled and poked under her crotch, then... pop!-bubbleubbleblubble... Both women started grinding and rocking with renewed vigor as the stricken fox slowly started losing air... Feeling left out, I started thrusting under the girl. As I thrust forwards, I felt the vibration of the bubbles on the head of my penis through my shorts - it felt so goood! We all rocked and bounced in unison as we started sinking slowly... Alice and the girl were gasping and moaning as the bubbles tickled them intimately, and I could feel the pressure starting to build in me yet again... I grunted with the intense pleasure... the sounds of the vinyl, the smell, the feel of the hot bodies in the warm water... The Italian girl came first - and wasn't quiet about it! She shrieked and shuddered, digging her nails hard into the head of the fox... I heard another POP!-ssss as a nail penetrated. That seemed to set Alice off, she came jerking and grunting, hugging her breasts tightly in behild me as we sank lower into the water... I rocked and continued to thrust, but although I was close, the girl was no longer bouncing as well... Sensing my predicament, Alice reached round me, thrusting her hot hand into my shorts and forcefully jerking my penis free. With that the Italian girl dismounted, splashing off to one side. Alice thrust and jerked me, and with the girl gone I slid forwards, rubbing the head of my dick over the hole the girl had been using, she jerked me and rubbed my penis over the bubbling cut, the vibrations and remaining firmness of the vinyl finally sending me over the edge and I sprayed pump after pump into the frothing stream, convulsing powerfully and moaning... A few seconds and she slowed her pumping, she was still twitching now and again as the fox continued to bubble, but we were almost up to our necks now, the buoyancy rapidly fading with the head now bubbling below the water too. A few more seconds and she let go of me, floating free and slowly swimming to the side. I paddled over too, flushed and tired, dragging the limp fox behind me. I looked around. The Italian girl had gone. Alice was still breathing heavily. "Skinny little bitch, popped my sexy fox and did a runner!" Alice panted. I laughed to myself, and Alice shot me a death stare. "Just like you and my old beach ball!" I said, and she laughed too. "It was fun though... just like that time!" she admitted, and looked at the fox, "easily repaired too, but I'm afraid I don't have the kit to do it here." I looked sadly as the toy, and over at the ruined ball and ring: "I guess that's the end of the inflatable fun for this holiday". "I don't know", she said, thinking, "I'm sure I saw a shop with inflatables outside in town..."
  12. The next evening Alice approached me after dinner and said we should try the fox in the pool. Everyone was going shopping the next day, and she suggested we both separately decide not to go. It was a bit of a risk - what if someone else didn't want to go? As it turned out, we needn't have worried. My parents were fine when I said I didn't fancy shopping - They had already heard Alice had decided not to go, and my mother said Alice would be there to make sure I didn't get into trouble in a "so-there!" manner. I pointed out that I didn't need to be watched like a baby, concealing my elation well. It turned out we had a clean sweep - everyone else was going, and they would be away all day! A couple of people commented that it was good they could fill the spare minibus seats with shopping. Alice and I avoided each other whilst everyone got ready. I said goodbye and headed to the pool, Alice watched the bus leave from the courtyard. I heard the bus crunching along the gravel driveway from one of the pool loungers, and not five minutes later Alice appeared. She was wearing her swimsuit and a pair of sandals - around her waist was a colourful 80cm anime swim ring with a pink base. It was tightly inflated with only a few wrinkles, with pictures of anime girls' faces and the word idomlm@aster around the top. Under her arm was her beachball, fully inflated again after its previous use in her bathroom. "Are you ready for this young man?" she asked smokily, squeaking her fingers on the swim ring's taut vinyl. "Oh, yes maam!" I replied. She plopped the ball down and we went to get the fox - it was still sitting fully inflated in the outbuilding, Alice followed me in, squeaking through the gap wearing her ring. The fox clearly would not fit through the gap we used to get into the room, and I hoped we didn't have to deflate it as re-inflating would be a lot of work! We were in luck again however, as a quick look around revealed a dusty, spiderwebbed key hanging beside the other door on a rusty hook. The lock was incredibly stiff but with enough force the key finally turned with a crack. The door was difficult to open, the hinges half siezed, but we maganed with a loud series of creaks - this was definitely not something to try woth anyone around. We both took an end of the fox - after being shut in the hot room the vinyl was incredibly pliable and beautifully warm. I felt my erection growing right away as Alice gave me a wink from the tail end. Tipping the fox partially over, we managed to get it out through the door only lightly scuffing it on the doorframe and stonework of the outbuilding. We eagerly carried the fox round to the pool, dropping it into the water with a light smack. Alice slipped in beside it, the cooler water making her nipples stand proud as the swim ring pushed up squakily under her breasts, giving her an arificial boob-lift and enticing cleavage. "I want to see you ride!" she called to me, grinning as she maneuvered the fox with the legs so it was at the side of the pool, as if it was a boat tied up at a pier. Due to the size and position of the fox, I couldn't mount the toy with any grace - I held out one leg and half fell half leapt onto the foxes back. I hit with a mighty sqeak of vinyl and splashed Alice with a wave of water down her cleavage as I briefly fought not to fall off. The fox, warm vinyl pliable, bent beneath me so the back of the head was pressed against my bare chest and the tail was brushing my back. The seams along the front and rear were smooth and taut under the hot sun. It was quite stable with the legs designed as they were, and the body provided enough buoyancy that only the bottom of my ass and balls were submerged in the cool water, which felt delightful contrasted against the warm plastic. Alice pulled the fox off from the side of the pool by the legs as I began rocking and kicking. The movement splashed water into my shorts, and the vinyl squeaked and rubbed against my hard boner as I went. I gave and "mmmm" of pleasure as it squeaked and rocked beneath me, bouncing up and down a little to enhance the rubbing sensation. Alice kicked away from the fox, watching me ride as I slowly rubbed and rocked my way round the pool. Leaning back in her ring, I saw her right hand slip below the water into her high-top swimsuit bottoms as she squeezed and creaked the ring at one of the anime girls' faces with her left hand. Watching her play with herself in the water turned me on even more, enhancing the sensations from the rubbing fox. I ran my fingers over its head, squeezing and creaking the sun warmed vinyl as I went. I could feel the tingling warmth of an orgasm starting to build inside me. Alice gave a happy "mmmmmm-mmmmh" beside me as she fiddled herself close... I decided I really wanted to see her ride herself to orgasm on the fox - and I wanted to blow watching her do it. "You should finish on the fox Auntie" I suggested, as I edged myself wriggling against the foxes back. "Mmm, yessss, I'd like that" she moaned. She swam to the edge and climbed out as I tipped into the water with a shocking cool splash. Standing up in the shallow end, I pushed the slightly limp & streteched out fox to the side, my twitching erection clearly showing as a great bulge in my shorts. Alice wiggled her ring down over her beautiful hips, kicking it to me as she adjustd her swimsuit bottoms and gracelessly mounted the fox as I had - with a mighty splash. I grabbed the ring and thought for a moment what to do with it... I flexed it a little - it was tight but it would bend. I grinned at Alice as I forcefully folded the ring in half in front of me, one of the Anime girl's faces stretching out as I did so. Trapping it between my knees, I forced my boner down and pulled the ring up, so it cradled me under the ass and my wet shorts-clad hard-on slid with a squeak into the fold as the ring was trapped between my thighs. Kneeling down in the water pushed the tortured ring up, gripping my penis firmly. Alice nodded in approval as she began to thrust her crotch into the vinyl of the fox's back, squeezing the head against her breasts as she rocked and ground. I held the foxes two right legs as I bounced and rocked on the folded ring, moving it with my thighs - it felt great under the water, the trapped material of my shorts giving extra sensation as the head of my penis slipped in and out of my foreskin in the firm grip. Alice was digging her fingers into the foxes head, dimpling the vinyl and gently shuddering every few thrusts as the fox creaked and squealed under her full ass. I watched intently, the sight of the taut red viny and the skin of her butt alternately wrinkling a little and stretching out helping bring me closer and closer with each bounce. She was bouncing harder and harder, the creaks and squeaks building and her movement in turn rocking me more and more on the ring. Alice suddenly went over the edge - she gave a poweful "Gggggggghhhhhhaaaa!" as her thighs contracted and she shuddered all over. She leaned back a little and shoved her hand down her bottoms, rapidly rubbing herself with twitches of her wrist. After a few moments she stopped, breathing heavily and flushed. I continued rocking on my ring, not quite there... "You should finish on the fox too young man" she sighed. I stood up, letting the idolm@aster ring plop free. It was distorted, ballooned out a little and now wrinkling where I'd bent it and squeezed it with my weight. I expected Alice to dismount from the fox, but instead she maneuvered it to the side and wiggled herself rearwards until she was hard against the tail and nearly tipping backwards, the front end standing proud and swollen from the water. I climbed out of the pool, my now painful erection straining. Mounting the fox with someone else already on it was even more difficult, but with great creaking and squaling of the vinyl I managed it. The fox was fighting the good fight, but could not keep the weight of two adults fully out of the water. The tail and head ballooned out and we both submerged to our hips, the very tip of my boner dipping in and out of the water as we rocked. Alice wrapped her left arm round me from behind, squeezing her luscious breasts up against my back as she slipped her right hand into my shorts, the warm touch of her fingers as she grasped my wet shaft making me moan with pleasure. She started to gently wank me as she started rocking the fox, occasionally rubbing her thumb over the head of my penis as she worked it, the fox creaking and sqeaking beneath both our weights. I hugged the head to me, smelling the beautiful sun warmed vinyl as Alice, sensing I was close, began to vigorously jerk me in my shorts, the movement making the water at my crotch splish-splish-splish with each stroke. I felt the tingling sensation start inside me, hugged the head tighter and leaned back as she defltly brought me closer and closer... "Come on baby, let it go, blow your load on our beautiful inflatable fox..." she whispered in my ear... and I convulsed powerfully as the huge orgasm hit me, pumping a thick gooey load into my shorts and all over Alice's hand. She continued to jerk for a moment and slowed her stroke, milking and tugging every drop from me as I groaned deeply. She slowly pulled her hand from my shorts, globs of semen clinging to it, and examined it. "My my, what a mess you've made in your pants young man!" she said with a sexy chuckle. "We shall have to do this again soon or you'll get blue balls!"
  13. I use a funnel to fill the beach ball up with warm water. I normally do this in a swimming pool, that way if a seam breaks I don’t flood the house
  14. It was a beautiful, sunny day at a comfortable 25 degrees. Since the weather was so nice and there was little wind, I'd taken a punt and texted Auntie Alice to see if she wanted to go to the beach. She immiediately responded with a "YES!!". I went to collect her from her house in my old car - I'd recently passed my test and bought a cheap nondescript saloon for a few hundred pounds. We had decided to go to a beach near the city - it would take us an hour or so to get there, but it was unlikely we'd be spotted. I smiled broadly when she came out of her house - she was wearing a short, light blue dress with a pleated skirt. I could tell she had a swimsuit on under it and no bra - it was her tight blue, almost shiny, one-piece. My favourite. She was also carrying a holdall which seemed quite heavy. I wondered to myself what she might have brought, and my penis twitched in my shorts. She put the bag in the back seat, before getting into the car and giving me a wicked grin, "this is going to be so fun!" she said with a wink. My old car didn't have air conditioning, so the drive was hot and sweaty even with the windows open so Alice's loose long hair blew around, I could smell her sweet perfume in the whirling air. When we got to the beach it was 10:30 am - there were still a few parking spaces left but the car parking area was mostly full. Getting out of the car, I could see that there were families and individuals every ten feet or so along the sand - hundreds of people sunbathing, playing games and splashing around. Leaving our shoes in the car, Alice dragged the bag from the back seat and headed towards the sand, and I followed behind, taking a picnic blanket from the trunk. We found a clear spot and I spread the blanket. Alice sat down and eagerly unzipped the bag, but tried to stop me seeing what she had. I only made out lots of shiny vinyl items. She pulled out a large, neatly folded green square and tossed it to me - it was an 18 pocket air mat with transparent top and green base. "Blow that up for me please young man" she said, smiling. She began to blow up a white, pink, yellow and blue 24" beach ball, her large breasts heaving as she did so. I sat down to hide the swelling in my pants from passers by and began to blow the air mat, watching her from the corner of my eye as she inflated her ball. She beat me by a long shot - the ball had a much smaller volume than the mat. She playfully tossed the tightly inflated beach ball up and caught it in the still air, watching me finish the mat. Getting up, she turned to face me and placed the ball on the picnic blanket. Pressing her left foot into it to keep it in place, she pulled her dress off up over her head. It confirmed that she was wearing a tight blue swim suit - but not the one I'd fancied looked like Lara Croft's all those years ago. This one was actually very shiny, with the name "Realise" across her breasts. Almost exactly like Lara Croft's. My eyes widened and she grinned. "Do you like it?" she asked, twisting to pose, "Not too sexy for public I hope?" The back was mostly open, with straps across her shoulers and lower back, with a thong that left almost all of her curvy ass exposed. "I'm sure it'll be fine" I spluttered, awed by the stunning shiny sight. I could see around us that she'd just achieved the undivided attention of a good many dads, boyfriends and teenage kids from nearby groups. Along with some angry glares from wives and girlfriends! Fully aware that she was being watched, and loving every second of it, Alice rolled the ball about under her foot, the vinyl creaking against the blanket, and then rolled it to a clearer area of sand just in front. She placed it in front of her, then sloooowly sat down on it, making sure her beautiful round ass cheeks were pressing firmly into the sun-warmed vinyl. Putting her legs in front of her, slightly spread, she began to do various stretching exercises, bouncing gently as she did to as if to a silent workout video. Even more men were trying to sneakily watch her now as the ball gave off soft creaks of protest. I could feel eyes on me too... jealousy at being so close and able to watch her openly without fear of reproach I thought. By now the mattress was tight. Alice smiled and pulled her bag over to herself. She pulled out a shiny green item. I saw an orange wing and recognised it as the ride-on dragon we'd used when I was unwell. She also pulled out a pink triangle, which she tossed to me. Unfolding it I saw it was a hello kitty swim ring, about 80cm in diameter. I began to blow it up by mouth as she began to inflate the dragon, still perched on her stretched out beach ball. Plenty of people were stealing sneaky glances at her and she was playing it up for them - pursing her lips and heaving her breats, tantalisingly squeezing and testing the dragon's firmness with her fingers. It wasn't long before we had both finished our respective inflatables. The dragon had a few wrinkles at the muzzle and butt, and the ring was just a little wrinkly round the outside. "Now then", she said, "I think we should go for a swim. But we need to make sure you have the correct equipment on!" She dipped her hand into the bag and pulled out two orange rectangles. I looked around nervously - this could get a bit embarrasing! "Stand up and come here then" she said, beckoning me. I stood, pulling off my t-shirt, hoping my boner wouldn't show too much, not looking down, as if that would stop anyone else looking... I kneeled directly in front of her as she slid the water wing onto my right arm and leaned slowly forwards, gently puffing into the rear chamber first, then the front. I felt it tighten up nicely on my arm, and felt my erection twitch. Damn, definite tent doing on down there. I just knelt there as she blew up the other waterwing, trying to brazen it out. Once she'd blown both wings tightly, she got up off her ball, which was stuck to her ass. It flopped onto the sand behind her limply and she put it under the side of the blanket to stop it blowing away as it slowly regained its shape. She grabbed the pink swim ring and motioned me to stand up. "You can't wear your shorts to swim young man" she said, grinning. I was wearing my speedos under my shorts, but I also had a major erection going on. Facing her, to try and avoid as much attention on my crotch as possible, I whipped my shorts off. Alice opened her eyes in mock suprise at my bulge as I quickly stepped into the ring and pulled it up to groin level. She grabbed it at my sides and squeezed it, pretending to test its firmness - what she actually did was rub it up and down on my boner in front of a beach full of people. I could feel myself going bright red. I looked around tentatively, expecting my entire extended family and all of my friends to have arrived on the beach at once to see me wearing orange armbands and a big pink rubber ring over a raging boner. But nobody was paying much attention. A couple of guys were still transfixed by Alice's figure in her shiny swimsuit, but beyond a couple of glances nobody was looking at me. She took me by the hand and grabbed the dragon my one of its neck handles, and let me towards the water, swaying her hips beautifully. The water was beautifully cool as it splashed around my ankes when we walked in. When I was in up to my knees Alice stopped and placed the dragon in front of herself in the gentle waves. She spread her legs and shuffled it under her before sitting down with a creak of her swimsuit on the dragon's taut back. She began wrigging and bouncing to ride the dragon into deeper water, and I followed behind, watching her round ass bob against the tight warm vinyl. Lots of guys were watching us, mainly looking at her riding playfully in the gently bobbing sea but some were looking at me. I felt my cheeks burn as a group of teenagers laughed and pointed from further up the beach. I strode deeper behind Alice and dropped into the water, supported by the large swim ring which creaked against the undersides of my arm bands. Kicking my feet I followed her a little further out where she stopped and wiggled herself round on her sun-stretched tight dragon to face me. Her breasts were rubbing on the back of the dragon's head and I could see her stiff nipples through the tight shiny swimsuit. "Those cruel boys laughing at you" she said, "you can't help that you need to wear your inflatables" she added with a smile. "Come round the other side and I'll make it up to you". I swam around her sqeakily as she rotated her dragon parallel to the shore. The people on the beach could no longer clearly see me, since I was lower in the water than her on her rider. She indicated for me to lean back, and I floated with my weight on the ring, allowing my body to rise naturally. My boner popped above the surface like a periscope, trapped and straining in my speedos. She reached over, drawing us closer together. The ring bumped and squeaked against the front leg of the dragon. She reached bown and began carefully massaging my penis through the speedos, then after a few moments of gentle rubbing she got a better grip and started jerking more forcefully, splishing and splashing the water. Apart from using her arm that was away from the shore, she didn't try to hide what she was doing, looking around with a neutral expression on her face. With my head just past the front of her toy, I could see the eyes widen on a couple of those still watching. I was sure I saw one of the teenage lads mouth "awww, man!", which made me smile. A couple of the guys with family found they needed to cross their legs suddenly... The people sneakily trying to watch was a strange combination of incredibly embarassing and a turn-on... somehow heightened by Alice's expression, as if this were something that just needed to be done wherever necessary. I watched her breasts jiggle with the motion of her right arm, feeling the sway of the low waves and warm embrace of the vinyl, the water level tickled my balls as she rubbed away. Unfortunately, a group of kids came splashing into the water and started to swim out near us, so she stopped and I sank my lower body back down under the surface. Wiggling herself round, she paddled back towards the shore, giving me a glorious view of her ass and the tight wrinkle-free butt seam of the dragon. I followed her back, with the ring over my boner, as she dragged the rideon up the beach behind her by the wing back to our picnic blanket. She sqeakily laid down on the airmat and put the dragon beside her, patting its back to tell me to sit. Still wearing my ring and water wings, I sat down on the warm, wet and stretched dragon. There were a few creaks as the front of the ring pushed down the back of the dragon's neck. With the ring and my legs positioned the way they were, nobody could see my twitching erection. As I was looking down the beach, I jumped slightly as I felt Alice's hand slip under the ring from beside me. She was lying back with sunglasses on as if asleep, but she began gently fiddling with me through my speedos. From most angles it would look like her hand was on my thigh under the ring, but in reality she was easing my foreskin back and forth and ticking my tight balls. I straightened the leg nearest her, giving her better access and getting a creak from the dragon. This allowed her to slip my penis out over the waistband of my speedos as she gently wanked me, still hidden under the ring. I watched her breasts rise and fall in the tight glistening swimsuit, only the slightest motion of her forearm giving away what she was doing. I looked around and saw most people had gotten over the weird sight of a grown lad in a big pink swim ring and armbands. I could feel my blood pounding and began to get the tingling sensation that foreshadowed an imminent orgasm... In public, surrounded by people... Sensing I was close, she began varying her technique and speed, edging me closer and closer, until I went over the edge... I only made a small grunt and twitched a little as my load blasted into the bottom of the ring, onto the neck of the dragon and some spurted sideways at least a foot to splat onto the sand. She tickled a little more and withdrew her gooey fingers, wiping them gently on the blanket. Sitting up with a creak from her airmat, she winked at me. "Let's go somewhere a bit more private" she said, smiling. I quickly got up, getting my shorts back on even over my sticky and wet speedos. She examined the gloopy mess on the back of the dragon. "What a mess you made" she said as I discared the ring and wingas and pulled my t-shirt on. She stuffed the rings into her bag and folded up the blanket before pulling her dress back on - she was nearly completely dry. She picked up the beach ball and still sticky dragon as I collected the mat and ring. "I know a good place" she said, grinning. Nobody paid us much attention as we went back to the car. We stuffed the inflatables into the back and set off, Alice directing me along country roads away from the city until we got to a small layby. There was a small copse of trees beside it but nothing else but green and yellow fields for miles. She pulled the dragon and ball from the back of the car - my semen was drying onto it now. I grabbed the mattress and blanket and followed her through a rusty gate, past the trees to an empty grassy field. She put the blanket on the ground and the dragon on top of it, the ball behind the dragon. She whipped her dress off over her head and sat on the very back of the dragon, making it creak against the airmat. She leaned back onto the ball, and pulled the crotch of her swimsuit aside revealing her neatly trimmed patch of pubic haid and glistening pussy. "Come on then!" she said, impatiently. I didn't need to be asked twice. Whipping my shorts and t-shirt off, I yanked my already stiff penis out of the waistband of my speedos and jumped onto the back of the dragon with a squeal of tight vinyl. Lifting her legs around my waist she shuffled herself down onto me - I slipped inside with little resistance as she was so wet already. I began to thrust and bounce on the dragon and airmat as she immediately began to moan with pleasure. I bounced hard and thrust into her firmly, letting my lust take over. I grabbed at her shiny plastic coated breasts, warm and squashy. I tweaked her nipples as I thrust harder over her. She steadied herself with her hands, digging her fingernails into the mat, tightening and releasing her pussy on me. She was already orgasming, squeaking and panting in time with the creaks from the inflatables. I leaned back further to thrust harder and deeper, bouncing hard on the dragon to the wet slapping of our parts. BWUMPH!! With a sudden blast of warm air up my back, the seam between the dragon's head and back burst open along its length, dropping us both down to the mat... at the same time a series of cracks heralded Alice digging her nails through the tight airmat vinyl, producing a series of hisses. It pushed me over the edge, and I thrust myself forwards on top of her, slamming deep into her and pounding both our weight under the ball under her back, which immediately went with a POOOMPH! I spurted in her again and again as we lay on the rapidly deflating mattress, sinking onto the blanket. "Phew, that was quite something" she said, flushed, "I wonder what kind of day it'll be tomorrow..."
  15. Jenny’s heart started racing. She had volunteered to help set up an event for her friend, hoping she would get to blow up some balloons. She got what she wished. Her friend Myra had just asked who’d like to do it and Jenny immediately put herself forward. “Okay, great. Katie can help you.” She had said. Katie looks at the packet of balloons a little nervously. “Can someone else do it? I’m not very good at tying them.” She says. “You can just tie it off with string. Otherwise Jenny can help you. I’ve got to help set a stand up.” Myra leaves them to it. Jenny opens the packet and takes a red balloon out. Katie takes hers a little more hesitantly. Jenny quickly starts blowing it up. Katie stares at her and seems to forget she’s supposed to be helping. Jenny keeps blowing and soon it’s full. She exhales deeply and the neck starts expanding. Another breath fills it completely. “Stop, you’re going to pop it!” Says Katie, taking a step back. Jenny had almost forgotten she wasn’t supposed to be blowing it until it popped. She was so used to doing that now. She stops and quickly ties it. Jenny places it on the table and grabs another. “Are you going to help or do I have to blow them all up?” Jenny asks, putting a breath into hers. Katie slowly puts a small breath into her balloon. By the time it’s halfway full, Jenny had finished with hers. She stopped after the neck had begun to expand. Katie stops blowing hers long before it’s full and ties it off. Jenny’s balloons were more than twice the size of hers. Every so often, Jenny would blow one a little too big and Katie would tell her to stop. She started to enjoy making her nervous. Once she had asked Katie how big she thought the balloons could get. Katie’s eyes had widened in fear. “I could find out if you like.” Says Jenny after Katie didn’t reply. “No, please don’t. I hate it when they pop.” Katie says. They were coming to the end of the pack when a balloon Jenny was blowing suddenly burst. Katie had jumped so much that she’d let go of the balloon she was blowing. “Must of been defective. It wasn’t that tight.” Says Jenny. In truth, the neck had been pushing against Jenny’s lips. She didn’t intend to pop it but she was used to stronger balloons and thought it would take a bit more. She was blowing up another when Katie said. “Stop making them so big. You’re going to pop another one.” Jenny paused mid-breath. The neck was only halfway full. “I like them this big. They look so much nicer.” She blew hard again. “That’s enough now.” Katie says nervously. “A bit more.” Jenny replies with a long breath. The balloon grows tight. “That’s too big!” “Is it? I bet it’ll get even bigger.” Jenny continues blowing with little breaths to make the anticipation grow. “Stop it Jenny.” “Just a few more...” Jenny takes a deep breath, ready to finish it off when Myra returns. “You’ve blown that one a bit big, Jenny. Oh well. You might as well keep going now. You’ll never get it tied like that.” Says Myra. “Let’s see if you’re brave enough to pop it.” “No!” Katie bursts out. Myra turns to look at her. “Why not?” “I’m scared of them popping.” Katie admits, turning red. “You don’t have to watch if you don’t want to. It’s not that bad for you anyway, Jenny has it right in her face.” Jenny starts forcing more air into her balloon as fast as she can. Katie doesn’t have time to run away and puts her fingers in her ears. She cringes as Jenny struggles to get more air in. It was really tight and bulging now. Suddenly it explodes. It was loud. Really loud. Myra gives a little squeal. “Sorry, I didn’t realise it was going to be that loud. Let’s not pop any more.” Katie is close to tears but Jenny seems to be the only one to notice. Myra is inspecting the balloons. “Half of these are too small. It’ll look odd like that. We’ll have to blow them a bit bigger. I’ll leave you two to that. Try not to pop anymore though.” She leaves them to it. Jenny puts a hand on Katie’s arm. “Sorry, I won’t pop anymore, I promise. I’ll finish the rest of these if you want.” Jenny grabs one of Katie’s under-inflated balloons and undoes the knot. She glances at Katie briefly before blowing hard. Katie watches for a while but quickly starts backing away when Jenny doesn’t stop. She knows she shouldn’t, but Jenny can’t help herself. She keeps going until it explodes in her face. Katie jumps, then hurries away before Jenny can pop another. Jenny finishes topping up the other balloons without anymore “accidents”. It wasn’t as fun when no one was watching. She wished she had made Katie stay around. It was fun making her nervous. Jenny starts to form a plan. She wanted to do another blow to pop with Katie watching but wanted no distractions. Katie would need a lift home. She could offer to take her and pop one in the car. Or, even better, she could take Katie to her bedroom where she had much bigger balloons. That would be fun. But how to do it without making her suspicious? Later that day she finds the perfect opportunity. Katie is talking about how she’s ruined her dress and she had a party the next day and needed a replacement. “I’ve got a few dresses you could borrow.” Says Jenny. “You sure you wouldn’t mind?” Katie asks. “Not at all. I can take you back to mine on the way home so you can choose one.” “Thank you so much, you’re a life saver.” Everything goes according to plan. Katie is looking at all Jenny’s dresses when Jenny pulls a balloon out of her pocket. “How did this get in there? Must’ve been from the party. Might as well blow it up.” Jenny says causally. She puts in a big breath. Katie glances warily at her. She tries her best to ignore her but when It’s clear Jenny isn’t going to stop, Katie forgets all about the dress. “I think that’s big enough now.” Katie says, looking nervous. “Do you? I think it will get a bit bigger.” Jenny replies. The balloon was only a bit over rated size but Katie didn’t know that. She probably thought it was about to pop. Jenny blows in a big breath, making the neck grow a little. “Please, you’re making me nervous.” Says Katie. “A few more breaths won’t hurt.” Jenny tells her. She had never been in control like this before. Usually she was the scared one. All the other times, people had blown up balloons while she begged them to stop. It felt good now the roles had swapped. Jenny blows harder, quickly filling the neck up. “It’s getting really tight.” She says. “Stop it, it’s gonna pop!” Katie backs away but can’t escape as Jenny is guarding the door. “You’re right, I think it is.” Jenny hadn’t intended to pop it when she started, but now she wasn’t sure. She was feeling a rush now. Now I understand why all the others girls did this to me. She thinks, forcing another breath in. “Jenny, you’re scaring me.” “I’m a little scared too.” Says Jenny. It was true. Blow to pops still scared her. She still did it though. “Then stop.” Katie pleads. Jenny was completely turned on now. There was no way she was stopping. “No. I’m going to keep blowing until it explodes.” “Please, don’t.” She was starting to make Jenny feel bad. She knows exactly what Katie’s going through. She had to end it quick. “Be quiet or I’ll do it right in your face.” She commands, blowing hard again. The neck was pushing against Jenny’s lips. The body had gone rock hard. It was going to be loud. “Just stop, I’ll do anything.” Jenny grabs Katie with one hand and pushes her onto the bed. Jenny sits on her chest and leans down so the balloon touches her face. She blows hard. Katie looks like she’s about to cry. Jenny puts another breath in, trying to pop it quickly. It creaks but doesn’t burst. She can’t go through with this. Sophie would of, perhaps even Holly. But she couldn’t do it. Jenny lets the air out and helps Katie up. “Thank you.” Katie says in barely a whisper. Jenny notices she’s shaking. “I thought you were going to pop it. Why’d you stop?” The question completely surprises Jenny. “What do you mean? I thought you were going to cry. I couldn’t make myself do it.” Says Jenny. “I thought that’s why you did it. You realised I was scared of balloons, so you thought it would be fun to torture me with one. You wouldn’t be the first.” Katie says. “I did intend to. But I couldn’t go through with it. I used to be scared like you. Still am a little. I’ve had girls blow up balloons in my face till they popped. They never stopped like I did. That’s why I wanted to do it to you. It felt good.” “Well thanks for stopping. I don’t think I would’ve done if I was you. It must have felt so good to be in control for once.” “You could try it with me if you like. Here take the balloon. Blow it in my face until it bursts.” Jenny still wanted to see the balloon pop. Sure, she could do it on her own, but that wasn’t as fun. “I can’t. I’m way too scared.” Katie replies. “I’ll give you some ear muffs. I won’t have anything. I’ve actually never done it without ear protection before, so I’ll be scared as well.” Says Jenny. “I don’t know... It’ll still be hard for me.” “It’s either that, or I’ll blow this one back up. I won’t stop this time. Your choice. I want to see it pop.” Says Jenny. “I can try but I don’t think I’ll be able to.” “Well you know what’ll happen if you don’t. Oh yeah, if you cheat, I’m going to blow to pop a bigger balloon in your face. I have some huge ones.” Jenny imagines how scared Katie would get if she blew up a 24 inch or bigger. Jenny gives her a pair of ear muffs and the balloon she had just been blowing. “Come on, it’s not going to pop its self.” Says Jenny impatiently. Katie nervously puts it against her lips and blows in a small breath. “Do it fast. If you stop, I’ll pop another balloon.” Jenny reaches under the bed and grabs a balloon. She always keeps a few loose balloons there in case she finds herself in the mood. Katie blows a little faster when she sees Jenny has a balloon in her hands. Especially when Jenny begins to slowly stretch it. Katie stops just before it’s full and glances at her. “Don’t stop. It’s no where near full yet. Perhaps this’ll give you some encouragement.” Jenny starts filling her own balloon with her breath. “No, wait. I’ll do it. Stop blowing.” Katie puts in another breath. Jenny keeps her balloon at her lips but doesn’t blow. Katie’s breaths slow down as the neck begins to fill. Jenny starts blowing into hers again. “Stop, I’m trying, I promise.” Katie begs. Jenny doesn’t stop though. She ignores Katie’s pleads and keeps going until it’s about to pop. Then she stops. “Another breath and it’ll probably pop. You better get on with it before I grow impatient.” Says Jenny Katie closes her eyes and tries to finish it. She does quite well, blowing hard and fast. But then she makes the mistake of opening her eyes. When she sees how big it’s got, Katie stops and stares at it. “I can’t... it’s so big.” Jenny immediately blows a big breath into her balloon, expecting it to burst. It doesn’t. “You got lucky. I thought that would pop it.” Says Jenny. “You’ve got one more chance.” She takes a balloon clip from her bedside cabinet and seals off the balloon. “It’s so tight that it’s probably going to pop on it’s own. If you’re fast, you’ll pop yours before it goes. Then perhaps we’ll let the air out.” Jenny places the overinflated balloon on the bed in front of Katie. Katie stares at it, terrified. “Better get on with it. You don’t have long.” Jenny tells her. Katie manages another small breath but flinches when it creaks. Jenny places her nails on the tight balloon in front of her. “I will pop it if you don’t keep blowing.” Jenny loved watching Katie struggle. Making her blow one till it burst was even better than doing it herself. She’s not leaving till I’ve made her do it. I’m not giving up now. Jenny thinks. Katie has the balloon on her lips but won’t put anymore air in. Jenny digs her nails into her balloon. “No dont...” Katie starts but it’s too late. There’s a sharp crack as the balloon pops. Katie lets go of her balloon but Jenny manages to grab it. “You should of kept blowing.” Jenny starts putting her own breaths inside it. “I’ll do it this time. Please, stop.” Jenny wasn’t giving in this time. Katie was cowering in the corner by the time it explodes in Jenny’s face. Katie visibly jumps but doesn’t make a sound. “Perhaps a blow to pop was too hard for you to start with. Let’s try a sit to pop first.” Jenny pulls out another balloon and hands it to Katie. “You choose how big to make it. Remember, the bigger you blow it, the easier it’ll be to pop.” Jenny waits to see how big Katie decides to make it. She slowly blows it to rated size then stops. “I’d make it bigger than that. Unless you want a challenge of course.” Says Jenny. Katie puts two more breaths in, struggling with the last one. “It’s hard to blow.” She complains. “Oh yeah. Those ones get really tight. It can get bigger but will be really loud if it pops.” Katie immediately stops when she hears that and ties it off. Jenny rummages through her drawer and finds what she’s looking for; a fourteen inch balloon. “I’m going to keep blowing this until your balloons pops. Remember, no cheating. No nails. If you can’t do it, this’ll go bang. They’re loud as well. I’ve never done it without hearing protection so you better try hard.” Jenny blows hard. Katie just stares fearfully at her, so Jenny keeps blowing. Katie soon realises she has to hurry up. She sits on the balloon, making the neck form. It looks tight but won’t pop yet. Jenny has her balloon halfway full before Katie starts to bounce on hers. She’s no where near rough enough though, and it has little effect on the balloon. It doesn’t help that she’s on a bed. Every time she tries to pop it, the bed absorbs most of the force. Jenny realises her balloon is getting tight. She blew it past rated size without noticing. She starts to get a little nervous. Katie wasn’t going to be able to pop it in time. She was going to have to blow hers until it burst. Jenny didn’t intend this to happen. She thought Katie would’ve popped hers by now. She couldn’t give up either, not when she’s told Katie what would happen if she couldn’t do it. Jenny’s shaking by the time the neck’s full. These balloons were difficult for her to pop with ear protection. Without, it would be the hardest thing she’s done in ages. Katie was nervous too. She was trying her hardest now. The neck was shooting out with every bounce but it wouldn’t pop. Jenny slowly forces another breath in. She knew how loud the bang was going to be. I can’t show fear. She thinks, moving closer to Katie and exhaling hard. Katie squeals. “No, stop it! I’m trying but it won’t pop.” Jenny speeds up, wanting to get it over with. Katie had forgotten about her balloon now and was backing away. Jenny couldn’t look at her without feeling guilty, so she closes her eyes and pretends she’s not there. It bursts loudly making Jenny jump. It scares her so much that she doesn’t even notice Katie’s reaction. Jenny knew she couldn’t do that again. I’ll have to try something else. She thinks, shaking. She grabs the balloon that Katie failed to pop and puts it between Katie’s legs. “What’re you doing? No more, please.” “Helping you pop this.” Jenny sits on it, trying to pop it quickly before Katie realises she’s shaking. It takes three hard bounces before it finally pops. Katie still doesn’t make a sound. She just flinches silently. Jenny would have preferred her to scream. It’s as if she’s too scared to make a noise. “Please, no more balloons. I’m begging you.” Says Katie in a pitiful voice. “Okay then.” Jenny replies, coming up with an idea. “You’re not scared of beachballs, right?” She opens her wardrobe to reveal a tightly inflated 24 inch beachball. “What if I blew it until it bursts?” Jenny grabs it and carries it to where Katie was cowering in the corner. “What? You can’t do that, surely!” “Oh, I can. Just look how hard I blew it last night.” Jenny presses it against Katie. “That’s how I blow them normally. Want to find out how much bigger it’ll get?” “No, let me go.” “Too bad. I want to feel it burst in my arms. I love it when they rip in two with a loud bang.” When Jenny opens the valve, there’s a rush of air. Jenny quickly plugs it with her tongue and forces a breath in. It resists her but Jenny is able to get it in anyway. It was rock hard. Jenny had almost popped it last night. It was brand new and Jenny didn’t want to destroy it too soon. But she had got horny and couldn’t stop herself. The only reason it survived was because she had managed to climax in time. Another minute and it would have popped. Jenny lets it rest against Katie as she keeps making it tighter and tighter. She puts her arms around it, feeling it expand a little with every blow. She loved the challenge of blowing to pop inflatables. Each breath of air she pushed in was satisfying. It was hard work but the reward was worth it. Soon all the air she had put in would explode out with a bang. It’s harder than Jenny remembers. She hasn’t done a beachball blow to pop in a while. Usually she does it slowly and takes her time. Maybe that’s why it seems harder now she’s rushing. She’s forced to slow down. Each breath is a battle. Katie doesn’t even try to stop her now. She’s given up by the looks of it. Jenny wants her to start begging her to stop again, so she pushes it harder into her face while she blows. Katie can’t move now, even if she wanted to. Jenny has her trapped. “You ready?” Jenny asks, between breaths. “I’m surprised it hasn’t popped yet, but it will. I’m not giving up. Any moment now, one of my breaths will make it go bang.” Jenny is just thinking it must have a leak somewhere when it suddenly bursts with a bang. It makes her jump more than she usually does. The whole thing rips in two. The plastic completely stretched. The colours are all faded from how big she had blown it. Still not much reaction from Katie though. Jenny wanted her to scream. She decides there’s only one thing for it. Jenny pulls out a 24 inch balloon from under the bed. The deflated balloon was bigger than her hand. She puts it to her lips and says. “That was nothing. When this pops, the bang is deafening. It’ll be bigger than me when I’m done with it.” Jenny is just taking a deep breath, when Katie suddenly bursts into tears. Jenny drops the balloon. What have I done? She asks herself, feeling more guilty than she’s ever felt before. She didn’t mean to upset her like that. “Katie, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise you were that scared. I guess I’m used to girls acting like they’re scared when they aren’t. I’d forgotten how it used to make my feel. Well actually I didn’t, but I was being too selfish to care. I won’t pop anything else, I promise.” Jenny pulls Katie to her feet and hugs her tightly. “I’m sorry.” She says again. “I’m not usually like that. I don’t know what got into me. You should’ve stopped me.” “I tried.” Katie sobs. “I know. You should’ve hit me or something. I was being horrible.” Says Jenny. “I couldn’t do that.” “You’re too nice. I suppose I would’ve been the same. Once a girl did the same thing to me. I didn’t fight back either. But then she was a lot stronger than me.” “Did she stop?” Katie asks. “No. Another friend saved me. We remained friends though. She apologised after and I actually wanted her to do it again the next day.” “What, why?” “Umm, it’s complicated. How about I make you some hot chocolate and we can have a chat?” Jenny begins telling Katie about how her friend Winter had tortured her with balloons, over a hot chocolate. She tells her how it had somehow made her horny, even though she was terrified. “The next day, I intentionally left a balloon near her bed, hoping she would blow it up.” “Did she?” Katie asks. “Yeah. Not until it popped though. She saw I was scared and stopped. I was half hoping that she would keep going. Later that day, they went out and I was left alone with the balloons. I started experimenting with them and found myself getting really horny. My friend walked in on me while I was in a, um, compromising position. I was forced to explain that the balloons turned me on.” “What happened then?” Katie asks curiously. “She umm. She got me off while blowing a balloon in my face until it burst.” Says Jenny, a little embarrassed. “Wow. Bet you weren’t expecting that. Were you scared?” “Of course, but I wasn’t going to stop her was I? There’s more though. She started playing with my other friend. Just teasing really, but it got kinda hot. I accidentally orgasmed while watching.” “Bet that was embarrassing. Can’t blame you though. After everything that happened. Carry on, what happened next?” “They didn’t notice and Winter wanted to get me off again. She made my other friend blow a balloon slowly in my face until it burst. She even kept me from putting my fingers in my ears. Just before it popped, Winter got nervous herself and told my friend to finish it. She went and hid upstairs.” Says Jenny. “Really? She couldn’t even do it herself.” “She was nervous the whole time but wouldn’t admit it. She also hated not being in control. Me and my friend pretended to pop it and waited for Winter to return. We surprised her and I held her down while my friend started blowing balloons to burst in her face. We got her back for everything she did to me. She almost cried and I felt almost bad. That was the last time she popped a balloon near me. Actually she was really nice and made sure I wasn’t around if they did balloon popping races at parties and the like. I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed it, but was always too scared. Eventually I found another friend who was into popping balloons. She cured me of my fear.” Jenny finishes. “That’s such a good story. Now I understand why you did all that to me. You weren’t being mean. You just wanted to recreate that moment with your friend. Was you horny as well? I bet you were. If I wasn’t so scared, I’d let you do it again, but I don’t think I can. I wouldn’t blame you if you did it anyway though. At least now I know why you’re doing it.” “Don’t worry. I couldn’t make you go through that again.” Says Jenny. “You want to though, don’t you?” Katie asks. “Yes.” “Are you horny now?” Katie asks with a knowing look. “Perhaps a little.” Telling her story had made Jenny a little wet. She wished she could go back to that day and tell Winter how she had really felt.” “Do you still talk with that friend, Winter was it?” Katie asks. “I haven’t seen her in ages. We sort of lost touch.” “Ring her and invite her around. Then give her a balloon and ask her to pop it for you. See how she reacts. If she doesn’t do it, you know what to do.” “I can’t... it’s been too long.” “Just do it. You’ll both love it. I’m sure she hasn’t forgotten about you. Make sure you tell her everything you’ve told me.” “I don’t know... she might not even come.” “She will. From what you’ve said about her, I think she’ll be hear right away, no questions asked. I bet she pops that balloon without hesitation as well. Do it today while you’re in the mood. And let me know how it goes. I want to hear everything.” Katie gets up to leave. “Seriously, call her.” “Okay, I’ll try.” Says Jenny. “If you don’t, I’ll find her myself and tell her everything.” And with that, Katie leaves. Jenny grabs her phone and dials Winter. Katie was right about this. She should of done it earlier. Jenny waits, her heart in her mouth, while she waits for Winter to pick up. “Hello, is that Jenny?” Winter asks. “Yeah. Are you able to come round? There’s something I should have told you ages ago.”
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