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    Nice! Is it already that warm over there? Around here its still freezing over night so a outdoor swim isn't really posible here yet
  3. Aage


    Hi all, summer is coming to Europe, and I have been on my first outdoor swim last weekend. How about you? What are your plans?
  4. This is absolutely incredible!! About a third of the way through I had to put my beachballs out of sight. Was getting WAY too worked up, too soon, and had to see how the story turned out. Very glad I made it to the end. I'm going to play hell keeping this story out of my next session!!
  5. It would appear that I have missed a wonderful opportunity to share my experiences in this alternate world we inhabit. The posts appear to have ceased and that is very sad. But I am very much enjoying reading the existing ones and hold hope that maybe the interest will peak again. It has been a very private, secretive journey I have led and if nothing else, to know there are others so proudly enjoying and sharing their fetishes is a very gratifying experience. I've lived alone in this inflatable world but I was never really by myself. I know that now. For fun I'll go by the name of H
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  7. Definitely want to be part of the group chat too.
  8. When I was 16 years old my parents still didn't trust me at home alone for an entire weekend, so I had a "babysitter". Her name was Ashley and she was very beautiful. At only 20 years old, She was fit with long dirty blonde hair and perky B cup breasts. Ashley was going to be staying with me while my parents were at a conference for the weekend. It was late june so it was very hot, and that means beach ball season. I had loved big bouncy beach balls for as long as I could remember, and there was a brand new 48" intex wet set striped ball coming in the mail today. I was hoping it would get
  9. A few moments pass before Harley Quinn and Christopher get changed into their swimming clothes. Christopher then hands Harley a pair of Floaties armbands and a small swim ring. He then takes another pair of armbands, and a swim ring out, as he smiles at Harley and gives her a knowing wink before the two head to the showers. Once the two were at the showers, Christopher turns the water on as they cuddle up to each other. Harley sneaks a quick tug at the inside of Christopher’s swim shorts, before Christopher puts his hand through Harley’s swim suit. Both giggle at their naughtiness as Christoph
  10. Harley's Inflatable swimming surprise part 1 One warm summer’s afternoon, a young teenage boy called Christopher was heading to the local swimming pool just outside of Gotham City. As he was walking along, he felt excited but nervous. He was excited as he loved to play with the inflatable pool toys he had, but nervous as he hadn’t been swimming properly for a while, since discovering what other kinds of, “fun", he could have with them. Once Christopher arrives at the swimming pool, he heads straight to the changing rooms. As he walks in, he can hear a familiar sounding voice. “I can’t do
  11. Inflatable fetish love and torture One beautiful morning Christopher and his friend John was visiting their friend Kelly Anne Thompson. As the two friends knocked on the door, they hear Kelly moaning, along with a cackling bang. They both looked at each other as they knew what was happening. About ten minutes later, the door opened and Kelly stepped out saying “Why didn’t you phone ahead?” She then checked her phone, only to discover that they had. “Oh.”, she says as her cheeks reddened with embarrassment. “You’d better come in.” They then follow her inside. Once inside the friends noticed
  12. Raphael and his girlfriend Veronica were robotics and AI development researchers. To Raphael, it was not just a career but something he truly enjoyed. He even had a dedicated room in their house he called "The Science lab" where he spent most of his free time. Raphael was developing a new technology that gave the ability to control and move any flexible material to work like muscles through a voice controlled device worn on the wrist. As an experiment he first applied the technology to an inflatable beach ball. He was so excited he called his girlfriend "Veronica! Come take a look at this
  13. Just realized I made a name typo where it says "Next month it was Hanna's birthday". It should say "Next month it was Desirae's birthday". Not sure how to edit the story.
  14. Desirae was a single mother and the proud parent of her daughter Stacey who was 17. Desirae was a hard worker who sacrificed a lot to raise her daughter. Stacey was smart, athletic and excelled academically. She was an honor roll student and a cheerleader for her high school football team too. She was also very close and open with her mother. Also just like her mother she was good looking but no matter which guy went out with her, she usually told them she wasn't interested after the first date. She just wasn't impressed by any of them and thought dating someone would add an unnecessarily
  15. This is a true story of how a childhood toy started my fetish. When I was little, my favorite toy in the world was an inflatable pool. Because it was made of soft vinyl, I could use my imagination and make it into anything. I could pretended it was a tent or an umbrella or a mountain for my hot wheels cars to drive over and sometimes I would take naps hugging it as a big cuddly vinyl teddy bear. As I got "cooler" toys like R/C cars and video games, I had slowly forgotten about my inflatable pool. One summer afternoon when I was 13 I was cleaning out my drawers and found my old inflat
  16. Hello there! Nice to see someone new here! Wow, awesome that you can enjoy it with your GF, how did you start a conversation like that? Kinda quiet here but i hope it gets mire active
  17. Yes I can believe that, really nice! Well at the moment its pretty quite around here so its nice to get some new members around and maybe get a little more action again
  18. Aage


    Well it is awesome to enjoy this in couple, I have told this to basically all my exgirlfriends and it was awesomely accepted. Nice to meet you as well, I hope this forum will not die out...
  19. Hello, Nice to meet! Really awesome you can enjoy it with your wife!
  20. Aage


    Hi friends, Tom, 29yo Czech guy with thing into all swimming aids... Honestly, I don’t know when my interest have started, but I enjoyed quite interesting progress since I can tell (I guess from 12/13 yo) Over all connection is, that I get turned on by having them on or my spouse wearing them. I am into all possible swimming aid, water wings, swim rings, life jackets... you name it, I probably tired it :) currently I really enjoy water wings and inflatable life jackets. I love all the things with them, from swimming over some water role play to having our time with my wife
  21. Okay sounds nice! Do I need to send a personal message or just a reaction here?
  22. Soooo... I've just started a conversation with @Elfmund on Jabber and thought maybe you wanted to have a chat group for all of us, too, so I created one. If you want to join in, just send me a message and I'll invite you to the group
  23. One sunny morning I was walking towards my best friend's house. I had a small swim bag with me. But I wasn't going swimming. I had desires of using my inflatables for a more intimate purpose. I chapped the door as Jenny opens up. "Hey Christopher." "Come on in." "I've got a special surprise for you." I was intrigued by this as I said, "Lead the way baby girl." Jenny closes the door as we went upstairs. I came into the room with jenny to discover Cara, Bethany and Sarah in the room, naked with inflatables around them. We then all play with them for a while. Jenny then excused herself from the g
  24. Well, short update! Got my Intex Orca with SPH/Lovehole modification yesterday! Wont be my last one, since i really love it. But when im going to order another one, i will ask if its possible to make the hole tighter, for even more fun!
  25. On Alieexpress there are some nice waterwings. Round and 3 air chambers in adult sizes. I really want to try them once because the look so nice and bulky and comfy
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