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  1. If Edgy-corn is too edgy for you, then Spring Lily is the soft counterpart to Dirty Bird's gothic Night Fire. The two make a perfect pair. This big-eyed, glossy, pink beauty is 246 cm (97 inches) long and provides a nice contrast of pastel colours to the everyday rainbow unicorns... This inflatable has been designed by Dirty Bird exclusively for Hoseplay Inflatables. It features a new and improved mane attachment as well as quick-deflation valves on the main air chambers for easier set-up and deflation. It is made of extra-soft, pink vinyl (the same as used for the kangaroo).
  2. @blowupguy Sadly that’s not me in the video. I found it on YouTube a few years back. Here’s hoping the next house I move into has a pool or room for a pool.
  3. One of the best things I ever did was come out to my partner about Inflatables. Previously I dropped a lot of hints about it but it went way over her head. She was super accepting of it and we both now enjoy the occasional use of inflatables during sex. I have to find a new fantasy as my partner recently handcuffed me up to a large pool float. Inflated it until it was rock hard, then started to inflate some beach balls. Teasing me with them before popping some and finishing by riding me and popping then pool float as we both climaxed. Honestly though, if your partner real
  4. That sounds like a pretty neat job. Never heard of a Food Technologist before.
  5. Welcome Don Unfortunately it is quite hard to get people on here from other existing communities. Hopefully as more people discover us it will become more active. Its always interesting to hear what everyone likes about this fetish. I personally have never used water wings and thus have never had an interest in them.
  6. Jenna had one of the largest collections of pool toys any vinyl looner could ask for. And she would always run out of room. She had to keep other things in the house after all. And today she was getting a brand new shipment of toys. While this excited her, she was well out of room in her closet. "Oh what to do?" she wondered.... She didn't really wonder what to do, she simply knew. She took out a select few aged toys from her closet. She picked and chose carefully which ones to "go". A crayon, a whale, a dolphin, a dragon, an alien, a bat, a hammer, and finally two beachballs. That ought to cl
  7. They returned to the room after a nice lunch and a couple of hours spent in town. Chris was in a good mood after his release, and Mira hand't been mocking him so much. Upon opening the room door, they were both in for a surprise - sitting on the bed was a selection of inflated pool toys. A pink shiny swim ring, some orange armbands, a 24" beachball and a yellow and purple dragon style ride-on - the same style Mira had remarked upon in the shop yesterday. Lying on the bed was a note reading "I hope your boy enjoys these - Eliza". "That's the maid!" Mira exclaimed, "She said sh
  8. Welcome Lena_Ox. I can relate to this. I can’t swim yet being in water with inflatables turns me on too. I’m happy to be in a swimming pool but hate going into open water or lakes.
  9. With a gentle ping the lift doors opened with Chris still standing there in his yellow vest, pink & white swim ring and pink & blue arm bands. He breathed a sigh of relief as the lift had not stopped at any other floors on the way up and there was nobody waiting on their floor. Mira strode out and towards their room, producing the swipe key from her pool bag, and quickly slipping in... she allowed the door to swing behind her, and Chris had to rush with a squeak of rubbing vinyl to get there before it closed and the door automatically locked him in the corridor - he just made it,
  10. I don’t know of any I’ve seen that make a high pitch sound, however this person does a lot of pop deflate videos with good quality sound. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNYY-zjgYlZbzsFHbM8IF1A/videos
  11. What is your favourite inflatable shape? Mine would have to the bop bag. It's nice and big, huggable and easy to stay on top of.
  12. Where is the best place to buy loons these days?
  13. After taking Mira to a nice - but awfully expensive - local restaurant and having an overpriced bottle of wine with their meal, she was being very flirtatious. Mira embraced Chris with her arm round his waist as they walked back to the hotel - she'd seemingly forgotten about the swim earlier and had stopped teasing him half way through the meal. She kissed him deeply in the elevator to the room, and his penis was straining in his shorts by the time they reached the door. She headed to the bathroom first, emerging wearing a silky pink shift that only just reached her thighs. "Go and have cl
  14. Dan got into the shower, washing himself. Holly said she would clear up the mess they had made after the pump to pop in the sleeping bag. He still couldn't believe what Holly did for his birthday. They had a few sessions with balloons before but nothing like this. Last time they had a blow to pop race with 12 inches, it was fun but Dan didn't know Holly would get into it, she must have been practicing. After a few minutes Holly enters the bathroom, completely naked holding a red balloon. It is deflated but looked like a 16 inch. "Ready for a bit more fun?" She says in a sexy voice. Dan f
  15. "Come on, let's go to the pool!" she implored. They'd spent the last couple of days of the holiday exploring the sights of the island, but today Mira wanted to go swimming. "I don't really want to..." Chris said quietly, "how about the castle on the clifftop, it looks like it might be fun..." "No! I want to go swimming. The hotel has a great pool. And you're coming swimming with me, because it'll make me happy. You want me to be happy, don't you?" She stepped closer to him, pushing out her small breasts and swaying her hips, touching him on the chin with a single finger and a
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