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    Auntie Alice headed away to fetch us some lunch whilst I stayed at the pool. We weren't expecting anyone back for a few hours yet, so we intended to thoroughly enjoy each other's company. I had pulled the fox from the pool and was lounging on its back in the sun near the loungers, leaning back against its head enjoying the beautiful feel and smell of the sun-warmed vinyl. When Alice returned with some food, she put her idolm@ster ring on the ground beside the fox, placed her beach ball in the centre of the ring and sat down firmly with a loud creak of protesting vinyl, moving her knees so she was kneeling on the ring and sitting on the ball. Passing me a chilled can of coke, she leaned back with a sqeak, hands on her ankles, to sun herself. The sight of her full figure squashing down on the beachball and ring had my penis twitching in my still-sticky shorts. She spotted me looking out of the corner of her eye, and smiled beautifully. Leaning forward a little more, she began grinding her swimsuit clad crotch into the beachball under her. The ball and ring squeaked and creaked with each rub. She began to bounce, gently at first, sighing to herself and sucking her lower lip. I slipped my hand into my shorts, gently massaging my rock hard penis whilst watching her. She began to bounce harder, lifting her hands from her legs to above her head as she hopped. I could hear the ball and ring scuffing against the concrete surface between the loud creaks of the vinyl. The rearmost panel of the beachball was starting to bulge out under her beautiful ass as she dropped on it repeatedly. She was moaning now, her face flushed pink and eyes closed, the only sounds the squak-creak-scuff of the inflatable toys. After a few more moments bouncing, she slowed down again. I was pretty sure she hadn't orgasmed. Her eyes opened and she unsteadily got up. Both ball and ring were stretched and soft from the abuse - or had holes from the concrete - and looked worse for wear. She took my free hand, and motioned for me to get up. Once I was off the stretched fox she picked up her ring and ball and put them on its back. She carefuly positioned the valve of the beachball, winking at me, so it was pointing upwards. "Come on then," she said, "shorts off and get on!". I hurriedly whipped my soiled swim shorts off as she removed her soaked swimsuit bottoms. Swinging my naked legs over the ball and ring, I sat facing the foxes tail, legs akimbo and boner straining. The stack of inflatables was incredibly bouncy, the warm vinyl felt exquisite on my naked ass and balls, the valve ticking my hole with each bounce. She swung a leg over the pile and me, giving me a clear view of her glistening wet parts, and shimmied forwards so my dick was twitching & brushing on her lips. She oh-so-slowly lowered herself, hands on her thighs, and I felt myself slip effortlessly into her. I moaned at the sensation of her and the inflatables tightening hard underneath me, the valve of the ball teasing me. I sat forwards, hugging her to me, face just abover her beautiful bouncy round breasts as she began to hop up and down. There was a myriad of loud squeals and cracks from the toys under us, which encouraged her to bounce harder, the slick sucking noises of her adding to the sensations. Her warm breats smelled of chlorine and vinyl and the sweet scent of fading perfume - everything together was an assault on the senses. My feet were on the concrete, but she had hunched her legs up so hers were on the ring on the fox. This allowed me to get extra deep into her, a fantastic sensation gripping me from root to tip with each hard bounce, my balls being massaged between the beach ball and her ass. She began bucking wildly and groaning, her face flushed - she was getting close now! Harder and harder she bounced, jabbing down with her feet onto the ring to get extra force with each hop. Creak-squeal-crack-squeak went the pile of inflatables, the ball feeling alternately soft and rock hard beneath me. I added my efforts to the bouncing, and a second later - creak-squeal-crack-KABANG! The ball blew the stretched out panel, dropping us hard and bouncily onto the ring and fox. The ball's valve slipped into my slickned bum hole as the seams of both surviving inflatables stretched taut and strained - fox tail pummeling her back and head pummeling mine. I felt the orgasm coming inside me as we landed, the rear legs of the fox had no wrinkles at all. Undeterred she continued, humping hard, an "mmmmmmMMMMMMMMMGH!" escaping her lips as the wave of orgasm broke within both of us, jerking together on the protesting fox and ring. We slowly recovered, hugging each other close and temporarily exhausted. I slowly became aware of a gentle hissing and something else... quiet moaning-whimper from somewhere? It wasn't from Alice. I looked around and noticed Alice was looking behind me... craning my neck I saw that at the other end of the pool area was a girl. She was about my age, well tanned & blonde haired, with a slender frame and small, perky breasts in a yellow bikini top. She was crouched, half hidden, behind a lounger - her eyes were closed and her right hand was down her unzipped denim shorts. She'd been watching us have sex and been getting herself off! I felt my face flush with emarrasment and fear at getting caught. The girl suddenly noticed the noise from us had stopped and opened her eyes with surprise, meeting our gaze. She suddenly jumped up, glowing with embarrassment, whipped her hand from her shorts and turned to run "Wait, my dear!" Alice called softly. The girl hesitated, slowly looking round. Alice beckoned her over as she slowly got up. My softening penis slipped from her with a trickle of juice and semen onto the back of the ring and remains of the beachball. The hissing grew a little louder - It seemed to be the swim ring, damaged from the concrete or Alice using it for leverage. Alice approached the girl, ignoring the fact she was naked from the waist down and the trickle making its way down her inner thigh. She reached out and took her hand. "Hello," she said, "English?" The girl just looked confused, still pink with embarrassment. I noticed the net and broom propped up beside the entrance to the pool area. "I think she's here to clean the pool" I suggested, self-consciously peeling myself from the sweaty & sticky inflatables, trying to hide my bits from the stranger as I gently plucked the burst beachball from my ass and put on my shorts, a small shudder going through me as the valve popped out of my hole. Alice, moving with confidence, slipped her hand down the outside of the girl's shorts. She flinched slightly, then gently moaned with pleasure. "My dear, you're soaking wet!" she cooed, "I think you need some help." I moved the fox and ring to the edge of the pool and splashed water over the back of it to rinse it of the worst of our mess. The girl watched me and grinned. "Do you like the boy or the fox?" Alice asked, laughing. The girl let go of Alice's hand, kicked off her sandals and lowered her shorts. She was wearing matching yellow bikini bottoms under them, visibly darkened at the crotch. Getting over her embarrassment, she made her way over to the fox and stroked its head, walking round it and examining it, grinning. It had shrunk back to shape after its hard ride. She grabbed an ear and dragged it into the water with a small splash, scuffing it over the concrete. She slipped into the water after it and her athletic frame allowed her to mount it easily. She was light enough that her small ass didn't even meet the water as she rode. She roughly splashed around the pool on it, bounching and saying things in Italian we didn't understand - though some of them at least sounded sexy! She looked good, even if my tastes were for more shapely women, though my penis didn't budge - it was still recovering from the day's exertions. I half watched her as I hunted for the hole in the swim ring, pushing it under the water and looking for bubbles. There was a small stream of tiny bubbles coming from the pink base, where a sharp piece of concrete had penetrated, and another little stream from the inside seam near one of the anime girl's portraits. Alice got into the water beside me, watching the girl ride as well. I showed her where the slow leaks were, and she took the ring from me, popping the valve out and beginning to blow deep, hard breaths into the damaged toy. As Alice blew, the Italian girl splashed up and beckoned to me to join her on the fox, grinning with a little embarrassment. Standing it the shallow end, it was easier to mount the fox. I got on behind her as she scooted forwards, the weight enough to dip both of our crotches and butts into the water. The feel of the warm vinyl again made me start to grow. She must have noticed the stump pressing against her lower back, as she squirmed backwards, trapping it between us. I held the head round her as she took the lead in "driving" around the pool, bouncing and rocking, rubbing my rapidly hardening penis inside my wet shorts. Alice had blown the ring hard in the meantime. There were no wrinkles along the seams, and I watched as she placed it in the water behind her and sat backwards onto it. She wobbled a bit, her weight pushing the ring under, but she regained her balance. As we splashed and rocked closer, I could hear a rapid bubble-bubble-bubble coming from it, and noticed Alice had her eyes closed... she'd blown it so hard the seam hole had grown then positioned herself so that it directed a stream of bubbles past her clit - she seemed to be enjoying it! The girl saw her too, and slowed the fox, rocking and grinding herself into it as she watched. Alice grunted to herself then, without warning, there was a sudden frothing waterspout and explosion of bubbles and she disappeared underwater with a stifled shriek! Emerging spluttering and laughing, she was clutching the remains of the ring - the small split had blown out along almost half of the inner seam under the pressure of supporting her. She tossed it with a wet splat onto the burst beach ball, and grabbed the front legs of the fox, dragging it to the shallow end. She shoved me in the back, urging me forwards. The girl moved as hard as she could into the firmly inflated head, putting her legs over the front of the fox and lifting her ass slightly. I adjusted my penis and scooted tight in behind her, and she sat on my dick with a squirming wiggle. Alice squeeezed herself in behind me, barely fitting and partially sitting on the base of the tail. When she dropped her weight onto the fox, it could barely support all three of us and sqeaked violently. The front and back were almost submerged and ballooned tight, the tail, connected to the body chamber, was swollen hard and tight, quivering in the sun. The Italian girl hugged the head tightly, I held onto the foxes ears round her, and Alice held onto her round me, and began to rock and bounce the straining fox in the warm water. The two women pressed right up against me felt fantastic as the fox creeeeaked beneath us. The girl was bouncing too, moaning softly. I saw her hand slip from the head down in front of her and she sat still for a second. I thought she was playing with herself... then... click!-blubbblubbleubble... she moaned deeply. "Heeey!" said Alice, then her hand quickly disappeared too, I felt her rummage behind me and the vinyl get pulled and poked under her crotch, then... pop!-bubbleubbleblubble... Both women started grinding and rocking with renewed vigor as the stricken fox slowly started losing air... Feeling left out, I started thrusting under the girl. As I thrust forwards, I felt the vibration of the bubbles on the head of my penis through my shorts - it felt so goood! We all rocked and bounced in unison as we started sinking slowly... Alice and the girl were gasping and moaning as the bubbles tickled them intimately, and I could feel the pressure starting to build in me yet again... I grunted with the intense pleasure... the sounds of the vinyl, the smell, the feel of the hot bodies in the warm water... The Italian girl came first - and wasn't quiet about it! She shrieked and shuddered, digging her nails hard into the head of the fox... I heard another POP!-ssss as a nail penetrated. That seemed to set Alice off, she came jerking and grunting, hugging her breasts tightly in behild me as we sank lower into the water... I rocked and continued to thrust, but although I was close, the girl was no longer bouncing as well... Sensing my predicament, Alice reached round me, thrusting her hot hand into my shorts and forcefully jerking my penis free. With that the Italian girl dismounted, splashing off to one side. Alice thrust and jerked me, and with the girl gone I slid forwards, rubbing the head of my dick over the hole the girl had been using, she jerked me and rubbed my penis over the bubbling cut, the vibrations and remaining firmness of the vinyl finally sending me over the edge and I sprayed pump after pump into the frothing stream, convulsing powerfully and moaning... A few seconds and she slowed her pumping, she was still twitching now and again as the fox continued to bubble, but we were almost up to our necks now, the buoyancy rapidly fading with the head now bubbling below the water too. A few more seconds and she let go of me, floating free and slowly swimming to the side. I paddled over too, flushed and tired, dragging the limp fox behind me. I looked around. The Italian girl had gone. Alice was still breathing heavily. "Skinny little bitch, popped my sexy fox and did a runner!" Alice panted. I laughed to myself, and Alice shot me a death stare. "Just like you and my old beach ball!" I said, and she laughed too. "It was fun though... just like that time!" she admitted, and looked at the fox, "easily repaired too, but I'm afraid I don't have the kit to do it here." I looked sadly as the toy, and over at the ruined ball and ring: "I guess that's the end of the inflatable fun for this holiday". "I don't know", she said, thinking, "I'm sure I saw a shop with inflatables outside in town..."
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