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  1. The register function is working for me. Could your IP address be banned for some reason?
  2. @pohli1, No idea sorry. It is currently working for me. http://inflates.yiff.ru/
  3. I awoke suddenly, sure I'd heard a noise. The room was pitch dark, so I flicked the bedside light on. Sleepy-eyed, I took a quick look round, but nothing seemed amiss, so I put the light off again, got comfortable and closed my eyes... and heard something else... I laid still and silent... *creek-creek*... There it was again, a faint rubbery squeak from elsewhere in the house. I silently reached over an clicked my light on again - my beachball was missing from under my desk! My heart skipped a beat... Alice must have taken it whilst I was sound asleep! As quietly as possible I snuck out of bed and left the room, careful to avoid the creaky floorboards. I could hear the noise clearly now over my pounding heart, a rhythmic squeak-creak which sounded like it was coming from the lounge. Staying low and quiet, I made my way along the dark corridor to the pool of light spilling from the open lounge door. Reaching the very edge, I could clearly hear the squeaking and the occasional "mmnh". I chanced a quick peek round the doorframe and nearly gasped out loud at what I saw. Alice had piled a stack of sofa cushions onto the floor and placed my ball on top of them with end cap pointing up. Her skirt and jumper were discarded on the sofa, and she was atop the stack like she was riding a horse. She was facing away from me towards the old CRT TV in the corner of the room and thrusting back and forth with her hips, resulting in the squeak-creak I could hear. She was sitting heavily on the ball, there were no wrinkles along the seams and it had bulged out to cradle her as she rode - her big, naked buttocks wrinkling a little with each bounce. There was a clear panel facing me at the back of the ball, and from my low viewpoint I could see her cheeks spread to reveal her butthole as she thrust and bounced. My hand instinctively crept down the waistband of my pyjamas to my rock hard penis as I crouched there, and I slowly started to rub myself. She carried on riding, oblivious to my prescence, her left hand rising to cup a breast through her pink bra, and her right sneaking down her front until I could see the impressions of her fingers through the clear back panel of the ball. She wiggled them as she rode, and began to moan a little louder and bounce harder. I began to rub myself quicker as I watched the sweat trickle down her back and buttocks onto the ball. "Ah.. ah.. ah.." she went as she bounced and I could see her muscles tensing and releasing in time to her thrusts, as she quietly brought herself to orgasm with an "aahhhhhhnnh". I stroked and stroked and gave a quiet involuntary moan. Freezing as I did so - she didn't seem to have heard, and kept riding, more gently now... I looked at the TV screen to catch a reflection of her front... and saw her looking right back at me! She slowed her riding to a stop, and pulled her hand up from her front, wiping it on her stomach, and put both hands on her knees matter-of-factly. "Come on in... It's rude to stare" she said addressing me via the reflection on the TV screen. Caught red-handed, I stood and walked into the room and in front of her, my raging erection standing proud and obvious in my pyjamas. The ball had stretched out and up at the front, and being a solid colour panel I could only see the very top of her dark pubic hair. "You were right about the ball" she said, her face flushed, giving another squeaky wiggle, "it feels lovely on my ass". She squeezed the front bulge. "I think I might need to buy a supply though, I think it might just be pop-pop-pop the way I use them!" The thought of her bouncing away at home made my penis twitch again... "I's sure they would last a while" I said weakly, to break the silance more than anything else, "I've had that one for a long time". "This one has held up but I think we need to test it more, I am rougher that you were" she said with a wink. My mind whirled, but the thoughts sped away as she held the front and back of the ball to stop it sticking to her as got up. I briefly saw her glistening pink pussy before she stepped away and closed her legs. The ball looked dejected and limp. It was covered in trickles and small puddles of sweat, and I saw that the valve was on the end she had been sitting on, sticking upwards out of the ball. The way it had stretched made it look like a form-fitting seat. "Blow that up a bit will you?" she asked, as she gave her ass a wipe with a hankerchief from her handbag. I picked up the ball. It had lost air through the hole in the end I usually sat on to seal. Her sweat was all over the valve, which I popped open, gave a cursory wipe and raised to my lips. The ball had a delicious, heady aroma of her juices, faint sweat and warm vinyl, and the valve had a salty-sweet taste. I blew until It was about three quarters full. It was no longer round - stretched out on the equator and squashed in at the poles - having kept the seat-shape from Alice's rear.
  4. My parents were heading out for the evening, and as usual they had arranged for Alice from across the street to come and "babysit" me - not that I needed babysitting anymore, but it made my mom feel better. I'd known Alice since I was a young boy, we called her Auntie Alice when I was small, even though she was of no relation. She was in her early 40s, and I had recently begun to notice that she was an attractive woman. She had lovely round breasts and an ass to match, and pretty face framed with brown hair. She arrived that evening wearing a loose jumper and long skirt - looking quite frumpy - and sesning she wasn't in a great mood I excused myself early on and went to my room whilst she watched TV. Soon, being a teenager, I felt quite horny. My mind hand been wandering to the girls at school - who I'd never had any luck with - and Alice, and I'd been looking at the large poster of Lara Croft I had on the wall beyond the foot of my bed. It was a large breasted model dressed as Lara, with tight brown shorts and a tight blue latex top that turned me on - it wrinked along the seams over her breasts and nipples in an enticing way, like the seam of an inflatable. I had always had a thing for inflatables, enjoying the feel of sitting on them, and as I grew up it had become a turn on for me. I went to my closet and dug under the accumulated junk at the bottom until I found what I was looking for - a 16" beachball I'd had for years - pink, green and yellow panels spaced out with clear ones. It was scrathed and battered and had a slow leak from one of the end caps, but it was all I had, lacking the freedom and money to sneakily buy inflatables from the nearby shops - where of course my mom knew everybody and tales of me buying odd things would be sure to get back to her. I began to inflate the beachball by mouth, slowly as to not make much noise. When it was half inflated, I listened carefully at the door. All I could hear was the TV, so I placed the misted-up ball on the corner of my bed with the valve end down and pulled my trousers and pants to my ankles, letting my erection spring free. I gently sat myself on the ball, my ass sealing the leak in the end cap, feeling the wonderful warmth of the vinyl on me as it stretched. Opening my legs I could see the edges of the panel between them wrinkle and then smooth out as I added my weight. Looking at the breasts of my Lara Croft poster, I began to slowly masturbate, gently bounging on the ball which gave small squeaks. I suddenly registered footsteps in the hall and before I could do anything, Alice opened the door. "Do you want some... oh!" she said, looking at me sitting on the corner of my bed, on the ball, with my erection standing proud. "Oh my," she said looking over the top of her glasses, her dark eyes lingering on my erection for longer than necessary "you've all grown up, haven't you?" I was mortified, "Oh god" was all I managed before leaping into action, pulling my pants and torusers up and letting the limp ball plop to the floor, the shape of my butt and balls showing where the mist had cleared due to body heat. "Hey, don't worry" she said soothingly, "I won't tell anyone. It's only natural." She walked over and picked up the limp beachball. "This is unusual," she said, examining the imprint I had left. She wiped her finger over some of my sweat that was on it from my balls, glancing at me reproachfully. "Does it feel good?" I couldn't bring myself to reply. "Cat got your tongue, eh?" She placed the ball on the bed and slowly sat on it a little as I stood watching, not sure what to do. I could see she wasn't adding much weight, the wrinkles stayed in the seams under her. I couldn't see much more because of her skirt, but it still got my pulse racing and made my penis twitch to life again. "It kinda feels good I suppose, cradles my butt..." she said, getting up again to leave the shape of her buttocks indented in the ball. "It feels better on your bare skin" I murmered quietly. "Oh, I'm sure it does!" she said, with a wicked grin, hoisting her skirt up and sitting again - I didn't see anything due to her ruffled up skirt, but I heard a few sqeaks as she wiggled her ass. "Mm, definitely better" she grinned, with another small bounce and creak, "but don't let me keep you!" She got up, the ball sticking to her backside as the skirt fell down again, she laughed and wiggled her hips, and the ball fell to the floor. Stepping off it, she went to the door. "I won't come back in, if you need to... take care of things" she glanced at my erection straining inside my trousers. With that, she left, closing the door behind her. I quickly scooped up the ball - it was still warm. Something compelled me to give it a sniff, the soft warm toy smelled of old vinyl and a new musky sweet smell - I saw there was a single brown pubic hair on it, which made me twitch in my pants. Putting the ball back on the edge of the bed, I swiftly removed my trousers and pants again and sat on it. It felt amazing, and the thought of Alice sitting on it excited me more. I imagined her wearing Lara Croft's shiny latex top and sitting on my beachball and began to jerk myself, bouncing gently on the ball which squeaked and creaked away on the bed. I felt the cum rising and grabbed the closest thing to hand - my underpants - held them in front of me as I blew my load with a quiet groan - four pulses of thick white goo which came out so hard it nearly deflected onto the carpet. I sat there for a moment with my weight on the ball, when I heard another noise - the gentle creak of one of the floorboards outside and a couple of footsteps walking slowly away. Had Alice been listening to me? I scrunched up my soggy pants and tossed them into the laundry basket, and got up off the ball. It stuck to me with sweat, so I pulled it through from between my legs and tossed in under my desk where it wouldn't be easily seen. It was 10:30pm and I was feeling pretty tired, so I put my pyjamas on on, brushed my teeth in the bathroom, and headed to bed. I didn't say good night to Alice, as I felt a bit embarassed about what she had seen and heard.
  5. I’ve done the cock pop more than a few times. Although I must say it is even more fun when you do it to a beach ball that is filled with warm water and a tiny bit of soap. The warm slippery sensation is absolutely amazing.
  6. One day a Clara and Sophie went swimming in the local lake. It was a very nice day and Sophie took her inflatable boat with her. Because Sophie had a plan that they can be sunbathing without the top of the bikini because nobody will look at them when they will in the middle of the lake. Clara didn´t mind that somebody will see her but Sophie was very shy. So when they reach the lake they took the inflatable boat from the car and went to the beach. Sophie also took the water bag so their things will be in the safe. They strip down to the bikini and then they went to the water for a while to cool down her bodies. For a while of swimming, they reached the shore again and Sophie started inflating the boat. She didn't take the big pump so she used only a small foot pump. It wasn't so easy and it took much more time than she thought. Meanwhile, the Clara drop down her bikini top and she started to sunbath. Sophie envied Clara a little that she is not so shy as her. Her young sporty body attached the look of all men on the beach. Especially two young boys around eighteen years couldn't stop looking at her. Sophie was very glad that she has the boat fully inflated now and they can sail on the lake. But the boat was squeaking under them when they board it and sail to the water. "Oh, no. I think that I maybe inflated it too much. We need to let a little of air escape. Clara, can you please deflate the boat a little? The valve is behind you" said Sophie. "Ok," said Clara and unplugged the valve out a starts pressing it. The boat quickly loses the air and for a while was much softer. "That's enough!" Sophie said but Clara did she didn't hear her. "HEY stop it, Clara, I don't want to swim all the way back" and gently pushed the Clara while they both were laughing and fighting for the valve. Clara has the advantage that she was closer so she was pushing Sophie away while she was pinching the valve. "Ok, you got it, if you want!" Sophie said and starts tickling the Clara. Clara immediately let the valve and both of them were loudly laughing. "That's better," Sophie said and Clara plugged the valve back. "It wasn't fair, you cheated," said Clara and winked on Sophie. For a while of sailing, they were in the middle of the lake and Sophie could finally also get off the top of the bikini and they start applicating sunbathing cream on them. It was a very nice look at the two girls on the boat as they are helping each other to cover their whole bodies with the sunbathing cream. For some time they were sunbathing in the peace but then the Clara saw another boat which was heading into the middle of the lake. On the board were the two boys from the beach who had to see them as they are sunbathing half naked. Sophie wanted to start dressing up but the Clara said that it could be a coincidence. So they start sailing to the small isle on the far end of the lake. But when it was totally clear that the boys are following them, they covered their breasts and quickly sail to the island. Maybe the boys will not be following them. After they reached the shore and lay on the sand Clara and Sophie continue with the sunbathing. But for a while, they heard as someone sails to the next beach. They heard boat squeaking and the whispering voices and they knew that it's the boy's boat. "Hey! Go away and leave us alone," yelled Sophie. For a while, it was a quiet as the boys stop the moving. But then they again heard the noises. Sophie yelled at them again, but Clara stopped her: "this will not help. They are very young and their penises took control of their minds and they want to see the naked girls on real. The only one thing what we can do is give them they want", Clara loudly said. "What? I will not do the favour to them" Sophie said. But Clara starts whispering to Sophie's ear: "Don't worry I handle that and you meanwhile will pop their boat. They will not follow us then. Just wait for me near the shore ready to fast leave." Clara again started to talk loudly: " Ok guys, we will make a deal, come here." For a while was silence. "Oh you are such sweet boys, don't be afraid. We don't bite. Come here." So the boys sail to our beach. "What deal?": said one of the boys. "Well, I know that you will be hunting us because you are horny. I will help you with it. I will strip myself and allow you to look at me. And also touch me a little. Do you agree?" asked the Clara. The boys whispered to each other. "We agree," said the second one. They sail to the shore and stepped out of the boat. "Ok, I will strip myself but not here, I don't want to embarrass my friend, come with me." So Clara disappeared with the boys in the trees and Sophie was alone here with the boats. When she didn't hear any noise she quickly goes to the boy's boat. Sophie never tried to pop the inflatables. She thought that it's bad, but it must be done. She pushed her nails into the vinyl, but it was very hard. She tries hard but nothing happened. Her nails weren't so sharp. So she tried it with some rock but all which she found wasn't sharp enough too. The vinyl was protesting but still strong. Sophie was now under the pressure because time was running. She also tried the small stick but everything that she found break against the vinyl. She didn't want to do the boat unrepairable so she doesn't use the big branches, but maybe she will have to on the end. She also tried the bitting but without any effect. As the last option, she realized that she has on the bottom part of the bikini small belt with metal buckle. "It's only chance", said Sophie for herself. She checked that nobody is around and she stripped from the bikini. Then she pushed the sharp part of the buckle into the boat and after some pressure, the vinyl gives it up and with the "POP" sound the Sophie heard nice "Sssssss" sound. She was very excited and she starts poking more and more holes in the boat. Unfortunately, the air wasn't escaping fast enough, so she spread the legs and sit on the side of the boat. She feels the nice shivering of excitement. With nice "Sssssss" the boat was softer but still not enough. She did a new hole and by the pressure, she widened the hole by the buckle. The hissing sound was now more intense so she did a few more holes and widened them as the one before. "Now only to deflate it", she said for herself and again she sat on the boat with the spread legs. She started jumping a little bit on the boat. Something was weird on it. She was very excited and her kitty was now wet. "It's bad". This should not be exciting for me. It's just a toy filled with the air and she now remembered how as a younger girl she was inflating the toys with joy and pleasure. She was blowing the toys while she was pressing them on her body. She loved it. The hissing sound was magnificent for her. How the toys were getting the shapes while she or parents were inflating them. Or how they were losing the shapes when she had to deflate them? How could she forget it? The excitement was so intense that she now realized that she is touching of herself and she liked it. The first impulse was the warm vinyl on her kitty. When she started to jump on it stimulated her clitoris a little bit. Now she was pleasuring her kitty by the hand. She knew what her kitty wants. Only a few good touches and it will be over. Her warm body lay on the deflating child toy, which she popped. It was very bad and she was a bad girl. She couldn't hold it for much longer and she stars moan. She was imaging how some guy is thrusting into her because she is a bad girl and she needs to be punished for destroying his boat. It was a very nice orgasm for her. The boat was half-deflated and she quickened it by the opening and pressing of the valve. But the boat still had a lot of air inside. But she heard the voice of the Clara. She quickly packed their things and went to the boat. Clara runs towards her and quickly board on the boat. Sophie started to paddle out of the shore and giggle at the Clara. "Why are you so happy?" Clara asked. "Well, you were there a long time together so what did you do?" said Sophie. "Well let's just say that I couldn't let there the bad young guys without the woman's help," and she winked on Sophie, and started to wash her hands in the lake. "And what did you do?" asked Clara and pointed on Sophie, because she was completely naked. "Well, let' s just say that I found a new hobby in the popping of the toys", and she smiled on Clara. The boys came naked to the beach and when they found a half-deflated boat they quickly jumped in and started to paddle towards the girls. While the first one was paddling the second one was blowing the air into the boat. They started getting closer to the girl's boat and it almost looked that they will catch them but their weight was bigger than Sophie's and even if they switched the positions and the first one was now blowing the air into the boat they couldn't reach them. Their almost deflated boat hadn't the right friction as they were sinking under their weight. So finally they turned the boat back to the island to think about the new plan. "I don't think that we can let them alone, we should be merciful. What do you think?" asked Clara. "I have a ducktape in the car, so we can repair their boat.......and maybe pop it again," said Sophie. "But they should be pleasuring us before it............or after. And if they will be angry? We can still calm them down by having the sex with them. I have some condoms for any cases," said Clara. "We are such bad girls," said Sophie. When the girls took the ducktape from the car they headed back to the island.
  7. That evening everyone gathered for a big barbecue to celebrate the start of the holiday. I was on duty helping with the meat. Spirits were high, the good Italian wine was flowing and everyone was having a good time. Even the young cousins were getting along for a change. By 10pm, people were starting to break away from the group to go to bed. Tired out by the day's travel and having had a little too much wine in many cases, they needed to get some well earned shuteye. Feeling tired myself, I said my goodbyes and headed off to bed. The next morning it was unanimously decided to spend the day at the villa - hangovers had a hand in that decision for many. A few brave souls headed off in the minibus to get supplies for the day, but most went to the pool area to relax. Alice got my attention there and backoned me from the poolside. She was wearing flowery a skater cut dress, with a form fitting top showing a hint of cleavage and loose pleated knee length skirt, showing off her lower legs. She headed back to her apartment and I followed behind shortly. There was nobody else in the apartment, the other aunt was one of those who had gone to town. Alice led me into her room, where her suitcase was on her bed open. She'd removed a number of clothing items to reveal something at the bottom - I couldn't tell what it was, other than it had a lot of vinyl to it, and it was red and white. "I got this especially for the holiday" she said, grinning. "What is it?" I asked. "You'll see... but we need to find somewhere private. Can you think of anywhere?" I thought for a moment. There were the changing huts by the pool, but they were just small shacks offering little privacy for any more than changing. One outbuilding room was full of equipment... but what about that other locked one? Perhaps there was a key somehwere? I mentioned that to Alice and she giggled - "It's like a spy mission!" she said. I sensed that perhaps she hadn't quite sobered up after last night. She stuffed the red & white square of vinyl into a shoulder bag - which it filled to bulging - and followed me out. At the outbuilding with two doors, we entered the unlocked one unseen, thinking there may be a key in there. It was illuminated by a dusty window overlooking the pool area, and we could see the others outside, nobody sparing a glance at the outbuilding. It was bright enough to see that the floor was cluttered with junk and had sharp stones, screws, old bits of metal... not good for inflatable fun. However it revealed something that I hadn't noticed before - an internal door connecting this room to the locked one next door that couldn't be seen at a glance from outside due to a scabby old shelving unit. I tentatively tried to door... it seemed to be locked too, but then, with a crack, the handle moved. It was just seized up. I pushed the door a little, and it creaked, pushing something behind it away. I hoped it didn't knock something over with a clatter as the door scraped open. When I was sure the door was wide enough for us to get through, I slipped in followed closely by Alice. This room was much better. Like the other it was illuminated from the pool area by a square window, but this had a tatty lace curtain over it. The floor was cleaner too - clearly less frequented than the other room. Piled up in one corner were some old foam pool floats, a couple of plastic chairs and loungers with broken legs. There was either some plastic sheeting or old inflatables in that pile too I noticed. There was a variety of bits and bobs stored in an old sideboard, but the floor was otherwise cleanish terracotta tiles. "Perfect" said Alice. She grabbed a 6 foot by 4 foot rectangular foam float from the corner pile, placed it on the floor in the centre of the room, dusty side down, and sat down on it. She pulled the red & white vinyl out of her bag and began to unfold it. I saw a green eye printed on it, some fur patterning, a couple of paws, and a big white & red tail... puting the pieces together I quickly worked out that it was a huge fox inflatable ride on. "Wow," I said, "That's quite a size!" "Big enough for two" she said with a wide grin. Locating the body vale - near the butt I noted with a laugh - she began to blow into it. She waggled her finger at the head area as she puffed her cheeks out blowing, and I began looking for another valve there. The shiny red vinyl was incredibly pliable in the warm air, with a rubbery feel - different to a "normal" inflatable - but in a very good way! The smell was intoxicating as I found the valve on the head and began to blow. After a couple of minutes I was getting light headed, but the head was nicely inflated. Alice took her head away with a "phew! - the body and tail was about a third inflated I recokoned. I offered to take her place whilst she had a break, so she went to rummage through the pile of floats as I puffed again and again into the body. She found a couple of old lilos, but they were stained and seemed to be damaged, so she tossed them aside. Next she found an old armband - likewise tossed aside - and then she pulled out something else. It was green and transparent, the two visible valves yellowed with age. She unwrapped it a bit and found that it was a kids size chair - a square base with rounded corners and a simple horseshoe back. It didn't seem to be damaged and had been protected from the dust by the items on top, so she began to blow it up. Her breath frosted on the inside before the warm air of the room made it clear. It barely took her 30 seconds to inflate the base. The backrest didn't take any time at all. She held it out - it seemed to be holding air. It was only 16" or so wide, with a 7" deep base, a round baffle in the centre. As I continued to blow into the body of the fox - about two thirds done now - she put the little chair down on the floor, side on to me. Grinning at me, she squatted down over it, holding her arms in front of herself for balance, the hem of her dress bunching up on the backrest. Sweeping an arm under herself to gather her skirt and reveal the whole chair, she plopped backwards onto it. I flinched, half expecting a bang as her shapely ass tried to squeeze between the arms of the backrest that was nowhere near wide enough for an adult. The wrinkles along the seams of the base completely disappeared as the quivering vinyl stretched out beneath the weight. She lifted herself a little by pressing down onto the armrests and wiggled herself into the stretched out gap with a series of tortured squeaks. "It fits!" she announced, raising her hands in celebration and straightening out her legs so her full weight was on the fragile inflatable. Holding the chair against her ass, she half got up and turned 90 degrees so she was facing me as I blew. She plopped down again with another creak of protest from the chair. "Keep going, you're nearly there" she encouraged me as she sat. From here I could see the taut base of the chair to either side of her legs, the armrests pushed out past the seat edges by her ample butt. My boner was straining inside my shorts looking at her and feeling the fox I was blowing slowly firming up. She smiled sweetly and slowly opened her legs - pushing the armrests further out with a creak. Lifting the hem of her dress, I could see she was wearing her swimsuit high waisted bottoms as underpants. She waggled her crotch at me and slowly moved her hands up the insides of her thighs, stroking her legs. "Keep blowing my toy" she urged, as she stroked her right hand over her crotch. She leaned back on the chair with a squeak and started gently rubbing herself through her swimsuit, getting an "mmmm" from her as she watched me. I watched how she massaged herself through her soft swimsuit material, as she slowly rocked and masturbated on the little chair. I kept blowing into the fox, a combination of too much oxygen and the blood running to my crotch making me light headed. She kept watching me blow. "Good," she said, "Just a bit more..." The fox was getting firm now. There were still some wrinkles at the ends, but the legs and tail were standing proud and the body panels were smooth, shiny and bugling. "That'll do, it's got to take both of us remember!" she said with a smile as I put the stopper back in the fox. I put the fox rider squarely on the mat, and dizzily got up to inspect my handiwork. It was an undeniably cool inflatable. Three and a half feet long, without any hard plastic handles to get in the way, and the oval-baffled seating area between the tail and the head should be able to fit two in close company. Alice was the first to sit - she got up, leaving the limp chair to recover, and squatted over the back half of the fox. "Mmmm, the plastic is so warm and soft!" she said as she lowered herself. I stepped over, boner straining in my shorts, and sat down in front of her, placing my hands on the side of the foxes head. As I sat between her legs, she raised up since the pressure shifted, stroking her breasts against my back. She lauged at this and bouced, making me wobble up and down alternately. She gave a satisfied moan as the rubbery vinyl sqeaked against her swimsuit bottoms and the foam mat. She started to bounce more, and I bounced alternately, giving each other a boost and rubbing my cortch against the foxes back. The fox was rhythmically creaking as we went, she reached round me and stroked my solid penis through my shorts. I grunted with pleasure as she rubbed, and she was moaning quietly behind me. After a minute she suddenly got up, dropping me down on the stretched out toy. Stepping away from the fox, she reached under her dress and pulled her bottoms down, wiggling them down her legs and leaving them lying at the side of the mat. Keeping one hand up her dress, the skirt bunched about it, she continued to play with herself as she abruptly told me to get my shorts off. I quickly got up and kicked them away. Without a chance to remove my t-shirt, Alice pushed me back down onto the fox. I sat towards the tail end - the bouncy warm winyl against my bare ass felt spectacular, and my raging erection twitched forcefully. She stepped over me and crouched down. Her skirt covered everything, but I felt the warmth and wetness of her as she lowered herself. She wiggled a little and sighed as my penis slipped in with a sudden warmth engulfing me. I groaned with pleasure, extending my legs out so I could get deeper, putting my weight completely on the fox which squeaked and creaked under us. Alice becan to grind onto me, eyes closed, face flushed and biting her lower lip. I felt every movement and change of grip as she rode me, bouncing up and down, the fox vinyl squeaking and creaking. I reached round her and grabbed the ears of the fox, pulling the head back into her, drawing my face to her breasts which wobbled and bounced in her dress. Our sweat and her juces has slickened the vinyl under my balls and the vibration of the rubbing there enhanced the feeling building inside me. She was getting close, her bouncing becoming more irregular as she edged herself towards orgasm. Her pleasure enhanced mine, and I felt the tingling pressure building inside. She suddenly went over the edge, trying to keep quiet, mostly succeeding as she started to quiver and pulse. "Ooooh, God..." she mumbled as I felt her clamp on to me over and again, bringing me closer... and started to slow down to a stop. She sat, panting, with me still inside her. I was so close to finishing, I bounced a little... she put a hand on my shoulder... "Shh... still for now..." It took a great deal of control not to start bouncing and thrusting beneath her... my pleasure was starting to fade and and I needed to come! She unsteadily got up, kissing me on the forehead, my penis slickly springing free. She rubbed the back of her thigh as I sat dejectedly. Grabbing the kids chair, she urged me to get up. My shiny wet penis stood proud as I got up, leaving a sweaty patch on the foxes back. She put the chair on the mat beside the fox and dropped herself into it. It cracked and squealed beneath her. She lifted her skirt and, leaning back on the chair and into the fox, raised and spread her legs. "Come on then young man, your turn - my legs were cramping up on top!" I kneeled in front of her, my knees on the foam mat, and moved forwards, placing my hands on the foxes damp back, the vinyl pliable under my fingers. She reached down and tenderly guided my throbbing penis into her again, the warmth spectaular after it had cooled from moisure evaporating in the air. With a knee on each side of the little chair, I began thrusting and bucking into her. The chair creaked with each thrust, and I kept having to scrabble for purhcase with my knees against the mat. My balls bumped gainst the swollen base of the chair as I pushed in. She was leaning back further, pulling the attachments of the armreasts where they were welded to the base, and I was almost sitting and bouncing on it myself as I thrust and trapped it beneath us. I could feel my orgasm building again, the combined creaks and feelings of her and the inflatables driving me wild. I felt the orgasm coming, and put all my weight on her and the chair, my legs out behind me, as I let out a long groan of pleasure. I began to squirt into her... four powerful pulses of semen deep inside. "Mmm, good boy, good boy" she said, cradling my head against her breasts with her hands as the orgasm subisded. I slowly became aware of sinking down, a cold feeling of air escaping against my thigh. As I leaned back to sit up it made a soft comedic farting noise as Alice slowly lowered. "Oh... I think the little chair couldn't handle the pressure" she said as a little pool of semen leaked from her onto the bulging front of the chair. She got up, her legs quivering a little, and pulled on her swimsuit bottoms, not even wiping herself. I took a quick look at the floppy chair, wet with sweat, semen and juice, and saw a small tear where the armrest connected to the base on the right side. Alie picked it up and tossed it, still filthy, back onto the pile of floats in the corner. She smiled at me and the fox as she sorted her hair out. "I think we're going to have some fun with this guy" she said, patting the foxes head as she slipped out the door back into the other room, giving me a little wink as she left. I sat listening to the muffled sounds of people laughing, chatting and splashing in the pool, none the wiser to what had happened in the outbuilding... "Oh, I hope so..." I said to myself.
  8. Sophie and Jenny drive through an empty car park of a leisure centre. "When you said your friend had a pool, I didn't think it would be in a place like this. I imagined a small pool in the garden." Says Jenny when Sophie parks the car. "She's the manager of this leisure centre. They're doing repairs and maintenance and she's away. They aren't starting for a few days. She's given me permission to use the pool for the day. It's all set up, I think someone's coming tomorrow to shut it all off but we've got all day and night to enjoy it." Sophie explains. "Are we going to be alone?" Jenny asks. "Holly's already inside but other then her we've got the place to ourselves. Once I've locked the front door, anything goes. Can do whatever we want so long as we don't break anything." "I can't wait, let's go!" Jenny gets out the car. Sophie grabs the bags of balloons and follows her. "I've told Holly to blow up some inflatables but not to do anything else. I bet she'll be really horny when we get in." When they get through the front door, Jenny realised she hasn't got a swimsuit. "What I'm I gonna wear?" She asks. "Don't worry I've got you something. This way." Sophie takes her down some stairs and into the changing room. Jenny can already smell the chlorine. The smell brings back memories of her childhood when she used to go swimming a lot. "Here put this one." Sophie hands her a pink bathing suit from one of the lockers. "Come find me when you're ready." Jenny puts it on and goes to the toilet, knowing she's probably going to be in the pool awhile. When's she's done, she goes through a door that leads to a pool. The pool is laid out like a beach with fake stones and sand, the water lapping against the floor like waves. There's a slope that leads down to the deep end. On her left is the exit to some tubes and some stairs that disappear into the ceiling. Probably the entrance to the water shoots. Right at the back of the room is two hot tubs with the overflowing water falling into the pool like a water full. To the right the water follows a hidden passage under a bridge. Holly and Sophie are already in the water. Jenny goes to join them. The pool is full of different inflatables of various sizes. Holly is currently inflating a smallish beachball. It looks fairly tight but Holly doesn't seem to be stopping. She pauses when Jenny wades over. "Hi Jenny. Sophie made me blow all these up by myself. This is the last one." Says Holly before going back to the task at hand. "I'll show you around while Holly finishes that." Says Sophie. She takes Jenny to the stairs. "Come have a go at these. I'll race you down." Jenny follows her up the stairs. At the top there's three water slides. They all lead into a dark tunnel. Sophie stands next to the middle one. "Actually I've changed my mind, let's go together, it'll be more fun." She sits in the entrance and waits for Jenny. Jenny sits in front of her and Sophie grabs her waist and pushes off. Once they're round the first corner, all goes dark. "I want to do a blow to pop in here!" Shouts Sophie over the sound of rushing water. Before Jenny can reply, there's light at the end of the tunnel followed by a splash. Sophie gets out first and walks up a path. Jenny gets out and sees Holly, still blowing into the same beachball. She doesn't get a good look from here but it must be close to popping. When she catches up with Sophie, she says "do you think Holly's going to pop it?" "I don't think so."says Sophie glancing over her shoulder. "She's not as bad as me and knows you're still nervous. Up there are the hot tubs. We'll go in later. Go wait with Holly, I'm going to turn the jets on." Jenny goes back into the water and swims over to Holly. She puts a little breath in, either struggling with the pressure or simply taking her time. It's gotten incredibly tight and after a few moments, Jenny nervously says "it's going to pop if you're not carful." Aware that she hasn't got her ear plugs in. Holly puts another small breath in before answering. "It's fine, I'm sure it can take a little more. I like them tight." She pushes a bit more air in. Holly's definitely struggling. She's using her tongue and cheeks to push in the air, rather then her lungs. Jenny tries to think of a way to distract her when she sees Sophie coming back. The water jets are already on. Jenny must of been so focused on Holly that she didn't notice. Hopefully Sophie will stop her she thinks. Sophie jumps in and swims over. "I've got a few things to try. Jenny go grab some balloons from over there." She doesn't even seem to notice that Holly is still blowing. "What?" Asks Jenny not really listening. She glances at the beachball again. "The balloons. Go bring me some." Sophie repeats. "O-okay." Jenny replies nervously. And goes to take some balloons from the side of the pool. When she gets back Holly hasn't finished yet. Jenny gives Sophie the balloons and looks back to the beachball. Holly has one hand on the back of it, pushing it into her face. "Here Jenny, blow one of these up." Sophie hands her a balloon. Just as Jenny takes it, there's a loud boom. The sound echoing around the pool. Jenny visibly jumps but manages to keep back a squeal. Holly holds the broken beachball, it's ripped in two. "Whoops, must of got a bit carried away." She says. "Really?" Sophie asks. "You were blowing pretty hard, you must of known it was going to pop. I told Jenny you wasn't going to pop it." "You know I like them hard and I always blow a little too much when I'm horny. I guess after you made me inflate all these pool toys, I got a bit bored. At least I didn't do it on purpose in Jenny's face like you would have done." Holly teases. "I wouldn't do that! Well maybe I would come to think of it. There's a reason I made you blow everything up. If I had done it there wouldn't have been much left." "Exactly. I can control myself... Most of the time. Give me a balloon." Holly asks. Jenny gives her a nervous look. "Don't worry I'll make sure I don't get carried away this time. I will make it as big as it can possibly go though." Holly takes a 16 inch balloon from Sophie's hand. It's a light blue colour and damp from the pool. Holly doesn't even bother stretching it, and blows fast. Jenny starts getting nervous again when Holly doesn't slow down at all after rated size. It looks as if she is trying to blow to pop it as fast as possible. The neck comes out halfway but Holly doesn't seem to notice its overinflated. She's blowing as fast as when she started. Despite what she said about not popping it, Jenny puts her fingers in her ears. Her breaths short and rapid. The neck is full. It's definitely going to pop any second. Jenny doesn't know what to do. If she tries to swim off, it could pop while her ears are unprotected. She looks to Sophie for support. She's watching Holly intently but doesn't seem concerned about the imminent pop. Of course she wouldn't be. Sophie probably wants her to pop it. Finally Jenny can't take it anymore. "Stop!" She cries. Holly glances at her but keeps going. "Sophie make her stop, it's gonna pop!" Instead of stopping her, Sophie puts her hands on the balloon and whispers "keep going." In her ear. Holly puts another three breaths in before finally stopping. "Told you I would stop." She says. Holding shut the mouthpiece. "In fact I reckon it could get bigger than this. I want you to put another full breath into it. Then you'll know they don't pop easily." Jenny shakes her head, not wanting to risk it. "Do as she says." Sophie commands. "If you don't, I will. And I don't think I could just put one breath in..." Jenny knows if Sophie takes it, she definitely won't stop. Holly approaches her and pushes the balloon's neck against her mouth. Jenny puts in a small breath. There's a lot of resistance and Jenny thinks she can hear it creaking. "I said a full breath." Says Holly. "I'm not letting you stop until you've done it. If you keep putting in small breaths, it's definitely going to pop. Best to do one big one now and get it over with." Knowing there's no way out of it, Jenny takes a big breath but hesitates. If she can't do it, they will pop it somehow. At least if it bursts now she'll be in control. Jenny exhales hard. The neck pushes into her lips but she keeps going until there's no air left in her lungs. "Well done. Wasn't so hard was it." Holly takes the balloon off her and puts another breath in. "Wow it's getting tight. What should we do with it now?" "Pop it!" Says Sophie. "How should I do it?" Holly asks. "Keep blowing until it pops in my face." "Maybe I'll do that later, don't think Jenny will like that. I do want to see how big it'll go though." Holly puts another cheeky breath in, winking at Jenny before deflating it. Then she swims to the side of the pool and gets out. Holly walks to the water jet. It's a pipe that shoots water into the pool. Holly reaches up and places the balloon over the jet. It starts filling rapidly with water. Holly holds it as it starts getting heavy. She has it in her arms as the neck starts to fill. It suddenly explodes and water splashes everywhere. Holly jumps back into the pool and swims over to the packet of balloons on the side. She takes something and gets out. "Be back in a minute." She says then half walks half runs to the stairs leading to the water shoots. Sophie nudges Jenny, she turns and sees Sophie has a deflated balloon in her swimsuit with the neck sticking out of the top. "Mind blowing it up for me?" Sophie asks. "Umm sure." Jenny replies. She wades closer to her and puts her mouth around the neck. Sophie looks turned on already, she's breathing heavily and is shaking a little and Jenny knows it's not fear. She takes a deep breath and gets to work. It looks like a 14 inch balloon and is completely transparent. Jenny wonders if she chose that one purposely so she would see Sophie's body through it. The bigger she makes it, the more she can see through it. At first it makes her a little uncomfortable but as the balloon starts getting tight, Jenny starts getting horny herself. Most of the balloon is underwater as the neck starts getting bigger. Jenny knows Sophie won't let her stop until it's completely full and maybe not even then. She keeps going and only stops when the neck is touching her lips. "I don't suppose you will blow it until it pops?" Asks Sophie. Jenny shakes her head. "Didn't think so. Go see what Holly's up to. I'm going to finish this off if you can't." Sophie says before taking the overinflated neck and putting a breath into it. Jenny quickly swims off and goes up the stairs, looking for Holly. When she gets to the top there's no sign of her. There's a large balloon waiting to be blown up next to one of the shoots. Jenny decides to go down it. She pushes off the sides and enters the tunnel. She slides down and around the first bend, then hits something. It's Holly with a huge balloon in front of her. It completely fills all the space in the tunnel with no way around it. Holly looks around. "We're not getting down before this pops. Fingers in your ears Jenny this is going to be a loud one." Holly starts blowing. By the look of it, it's a 24 inch. The neck is pushed up against Holly's face. The balloon squeaks every time Holly moves. She keeps forcing air in, it must be getting hard to blow because there's no room for it to expand. Jenny puts her fingers in her ears. There's not a lot she can do. Holly keeps going for what seems like hours but the balloon doesn't look like it's getting any bigger. It must be so hard right now and Jenny would reach out and touch it if it wasn't going to explode at any second. Suddenly Holly takes a really deep breath. Jenny braces herself. Holly blows the final breath and the balloon explodes in front of her. Jenny screams. With no more blockage, they both slide down until they exit the tunnel with a splash. "There you are." Says Sophie, walking over to them. "Wondered what you two were doing. Jenny you have to try a blow to pop in your swimsuit. It feels so good. I know you won't do it with air, but how about with water? Follow me." Sophie jumps into the pool and swims to the other side, disappearing around a bend. "Go see what she wants. I'm going to do another blow to pop in that tube." Holly takes out a large airship shaped balloon from inside her swimsuit and runs back up the stairs. Jenny jumps in the pool, swimming over to where Sophie disappeared. She doesn't want to be anywhere near Holly when that balloon pops. She finds Sophie around a bend. The water flows around like a bending river and under a bridge. There are underwater jets that push the water around. "Come here, this should feel amazing." Sophie lets the water take her around another bend and comes to a stop under some fake leaves. She waits for Jenny. Jenny slowly approaches, not knowing what to expect. Sophie holds a large red uninflated balloon. A 24 inch by the looks of it. She puts it under Jenny's swimsuit, right above her left leg. The neck is just showing. Sophie gently pushes her against the wall and holds the end of the balloon to a water jet. Jenny feels the balloon getting bigger against her hip. It starts to grow wider and upwards. Soon the lower half of her swim costume is filled. The balloon is soft but expanding rapidly. The top half is getting bigger. There's no room left and it gets tight. Jenny gasps, it's getting harder to breathe but the warm latex feels so good. The neck starts to come out of her leg hole. It's getting fatter by the second. The top of the balloon starts bulging out of her swimsuit and into Jenny's face. Suddenly Sophie pushes her roughly into the wall, her body pressed up against hers. The balloon gets pushed into Jenny and she sighs into the balloon. Sophie is now thrusting into her, making the balloon expand and contract. It gets tighter and tighter before exploding with a snap. Water gets launched at her. Jenny squeals. "That felt really good. Can we do it again?" "Yeah maybe later, I want to do something else first. Would you try it with air next time? It's so much more satisfying." "I'm not sure, it sounds like fun but..." "You'll have ear plugs and we'll try smaller balloons first." "Okay. What are we doing next?" She asks. Sophie is just about to reply when there's a loud echoing boom. Holly must be finished with her balloon in the water tube. "I want to do some stuff with Holly but it's going to involve lots of popping." Sophie begins. "I can watch from a distance if you want." "Well things are going to get pretty intense. It'll be very hot if you're into watching two girls get intimate but I think you'd prefer having some fun on your own. I'll get you in the mood then you can finish off on your own while I entertain Holly." "I'm in the mood now." "Just wait till I'm finished. This'll cure your fear for good." Jenny swims after Sophie to the other side of the pool. Holly is lying on an air mattress in the shallow end of the pool. Sophie walks past her telling Holly she'll be back in a minute and goes through the door leading to the changing rooms. Jenny follows closely behind. Sophie rummages through a bag near the door and hands some ear plugs to Jenny. Then she leads her to the showers. "Put them in and take off your clothes." Sophie instructs. Jenny follows her orders without complaint, excited for whatever is coming next. Once her swimsuit is on the floor, Sophie gently pushes her into the corner of the room. "Sit down, spread your legs." Says Sophie, reaching into her swimming costume. She pulls out a piece of blue rubber. "Found a new brand of balloon online. These are supposed to be 16 inch but I can get them to 20 easily. They start off pretty thick. Really hard to pop them at rated size. But if you keep blowing they start to get thinner and thinner. By the time they're ready to pop, it's completely see-through and huge." Sophie lies down on her front with the balloon in between Jenny's legs. "Don't tell me to stop because I won't. I'm going to blow it up until it explodes and there's nothing you can do about it. After I'm done, I'll leave you with a couple more. You can do what you want with them but I'm hoping you'll at least overinflate them. Maybe take them all the way if you're horny enough, which you will be after this." Sophie starts blowing quickly without warning. She must do this a lot because Jenny has never seen someone fill up a balloon this quickly. Jenny closes her eyes and tries focusing on how good the latex feels between her legs and not how loud it'll pop. She might actually enjoy this. Sophie is pushing it into her pussy. She stops blowing for a moment, rubbing it against Jenny. "Keep blowing!" Shouts Jenny, wanting it to get tighter. Sophie starts putting air back into it. After a few minutes she slows right down. "Bigger!" Jenny cries. "It can't go much bigger than this. It's already bigger than I expected it to go." Jenny suddenly opens her eyes. The balloon is absolutely huge! Almost all the colour has gone from it and the neck is pushed against Sophie's lips. She didn't realise it had got this big. Jenny starts panicking. If only she'd kept her eyes closed, then she wouldn't know when it would pop. Now she can't take her eyes off it. Sophie started blowing again after Jenny told her to. Jenny wants to move but is too scared her movement will pop it. Sophie is just taking another big breath when there's an ear shattering bang. The balloon seems to instantly detonate, tiny shards flying everywhere. Jenny doesn't scream this time. She just lies there in shock. "There we go." Says Sophie. "Have some fun with these, make as much noise as you want. Don't hold anything back. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to fuck Holly. Hard. She won't know what hit her." And with that, Sophie leaves the room. Sophie goes back to the pool, looking for Holly. She's lying on a large beachball in the middle of the pool, halfway through inflating a balloon. She swims over to her, wondering what to do first. Let's get her down in the hottest way possible. She thinks. Sophie unplugs the valve and quickly puts her mouth around it, trying to stop the air from rushing out. The inflatable is already tight so this shouldn't take long. She takes a deep breath and starts blowing hard. Holly keeps inflating her balloon. It's only a small one but it is very tight. She struggles with it, trying to force more air in. The neck pushing into her lips makes it hard. Holly barely notices Sophie. There's a muffled bang from the showers followed by a moan. A few seconds later Holly's balloon bursts. Only then does she realise how hard the beachball is getting under her. She had blown it up enough earlier. Way more than any normal person would, even if they got carried away. Holly starts grinding against the tight vinyl. Sighing as she gets rougher. "Don't you dare cum! I want to finish you myself." Says Sophie. Holly slows down a bit. Putting her arms around the ball. It's definitely bulging out on one side. The vinyl is slightly discoloured where it's been stretched. The pressure inside must be getting very high but Sophie doesn't have any trouble blowing. Holly pushes her face into it, inhaling it's scent. Suddenly there's a bang and the whole thing tears beneath her. Holly falls face first into the pool. Sophie grabs her and pulls her out of the water and into her arms. Holly has barely recovered when Sophie's lips are around her mouth. The kiss is sloppy but intense. She's usually a lot better than this but she must be too horny today. Just as Holly starts getting into it there's a high pitched moan from the showers followed by a loud squeak. Sophie grabs the back of her swimsuit, trying to rip it off. She's struggling but still has her lips firmly attached to Holly's. As she finally gets it off, there's a loud bang. Jenny must of popped her balloon, either on purpose or she got carried away. Sophie doesn't react to it, she's too busy trying to strip off. Once they're both naked, Sophie pushes her towards the nearest wall. Still kissing her fiercely. She bends Holly over backwards and forces her legs apart. Holly closes her eyes and waits to see what Sophie will do next. She suddenly stops kissing and looks up. Holly turns around wondering what got her attention. Jenny is standing a few metres away watching. "Did you want something? Sophie asks her. "I, umm... I just came to get some more balloons." She says looking embarrassed. "Don't worry we'll take it somewhere else if you're not comfortable watching. Come on Holly, let's do it in the hot tubs." Sophie takes a step back, letting Holly up and grabs her hand. She gets out the pool and takes her to the hot tubs above the deep end. Jenny watches them climb the slope to the hot tubs. She gets in the pool, not really knowing what to do next. She can hear Holly begin to gasp from the other side of the pool. Wanting something else to focus on, she grabs a nearby beach ball. It's about the size of a 16 inch balloon and pretty firm. It can take some more air though and Jenny decides to top it up a bit. She opens the valve and the air rushes out with a hiss. She quickly put it in her mouth and blows. She has to fight it to get the air in, Holly had blown it up hard. After few breaths she's about to stop when there's a loud moan. She quickly exhales again trying to cover up the sounds. Again and again she blows. Jenny doesn't realise it's about to pop, she's still trying to take her mind off the primal screams. What is Sophie doing to her? Suddenly the beachball pops with a deep boom. She quickly looks around for something else to inflate but by the sound of it, Holly just came. Everything goes quiet for a few minutes. Jenny relaxes for a while, still exhausted from riding that balloon to pop. It had taken more that she thought possible. And that blow to pop was so scary, she only managed it because she was about to orgasm. Sophie calls out to her. "Come join us, and bring that packet of balloons." Jenny gets out the pool and finds the balloons. Jenny wonders if Sophie is going to do whatever she just did to Holly to her. She's not sure if she's ready for that. When she gets to the hot tub, Sophie takes the packet off her. "Come help us, we're gonna fill the tub up with balloons. Jenny gets in the warm water and sits opposite Holly. Sophie hands them all 12 inch balloons. And starts blowing one herself. They all inflated them to different sizes. Jenny blew hers until a small neck formed. Holly kept going until it touched her fingers and Sophie took it up to the point of bursting, stopping right before the bang. They filled the hot tub up with multicoloured balloons. Some of Sophie's overinflated balloons popped on their own. Jenny squealing every time one went off. There's only a few balloons left in the packet. Sophie takes one and stretches it. "I've got a game. We each put one breath into this balloon, then pass it onto the next person. The winner is the one to put in the last breath before it pops." "Sounds fun. What do you get if you win?" Holly asks. "One of the others makes you orgasm. I'll start." Sophie puts a big breath in and passes it to Holly. The balloon is still darkly coloured but has a slight green tint. After Holly's breath, it's Jenny's turn. She blows, not quite sure if she wants to win this game or not. Sophie puts her second breath in next. The colour getting lighter with each breath. Soon it's Jenny's turn again. Her breath takes it to rated size. Sophie starts to neck it, blowing slowly this time. Holly takes the neck to halfway full. Jenny hesitantly puts it in her mouth, the balloon is wet with saliva. She blows, making the neck come close to her lips. She carefully gives it to Sophie. This time Sophie blows really hard and fast, obviously hoping to pop it. It gets big but doesn't pop. Holly also puts in the biggest breath she can but has no success. When Jenny takes it again, there's barely anything to hold on to. It's so tight and she can feel a lot of resistance. Just as she's coming to the end of her breath, it suddenly bursts. Jenny manages to hold back a scream this time. "Well done. Now who's gonna make you cum? Think there could be another game out of this." Sophie takes out another balloon. "Just me and you this time Holly. Winner gets to play with Jenny." She wastes no time in putting in her first breath. Jenny nervously watches. Before long, Sophie is blowing into a fully necked balloon. Jenny isn't sure who she wants to win. Holly would probably be more gentle with her but she's more used to doing this sort of thing with Sophie. The balloon still stays strong and Sophie hands it to Holly. She puts in a breath but quickly hands it back to Sophie. Before Sophie takes it though, it unexpectedly pops. "You had the last breath. I can't wait to see this." Says Sophie. Holly looks nervous. She obviously isn't used to doing this with other girls. She gives Jenny a quick glance but doesn't move. "Come on, get on with it." Sophie says impatiently. Holly takes a deep breath and grabs the nearest balloon. It an overinflated red one. She moves over to Jenny and places it on her lap, gently sitting on it to stop it from moving. Holly starts to bounce. Hesitantly at first but it doesn't take long before she gets into it. It bursts, releasing air bubbles out the water. She quickly grabs another one and goes again. She goes through about ten balloons, some bursting straight away, some that lasted a while. It felt good but not enough to make her orgasm. "Try something else. Think about what I would do to you." Sophie advises. Holly puts another balloon in her lap but this time she wraps her legs around her tightly, pulling herself into Jenny. She half humps, half grinds. This definitely feels better. Still not quite enough to climax but good enough that she begins to sigh softly. Holly gets rough when it doesn't pop. Eventually it bursts and Holly quickly replaces it with another. She goes through five more balloons like this until she gives up. "Sophie go get me a beach ball and a 24 inch." Holly instructs. Sophie runs off to get the stuff while Holly grabs another balloon. When Sophie returns, Holly finishes the balloon with a quick thrust and replaces it with a tight beachball. It fits perfectly between Jenny's legs. "Start blowing that balloon. Make it big but not so big that it'll be easy to pop." As Sophie starts to inflate the 24 inch, Holly humps the beachball hard against Jenny. She keeps it up until the balloon is almost full. "Sophie have you got a pump?" "Think I got a bike pump somewhere. You want it?" She asks. "Yeah. Holly pants. Sophie ties off her balloon and goes to find the pump. By the time Sophie had returned, Holly looks exhausted. "We're almost done, I think. Sophie attach that to the beachball and start pumping." Sophie does what she says. The ball starts getting harder. Holly doesn't stop humping. "I could of done this by mouth you know." Says Sophie, still pumping. "I know but that would take too long." Holly pants. She slows down a bit as Jenny starts to moan. The beachball is getting harder beneath her, stretching more than usual because of the hot water. Jenny tenses up obviously about to orgasm. Oh no you don't. Thinks Holly and suddenly bounces hard, popping the ball with a loud bang. She then grabs the 24 inch balloon, placing it on top of Jenny. She starts bouncing and grinding again. The neck comes out a bit but not enough to pop it. "Give me a hand Sophie." Holly says. Sophie doesn't have to be asked twice. She climbs on top of Holly and together they force the balloon into Jenny. After a few minutes, it unexpectedly pops. Holly falls onto Jenny. She's too horny to be scared now. "Come on Holly, finish her off." Says Sophie. Running out of ideas, Holly grabs one of the last uninflated balloons and puts her fingers deep inside Jenny. She starts to blow hard into the balloon, directing it into Jenny's face. A few hot breaths later, Jenny is moaning loudly with a tightly inflated balloon in her face. It's so transparent that you could barely tell it used to be red. Holly isn't sure whether to keep going. She knows how scary Jenny finds blow to pops and she doesn't even have ear plugs. But she can't stop herself now. Holly pushes it even harder against Jenny. She knows it's cruel but when Sophie used to do this to her, it always made her cum. She forces one final breath in. There's a loud crack that echoes around the whole room. Jenny yells more out of pleasure than fear. After watching, Sophie made Holly do the same thing to her. They used the inflated balloons in the hottub. Untying them and adding more air until they popped. After her first orgasm, Sophie asked Jenny to do it. To her surprise, she did it without question. Blowing three balloons until they exploded in Sophie's face. They kept this up until they were all exhausted. They left the rest of the balloons for the cleaners the next day. "We'll have to do this again some time." Says Sophie. "Maybe find another unusual setting. Perhaps we could try it in public, the fear of getting caught would add to the pleasure." "I'd definitely be up for that." Says Holly. "I'll find a place and let you know."
  9. What is your favourite method of popping? I love to over inflate beach balls and bounce on them until the burst.
  10. I shall do this in the future. Sure do. Been a bit slack lately.
  11. It had been some time since I'd last seen Auntie Alice, and even longer since we'd last "played" together. I had been at college for a year after doing well in my final exams - this had meant living in student accomodation away from my home town, and during visits home I had not seen her. The opportunity for romance had not presented itself either during my college time. There were a couple of girls I fancied, but I was still building up the courage to ask one out. So I made do with masturbation with my inflatables - I had a couple of beachballs hidden away in my room and, stuffed under spare bedding in the wardrobe, a cheap sex doll that had been bought as a joke item for a party at a nearby student flat. After the party, with everyone either asleep or out elsewhere, I'd sneakily deflated the doll and taken it back to my room. Nobody had ever questioned where the doll had gone. I liked to inflate it tight, put it atop a couple of beachballs and hump away (quietly - thin walls in these rooms!), dreaming of my times with Alice. It had sprung a few leaks which I'd patched up over the months and now looked a bit sorry for itself, but I made do and mended, as I did not really have the cash to replace her. So it came as a nice surprise when, towards the end of term, my mother called to ask if I wanted to go on holiday with my parents to Italy for a bit of a family gathering - and casually mentioned Alice had been invited too. I tried not to sound over keen - mentioning a couple of parties I would miss - but agreed to go. The plan was my parents, aunties, uncles, cousins and close family friends had all managed to arrange the holiday together, booking a whole set of apartments. My final week of college before the summer holiday was spent daydreaming about Alice in the shining sun, with inflatables all around... the doll got a couple more leaks that week! The trip was uneventful - With the hustle and bustle of an early start to catch flights, coralling younger cousins, and general milling around, I was unable to say much more than "hello" to Alice, who was confortably dressed for traveling in a loose t-shirt, jeans and trainers - her long hair bunched up in a ponytail. It wasn't until my father was busy trying to explain to a bored looking and unfriendly Italian car hire worker that an Opel saloon was not the same as a minibus that we spent some time together. Alice had left the terminal for some fresh air rather than mill around near the rental booths, and I followed her out after a minute to find her leaning back in the sun on a wide topped concrete bollard near the door. The sun was bright and the air was hot, but not too uncomfortable. I couldn't help but wonder how soft and pliable it would make an inflatable, getting a twitch in my trousers at the thought. "Hello, stranger" Alice said to me as she saw me approach. "Hi" I said, not sure where to start. I sat myself beside her on the bollard, letting the sun soak into me. "How is college?" she asked. I said it was fine, and that I was awaiting some exam results. "Love life?" she asked, as I saw one eyebrow raise questioningly over her sunglasses. I took the risk: "Leaky." I said, "Yours?" She laughed and slapped me on the thigh. "Squeaky with an occasional bang!" she said, both of us laughing at that. "I didn't have anything to take... Did you... bring anything?" I asked, slyly. "You sound like you're looking for a drug deal young man!" laughed Alice, "I think I have a thing or two you'll like..." she said, looking at me smolderingly over her sunglasses. My balls tingled and penis twitched at that, as the herd of family members began to exit the airport. I covered my semi with my suitcase as we made our way to an old battered Mercedes minibus. The bus trip was long, stiflingly hot and sweaty. The buses air conditioning was barely working and I was sitting beside two younger sibling cousins who bickered the whole way to the villa. When we finally arrived I just wanted to find the pool and jump in. The villa consisted of a horseshoe of plastered buildings around a tiled central courtyard. There were 8 apartments in all - Myself and my parents were in the centre left one. Alice was in the last one on the right hand side sharing with an older Aunt who I didn't know very well - she was nice enough but seemed a bit straight-laced. The other family & friends were spread throughout depending on family units and acquaintances and the courtyard was a hive of bustling activity as suitcases were sorted out and children fought over rooms. Breaking away from the group, I deposited my suitcase in my chosen room, changed into my swim shorts and grabbed a towel, and went to try and find the pool before anyone else did. I found it behind the left hand side of the horseshoe of apartments - there was an outbuilding with two doors - one led to a room containing gardening equipment, pool cleaning tools and assorted junk, the other was locked. Beside it was a couple of rough wooden changing huts with simple wooden benches inside, then the pool. It was quite large. There were a set of sun loungers along one side, a couple of freestanding shower heads on the other side, and metre high mesh fences all round. I noted that the changing huts and outbuilding obscured the pool from the view of the villa unless you were at the furthest end. Nobody else had discovered it yet, so I left my towel on the lounger and slipped into the warm-ish water with a happy sigh. I swam around for a few minutes before the peace was shattered by the young cousins dicovering the area and cannonballing into the water with a pair of great splashes. The pool just got busier from then on. People arrived in ones and twos, headed for loungers or into the pool to cool off. Auntie Alice arrived quite soon, in a blue and white horizonal striped bikini with high waisted bottoms. She's tied her dark hair up into a bun on top of her head, and under her arm was a 24" beachball - Pink, yellow and blue panels separated with white. It was inflated enough that there were still some wrinkles along the seams. To me she looked like a 1940's pin-up - I was glad I was still in the water, as my boner began to grow watching her nochalantly walk round the pool with the beachball under her arm, swaying her hips and giving me a naughty wink as she went. I snapped out of it as one of the cousins jumped in, the wave of water breaking over my head leaving me spluttering. Alice laughed, and tossed the ball into the pool as she sat on the side, dipping her legs in. Someone suggested a game of volleyball, and one was quickly arranged. I managed to position myself so I was opposite Alice for the game. She was to throw first and I got a great view as she tossed the beachball up, leapt and batted it to my side with a "whung" of vinyl, her breasts wiggling vigorously in her bikini top as she served. Every time the ball returned to her, she squeezed it between her fingers - creasing the vinyl surface - or squeezed it in her arms as if testing it. My balls were tingling and felt so tight as we played, the rubbing of my wet shorts not helping matters. I managed to keep my waist mainly below the waterline in case anyone should notice. Soon the ball landed with a watery smack on where we'd agreed the net should be. Both me and Alice immediately leapt on to it, both grabbing at it and pushing it under with wet rubbery squeaks to the cheers of our teammates. Alice gave me a wide grin and sqeezed the ball tightly to her ample breasts - "careful... don't want to pop prematurely" she said quietly, barely audible over the splashes and laughs. With that she released the ball, but slipped her hand down my front to tickle my boner... That stunned me enough to lose my grip on the ball, and it plopped up and away - to Alice's team's side - as she laughed to the "aaaaw"s of my team. It wasn't long before people were getting fed up of the game, and others wanted to do some swimming. Alice took her ball from the pool, and I stayed in the water at the side. She went to chat to my parents who were on neaby loungers, but instead of sitting on another lounger or standing, she dropped her ball down and slowly sat. I watched transfixed - but tried not to do so obviously - as her beautiful shapely ass in the tight swimsuit material squashed the warm pliable vinyl down against the concrete, the ball visibly expanding out to the sides as it took her weight with occasional creaks. She moved and shifted her weight as they spoke, and when she laughed she bounced a little getting tic-tic-tic noises from the tight vinyl. After a little while she got up again. The ball was now limp and so caught between her ass cheeks - she pointed and joined my parents in a laugh at it as it plopped to the concrete and began to regain its shape as the stretched vinyl shrank down. Grabbing it with a handful of still loose vinyl, she began to walk away from the area, giving me a quick wink as she left. I waited a little while - I needed my erection to subside - before leaving the pool. My balls were tight and full - I reckoned my parents would be at the pool a little longer and I could take care of it before mealtime. Waliking back round to the courtyard, the warm evening air drying my skin quickly, I heard a "Psst!" from the end apartment. I saw Alice stick her head out and grin at me, before disappearing back inside. One quick glance around confirmed there was nodoby obviously watching, so I headed quickly into Alice's apartment. It was light and airy, with terracotta tiled floors and cushioned wicker furniture like all of the apartments. Alice was in the kitchen area, still in her swimsuit. Her beachball was sitting on the sofa, looking a little more wrinkled along the seams. She smiled as I entered. "You seemed a bit... tense in the pool," she said, glancing down at my crotch, which dutifully twitched; "I think we should do something about that..." she took a step forwards and cupped my balls, making me sigh at the sensation and getting a strong pulse from my penis. Unfortunately, it also made me notice how full my bladder was - I hadn't been since the airport! "Ugh," I groaned; "I really need a pee!" "Oh dear, you can'd do that with a great big boner can you?" Alice said matter-of-factly, rubbing my shaft through my damp shorts in a way that definitely didn't help. "Nurse Alice will have to help." With that she took my hand and - going via the sofa to grab her beachaball - led me to the bathroom. It turned out that this apartment was set up differently to the others. Where ours had a shower cubicle and fairly standard bathroom, this one had a fully tiled wet room with a drain in the centre of the floor - the wall mounted handles gave it away as being a disabled access suite. Alice locked the door and lowered the lid of the toilet. She placed the beachball on it, valve pointing rearwards, and motioned me to remove my shorts. "We need to get the patient comfortable" she said soothingly. My erection pulsed as I took my shorts off, tossed them towards the door, and made my way over to the toilet. She turned me round and lowered me gently onto the beachball facing her - the vinyl was warm against skin that had been cooled with my damp shorts, it felt amazing. Inflated that much and and placed atop the toilet, was too high to easily sit on. She reached round behind me and expertly popped the valve open. This meant she had to lean right forwards, giving me a clear view down her top at her cleavage as she squeezed the valve and I began to sink with a hiss, the ball creaking beneath me. As I lowered, she squeezed the side of the ball with her other hand, testing its pressure. With the ball about half deflated, my feet were flat on the floor. "Are you comfortable now?" she asked, releasing the valve and standing up with her hands on her hips to study me, sitting with my legs slightly apart, beachball bulging out between my legs and beside me, and an angry looking erection twitching up in front. "Yes, nurse" I said, with a smile. She smiled warmly and knelt down in front of me, slightly pushing my legs apart, getting a creak from the ball. She gently stroked my penis with her right hand, easing my foreskin carefully back. She placed her left hand on the ball behind my ass, I could feel her digging her fingers in and releasing. "When patients with full bladders need relief, you need to be extra gentle not to hurt them" she said soothingly. She leaned in, allowing me another view down her top, and placed her warm right hand round me just above my left ass cheek. I watched almost in disbelief as she leaned in forwards, some stray hair from her bun tickling against my thigh as she carefully licked her lips, opened her mouth and took in the tip of my penis. The feeling was exquisite, the intense wet warmth of her tongue on the back of the head, the indescribable sensation of her sucking softly. I groaned as the pleasure made me tingle all over and my balls twitch forcefully. She began to use her arms to rock me slowly back and forth on the ball, getting a little squeak each time of the taut vinyl rubbing against the toilet lid. The motion made my penis thrust gently between her lips as she softly massaged the head with her tongue and made little slurping noises as she sucked. The slow movement meant I felt absolutely every change of pressure, texture and motion, every tickle of her hair on my thigh, every soft bump of her chin on my balls... I couldn't take much of this at all! I felt the pressure rapidly building within me and began to squirm, trying to hold it back... "Auntie Alice, I'm gonna cummmmmm" I groaned... She paid me no heed. "Nurse, I'm... I'm gonna blow in your mouth!" I wiggled a little, but Alice's grip on my back and the ball tightened, pulling me forward, drawing my penis further into her... I began to convulse, I dug my fingers into the side of the ball, bouncing a little with a series of creaks as the final wave of pleasure overcame me and I couldn't hold it back any more... I began to pulse my load into her mouth over and over again, Alice continued gently sucking as I quivered. She gave a muffled "Mmmh" as the massive orgasm subsided and I sat still, shaking slightly, listening to the blood pumping in my ears. She allowed my rapidly softening, overstimulated penis to slip from her lips, and swallowed slowly. "How is the patient now?" she asked; "I don't think I'll need much for my dinner after that load!" I just groaned, the power of speech evading me for the moment. "Now, we need to take care of your other problem..." I moved to stand, intending to pee alone, but she placed her hand on my shoulder as she got up herself, reaching forwards to lightly take my penis between her thumb & forefinger. "No, the patient just needs to relax and let it come... we don't want you to get hurt." True enough, my bladder was so full it was getting sore. I relaxed and after moment could feel the pee starting to move - it hurt a little, but in a relieving way - a trickle began to come out with little force, running down her finger and my balls, dribbling down the beachball and onto the toilet lid, where it dribbled to the tiled floor.
  12. I was sitting at the small desk in my room, poring over some incomprehensible mathematics in the book in front of me. I could not see how my classmates made it seem so easy, and was beginning to regret taking senior maths. It was a big step up from last year, and I was beginning to panic as the final year exams drew closer. I heard the doorbell ring and my mother answer it and thought nothing more of it, as I was not expecting anyone or any deliveries, so I was surprised when there came a gentle knock at my door. "Uh, come in?" I said, unused to people knocking - my family would just barge in unannounced. "Hello!" smiled Mrs Henderson, my maths teacher, as the door opened. I was taken aback by her turning up at my home. "Your mother called me and said you were having difficulty with the current topic. I thought you might need some one-on-one tuition." I had a very private crush on Mrs Henderson. She was in her late 30's, with dark hair just starting to get occasional wisps of grey. She had a pretty face and great curvy figure - thick thighs, shapely ass and large breasts, with just enough belly to create a small paunch that I found quite attractive. I kept quiet about it to my friends, as she was not one of the classic skin-and-bones beauties they all fawned over. She was wearing a tight grey one-piece dress which went down to just above her knees, its U-shaped neckline showing off a great view of her cleavage as she bent slightly to look at the book I had on my desk. "Aha! I see you're already hard at it, very good!" My eyes fliked away from her cleavage just in time as she looked back to me. "Let's see what I can do to help you out." She looked around the room, her eyes settling on the clear blue inflatable chair I had placed in the corner facing my tv and games consoles. I used it when playing, but I also loved the feel of the inflatable vinyl on my naked ass and liked to sit on it whilst masturbating. My heart skipped as she stepped over and grabbed it by the seperate u-shaped arm rest, her red-painted fingernails digging into the warm plastic slightly as she pulled it over to the desk. Turning it to face me, she composed herself and sat down with a gentle creak of vinyl as it tightened against her ass and the carpet. As she gently sank in she was a little lower down than me, giving me an even better view of her beautiful cleavage. To me she looked fantastic - in my room, sitting on my wank-chair where I'd blown countless loads on the soft vinyl surface whilst daydreaming about her. I was glad of the desk and chair position, as she could not see my rapidly growing erection in my loose summer trousers. "So then," she said, leaning forwards with a creak, "which part exactly are you having issue with here?" "Uhm, chapter three..." I said, "here with the dot product in multiplying matrices..." She started to explain some of the detail, leaning forwards to point things out, side to side and gesturing to explain the concepts, each with a creak of vinyl or a view of her cleavage. I was distracted by a raging boner and couldn't concentrate very well, which she noticed. "You look flustered" she suddenly said "are you following Ok?" "Not very well I'm afraid." "Where did you get to before you lost me?" "Around about here" I said, indicating a part depressingly early on in her explanation. She got up with a creak of plastic to see exactly where I was pointing in the book. The chair began to slowly return to normal after her weight had stretched it out a bit. She leaned forwards, aiming to lean her hand on the desk edge she missed and it slipped below... her hand brishing my rock hard penis. I froze rigid. "Oh." she said, quietly. She very gently gave the head of my penis a little squeeze, making me jump slightly at the touch. "I think I can tell why you couldn't follow me very well." I was too embarassed to speak, instead nodding meekly as my cheeks flushed crimson. "Well then, that is really quite flattering to little old me!" she said with a pretty smile, "But we aren't going to get much maths done with a pressing issue like that distracting you, are we?" "No Mrs Henderson" I mumbled. "Hmmm..." she pondered, "I can't just leave you to it, your mum will wonder why I've left the room for a while... I guess I could help you out of course. Would you like that?" I was almost shivering with nervous energy as my mind raced, but I managed to remain fairly composed as I nodded - "that would be very nice Mrs Henderson". "Where do you normally do this? At your desk, in bed...?" she asked. I nodded at the inflatable chair which had returned to its normal shape after being stretched out a bit by her weight, feeling my cheeks burn again. "Ah, a good choice," she nodded "a comfortable chair, and wipe clean to boot!" She stepped aside, indicating I should move to the inflatable chair. I began to sit, but she stopped me. "We won't get far with your trousers on, will we?" she said, with a raised eyebrow. I pulled my trousers down, resisting the urge to turn away from her. I wasn't wearing boxers in the warm weather, so my penis stood proud, the tip of the head just beginning to creep from my foreskin as it twitched. She nodded and I sat down gently, the warm vinyl creaking against my butt as I settled. I leaned back and spread my legs a little, leaving my penis and tight, full balls free of obstruction. She looked around the room again, noticing and picking up a box of tissues from my nightstand "proper preperation!" she said with a smile. Unfortunately the tissue box was empty - I hadn't replaced it for a while. "Hmm... we will need something to catch your ejaculate..." I was about to suggest something from my small wicker laundry hamper when she said "Aha! Yes, that will work" and, turning away from me slightly, she hitched up her dress a bit and quickly pulled her panties down before straightenting up her stretchy dress again. My heart was pounding in my chest. Her panties were quite plain, a french-cut shape in pastel pink with a little frilly trim at the waistband. She gathered them up in one hand and moved to my right hand side. She began to crouch, but, realising it would be uncomfortable, instead moved to sit on the arm rest of the chair. "I hope your blow-up chair doesn't burst under our combined weight" she said gently as she settled. The arm rest went solid behind me as it strained, not deisigned to be sat on itself, and the base gave a loud creak and went hard beneath me as the chair's 200lb weight limit was passed. She leaned over, settling with her left arm behind me pressing down on the opposite side of the arm rest, her beuatiful big breasts right beside my head. I rotated right slightly with a creak for a better view of her full cleavage as my penis jerked up and down. "Right, let's see what we can do about this problem of yours..." She reached down with her right hand and gently placed her soft cotton panties on the straining head of my penis, making sure it was well covered before she grasped round the shaft just below the head with her warm hand, trapping some of the matieral in her grip. "There, that should stop you squirting all over the place!" she said happily, and began to gently rub her hand up and down. The feeling of her warm hand, the hard inflatable beneath us and the gentle tickle of the cotton panties was wonderful. I looked over at her cleavage, which wobbled a little as she worked me. I could smell her faint, sweet perfume mingled with the warm vinyl. I grunted quietly with pleasure as she sped up slightly, eliciting repeated creaks and clicks of protest from the tortured chair beneath us and making he breasts wobble more as her arm jerked up and down. She extended her pinkie finger and, with each stroke, tickled my hard balls a little. The nervous energy was now concentrated in the pit of my stomach, tingling away as my muscles tensed. I knew what was coming, but I'd never felt it so powerful before. I groaned with pleasure as my orgasm began to build, from my toes to my scalp tingling. "That's it," she cooed, nudging my head into her cleavage, "you just let everything come out, you'll feel much better..." She slowed slightly again, the tingling pulsation of my nerves almost constant as she edged me expertly closer and closer. My body began to jerk as I went over the edge, the chair rhythmically creaking under us as the orgasm flooded through me, pulse after pulse of thick semen firing into the confines of her panties. "That's it, let it all out, very good..." she whispered as a large dark stain began to spread all over the material. She slowed gently to a stop. "Excellent, well done!" she said with a smile as she tightened her hand and tugged smoothly upwards off my still hard penis, trapping the majority of my sperm in the little panty-pouch she'd created, just a little shiny glaze remaining on the head. I sank into the softened chair as she got up, it had been stretched out far more than usual, and even the back rest was limp, as the swollen left hand side which had withstood so much pressure began to retreat back into shape. I lay there for a moment before getting dizzily to my feet again, my pulse just beginning to settle, and the chair started to return to size from the saggy state it was in. I had left a big sweaty patch where my ass and thighs had been, but Mrs Henderson ignored it as she turned and plopped down into the loose vinyl with a *whump*. "Now then... the dot product in matrices..." she said, looking towards the book...
  13. Welcome @Bound and @Roye. Thanks for joining! @Bound, that is the gap I am hoping to fill
  14. Welcome Roye. I currently work as a Network Administrator and with animals at a local shelter. I recently started studying to become a dog trainer. My current hobby is animal photography. I guess this kind of goes well with the shelter work What about yourself?
  15. Anya suspected her new neighbour was a looner. The sweet young girl had moved in a few weeks ago. Her suspicion began at the party she started when moving in. There had been balloons everywhere; and not just the ordinary ones. There was a few columns of 16 inch balloons, tight and transparent. When Anya had gone round, the three smaller balloons on the door knocker had been inflated so big that one popped when she knocked. Inside, there was balloons tied to every wall, all blown with long, fat necks. A few uninflated ones were left around but to Anya's disappointment, no one blew them up. Her first thought when she walked in was 'Is this girl a looner?' But she convinced herself otherwise, thinking there could be many other reasons why the balloons were so big. Perhaps she was just careless, or wanted to get her money's worth. Most likely she just preferred them that way. Normal people can like a fully inflated balloon right? Doesn't mean there's anything more to it. Since that day, Anya watched out for any other signs and sure enough she found them, but perhaps that was just because she was looking so hard. The first sign was the fact that all the balloons at the party had been popped. Some were very loud so suggested that they were popped in other ways than just a pin. The second was that one evening there was a bang that sounded suspiciously like a balloon. Afterward Anya thought she heard a gasp or moan but couldn't be sure. The third was the other day when she saw a large beachball in the girl's lounge when she walked past. She also noticed a packet of opened balloons on a table but didn't have a proper look as she didn't want to be nosey. Now every time Anya hears the slightest squeak or muffled bang from next door she wonders if her suspicion was true after all. If only there was a way to know for sure... One morning Anya was out of coffee. She decided to go to the local coffee shop for a drink before work. Her shift started at midday so she'd have plenty of time. When she arrives, the first thing Anya notices is the balloons by the door. They weren't as big as she'd make them herself but they looked fresh and tight. Anya always finds herself examining balloons she finds in public. Suddenly she spots her neighbour sitting by the window. Right by the balloons. She wonders weather to say something. What was her name? Cindy. That was it. But she wasn't looking. Anya orders a coffee and sits a few seats behind Cindy. She was gazing out the window, perhaps looking at those balloons. Don't be silly. She tells herself. Just because you're obsessed with balloons doesn't mean everyone is. After a few minutes, Cindy gets up and leaves. On her way out, she brushes against the balloons. Did she do that on purpose? Surely not. Anya watches her leave. Cindy crosses the road and goes into a small party shop. I wonder what she's buying. When Anya's finished her coffee, she crosses the road and almost bumps into Cindy as she's coming out the shop. "Oh, Hi. Anya isn't it? You'll never guess what, I've come out without my credit card. Had enough change for a coffee but I've just gone to buy something and realised I must've forgot my card. Talk about embarrassing." "I can lend you some cash if you'd like." Says Anya. Cindy hesitates for a moment. "No don't worry, it wasn't important, thanks though. See you around." She continues off down the road. The next day, Anya finds herself at the coffee shop again. Cindy is sitting in the same place as yesterday. This time she notices Anya. "Hey, fancy seeing you here. Come sit with me if you want." "I'll be right with you." Anya orders herself a coffee and sits with Cindy. "Nice little place this, isn't it?" Says Cindy. "Come here every morning before work. You here often? Be nice to have a morning chat, get to know each other." "That would be great. I work nearby so come here from time to time." Anya replies. "I've got to go to work in a minute. Want to go for a drink tomorrow night? I'm new to the area so don't know anybody." "Yeah that sounds good. There's a quiet place near here that would be nice. Unless you fancied somewhere more lively?" "No that's fine. We'll talk more later, I've really got to get going now." Cindy finishes her drink and gets up. As she leaves, she brushes against the balloons once more. I've got to find out if she's a looner. Anya starts forming a plan. She rushes home and finds an unused balloon. She puts it in an envelope and writes. 'Blow me until I burst' Then she posts it through Cindy's door while she's out. After that she walks back into the village to go to work. That evening, she eagerly awaits Cindy's return. What will she do when she finds the balloon? Anya hears her come home. She waits in silence, listening for a bang. A few minutes later she hears what she's been waiting for. The bang is muffled by the walls but is surprisingly loud. Anya gets excited for a moment before realising it doesn't prove anything. She told her what to do with it. Anyone could follow her instructions, it doesn't mean she's a looner. She has to know what Cindy would do on her own. Suddenly an idea comes to her. The next morning Anya gets up early. She goes back to the coffee shop before Cindy has arrived. She places a limp balloon on the table where she usually sits and orders a drink for herself. Anya sits near the back. She has a good view of Cindy's table but shouldn't be seen. Suddenly Cindy appears at the door. Anya puts her head down, hoping she wasn't spotted. Cindy orders a coffee and sits at her usual spot. At first she doesn't seem to spot the balloon. She's halfway through her coffee when she slowly lowers it and hesitantly takes the balloon. She has a quick glance round then puts it to her lips. Anya is surprised at how fast she blows. Anya notices Cindy has an unusual way of holding the balloon. She makes an O with her finger and thumb with her palm facing outward. The neck soon starts filling, pushing into her hand. She holds it firmly against her lips, blowing it bigger and bigger until... She takes a big breath but hesitates. Cindy seems to remember where she is and doesn't finish it off. Instead she lets the air out and puts it in her pocket. She quickly finishes her coffee and leaves. I wish I could see what she does with it now. I would find somewhere quiet and keep blowing it until it pops. Lets find out how she reacts if someone else blows a balloon. That evening, Anya meets Cindy at the pub. It's especially quiet tonight, perfect for what she has planned. While Cindy orders the drinks, Anya quickly hides a balloon in between the menus at their table. She chose a spot in the corner where there was no one around. They start chatting. Anya waits patiently for the right time. After a few drinks, she decides to go for it. Cindy is talking about her last holiday when Anya pulls the balloon out. When she sees it, Cindy suddenly goes quiet. "Funny place to find a balloon." Says Anya as casually as she can. Cindy keeps a close eye on it as she stretches it. "Shall we see how big it'll go?" Anya asks. Cindy opens her mouth but closes it again. She seems nervous. Let's see how she reacts when I blow it a little too big. Anya blows fast at first but slows down as it nears its end. It's about to pop. I wonder if she'll say anything. Eventually Cindy clears her throat. "Umm, I don't think you should pop it here. Might get in trouble." Anya reluctantly takes it away from her lips. "True. You weren't scared were you?" "Not at all. I've done it loads of times. There was this one balloon..." Cindy trails off suddenly. "Go on." Anya encourages. "Umm, it just got really big is all." Cindy is definitely acting weird. Maybe I was right all along. "I like it when they're blown up tight. Hate it when people don't put enough air in." Says Anya. The drink was loosening her tongue, she's never talked about balloons with anyone else before. "Umm, yeah." Cindy suddenly changes the subject. Anya deflates the balloon and puts it in her pocket. A while later they walk home together. Anya decides to give it one more go. She takes out the balloon and starts blowing again. They both stop when the neck is full. Cindy watches intently. Anya pauses and glances at her. "Go on." Says Cindy in barely a whisper. She wants me to pop it! Anya excitedly starts blowing again and before long it pops. Cindy is looking right in her eye. Anya realises how horny she is. She takes another balloon out her pocket. She's about to blow herself but gives it to Cindy at the last second. Lets see what she does. She takes it hesitantly but as soon as it touches her lips, Cindy starts blowing hard. She doesn't slow down at all. Anya can't resist holding the balloon as Cindy makes it bigger and bigger. Much too soon it explodes. Anya wanted that moment to last forever. It was the first time she'd seen someone do a blow to pop. Anya starts walking again before things get out of hand. Cindy blowing that balloon had turned her on far more than she'd expected. When they arrive home, Cindy comes to her door and says a quick good bye. Then she hesitantly leans closer like she's about to kiss her but pulls back at the last second, looking nervous. Anya suddenly loses her self control. Lets just do it and see what happens. She grabs Cindy's hand and pulls her inside. She kicks off her shoes and leads Cindy to her bedroom. The bed is covered with balloons. Cindy gives her a shy glance. She has no idea what to do. I hope she's ready for this. Anya can't hold herself back any longer, and launches herself at Cindy. She gasps as they fall onto the bed. "Anya what are you...?" Anya silences her with her lips. At first Cindy just lies there stunned, but after a few seconds she starts kissing back. Anya places a balloon between their legs and starts humping it against her. She's much too rough and it soon pops. Anya detaches herself from Cindy's lips and begins to undress her. Cindy stares at her, wide eyed. She looks so innocent, she's never done this before. Anya thinks as she rips Cindy's clothes off. She starts furiously kissing her again. This time she slips a finger inside her. Cindy gasps. She wasn't expecting that. Lets see how long she'll last. Anya gets even rougher. Perhaps a little too rough but she can't help herself. Cindy begins to cry out, making Anya go at her even harder. It's not long before she lets out an even louder cry and arches her back in ecstasy. Anya puts another balloon between them and squeezes it against Cindy until it pops. She then lets Cindy get up. "That was amazing. What now? Do I do the same thing to you?" She asks. "If you're up to it." "Umm what do I do? Haven't done this before." Cindy asks awkwardly. "I could tell. Just do what comes naturally. You can't really go wrong." Cindy slowly comes over and places a hand between her legs. "Like this?" "You'll want to take my clothes off first." Eventually, Cindy gets the hang of it. She's so gentle though. "You can be rougher than that. You won't hurt me." As Anya feels like she's about to orgasm, she pulls Cindy closer to her and starts kissing. They roll off the bed and onto the balloons that were stuck between the bed and the wall. There's a bang as one pops beneath them. Cindy is so gentle that Anya has to hump and grind against her hand to get enough pressure. Luckily she only has short nails. Poor Cindy is stuck on the floor unable to move as Anya grinds against her until she finally orgasms. She helps Cindy up. "Sorry, I didn't hurt you did I?" "No I'm fine. Umm, how did you know about the balloon thing? Was it that obvious?" Cindy asks. "I recognised the signs. Wasn't sure at first but I took a risk and it payed off." "I thought I was the only one. Is it that common?" "Not really. There's a whole community online but you're the first I've seen in person. We can talk more tomorrow if you like but I need a lie down after that." "Okay, I better be going then." Says Cindy. "No, stay. Could have some more fun in the morning then. If you're up to it anyway." "Yes, okay. Can't believe we did that." "Nor can I." Says Anya. "Didn't plan it, it just happened." "You won't tell anyone will you?" "Of course not. This is our little secret." Anya pulls Cindy into her bed and they fall asleep amongst the balloons. -WildHeart
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