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  3. Okay sounds nice! Do I need to send a personal message or just a reaction here?
  4. Soooo... I've just started a conversation with @Elfmund on Jabber and thought maybe you wanted to have a chat group for all of us, too, so I created one. If you want to join in, just send me a message and I'll invite you to the group
  5. One sunny morning I was walking towards my best friend's house. I had a small swim bag with me. But I wasn't going swimming. I had desires of using my inflatables for a more intimate purpose. I chapped the door as Jenny opens up. "Hey Christopher." "Come on in." "I've got a special surprise for you." I was intrigued by this as I said, "Lead the way baby girl." Jenny closes the door as we went upstairs. I came into the room with jenny to discover Cara, Bethany and Sarah in the room, naked with inflatables around them. We then all play with them for a while. Jenny then excused herself from the g
  6. Well, short update! Got my Intex Orca with SPH/Lovehole modification yesterday! Wont be my last one, since i really love it. But when im going to order another one, i will ask if its possible to make the hole tighter, for even more fun!
  7. On Alieexpress there are some nice waterwings. Round and 3 air chambers in adult sizes. I really want to try them once because the look so nice and bulky and comfy
  8. Well not that much surprisingly, 3 bags and 3 cardboard boxes for the moment
  9. Well i have waterwings (a lot!) about 14 pairs mostly bema. 3 lifejackets all secumar ones A ride on crocodile and in the next few days an intex orca with an love hole should arrive! I actually dont know really how i got into it. I remember getting a hard on while laying on an inflatable waterball. I found waterwings sometime while i was horny and used then to mastubate actually and it went downhill from there I just got to this forum since i wana talk about it and have a place to share information about it! My mom actually knows about everything since im an
  10. Oooww nice! Okay, do you find the airane vest comfortable to use? I once used one and liked the inflation part but when I had it on for a little while I found it really uncomfortable. Okay, it wasn't really a relevant question from me vecause the forum is about inflatables but I was just curious O really! Thats so nice, I wish I had some memories about swimming with waterwings and how it felt as a little kid. Oooww wow that must have been a really bad experience than. I can understand you don't want to talk and think about it. But I do find it great that instead of
  11. Hello everyone. I recently acquired a bunch of pool toys second hand and one of them is an inflatable life jacket that I have no use for. If you are interested or want more pictures (no I will not wear it) answer this thread or send me a private message
  12. I see . Well I hope you manage to find them eventually one day
  13. Actually, there are two special inflatables I've been looking for quite some time, but never came across any opportunity to buy them. One of them are a pair of connected water wings, with some kind of inflatable bridge between the parts you wear on the upper arm, @zwemvleugel was really a great aid finding at least a picture of those online, you can find it on my profile somwhere in the comment section. And the other one are a pair of those old BEMA 2000 water wings, I think they used to be bigger than the ones you can buy today. Something like in this picture
  14. Alright... Yes, both are inflatable life jackets, a Secumar Free 100 (which still has warranty, and which I use mostly for having a little more security when swimming) and an old one that has been used on a plane, I think a german Lufthansa. I've never really been into foam jackets, but I can't remember wearing one of these either, so... Yeah. I have in fact some memories being in the water with my water wings as a kid. We went to the beach in southern England where my grandparents used to live, it was a fun time playing in the water, splashing around... And I certainly remember that
  15. Hi everyone. I thought I would start a topic on here. So what's is the inflatable that you want the most at the moment, that you've been searching for since a long time but never succeeded? For me it used to be the 36" looney tunes beachball, but I recently got lucky and was able to grab 8 in one go for an insanely cheap price. So the toysI want the most now is either the 36" 101 dalmatians beachball or the 8 foot Rio beachball that was used to promote the movie back in the day. I can't wait to read your answers
  16. Ooowe and wouw, over a 100, then you really have a great collection
  17. @ElfmundThanks for your story, Offcourse it interest us, thats part of why a lot of us are on this forum. Or well I am so I think there are more. And to anwser your question. Yes I enjoyed reading
  18. There's always someone who loves you Well yes thats a more difficult thing. Or maybe we only think its a difficult thing because whats the worst that could happen. People you know if they are real friends should accept it and people who don't know you might think your crazy. But they don't know you and you don't know them so why care about that. But its easy to say as I don't dear to tell anyone as well
  19. I'll share my story if it interests anyone . So I remember always loving beachballs since I was a kid and my first encounter (that I remember) with one was very little (less than 6) and my grandad had a huge globe beachball in his flat in Nice. Then I had several others during my childhood and I always remember overinflating them and playing quite roughly with them (but I'm much more gentle now). Then during a long period of my teens I kind of just forgot about them I suppose cause I don't have many memories involving them at that time. Until the day my dad was showing me a video of a concert
  20. All I want is someone to love me. I would also like to find the courage to tell other people about my fetish (other than online friends that also have it)
  21. @Lena_Ox for me that also was the main reason to join. For a pretty long time I tought I was the only one who got this and that I was really weird. Now knowing its more common I like to know other people's story's and if they know where it comes from. For me still it is a bit guessing where it really started. o pretty nice little collection you've got, ooww such a pitty the others didn't survive long. Are they both inflatable life jackets? Because I do remember from my youht we where a lot out on the water with boats and being a kid I was forced to wear a orange foam li
  22. One main reason for me to join this forum is that I wanted to know where my fetish came from, so I'm very interested in getting to know your thoughts about this topic. I currently don't own that many, one pair of BEMA size 2 water wings, a large beach ball and two life jackets. I used to have some more, but most of them were quite cheap and didn't survive for long. I still haven't figured out what makes me feel attracted to inflatables, but my guess is quite similar to yours, @zwemvleugel. The feeling of being kept on the surface, the security they give could be what makes them so...
  23. Wondering what kind of inflatables you got and what makes you atracted to them, or what created your fetish. I mostly have waterwings, a little collection. 3 differend brands in size 2 and 2 smaller pairs, I also have a childrens pvc swimvest and a inflatable life jacket. I'm not really sure what makes them so atractive to me, but I always think my fetish commes from the feeling of being save and not having to worry about anything because the floaties are there to keep me save or something like that. I also think it has something to do that in my yought we where always
  24. Best location would be a swimmingpool or a lake or something with only people who are into inflatables But most of the time I use them at home when I'm alone, just tru out the house and it almost always ends in the shower. And last summer one night I went for a nightswim on a place where nobody came. That whas really great, Loved the feeling of floating around weightles in the water. For sure wanna do that more often. But sadly its only possible in the summer since I only dear to swim outside at night when there's nobody around to see me with my waterwings
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